Kristen Stewart Opens Up to Ellen

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  • dirteu water
    dirteu water 15 hours ago

    I don't think she's awkward at all

  • Shyho
    Shyho 17 hours ago



  • Rhiannøn Nicøl
    Rhiannøn Nicøl 22 hours ago

    i want to be an actress and kristen stewart is just like me. she's really shy and awkward and that really helps me think that just because i have anxiety it doesn't mean that i can't do what i love

  • Sarah Plummer
    Sarah Plummer 2 days ago

    Who else is watching this in 2017 lol meeeee

  • Evann Howard
    Evann Howard 2 days ago

    She is so awkward. Ellen did a wonderful job coaxing.

  • Eoin Smith
    Eoin Smith 3 days ago

    i hate kristein shes stuck up cunt

  • Megan Michelle
    Megan Michelle 7 days ago

    idk why but i find kristen SO pretty

  • Donna Milligan
    Donna Milligan 8 days ago

    Christian Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart not Christian are you Rod Stewart's daughter comment please anybody

  • Outsider
    Outsider 9 days ago

    When will he come out with the truth.

  • Jill Fiamma
    Jill Fiamma 10 days ago

    Is she spun?

  • Bernard Mc Veigh
    Bernard Mc Veigh 10 days ago


  • Cathryn Delgado
    Cathryn Delgado 12 days ago


  • Natalie Moretti
    Natalie Moretti 13 days ago

    i feel like id be her in ellen.. so awkward lol

  • Jay B
    Jay B 13 days ago

    Seems like she's tripping

  • Robin Alexander
    Robin Alexander 15 days ago

    I like her
    People should not be so mean
    Trying to find her place in the world
    A young person's journey

  • M M
    M M 19 days ago

    shes still so awkward lol

  • Yoadel
    Yoadel 20 days ago

    Opens up haha

  • Neeve Khakpour
    Neeve Khakpour 21 day ago

    Kristen Stewart, I hope you get this message too: In each of your pains, in the past, present and future, remember that my love is there.

  • hannah
    hannah 22 days ago

    no one gonna talk about how hot she is when she speaks french ??

  • TheReMorseCode
    TheReMorseCode 22 days ago


  • J GroatMillar
    J GroatMillar 23 days ago

    Is she high? I can't tell if this is pretentious ego or someone on drugs pretending to be normal. Either way, bad interview and not Ellen's fault at all. Clearly she's trying to forge ahead with a totally vapid spacecaddet.

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez 24 days ago

    Lilu collina, now kristen stewart

  • J Lyse
    J Lyse 25 days ago

    i lover Kristin Stewart

  • Mizzy's Parrots
    Mizzy's Parrots 26 days ago

    Are we all just gunna ignore Ellen's gangta outfit in this clip?

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge Month ago

    When she faces Ellen, she's very easy going and clad in black and white!!!

  • Алия Агиева


  • Liah Wesley
    Liah Wesley Month ago

    Her being a bit nervous like this when she talks, her husky different voice, gestures and movements she makes with her hands, the way she nervously moves her leg continuously, the way she says 'ummm' while talking, the way she cant make an eye contact for long, the way she laughs, I SWEAR EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GIRL IS SO ATTRACTIVE AND BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH 💘💘

  • Gajanan Mahapatra
    Gajanan Mahapatra Month ago

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone as strong and beautiful woman like daughter is a huge fan of her ofc

  • fatima moncada
    fatima moncada Month ago

    She is not a good talker but like that since she is shoes she is human not a Hollywood robot

  • ammar albayati
    ammar albayati Month ago

    This girl is very confident of herself I like her

  • Justin Mevee
    Justin Mevee Month ago

    just imagine not being like everybody else and not have anybody to talk to

  • Bey Sarah
    Bey Sarah Month ago

    "Je suis très heureuSE d'être ici"
    If she speaks french she'll be twice as hot *-*

  • alina Paiz
    alina Paiz Month ago

    her nervousness makes me nervous

  • Surendra Patel
    Surendra Patel Month ago

    into ur skull really..

  • Niharika Gupta
    Niharika Gupta Month ago +1

    All I know is she is a really Intellectual woman.

  • ss kk
    ss kk Month ago +1

    Kristen Stewart gives me nervous energy when I'm overly confident. Her awkward voice and meaningless gesture heal my mind. Thank you and I love you Kristen :)

  • mel73
    mel73 Month ago

    i'm french so for me it's so funny and really cute when american people speak french
    3:49 "oh putain" 😂😂
    actually she has a pretty good accent

  • Unicorn Island
    Unicorn Island Month ago

    she looks so nervous but she keeps it together I love it

  • Quebecois
    Quebecois Month ago

    she is drunk

  • Madison Nelson
    Madison Nelson Month ago

    I love how understanding Ellen is, she acts like she doesn't notice her anxiety and that is a great thing.

