Scottsdale Pavilions Mustang Crash

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  • Just another mustang Crash trying to show off to the crowd. I didn't get the crash itself but got some decent ariel footage. This happened May 6th 2017 at Scottsdale Pavilions. And by the way this was only a V6.

    For a more detailed story head over to this guys page
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  • Extraordinary Rides
    Extraordinary Rides 2 months ago

    Literally the next week was another crash! Watch here

  • MP87
    MP87 3 months ago +1

    It seems like the newest way of capturing good footage is with a drone now. Instead of whipping their cell phones out, people are now going to be whipping their drones out lol. Good show!

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 3 months ago +1

    I see my car

  • Arindam Chanda
    Arindam Chanda 3 months ago +1

    Jalopnik brought me here

  • Shaun Sykes
    Shaun Sykes 3 months ago

    Hi Christopher,

    i work for Newsflare, a video licensing agency, and it would be great to license your video to a returning television show produced in the UK. Please can you either message me in the comments or at shaun(dot)sykes(at)newsflare(dot)com. Thanks, Shaun

  • to whom it may concern
    to whom it may concern 3 months ago

    you need 6 cop cars an ambulance. a fire engine and a helicopter to deal with one crashed car

    • Christopher Dowers
      Christopher Dowers  3 months ago

      Yep! The driver got out and was just standing around so it was clear there was no injuries, but more and more backup kept showing up. To be fair their response time was great though.

  • StalePhish
    StalePhish 3 months ago +1

    @4:17 look at these stupid people who see the road is completely blocked but try to drive down it anyway! Is the firetruck across half the road not enough of an indicator that you should just take a different street instead of driving down the wrong way??

    • Christopher Dowers
      Christopher Dowers  3 months ago

      StalePhish there is such a thing as stupid drivers, so it's always gonna happen until someone stands in the middle of traffic and says otherwise.

  • Ezale
    Ezale 3 months ago +1

    Jalopnik brought me here.

  • Graham Calhoun
    Graham Calhoun 3 months ago +3

    Love the soundtrack... who is it?

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez 3 months ago +6

    Thanks for the video. Came here from Jalopnik. Way too many cop cars and emergency vehicles for such a small incident. It's part of where our money goes down the drain.

    • Israel Lopez
      Israel Lopez 3 months ago

      It sucks some Mustang owners keep making foolish headlines all over the Internet. To be fair, the Mustang probably is the best selling American muscle car in history, so there will be many more crashes reported on them than anything made by Dodge and Chevrolet. This car is screaming for an AWD setup... It's crazy how the AWD 2017 Focus RS can match a stock Shelby GT350 as they take off.

    • dfulwilder
      dfulwilder 3 months ago

      There's a car show every Saturday in the parking lot that this drone lifted off from. I'd venture to guess that enhanced police presence was already in place because of that? You can't, however, be everywhere to stop stupidity! LOL

    • PeteNinjaFocus
      PeteNinjaFocus 3 months ago

      Some places cops can't keep up with crime, other places, as they get more and more affluent cops have almost nothing to do and freak out then show up squad deep to a fender bender or a kitten stuck in a tree.

  • OCD Stig
    OCD Stig 3 months ago +1

    Fresh Mustang crash...

  • Douglas Higbee
    Douglas Higbee 3 months ago +1

    Brought to you in Wanker-vision.

    IMPETTY AF 3 months ago +1

    hahaha dumbass childdd crashinn

  • Joe Blo
    Joe Blo 3 months ago +2

    I carry a tennis racket in case a drone is too close...WHACK !!!

  • Nick Hudson
    Nick Hudson 3 months ago +1

    What drone do you have?

  • Alan Bockelman
    Alan Bockelman 3 months ago +3

    Yo mate don't fly around scenes like this, just in case they need to medivac someone out.

    • Flashwing
      Flashwing 3 months ago

      In my experience, exercising a good amount of common sense when flying will prevent any disasters. Helicopters are easy to spot and you're able to move any aircraft out of the area well before they get in range.

      The FAA makes rules because we have idiots who still fly their aircraft directly into airports, over wild fires or other places where we KNOW aircraft are going to be. Always be aware of your surroundings and things will be fine.

    • J Fred Beck
      J Fred Beck 3 months ago

      I'm fine with it but there are a bunch of other regs you busted. Flying after dark, over people- LOTS of people, etc.
      whateva but you might take care

    • Christopher Dowers
      Christopher Dowers  3 months ago

      Alan Bockelman my drone is registered and does have the serial number taped to it. I also kept an eye out for any aircraft and stayed well below the 400 foot limit for altitude.

    • mrljvb
      mrljvb 3 months ago

      Technically Alan is correct. FAA regulations for drones (I live in the DC area and fly a Mavic Pro.. when its not broken from stupidity) explicitly state not to fly near any emergency response efforts, or over crowds of people. Not saying I would not do the same thing, but depending on the mood of the cops (I suspect they were not happy about the idiots in the mustangs), there could have been consequences (especially if the owner registered his drone and displays the registration number prominently).

    • Malik V
      Malik V 3 months ago

      Calm down Super Boy Scout..

  • srojack
    srojack 3 months ago +24

    It looks like old school GTA lol

  • Flashwing
    Flashwing 3 months ago +5

    Nice man! Paid off having a drone on hand at the pavilions!

    • Flashwing
      Flashwing 3 months ago

      Well thank you for the annotation and the link add. Also, since you're a drone flyer, if there's any collaboration projects you'd like to do be sure to reach me on my FB page. I've got a Phantom 4 that I fly but I know you can't always be the subject AND fly the drone so having experienced flyers can be a big help.

    • Christopher Dowers
      Christopher Dowers  3 months ago

      Yea they wrote up that article quick! I saw it posted early this morning. I linked your video in my description and made an annotation as well for you. Thanks for the shout out again!

    • Flashwing
      Flashwing 3 months ago

      BTW, congrats man. You made Jalopnik!

    • Christopher Dowers
      Christopher Dowers  3 months ago

      Thanks buddy! I enjoyed my 5 secs of fame :P

    • Flashwing
      Flashwing 3 months ago

      Chris, just an FYI that I linked to your video in a quick vlog I did about the crash. I'm a Phoenix local as well so I thought I'd inform my viewers since it was in our back yard. Enjoy the views!

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