What Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley say new 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer might reveal

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  • MudgateBronn
    MudgateBronn 13 hours ago

    Daisy Ridley= sweetheart. Rey= annoying Mary Sue

  • Thomas Love
    Thomas Love Day ago

    I hardly think back in time and enjoy living in the now, but the older I get the more I appreciated to be born in the 70's. I grew up with Star Wars and as may stupid as it sounds, but it adjusted my moral compass as a young boy in a very positive way. With 21 I became a soldier for the German Air Force, mainly because of Star Wars. I have no regrets, I've seen the world and have flown with some of the best. I can't wait for VIII to be out.

  • Elemental Jedi
    Elemental Jedi 2 days ago +1

    And no one is smart enough to ask if Anakin is coming back, oh wow

  • White Noise
    White Noise 4 days ago

    @3:05 - Mark looks like he's ready to take a cyanide pill ..

  • Barb Bishop
    Barb Bishop 6 days ago

    It's shit, movies are shit, I'm sick of you freemason yale harvard dogs, I'm gonna take from you what you tried to take from us.

  • Barb Bishop
    Barb Bishop 6 days ago

    All white males don't go to work, don't pay taxes, fuck the satanic state.

  • Barb Bishop
    Barb Bishop 6 days ago

    Satanic fake jew fascist programming, Hollywood will only help build the resistance.

  • Albertouz
    Albertouz 6 days ago

    the interviewer is facepalmworthy

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 7 days ago +1

    It really sucks that for the first time I have Zero excitement over a new Star Wars movie....JJ really left a bad taste in my mouth...the new director really has his work cut out for him!

  • Rick C
    Rick C 8 days ago

    gawd, 3 min in and tears are running down my face.....

  • ARC Trooper Echo
    ARC Trooper Echo 9 days ago

    I hope Clone Medic Kix comes back.

  • Fast Drifts
    Fast Drifts 12 days ago

    Movie was not very good Disney wtf did you do

  • Evan Hawkes
    Evan Hawkes 13 days ago

    They are the two most likely out of the star wars cast to not notice the world ending because they were too busy being beautiful

  • spider Man
    spider Man 14 days ago

    next a Star Wars story of me

  • Keith Ranson
    Keith Ranson 19 days ago

    One theory: Rey will fulfill the jedi prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the force

  • Rik Schoonenberg
    Rik Schoonenberg 19 days ago

    I want Satele Shan to train me..... Where art thou?

  • CT - 5555
    CT - 5555 20 days ago

    The interviewer asks so many questions that would just completely spoil the entire movie and future movies to come, what the everloving fuck did she think the cast and producers would respond with? And she'll say like "you don't have to answer the question", then don't ask the question, fuck.

  • Cheese
    Cheese 21 day ago

    I miss Carrie fisher

  • Blue Dale
    Blue Dale 22 days ago


  • Michael Malley
    Michael Malley 23 days ago

    I really, really, really would love to see Luke channel his rage and use the dark side. Luke with sith eyes would be awesome.

  • thzead
    thzead 27 days ago

    So Luke with the help from his father from the other side stepped into the 'dark side' prior to finding this so called 'balance' that Rey mentioned and the 'end of the Jedi' means their will no longer be 'Sith' or 'Jedi' simply the 'force enhanced'. I reckon we'll see Luke stop someone from dieing just like Anakin had one day hoped to find a way too. Weird but cool. Theories be theories.

  • Rusty Jenkins
    Rusty Jenkins 27 days ago

    Luke would never turn to the dark side. he knows how much pain in suffering that cost his family.

  • Channel Noobie HD - Gaming

    Carrie fisher death

  • Channel Noobie HD - Gaming

    who remembered When luke tried to save han during at Saar lac pit luke did an epic flip and grabs a lightsaber together with the starwars theme

  • starlitopensky1
    starlitopensky1 27 days ago

    Previous lifetimes

  • Armastat
    Armastat 28 days ago

    Maybe Luke finally realizes that - If The Force Requires Balance - that the constant striving of the Jedi towards the light is what brings on the strongest darkness

  • John Acobs
    John Acobs 29 days ago


  • Julia Arcelo
    Julia Arcelo 29 days ago

    during reys battle with kylo ren, her form is sloppy and her footwork is non existent

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 29 days ago

    "Light Sabers, Duels For Dummies." Yeah, Mark, your mind has survived.

  • para mediccine
    para mediccine 29 days ago

    jesus fuck even when your prepared how retarded can you get with your questions? what happened to luke, do you turn to the dark side? yes and here are the major plot points, heres what happens in the movie, my character dies..... does she expect them to just reveal everything?

  • hieroflyer
    hieroflyer Month ago

    My initial assumption was that Luke was the father, but that would be out of character. Luke was an orphan himself and would hardly want to consign his own child to loneliness.

