Basketball Scene - SNL

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  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams 2 days ago

    This skit was so simple but so fucking funny omfg. I feel like the simpler the skit the funnier it is, maybe because it's more likely to be relatable?? Idk why am I analyzing comedy

  • ali zoraiz
    ali zoraiz 3 days ago

    this was amazing

  • skinny55772
    skinny55772 4 days ago

    2:13 is gold and I'd love to pick their brains about how they came up with that.

  • skinny55772
    skinny55772 4 days ago

    Pass the rock!

  • Piima Silva
    Piima Silva 4 days ago

    I would break character all the time I don't know how they do it

  • The Daydreamer
    The Daydreamer 6 days ago

    I had no idea that Pete was so tall!

  • L.Pasteur
    L.Pasteur 6 days ago

    I like how the sound boom guy was involved.

  • Alessandra Jackson
    Alessandra Jackson 7 days ago

    I am literally now looking into the background of movies to see if the extras do weird shit.

  • elgiv94
    elgiv94 8 days ago

    This dude looks like a grown up carl from shameless

  • Luna the Therian
    Luna the Therian 9 days ago

    That was one of my favorite skits.

  • Asanase Rugege
    Asanase Rugege 9 days ago

    This is like studio c bad extra

  • Lucy LaVigne
    Lucy LaVigne 10 days ago

    director: we asked about basketball experience?
    extra: oh yeah, i took a sports movement class at juliard.
    jimmy: i was in a stage production of basketball diaries

  • Christian Mayhew
    Christian Mayhew 10 days ago

    Another video enhanced not funny SNL skit.....surprised they didn't work a way to bash Trump into it. MAGA!

  • Christine Marie
    Christine Marie 14 days ago

    Lol. Background

  • Anything Neal
    Anything Neal 14 days ago

    I don't think I have laughed this hard at an SNL sketch all season.

  • 김재환약빨
    김재환약빨 16 days ago

    우리나라는 미국 snl을 배워야한다 진짜 재미있넼

  • Ao Bryan
    Ao Bryan 18 days ago

    "I don't know what that is but stop!" Lmao

  • Zoey Gallagher
    Zoey Gallagher 18 days ago

    this looks like one tree hill

  • Markey11
    Markey11 19 days ago

    "We popped the ROCK" 😂😂😂😂

  • Fr3akybutcher
    Fr3akybutcher 19 days ago

    😂😂😂jimmy is the goat 🐐

  • Hero Patel
    Hero Patel 19 days ago

    think this: their audience is so dumb they have to repeat scenes to make them understand the concept behind the scene 😂

  • Salty Lake 801
    Salty Lake 801 21 day ago

    Couldn't tell if it was mike Myers or Jimmy Fallon on the thumbnail 😂

  • Walker Knowles
    Walker Knowles 21 day ago

    Why have 551 people disliked this

  • Z C
    Z C 24 days ago

    You guys are still fired

  • Benitez Alexander
    Benitez Alexander 27 days ago


  • Hannah Lynch
    Hannah Lynch 29 days ago

    actual footage of me playing basketball

  • Rolling ace
    Rolling ace 1 month ago

    this had me literally LMAO

  • oiat
    oiat 1 month ago

    This sketch makes me have a new found respect for extras.

  • BAM
    BAM 1 month ago

    Hey ummmmmm basketball guys.....lmfao another great skit SNL.

  • Tj Webster
    Tj Webster 1 month ago

    West 4th st Basketball courts in the village... I work down the street

  • Wolfgang Amadeus
    Wolfgang Amadeus 1 month ago

    beautiful, thank you for posting

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 1 month ago

    The one basketball player looked like the officer from now you see me

  • Jon Kitna
    Jon Kitna 1 month ago


  • Ricochet Games
    Ricochet Games 1 month ago

    Holy shit, an SNL skit that was actually funny

  • isaacTGOD44
    isaacTGOD44 1 month ago

    Why cant SNL do more original skits like this?? Everything has to be that faggot gay shit they always try to push on us.

  • Shane Carrigan
    Shane Carrigan 1 month ago

    yooooo that shit was fuckin lit.. hilarious...

  • James Birddy
    James Birddy 1 month ago

    Uhh Sir the ball popped

  • Mount PvP
    Mount PvP 1 month ago

    One of the greatest skits jimmy has ever been in😂

  • Trent Crawford
    Trent Crawford 1 month ago

    Finally a GOOD skit that has nothing to do with politics.

  • Erik Reyna
    Erik Reyna 1 month ago

    "You guys are still fired"

  • Jernej Maček
    Jernej Maček 1 month ago

    I just died laughing... you guys are awesome

  • Travis D
    Travis D 1 month ago

    pass the rock

  • L Weezy
    L Weezy 1 month ago

    "We POPPED the ROCK"

  • Sachin Nair
    Sachin Nair 1 month ago

    lmao the alley oop got me

  • Maxwell Laird
    Maxwell Laird 1 month ago

    i live in nyc and i've peed in this court before

  • ElGatoGabe
    ElGatoGabe 1 month ago

    Pass the rock! Go get the rock! Rock! PASS THE ROCK! Get the rock! pass the rock. ROCK! Pass the rock! Rebound.

