Ellen DeGeneres Warns Matt Lauer: Invite Me Over And I’ll Buy Your House | TODAY

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  • Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about her passion for interior design and her new book on the topic, called “Home.” She says that if she didn’t have a television career, she would redo houses “all day long” – but adds that she’ll continue doing her daytime show “as long as it’s fun.”
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    Ellen DeGeneres Warns Matt Lauer: Invite Me Over And I’ll Buy Your House | TODAY
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Comments: 42

  • Anuja Chatterjee
    Anuja Chatterjee 3 months ago

    Ellen is such a charmer. She is just so positive and kind. Watching her at the end of the day makes me forget all my worries and 7makes me smile. Her show is such a happy place...she is such a beaitiful person it should never ever stop. Its hard to find such genuinity nowdays...love her so much!

  • sylivia kayezu
    sylivia kayezu 3 months ago

    I love you Ellen and Matt..i suggest u don't stop ur pranks.I enjoy it

  • PrincessBoobado Mistress of the Elements

    i wish she was more gay! She never collabs with ru paul, laverne cox, or n e other mainstream gay entertainers! It would be good 4 the culture if she did tho!

  • CALife
    CALife 6 months ago

    How come she wasn't buying and selling homes when she lost her show for coming out as a lesbian?

  • Herreguda
    Herreguda 10 months ago

    She says if she wasn't a talk show host, she'd be flipping houses - reality check: if she wasn't a talk show host earning gazillions, she wouldn't have had the money to buy, renovate and sell all the time! Also, kinda bizarre that she thinks "anything is for sale" - not if the house she's scouting has sentimental value to the person and they want to grow old there!

  • Antonio Pereira
    Antonio Pereira 10 months ago

    He seems very upset and Matt either

  • Camping Joe
    Camping Joe 11 months ago

    Daddy issues...

  • PurePlasticBuilders
    PurePlasticBuilders Year ago +1

    Ellen come and visit us!

  • fatemeh setayesh
    fatemeh setayesh Year ago +8

    I just wanna hug this woman and squeeze her :)) she's so adorable and funny

  • Zephyrdoll
    Zephyrdoll Year ago

    What's a "hiccup" in this case?

  • fatemeh setayesh
    fatemeh setayesh Year ago +1

    CHARISMA ... that's what she has

  • zeyma1998
    zeyma1998 Year ago +2

    Ah I love Ellen

  • Elsie Wilson
    Elsie Wilson Year ago +21

    It's so bizarre seeing Ellen on the other side of the questions

  • Kayla Anderson
    Kayla Anderson Year ago +1

    Now when any celebs wanna sell their LA home they know who to find lmao

    FVNT0M IIX Year ago +4

    Man Ellen's show must have special photoshop lighting haha
    But hey, it's the inside that counts and she's amazing =)

    • Gabriel Augusto
      Gabriel Augusto Year ago

      +FVNT0M IIX ikr i was shocked at how old she looks here. But yeah, I love her.

  • KLD
    KLD Year ago +10

    rich people

    • Herreguda
      Herreguda 10 months ago

      That's what I was thinking! xD If she wasn't a talk show host, she wouldn't have had the money to buy, renovate and sell all the time! Reality check! Also, kinda bizarre that she thinks "anything is for sale" - not if the house she's scouting has sentimental value to the person and they want to grow old there!

    • Temps
      Temps Year ago

      +kld0093 I know. I can't even hang a picture on my wall because I rent. ELLEN, come buy my rental and give it to me so I can hang one of my paintings. Thanks.

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John Year ago

    I wonder what she makes for each show

  • Steve Soares
    Steve Soares Year ago +18

    Great person... such positive energy from her :)

    • Steve Soares
      Steve Soares Year ago

      +Tanisha Gounder Lol

    • Tanisha Gounder
      Tanisha Gounder Year ago

      hahaha you shut her/him up no words left for that bitch

    • Steve Soares
      Steve Soares Year ago

      +Audaxi Or you are extremely cynical of everyone and everything. Naive. That's what negative people say.

    • Steve Soares
      Steve Soares Year ago

      +Audaxi oh please. She was being humorous

  • tom thomas
    tom thomas Year ago


  • Landon Harrison
    Landon Harrison Year ago +18

    I live in an apartment. Would you like to come over and buy it ellen because I would love to move into a house. lol

  • J. Aiello
    J. Aiello Year ago +2

    This makes me more curious about Ron Pearlman's house than Ellen's book (although it looks interesting, too). lol

  • dani Kraus
    dani Kraus Year ago +1

    Love Ellen. She is such an inspiration and a great businesswoman.

  • Jason Harmsworth
    Jason Harmsworth Year ago +1

    Ellen should at least do her show for 26 years so she can beat Oprah :p

  • dee f
    dee f Year ago +5

    i love ellen

  • Veronika Kruk
    Veronika Kruk Year ago +10

    Ellen and Portia are perfect together ❤️

  • walton wangca
    walton wangca Year ago +52

    ellen always make me happy

    • William Son
      William Son Year ago

      +TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity I thought she was Lebanese.

    • TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity
      TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity Year ago

      +walton wangca ya i was like 10 when i remember her coming out the closet basicly on her show the airport microphone scene where she tells whole aiport shes gay and also in a way did it in front of america and how whole show became a lesson on why she was never happy with dating men and then how she was true to herself and the country also setting huge example for the lgbt community now co-opted by the luciferian pedophile satanic ritual abuse illuminati mk kulture crowd who have used ellen to push depopulation on us through her constant pushing of hollyweird sickness

  • Jocelyn 113
    Jocelyn 113 Year ago


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