  • pianistedu69
    pianistedu69 Month ago +1

    when you're french and you are watching an english video and suddenly she speaks french😍

  • Alissa Heart Ponce
    Alissa Heart Ponce Month ago


  • grace fuentes
    grace fuentes Month ago

    Ellen: "Oh that's lovely"
    Kristen shrugs
    audience claps
    Ellen: "That was beautiful!"
    Lol oh Ellen

  • Sugar Gamer15
    Sugar Gamer15 Month ago

    I so miss those days when Kristen and Robert were together and made a film, "Twilight"!!!
    Like if you agree with me.
    Robert deserves to have Kristen.

  • Alison Henley
    Alison Henley Month ago +1

    shes amazing, i relate to her very easily.

  • James Morrow
    James Morrow Month ago

    idc if she's gay, holy shit I'd slam that

  • J. L. W
    J. L. W Month ago

    she is so boring to listen to. I really tried to give her chance....

  • ayoub ultrtraa
    ayoub ultrtraa 2 months ago

    je suis très heureux d'être ici manuel macron will vivorced her old wife and merry you krety ok

  • Carlos Hernan Rodriguez Fandiño

    the worst French ever!

  • Pearl Anisto
    Pearl Anisto 2 months ago +1

    I can relate to her so much

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago

    Oh she wore the same outfit on SNL! And it's HOT AS FUCK

  • Mastermind123
    Mastermind123 2 months ago +1

    All the people who hate Kristen Stewart are idiots. Real fans should learn to forgive their own role models, poltical leaders, etc. and everyone in general has to forgive one another no matter how big our mistakes are.
    Kristen is waaaay hotter than hell!!! Especially when she does not wear any makeup at all, that's when she is the prettiest. I don't consider myself her fan but I wish that I could meet her in person someday to see if she would be interested in being my friend at least. She is so cute when she is shy, I want her self-esteem to be as high as possible. Kristen is very talented and she is very special to me.

  • Janae S
    Janae S 2 months ago

    She cheated on Robert. But it's fine. But she looks nervous, but I would be too😜

  • Salahuddin Ayubi
    Salahuddin Ayubi 2 months ago +1

    Love how genuine she is!

  • Rachel Woods
    Rachel Woods 2 months ago +1

    i love kristen!!..that is all...

  • DimMi
    DimMi 2 months ago +2

    opens up? dear lord

  • david rossi fernandez
    david rossi fernandez 2 months ago

    estoy derrubado por que las mujeres no me dan atención

  • Cameil Art
    Cameil Art 2 months ago

    she's beautifully angry

  • Shravani Dasari
    Shravani Dasari 2 months ago

    Never saw the audience be quiet this long

  • Lazy Tofu
    Lazy Tofu 2 months ago

    the scream after 17 I'm dripping

    S SAMOM 2 months ago

    Can anyone please tell me her official Instagram account??

  • Mathani Ralte
    Mathani Ralte 2 months ago

    She sounds like Jesse Eisenberg

  • tangy tomato based sauce

    I love how absolutely normal Kristen is

  • sherika unique
    sherika unique 2 months ago

    omg I love her so much. wish I could meet her.

  • Kabelo Ntlaloe
    Kabelo Ntlaloe 2 months ago +1

    am I the only one who heard her say "putain"? :')

  • MiA Davila
    MiA Davila 2 months ago +1

    I want more Twilight and Robert to get back with Kristen but they cant😥😥

  • samantha sam
    samantha sam 2 months ago

    she is such an oddball... I love it 😍😍😍

  • 123Jenny90
    123Jenny90 2 months ago

    I really like her clothes lol!

  • Sophia King
    Sophia King 2 months ago

    Ellen could be a therapist

  • Nish S
    Nish S 2 months ago

    she has such short hair ... i thought her twilight hair was real ... why not grow the hair?

  • Camila Machado
    Camila Machado 2 months ago

    She's so awkwardly cute!

