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  • Added:  8 years ago
  • A story I did about a cool guy named John Wells who lives off the grid in Terlingua, TX. Reporting by the extraordinaire himself, Wyatt Goolsby.
  • Runtime: 2:12
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  • Alex A
    Alex A 3 years ago

    Good luck to John Wells!


  • WizzleThump
    WizzleThump 7 years ago

    @mythic89 He obviously doesn't have a morgatage! lol

    But yes, it does take a lot of money for someone to do this.

    I'm stuck right now trying to find somewhere that won't fine me if I build a "house" without a 20k septic tank, or is so god damn far away from anything that gas is 10 bucks a gallon and it's 4 hours to a city.

  • Robert Earl
    Robert Earl 7 years ago

    This is an insult to the several hundred true "desert rats" who have lived in a similar fashion, though in homes larger than closets, for decades before "sustainable living" became a buzzword! Less than four years living like a refugee should get the man pity, not a news story and I doubt very seriously you would even know about him, if he had not contacted you himself, begging for a story. This man cheapens the area!

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