  • threa 89
    threa 89 Month ago

    Okay people I would really like to see Adam driver in a interview

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man Month ago

    daisy ridley is superbly sexy. But why is that the only reason guys go see movies these days? This movie looks like shit.

  • Christopher Humphrey

    The force does exist. Be one one with it..

  • naruto00nix
    naruto00nix Month ago

    i have never done an interview and i could write better questions in 5 minutes....

  • Lay Moo
    Lay Moo Month ago

    I don't want Mark Hamill to died

  • Peter Davies
    Peter Davies Month ago

    little worried about this next film, star wars 7 was good but not fantastic. Rogue one was great. So hopefully it will be great but i dont know with some of stuff that has come out about luke character etc im aprehensive

  • Fairytale Overworlds

    John Williams' incredible music? Well, it is one of his worst soundtracks.

  • InfinitePlayer
    InfinitePlayer Month ago

    rey is so fit

  • Custom5
    Custom5 Month ago

    Note when Rey is about to say "Darkness" and the screen shows the smashed helmet, you can here Sir Alec Guinness (Ben Kenobi) say "Seduced by the Dark Side"


  • Basardes
    Basardes Month ago

    Its already been screwed up

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller Month ago

    Finn just don't Know-how to not spoil a movie,Mark hammil didn't said too much-just like Daisy,but Finn....

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader Month ago

    So Episode X should be about blowing up an even bigger , 1/2 completed Star-Killer Base. Yah! Let's hear it for originality...

  • 8irdbud
    8irdbud Month ago

    "Jedi trainee" this lady literally doesn't know anything about Star Wars

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Month ago

    If they actually end the Jedi, Then I'm arresting Ryan Johnson (Im a Jedi we don't kill)
    No but seriously, That better be a lie or something and then they better make a new Jedi Order

  • ZC Films
    ZC Films Month ago

    Episode VII = Episode IV
    Episode VIII = Episode V

    Just please bring back Yoda's ghost at least

  • Bimexim O
    Bimexim O Month ago

    and boyega

  • Bimexim O
    Bimexim O Month ago

    kill ridley and abrams

  • Landreu
    Landreu Month ago

    I was watching this slowed down and I thought mark hamill was stoned

    he looks high half the time, jaw wide open lol

  • Itala Roblero
    Itala Roblero Month ago

    i love the move of the last jet

  • bru numzy
    bru numzy Month ago

    great so it is going to be garbage

  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes Month ago

    The Jedi ARE evil it's all in the matter of trust.

  • MrPixelptlk
    MrPixelptlk Month ago

    Mark Hamill, just like any one of us, thinks about his legacy... and what he'll be leaving behind. Luke Skywalker is one of the most beloved characters in cinema history. If anyone had that role, they'd be concerned with the perception of their work long after they're gone. So i can empathize with his concern with how they decide to close the story of Skywalker. We'd all want it to be perfection, ending on the highest note possible. But as cinema history has taught us all... expecting the unexpected ALWAYS results in the better choice. No one wants to walk into The Last Jedi and predict exactly how Luke's journey will come to an end. Hamill himself even said that despite his concerns, he trusts Rian Johnson.... and That is what should matter most to us fans.

  • Gary Good
    Gary Good Month ago

    Fake news

  • calgon
    calgon Month ago

    Luke will become a grey Jedi

  • Drop in King
    Drop in King Month ago

    It is number 9 bitch

  • Minecraftapp
    Minecraftapp Month ago

    I hope boba fett is alive and comes back

  • Samhain Productions

    Is it just me or does Mark Hamill look ill, I hope it's not fatal, we already lost Carrie and Kenny.

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans Month ago

    Why have an interview when the Stars can't answer anything . It's not their fault , it's how it is. But I'm just saying . Don't ask what you know they can't answer.

  • Harry,Ron,Hermione The Golden Trio

    i wont watch episode 9

  • ded ded
    ded ded Month ago

    no Luke don't go to the dark side

  • Starscream91
    Starscream91 Month ago

    Hamil looks disgusting in Force Awakens. They should let him look a little cleaned up like in this interview. Obiwan was an old fuck but he didn't look so decrepit where it looked like he might shit his pants and have a stroke at any moment.

    • Cari Higdon
      Cari Higdon Month ago

      He was sick with a cold during this interview. At his SWC panel the next day, his voice was nearly gone thanks to his cold, so he was likely feeling very under the weather in this video.

  • therealme
    therealme Month ago +1

    The Jedi CAN'T END!!!!!!!!!!

  • chad ryan
    chad ryan Month ago

    relate self sequence siqyth movie senate await

  • 2pacexpert
    2pacexpert Month ago

    he looked terrible in that ending scene like a dope addict

  • RadGuy 999
    RadGuy 999 Month ago

    They forgot to ask how much of a role finn will play

  • GoddessGothicLolita

    The woman interviewing them is A DUMBASS .. why ask questions with SPOILERS they CANT ANSWER?!

  • DJOverlast
    DJOverlast Month ago

    They're gonna screw it up.

