Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

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  • Music video for Girls Like Girls performed by Hayley Kiyoko.

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  • Girls Like Girls  Hayley Kiyoko  Pop  This Side of Paradise  vydia  2015  Rich Youth  Austin  S.  Winchell  Hayley  Kiyoko  Owen Thomas  Lily-May Young  music  music video  vevo  

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  • Jenni
    Jenni 41 minute ago


  • Savanah Rose
    Savanah Rose 2 hours ago

    Get him girl!😠

  • Beatriz Nieto
    Beatriz Nieto 2 hours ago

    omg gigi from one three hill

  • Miru Hayo
    Miru Hayo 2 hours ago

    This is beautiful

  • I Dreamer
    I Dreamer 2 hours ago

    Я помню когда они обе ещё снимались на диснее😖 я раньше так обожала Келси Чоу

  • Hannah Whitehead
    Hannah Whitehead 2 hours ago

    The best music video ever

  • Skye Cueny
    Skye Cueny 3 hours ago

    they r lesbian

  • Pari Bhatia
    Pari Bhatia 5 hours ago

    Love this song even though it just reminds me that I'm probably going to die alone with a dozen cats the way my life is going.

  • xcxcharl ngl
    xcxcharl ngl 5 hours ago

    Let's go 1m sub's💪

  • Cristina Lilliu
    Cristina Lilliu 5 hours ago +1

    I'm bisex and I proud for it.

  • D& N
    D& N 6 hours ago +1


  • Cassandre_90210
    Cassandre_90210 7 hours ago

    I love this song🔥👌

  • Viktor Cze
    Viktor Cze 7 hours ago

    im still waiting for a movie

  • Eva Wickham
    Eva Wickham 8 hours ago

    I love this

  • Julian Ronzan
    Julian Ronzan 8 hours ago

    Does anybody know any good same sex movies

  • Julian Ronzan
    Julian Ronzan 8 hours ago

    When i first heard this song i thought it was abt this one girl is interested in another girl and she planned on stealing of this guy. I like this music video but it didn't make sense to the song or i still do not understand :(

  • Julian Ronzan
    Julian Ronzan 8 hours ago

    Tbh i don't understand what music video about because i usually get it wrong but this one seems like that the to girls get gradually closer because of the abuse

  • Julian Ronzan
    Julian Ronzan 8 hours ago

    What i don't get is nearly at the end when the guy pulled that young girl hair back and she hit her head on one of the rocks or something hard. Wouldn't she be knocked out cold

  • Jay NightOwlPrincess
    Jay NightOwlPrincess 9 hours ago

    Aw! That's so sweet! <3 It's an amazing music video! Love every part of it!

  • Paul Levez
    Paul Levez 9 hours ago

    M'y french ...FUK THE MOVIE

  • Hamstera 1
    Hamstera 1 10 hours ago

    Omg it's Lexi! She so pretty 😍

  • Andres Novoa Mejia
    Andres Novoa Mejia 10 hours ago +2


  • Shut Up Anderson
    Shut Up Anderson 11 hours ago

    omg soooo cute I love how she just punched the shit out of him like yasssss

  • MaddinxTheOtaku
    MaddinxTheOtaku 11 hours ago

    I respect bisexual people but I don't like the way she is stealing a person who is already in love I feel bad for the boy though he RIP

  • MaddinxTheOtaku
    MaddinxTheOtaku 11 hours ago

    Why is she dancing like cray cray xD

  • Bri Wallace
    Bri Wallace 11 hours ago

    O..M..G......this is AMAZING!😍

  • Olivia Marie
    Olivia Marie 13 hours ago

    Where is my one tree hill friends that's Gigi

  • Ruby 8 Jergensen
    Ruby 8 Jergensen 13 hours ago +1


  • Isabella nelson
    Isabella nelson 14 hours ago

    The guy just an asshole I'm not afend it to guys but what the fuck dude

  • Kata Kamaria
    Kata Kamaria 14 hours ago

    Gotta be honest
    I'm a straight teenage girl..


  • Hayli and mommy
    Hayli and mommy 14 hours ago

    My mom caught me dating a girl...

    She said I have problems ..