  • MrJimmyDAngelo
    MrJimmyDAngelo 1 month ago

    Shout out to West 4th street haha

  • lulani sudjian lampkin

    "Pass the rock" IM DYING

  • dboutte36
    dboutte36 1 month ago

    This bit is stolen from Sacha Barron Cohen's "Bruno"

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 1 month ago

    "Pass the rock." "Go get the rock." 😂😂

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 1 month ago

    1st snl skit to make my 😂😂😂 since the alien abduction sketch. When the guy holding up the mic got rocked 😂😂.

    COMiKON 1 month ago

    I kept seeing this in my recommended videos all week. Glad I finally clicked on it haha

  • Lakecrusher 01
    Lakecrusher 01 1 month ago

    First SNL skit I actually laughed at in a while. Not one political reference

  • The Hate Comment
    The Hate Comment 1 month ago

    Dude perfect rehearsals

  • illuminati man17
    illuminati man17 1 month ago

    like they have a camera set for a the camera set

  • Gannon Beverly
    Gannon Beverly 1 month ago

    Lol. Love how he accepted a basketball movement class from Juilliard as a qualification for being an extra! 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Caudill
    Kyle Caudill 1 month ago

    snl should get the Paul brothers to host

  • Marley Hinrichs
    Marley Hinrichs 1 month ago

    this sums up my athletic ability

  • bballlover31
    bballlover31 1 month ago


  • bballlover31
    bballlover31 1 month ago

    There better than me at basketball

  • 2k gaming HD
    2k gaming HD 1 month ago


  • Preston Kwok
    Preston Kwok 1 month ago

    is that other guy ian from smosh

  • Molly Valentine
    Molly Valentine 1 month ago

    '' I don't know what that is but stop it''

  • Mitchell van der Noll

    Reminded me of Scot Sterling a little bit

    SPENCER POND 1 month ago

    I always hear you missed your "Mr. Tri-ocity today"

  • Mike King
    Mike King 1 month ago

    I've actually witnessed this in real life - not all pick up games = pro's

  • boredom2go
    boredom2go 1 month ago

    They should have had it turn out to be an elaborate Dude Perfect stunt at the end. Of course, that would be the only reasonable use of Dude Perfect anywhere in the known universe at any point in the past or the future in any context whatsoever.

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller 1 month ago

    Funniest thing I've seen in a long time

  • Adamari Esparza
    Adamari Esparza 1 month ago

    studio c anyone?

  • Wayde Baker
    Wayde Baker 1 month ago

    "Guys, stop HUGGING"

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 1 month ago

    This definitely makes up for a year of terrible skits.

  • carlos luke
    carlos luke 1 month ago


  • MKCubes
    MKCubes 1 month ago

    Lmao 2:13

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor 1 month ago

    1:11 Ironically, the girl 'extra' with the white and black striped shirt with the beige jacket is accidentally doing the same thing the skit's about; extras over-acting ;)

  • Mitchell Grosvenor
    Mitchell Grosvenor 1 month ago

    "We Pop THE ROCK "

  • joselimai
    joselimai 1 month ago

    You would think that if they put Jimmy Fallon far in the background, it might have a distant chance of being funny, but no...

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor 1 month ago

    The is the only SNL skit where I've literally laughed out loud the entire time... it's been almost a decade for something this funny. More of this.

  • Animator Legend2020
    Animator Legend2020 1 month ago

    2:13 😂

  • bob jones
    bob jones 2 months ago

    We popped the rock

  • Brianna Vasquez
    Brianna Vasquez 2 months ago

    jimmy just staring directly into the camera is so goddamn good

  • Cruz Martinez
    Cruz Martinez 2 months ago

    I've never laughed this hard in my entire life

  • The Pikachu Brothers
    The Pikachu Brothers 2 months ago

    Looks like someone's seen High School Musical.

  • N 2 Sportz
    N 2 Sportz 2 months ago


  • Eric Costello
    Eric Costello 2 months ago

    Basketball Darius?!?!?!

  • Claire Manson
    Claire Manson 2 months ago

    This literally had me in tears

  • Grsz11
    Grsz11 2 months ago

    The way he says Basketball Diaries

  • Tahnia St. James
    Tahnia St. James 2 months ago

    pass the rock!

  • Tahnia St. James
    Tahnia St. James 2 months ago

    Love how jimmy says Basketball Diaries

  • chill_bro_videos
    chill_bro_videos 2 months ago

    Anyone reminded of playground basketball at 2:45? Hahahahah

  • lincoln
    lincoln 2 months ago

    "i don't know what that is but stop"

  • SGman
    SGman 2 months ago

    Lol I played ball there before

  • Kyle Pendrop
    Kyle Pendrop 2 months ago

    Ah yes the ol' crappy background extras sketch...

  • John Michael
    John Michael 2 months ago

    this sucks

  • Clay & Carlos A.
    Clay & Carlos A. 2 months ago

    film in a film

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 2 months ago

    "Slam it."

  • Boogey On!
    Boogey On! 2 months ago

    "Guys! I don't know what that is, but stop it...."

  • Blackout15
    Blackout15 2 months ago

    One of the better skits SNL has done recently

    HAZZARD 2 months ago

    Didn't laugh once..

  • Forever Sunrise
    Forever Sunrise 2 months ago

    Throw the shoes..priceless!

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