  • Angelica Castro
    Angelica Castro 3 months ago

    Shes gorgeouss

  • Lern Jergui
    Lern Jergui 3 months ago

    She's so awkward and that is so hot to me 🔥😍

  • Rover Bertels
    Rover Bertels 3 months ago

    i must have been... five

  • Stella Emerald
    Stella Emerald 3 months ago

    It's still sad seeing people judging Kristen for her whole cheating scandal which was years ago. Yeah it was a big deal. Rob was crushed and a family split up and yada yada yada. I don't support that dumb choice of hers, but still. It was a few years ago and people learn from mistakes.
    Besides, that is hypocrisy. I mean, half the people on this planet cheat and she stands out cuz she's a celebrity.

  • DJ Trevi
    DJ Trevi 3 months ago

    Why is she always looking down, she does that in most interviews.

  • King Queens
    King Queens 3 months ago

    wow it hurt me to watch this. I wanted to swoop in there and save her.

  • Liz Pena
    Liz Pena 3 months ago

    wow that girl is uncomfortable

  • Valval Beuermann
    Valval Beuermann 3 months ago

    She is reaaaally nervous... that leg moving... the no eye contact ... she is really shy.

  • Caleigh McDermott
    Caleigh McDermott 3 months ago

    I've never been more in love with a human. I love you Kris omfg

  • Fifi Fornow
    Fifi Fornow 3 months ago

    She acts like me on every first date I've ever been on. I'm still single...

  • Alice Mcarty
    Alice Mcarty 3 months ago

    she's so beautiful it's incredible

  • Destiel Trash
    Destiel Trash 3 months ago

    I love her so much

  • IaMoDiNaRy
    IaMoDiNaRy 3 months ago

    Good grief! This poor girl can't speak in complete sentences. I'm not really sure what she was trying to say and I don't think Ellen understood her, either. It's so uncomfortable listening to her and trying to figure out what point she's trying to make or what feeling she's trying to convey.

  • 4smclinden3
    4smclinden3 3 months ago

    Three letters: S.A.D.
    Social Anxiety Disorder. I have it, and it's hard to deal with. Kristen is my idol, she totally owns it as a part of her, whereas for many me and many other people with it to accept it as a part of them and be confident regardless of the serious stress.

  • Mya Rowlands
    Mya Rowlands 3 months ago

    1:17 scared the shit out of me since I wasn't really paying attention

  • ANN  Linley
    ANN Linley 3 months ago +1

    She is growing into her own.

  • midinerd
    midinerd 3 months ago +1

    Damn - I have a vibe she is really awesome. her communication style is really transparent/clean

  • Natha Costa
    Natha Costa 3 months ago

    she try to kill a girl

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge 3 months ago +1

    When facing Ellen, Kristen Stewart is so easy going even with her trademark fierceness and tricked-out intensity!!

  • Bill Jedloe
    Bill Jedloe 3 months ago

    It's so heartbreaking to look at a girl as beautiful as Kristen and know she's turned into a reprobate dyke.

  • Priscila Cavaco
    Priscila Cavaco 3 months ago

    elle a oublié de bronzer ses jambes 😂

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee 3 months ago

    I've never heard her asked or talk about whether she really felt any romantic feelings toward Robert Pattinson. I think that is a fair question. I always wonder it for the people who aren't bisexual but are gay or lesbians. Did you feel for the person you were with what you claimed to feel while you were with them?

  • Melissa Mc
    Melissa Mc 3 months ago +1

    I love her so much

  • virginia naz
    virginia naz 3 months ago

    K R I S T E N can play the Lead role in BOND MOVIES,,,sure it will be a worldwide hit, She is BADASS pretty to give justice to the role,,...CALLING bond production house,,DO IT now!!!

  • Joana Cruz
    Joana Cruz 4 months ago

    it goes like this my peeps: being shy has nothing to do with social anxiety. social anxiety is a mental disorder that has treatment. Being shy is trait of personality, you would prefer being at home than being in a party full of people, however, if a shy person has to face partys, people and conversations doesnt make them anxious and all the other terrible syntoms that go along with it...shaking, sweeting, panick attacks. shy people just feel a litter unconfortable, bored and or allienated.

    i dont know what Kristen as for sure. To me it seems a case of social anxiety but not the worst of the cases...

    she's awkard they say...since you took the time to make that judgement, try to see through you think you see.

  • Exlily
    Exlily 4 months ago


  • Exlily
    Exlily 4 months ago

    I'm very sad now...what about twilight now!?!?! Will it be over will they ever do a new one??? Why Kristen WHY!?!?!

  • jimmy Molinaro
    jimmy Molinaro 4 months ago

    Shes everything I thought she'd be in person as well as on the screen. Boring, disconnected and ready to get outta the moment as soon as possible.

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