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  • xxHopeFairyxx
    xxHopeFairyxx Day ago

    I got an add as soon as she put it on her hair

  • UEL- U1613578
    UEL- U1613578 Day ago


  • CELYN 674
    CELYN 674 2 days ago

    Avril Lavigne is that you???😂😂😂😂

  • DimesValentine
    DimesValentine 2 days ago

    wow sis youre giving me Avril vibes

  • Danirlla Lindberga
    Danirlla Lindberga 2 days ago

    bunny: It cuts of your ends or your dead parts
    Me: isnt all your hair dead?
    Moment of silence for bunnys hair

  • Sisan Butkowski
    Sisan Butkowski 3 days ago

    **slowly raises hand**

  • palesouul
    palesouul 3 days ago


  • Zynb Safwan
    Zynb Safwan 4 days ago

    Looking great

  • Zaniah Ruiz
    Zaniah Ruiz 4 days ago

    Hey, can you do the half an inch? I think it didn't have a much visual difference because it was just a quarter inch. Either way- THANK YOU FOR TRYING THIS OUT

  • Patrice De La Cruz
    Patrice De La Cruz 5 days ago

    You look gorgeous here Bunny 😍😍

  • Kajsa Djärf
    Kajsa Djärf 6 days ago

    I mean it works, it totally cuts the ends as it says. If you had tried the closer blades the difference would've probably been more noticable.

  • Suzana Milenkoska
    Suzana Milenkoska 7 days ago

    Please test the steam hair straightener

  • Gaoyee Xiong
    Gaoyee Xiong 9 days ago

    Thanks for the honesty, i just bought one of these and i was a bit scared about it chopping of my hair.

  • Turtles Are life
    Turtles Are life 9 days ago

    You have a lovely shade of blue in your eyes😁😍😘 grav3yardgirl

  • Genisse Franklin
    Genisse Franklin 10 days ago

    Omg she is so funny

  • Becky Black
    Becky Black 10 days ago

    You are like my FAVORITE person on youtube!!! lol haha ahh I LOVE your video's lol

  • iam_anna13 Zarnia
    iam_anna13 Zarnia 10 days ago

    Eyes 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Sunset Bow
    Sunset Bow 10 days ago

    Yes please...

    My split ends drive me crazy.

  • Perfy Cassidy
    Perfy Cassidy 11 days ago

    Bunny always makes really distracted reviews XD XD XD have you guys noticed that sha use it the wrong way? This thing is for both hands and you have to click the button which point DOWN... she did with the one UP

  • TheEdibleCake
    TheEdibleCake 12 days ago

    A 1/2 inch is bigger than 1/4 :3

  • Talia Hell
    Talia Hell 12 days ago

    Satans play thing😂😂😂

  • Ryan Medina
    Ryan Medina 13 days ago

    She's like the human version of Dory from finding Nemo 😅

  • Grace Scanlon
    Grace Scanlon 13 days ago

    If you ever do a giveaway of this product let us know ☺️

  • Reed Monroe
    Reed Monroe 13 days ago

    It looks like you have fine hair not thick but you have a lot of it.

  • Cassandra Mapanao
    Cassandra Mapanao 14 days ago

    I was sooo scared for you 😂❤

  • NIghtcore Wonderland
    NIghtcore Wonderland 15 days ago

    it looks better tbh. btw where can I find this product???? anyone?

  • April Lee
    April Lee 15 days ago

    My hair is so thick it takes 8 hair ties to put my hair up

  • Paige Lionberger
    Paige Lionberger 15 days ago

    hey @grave3yardgirl maybe you could use the 1/2 an inch

  • Sam Mccutchen
    Sam Mccutchen 16 days ago

    I just cut 8 inches off my hair and hearing bunny talk about her long hair makes me miss my hair 😭

  • Keylee Bates
    Keylee Bates 17 days ago

    "ahh ew got a little stuck there, see there is something clearly wrong with my hair!"

  • kayla Ciciarelli
    kayla Ciciarelli 18 days ago

    I love your hair your so awesome bunny! 😘

  • Sugar Plum SweetHeart
    Sugar Plum SweetHeart 18 days ago

    I prefer Bunny with her normal hair. When she straighten her hair,she looked a little weird but no offense. Still love you, Bunny.