  • Wishbone The Editor
    Wishbone The Editor 14 hours ago

    When the dude fell over my first thought was "Okay WHO THREW THE YOGA BALL"

  • Alicia Littleford
    Alicia Littleford 15 hours ago

    If any of you need advice on how to tell your parents you're gay/lesbian/bi, I confided in my cousin and told her I'm bi but mentioned that I was too nervous to tell my mum so my cousin did it for me and my mum didn't have a problem with it whatsoever.

  • Brad Fisher
    Brad Fisher 16 hours ago

    If you don't like this we can't be friends.

  • Jenn Penny
    Jenn Penny 16 hours ago

    Tbh the girl who's riding bicycle is literally me the other day so i was in my close friend house and we're getting ready to go to the prom together cuz we're single hahaha then i went to her house and i'm in her room just with her she started doin make up for me and i just felt like omg nooo i love my close friend but she's straight my heart was beating so fast when she was so close to me doin my makeup i wish she's not straight 😂

  • Balara
    Balara 17 hours ago


  • Dalouny Burden
    Dalouny Burden 17 hours ago


  • Pooh Pooh
    Pooh Pooh 17 hours ago

    isn't she from a Disney Channel movie/show or some?

  • Emely: Rodriguez
    Emely: Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    wait is that makayla from King of kings fromDisneyXD

  • Ayden Chrissy
    Ayden Chrissy 17 hours ago

    This hit me hard!

  • Kaah Martin
    Kaah Martin 17 hours ago +3

    I like humans

  • Jess Anst
    Jess Anst 17 hours ago

    this video and everything the bf said actually happend to me.i kissed my ex girl friend and my husband walked in and boom smashed the window out knocked the front door down and dmashed my tv.bad night

  • Doubled Allison
    Doubled Allison 18 hours ago

    I'm 9 and I just noticed I'm bi but I'm scared to tell my mom because then she's going to freak out and say that I'm only supposed to like boys 😓

  • Jennifer R.
    Jennifer R. 18 hours ago

    My fav part is the dog just like
    "Heck ya I'm in a video"

  • Mira ***
    Mira *** 18 hours ago

    Öhm... isn't she her brothers girlfriend?

  • Madison Farmer
    Madison Farmer 18 hours ago

    2017 peps?

  • Irvin Toribio
    Irvin Toribio 19 hours ago

    I don't get the music video can sum one plz explain

  • Anime_Freak Anime_Love
    Anime_Freak Anime_Love 19 hours ago


  • Kira Anonymous
    Kira Anonymous 19 hours ago

    That moment when you get all giddy because you kicked your secret crush's boyfriend's ass for being a little b-tch and then made out over his unconscious body.

  • Vika Bog
    Vika Bog 19 hours ago

    Кто русский :D

  • JessBellaPlayz MSP
    JessBellaPlayz MSP 19 hours ago

    Im straight but I love this music video it tells that you can be yourself!

  • Lil_mama_madi
    Lil_mama_madi 19 hours ago

    I'm pan
    I'm dating a girl
    So I have a girlfriend
    I love her
    No one is aloud to try to take her from me
    I'm not going to lose her

  • weston hruska
    weston hruska 19 hours ago

    Good song cute ending

  • Ajane Batson
    Ajane Batson 19 hours ago

    Is it just me, but does stefanie scott( Girl from ant farm) look like annie leblanc( annie from bratayley).

  • Latoya Mckinnon
    Latoya Mckinnon 20 hours ago

    who scrooling through the comments like if you are

  • mxleri
    mxleri 20 hours ago

    im a girl who likes girls (:

  • jeanne vaisbien
    jeanne vaisbien 20 hours ago +1

    teen wolf girl

  • SophiaMSPlover 1
    SophiaMSPlover 1 20 hours ago +1

    Okay so I like girls OKAY IDC :/

  • Lucia UwU
    Lucia UwU 21 hour ago

    I like girls and i'm dating a boy bc i was sad for him, i don't know what to do...I don't like him...But he's a good person,just isn't my type

  • Ace Webblaster
    Ace Webblaster 21 hour ago

    Wow !!