  • Shamim Riaz
    Shamim Riaz Month ago

    will vader return?

  • Deniz Özdemir
    Deniz Özdemir Month ago

    Mark hamill is like a little boy!!! Oh my God he is soo sweettt. #themlukebiatch

  • Eonhunter
    Eonhunter Month ago

    does she really expect him to answer "do you make a turn to the dark side" with a LEGITIMATE ANSWER?! LMFAOOO

  • Kyle Williamson
    Kyle Williamson Month ago

    The fact that not only Daisy was uneasy about what happens, Mark is, too, is making me nervous

  • 16lucylover
    16lucylover Month ago

    We all miss Carrie Fisher!😢💕

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago

    For me is not so shocking.. I prefer Grey Jedi :P

  • Eric Masters
    Eric Masters Month ago

    Fuck Disney and their milking way !

  • Ewan McGregor
    Ewan McGregor Month ago

    Daisy has come a long way, of course, her first film was Star Wars after all, that tends to provide a bit of a boost.

  • placid renegade
    placid renegade Month ago

    Interviewer is hot yall

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez Month ago

    I am going to see The Last Jedi premiere with Daisy Ridley, I do not know how I just know that I will.

  • 86SuperRay
    86SuperRay Month ago +1

    This comment section is cancer

  • JimmyTheKid
    JimmyTheKid Month ago

    There had better not be another big planet killing battle station in the last two movies. Rogue One proved that original and well written scripts are best.

  • Tony Jasmine
    Tony Jasmine Month ago

    I WANT TO SEE YODA race come back to star wars...plllllzzzzzzz

  • András Herceg
    András Herceg Month ago

    I hope they don't screw it up

  • Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

    Everyone knows ABC is FAKE NEWS

  • First to see
    First to see Month ago

    How Mark Hamil looks at Daisy while she is taking

  • Parrish Pittman EL Information Broker

    its already screwed up

  • Chillaxous
    Chillaxous Month ago

    When I hear Mark Hamil speak, I hear Joker speaking. What a legend!

  • ItsJustSimple
    ItsJustSimple Month ago +1

    when Daisy was speaking. mark hamil left his mouth open.. #DaisyAndHamilRelated?

  • RaginGNygmA
    RaginGNygmA Month ago

    right luke isn't turning to the dark side when he says it's time for the jedi to end he isn't going to kill all jedi or something like that he means the jedi code as it's failed so many times and wants to start a new I think and that he want to end the idea of the jedi order as they failed and start a leadership properly under the jedi instead of them being like henchmen I think he wants to start a new order almost like the grey jedi but instead of blindly listening to the force you do what's right also you're allowed personal attachments as he'll want more force sensitive people to train and rebuild a new order as he did teach people and after Ben solo he felt guilty and stopped his teachings and started preparing for who ever the new sith lord is and they're possible power and after he defeats the first order he'll start another academy and this just what I think is the likely meaning of its time to end the jedi

  • Kenneth Matthew
    Kenneth Matthew Month ago

    years ago you served my father in the clone wars.
    senator organa not that bitch ass Anakin

  • SOIBand
    SOIBand Month ago

    Mark zoned out in the middle of the interview :D

  • Producciones Heces
    Producciones Heces Month ago

    Episode VII is one of the best SW movies ever made by far, probably just after The last jedi. Come fight me bitches

  • Tha Citys Angel
    Tha Citys Angel Month ago

    Solo's & Skywalkers are 1 thanx 2 leia & han. its a family fight regardless plz dont lose sight of that. She can be both solo and Skywalker. (Leia is luke's Twin... maybe thats why the saber got 2 HER) What if Han is her father & she's gonna fight her brother? HAD Ren NOT BEEN EVIL LUKES SABER CUDDA WENT TO HIM AS WELL 🤔. THINK ABOUT IT! THEY CAN GO ANYWAY THEY WANT AND ITS STILL SKYWALKER LINEAGE! Luke can go bad 2 save both of hans children and be the new vader! "anything can happen"! This will be Great!!!

  • Salty_Sailor68
    Salty_Sailor68 Month ago

    Who is snoke?
    Who is rey related too?
    Does Kylo have a thing for Rey?

    I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!

  • KAT MA
    KAT MA Month ago

    DAT FACE 3:12... He thinks... i wanna f...you.

  • ASDFMuahii ,
    ASDFMuahii , Month ago +1

    but where's lando?

  • John M
    John M Month ago

    Looks great, I look forward to seeing it when it comes out.

  • Melvin Pickle
    Melvin Pickle Month ago

    Ohmygerd Daisy is such a f-cking babe!!

  • Smacked Bagelz
    Smacked Bagelz Month ago

    Theory: Luke has given up on the hope of Jedi ways and now sees the only way to end the sith is to end the Jedi.

  • vbr
    vbr Month ago

    every time i hear Mark speak I think of the joker from the old Justice League

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