  • Lo M
    Lo M 18 days ago


  • Michelle Diaz
    Michelle Diaz 18 days ago

    *Literally* right as she was about to start there was a comercial and I feel attacked now😭😭😭😂

  • Hillaree Harper
    Hillaree Harper 19 days ago

    Add right be for it starts cuting lmao

  • banananut bread
    banananut bread 19 days ago

    4:24 that's not true, those are just shorter strands of hair

  • Emma Marloth
    Emma Marloth 19 days ago

    You look soooooo pretty with lose hair (sorry for my spelling)😣

  • Carenna Blackwell
    Carenna Blackwell 19 days ago

    Wow an ad right when she presses down

  • Valeria Nogueras
    Valeria Nogueras 20 days ago

    This was so cool

  • Elizabeth Lawrence Channel

    You must have a cover on your hair because my hair cutter told me I have that its something that like makes your hair like knottier sooo you need to treat it sometimes a lot with like good hair products

  • Sofie Thomsen
    Sofie Thomsen 21 day ago

    She is crazy Ass ahahahaah

  • ya ok
    ya ok 22 days ago

    She looks like carrie

  • Nicole Gray
    Nicole Gray 22 days ago

    She looks like Carrie White

  • BeehiveBeez
    BeehiveBeez 22 days ago

    Bunny is the only girl that i know that can rock 2 clips in her hair like that but i love you bunny <3

  • Angie Kowey
    Angie Kowey 23 days ago +3

    Im new ... she scared me

  • Kate Anne
    Kate Anne 24 days ago

    her hair still looks thick? Just because its not wavy doesnt mean it isnt thick

  • Me Kiwi
    Me Kiwi 24 days ago

    my hair is the exact same:p

  • JayloTheCandy Haylo
    JayloTheCandy Haylo 24 days ago

    Not even long

  • Emma Hale
    Emma Hale 24 days ago

    Love you bunny your amazing

  • Aub Smi 412
    Aub Smi 412 24 days ago +1

    Rocking that Joe dirt hair style at the end..... the MULLET

  • McKayla Wallace
    McKayla Wallace 24 days ago

    Absolutely no joke an add came on right as she turned it on😂😂I was like what the heck!

  • HH Show
    HH Show 26 days ago

    Be a normal youtuber you are so anoying

  • Reem K. ahmed
    Reem K. ahmed 26 days ago

    Hi miss bunny how r u?
    I just wanted to state that the aplit-ender side when twisted still has some hairs sticking out as if they are split ends but in fact it is that way because ur hair is not the same high it's not straight like it's cut in layers u know so that's why u might still have sticking out because they are the short ones the short layer

  • beautiful awesome
    beautiful awesome 26 days ago

    I love your eyes ⊙⊙


    Bunny does have thick hair but the strands are thin. I am also blonde and I have the same problem. It doesn't appear thick because blondes have naturally more fine hair but, blondes usually do have the most thick hair

  • Makayla Perez
    Makayla Perez 27 days ago

    Her hair is beautiful

  • I don't know a name
    I don't know a name 27 days ago

    I have never seen anyone with her eye colour ❤️

  • I don't know a name
    I don't know a name 27 days ago

    I'm sad.... youtube unsubscribed me from you, and I just realised. I missed so many of your videos. 😭

  • Pepmint Quad
    Pepmint Quad 27 days ago

    Omg you talk SO MUCH

  • Isabella Mc Atee
    Isabella Mc Atee 28 days ago

    It TOTALLY made a difference!

  • Courtney Willets
    Courtney Willets 28 days ago

    When i was watching this as soon as she pressed on an add came up and i couldnt help but laugh

  • Sam Ezell
    Sam Ezell 28 days ago

    I absolutely love you

  • Steph A nie
    Steph A nie 29 days ago

    la gueule vidéo inutile

  • Neenee Clay
    Neenee Clay 29 days ago

    Hey graveyard girl, you might enjoy YouTube channel theyoutub3 family. I like there videos and they are super fun and family centered. Might be something you would enjoy

  • ash g
    ash g Month ago

    Ok but young avril lavigne vibes tho

  • hristina paharalampidis

    I think that it works

  • Tasha Mirick
    Tasha Mirick Month ago

    Yeah, there is definatly a difference

  • Toxic Beauty
    Toxic Beauty Month ago

    Who else thinks she talks like rumpelstiltskin from Shrek a little?