  • Ellla Vegga
    Ellla Vegga 21 hour ago

    i'm bi but i like girls much more...🙂

  • Dua Lipa Fan
    Dua Lipa Fan 21 hour ago

    heyy she stole the spot from this song: Ona sanjala je snove it is a serbian song go and watch it

  • jullio cézar
    jullio cézar 22 hours ago

    Que hino lek

  • Jade Muramba
    Jade Muramba 23 hours ago

    She looks like Stephanie from A.N.T Farm on Disney. Is she???

  • Cuack
    Cuack 23 hours ago

    Boys like boys like girls do, nothing new

  • Theresa Francis
    Theresa Francis 23 hours ago

    Anyone think Hayley looks like phillipa soo in some shots?

  • Nat the weird one

    do you know hayley has a sex tape? if you want to see it its on pornhub, yah i know imma perv but i love hayley and she became my crush

  • Xx_Wølf_Xx
    Xx_Wølf_Xx Day ago

    3:43 Friends stick together and always will have their backs mostly girls not boys **no offense to all you other dudes**

  • king K E L S E Y

    Lemonade mouth yeees

  • cupcakekitten51 k


  • Mya James
    Mya James Day ago +3

    I'm a gay girl and I love it so much. :)

  • Mer. Aub.
    Mer. Aub. Day ago


  • Widyasakti AdP
    Widyasakti AdP Day ago

    Best part is 1:39

  • Maria Liz
    Maria Liz Day ago +2

    I need someone to do a cover but instead of girls likes girls like boys do I want it to be boys like boys like girls do and put Larry stylinson clips 🤤

  • Jelena Zigi Hadid

    What's her name? The girl in the video.

  • Alissa Violet
    Alissa Violet Day ago

    Wow. This was so cute🙃

  • Maddy Lee
    Maddy Lee Day ago

    So... were they like friends but one of them had an abusive boyfriend, I like the song and video but, I don't completely understand the plot.

  • the great ANGIE
    the great ANGIE Day ago +1

    What a queen

  • Samantha Richmond


  • Sarah
    Sarah Day ago

    I don't label myself as bi or pan but I like boys and girls and I don't know what I should label myself, bc I want to have a label, just none of them seem like me

  • AA Lubis
    AA Lubis Day ago

    IM GAY! 2017 until i die

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda Day ago

    The song wasn't that good in my opinion butt the music vid is awesome

  • Sheva Bree
    Sheva Bree Day ago +1

    Best part. Beating the hell outta the fuck boy.

  • Tas T
    Tas T Day ago

    this video is fucking everything

  • Hannah Sagers
    Hannah Sagers Day ago

    All I can say about this video and this song is gross😷

  • Grace Konrad
    Grace Konrad Day ago +1

    i've now watched this for the 8th time today and i do not regret it

  • Qwerty FanGirl
    Qwerty FanGirl Day ago

    I really love this video!! ❤💕💚✨

  • JustCallMeKeirin
    JustCallMeKeirin Day ago +2

    This is a great message. Amazing video too. I love it. ❤❤

  • Sarah DeHay
    Sarah DeHay Day ago

    Probably one of the dumbest songs I've ever heard. lmao 😂😂

  • BeUnique 4Life
    BeUnique 4Life Day ago


  • Slytherin girl
    Slytherin girl Day ago

    I want to come out so bad as bi but i told my mom my friend came out as bi and she said isn't she to young to know? We are 13....

  • gracie
    gracie Day ago

    Youre unrealll

  • Ara Gaming
    Ara Gaming Day ago +1

    ok so... this girl who made a disney movie made a song, and had two girls who used to be on disney in it? neato.

  • denise Marie
    denise Marie Day ago

    Well that escalated quickly. Thought that Bitch is tough

  • Liam Duffy
    Liam Duffy Day ago

    Stephanie scout aka Lexi

  • Funny kid Lol
    Funny kid Lol Day ago

    I'm a boy but not like a boy every body in grammar school be compare boys to girls boys be like boys rule gifs drull

  • Ainhoa González
    Ainhoa González Day ago +1

    girls ❤

  • Grace Konrad
    Grace Konrad Day ago

    i just listened to this for the first time, and it makes me want to cry, because i feel like the main character does; in love with a girl she's really close to. but i can't tell her. no one would accept me, much less her.

  • Super Turtle
    Super Turtle Day ago


  • katebeth05
    katebeth05 Day ago

    she was in lemonade mouth!!!

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