  • Sony Salh
    Sony Salh Month ago

    Too much drama.....looks too weird to make such faces ....she's rushing n noising ....totally
    Strange 🤔🤔

  • Candice Allen
    Candice Allen Month ago

    I cried for you this whole video 😂I was so scared to even consider putting that near my hair but now I'm considering getting it

  • Ana Stone
    Ana Stone Month ago

    320 $$$$for that 😲

  • Skylynn Valle
    Skylynn Valle Month ago

    The split ender looked better

  • Jace Gryder
    Jace Gryder Month ago

    i have headphones at full volume on and the beginning made me fall out of my chair

  • Loudheart14
    Loudheart14 Month ago

    I think it looks a lot better!! And girl, I have the same problems, except my hair is curly/wavy + some straight sections. My hair is thick and is a mess.

  • Baybo Boba
    Baybo Boba Month ago +1

    I have very long hair and it used to be very tangley but I started using it's a 10 spray in after shower and my hair is never tangled🤗it is literally a life saver!!!

  • hello there
    hello there Month ago

    there was an ad right when she turned on the thing

  • Kawaii PotatoANA
    Kawaii PotatoANA Month ago

    you mixed up the ends but it does look better

  • crystal garcia
    crystal garcia Month ago

    My problems to🤣🤣

    NIKA ŠTANTA Month ago


  • Marina Reyna
    Marina Reyna Month ago

    Bunny in my opinion the split end side looked healthier than the no split end.

  • Marina Reyna
    Marina Reyna Month ago

    BUNNY YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO PRETTY LONG DOWN AND STRAIGHT!! I've never seen your hair look so straight!

  • Florance Jahanbeen
    Florance Jahanbeen Month ago

    you talk too much...:( just show or do what your supposed to do. talk less please.

  • The zombie family
    The zombie family Month ago

    You flimed this on my 8th B-DAY🍰🍰🍰

  • Mellyn Fisco
    Mellyn Fisco Month ago

    " Fox Mulder level paranoia" 😂😂😂

  • Alfred Enisz
    Alfred Enisz Month ago

    Batshit Bonnie

  • Nayelli Guzman
    Nayelli Guzman Month ago

    The one with no split ended looks frizzy and the other side with the split and there does not look frizzy but that is just me

  • Violet Huang
    Violet Huang Month ago

    the split ends are worse on the side u used the machine, U feel tugging is because it's essentially pulling at the ends. Slpit ends come bcuz ur hair breaks, u can try by getiing a healthy hair, breaking it off and u'll see the split end. overall the machine jus cut them shorter, and maybe possibly made thet splits worse

  • Sambhrama Nayak
    Sambhrama Nayak Month ago


  • RegionalBlurryface
    RegionalBlurryface Month ago

    OMG It's early 2000's Avril Lavigne!

  • Video Lucu Funny Videos

    agnezmo on the box

  • Tenley K
    Tenley K Month ago

    I think Bunny would look soooo good with short hair! It'll look nice if she curls it too. She could also donate her hair.

  • Wemsie Ems
    Wemsie Ems Month ago

    She didn't even have split ends😂

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army Month ago

    did no one else get the ad video right before she tried the new product

  • Loomer Loom
    Loomer Loom Month ago

    r her eyes for real

  • atartarugadias
    atartarugadias Month ago

    4:28 when u do that with your hair you are broking your hair

  • Shloobie
    Shloobie Month ago

    You keep saying about it cutting your hair shorter , it doesn't cut your hair to make it shorter , it cuts off the split ends and split ends go all the way down your hair
    Also you're meant to start at the top of your hair and go down

  • Rachel John
    Rachel John Month ago

    is it bad that I raised my hand??

  • Alyssa Lambert
    Alyssa Lambert Month ago

    2:00 razor blade...HANNAH BAKER VIBES😂

  • The M House
    The M House Month ago


  • Cooking with Lily&marley

    No hate but Dosent her intro sound a lot like jackseptcje

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