10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks

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  • Sammy truck
    Sammy truck Day ago

    This was a nICE video

  • Darwin_The_Gecko
    Darwin_The_Gecko 2 days ago

    I miss winter... I'm bored of the summer heat...

  • Da Ra
    Da Ra 6 days ago

    I live in South Texas none of this applies to me lol it's hot as hell during Christmas we run the air conditioning y'all

  • Ahmed Boukhalfa
    Ahmed Boukhalfa 10 days ago

    why am i watching this in summer?

    guess i really don't have anything to do

  • Luigi gaming 360 koby
    Luigi gaming 360 koby 13 days ago

    This sucks bwcause my country philippines dosen't snow and its allways hot here but good for summer vications

  • lil
    lil 13 days ago

    The sock one is stupid

  • lil
    lil 13 days ago

    I live in Texas I don't have to deal with snow.

  • Adrian Macias
    Adrian Macias 13 days ago

    is some one wastching this in 2017

  • Hello ImRebecca
    Hello ImRebecca 19 days ago

    Speaking of colds I get them in the summer

  • Chance Littlewolfe
    Chance Littlewolfe 22 days ago

    Who else is watching this video in summer

  • squad fam
    squad fam 24 days ago

    im im Florida its 70 degrees in winter i dont need this video its also summer

  • No bike No like
    No bike No like Month ago +1

    Why am I watching this in July

  • Kaitlyn Sudan
    Kaitlyn Sudan Month ago

    Have you ever been trolled?

    Read More

  • Craft_Mesa
    Craft_Mesa Month ago

    where can I buy that shower head?

  • xTrailHawk
    xTrailHawk Month ago

    Why am I watching this? It's Summer..

  • Grace Barneiei
    Grace Barneiei Month ago

    For the insulater why can't you cut threw a pool noodle

  • emmy l
    emmy l Month ago

    There is no winter in San Diego

  • Paula Ibarra Bringas

    Why an I watching this, the normal temperature is 26 degrees AT THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER
    I need air conditioner not heat

  • Christy samson
    Christy samson Month ago

    Its summer right now where I live. Why am I watching this? I have to save it for winter.

  • Scrubbing bubbles foaming bleach

    the vapor bomb sucks it smells like shit and leaves a sticky residue

  • GD Drumming
    GD Drumming 2 months ago

    its summer right now

  • Rodolfo Sanchez
    Rodolfo Sanchez 2 months ago

    Seriously? No one will comment on the Darth Vader shower head?

  • the professional loser
    the professional loser 2 months ago

    "shovel lube"

  • Salory 2
    Salory 2 2 months ago

    ;^; I really could have used these hacks earlier.
    I live in the snow belt, and winters can be so bad!!!
    I really love the loose snow one. So many times with loose snow, shoveling just makes it worse!

  • Mild Hotwings
    Mild Hotwings 2 months ago

    Im watching this in Summer

  • Pablo Mendoza
    Pablo Mendoza 2 months ago +1

    a shovel is a big spoon

  • Misho Pruidze
    Misho Pruidze 2 months ago

    this video made me miss winter

  • DaVloginGamerz Chesse
    DaVloginGamerz Chesse 2 months ago

    bu.... but... I live In a place we're there is no snow...

  • Ethan Baker
    Ethan Baker 2 months ago

    Thanks for the life hacks

  • CoolBlade17
    CoolBlade17 2 months ago

    Why the hell am I watching this in summer?!

  • balderoine
    balderoine 2 months ago

    ..You can slide a wire coat hanger into one of the thermostat air vent cut outs. I changed the temperature by 1 degree and my boss noticed it and said something about it lul

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 3 months ago

    At 2:42 I thought that was a bunch of anorexic fingers with black gloves reaching through

  • 4m1r45
    4m1r45 3 months ago

    Meanwhile haven't seen snow for over ten years thanks Australia

  • Mittens the meme
    Mittens the meme 3 months ago

    2:29 that shower head is glorious

  • G Gon
    G Gon 3 months ago

    I love theses life haxs!

  • Janey Pou
    Janey Pou 3 months ago

    the candle use as shoe wax, does the color matter for black shoes?

  • groundzero_0506
    groundzero_0506 3 months ago

    0.58 why are you shoveling your lawn?

  • Mr Not bad
    Mr Not bad 3 months ago

    I need that darth Vader shower head

  • Wonderlandfire
    Wonderlandfire 3 months ago

    It's almost summer and I still need most of these hacks (not the snow shovel ones) because I live in a country that doesn't understand seasons and its always wet and cold. *sigh*

  • puppy67726 Gaming
    puppy67726 Gaming 4 months ago

    Why am I watching this in April?

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 4 months ago


  • Bruce Marchetta PCMA
    Bruce Marchetta PCMA 4 months ago

    Belated suggestion March 22, 2017. this idea works wonders. Take 4 to 6 pepsi plastic soda containers, fill 'em with HOT (repeat hot but not boiling) water, capp, check cap is screwed on tightly. Put them under the bed covers and one will be toasty-warm all through the evening up to the next day. If they seem to hot side the bottle(s) into sock(s). Pleasant dreams. Bruce

  • stich
    stich 4 months ago

    pool noodles will work too

  • Jason Kyi
    Jason Kyi 5 months ago

    Hack 10: heat the sack.

  • Grace Aragon
    Grace Aragon 5 months ago

    were i live it can be warm enough to were summer clothes and the next day its below zero

  • Keanu Claxton
    Keanu Claxton 5 months ago

    Why am I watching this, I live in the Caribbean.

  • Noah Rudolph
    Noah Rudolph 5 months ago


  • kevin Schmith
    kevin Schmith 5 months ago

    That's not a snow shovel

  • Ilias yeph
    Ilias yeph 5 months ago

    these hacks are really stupid...

  • Josh Rumson
    Josh Rumson 5 months ago

    I ment no

  • Josh Rumson
    Josh Rumson 5 months ago


  • Stoutzombie
    Stoutzombie 5 months ago

    Don't Forget the hack on putting sand paper under your car window wipers to break up ice.

  • NeLLy HiSeNi
    NeLLy HiSeNi 6 months ago +1

    sinan hogja

  • steve b
    steve b 6 months ago

    Here's a quick tip: Do NOT shovel the LAWN!!!!!!!!

  • Hotdawg54
    Hotdawg54 6 months ago

    You did the hand warmers thing in the microwave hacks video just that was a larger sock for an aching pain

  • Ayu Listiany
    Ayu Listiany 6 months ago


  • Global Hack
    Global Hack 6 months ago

    heh, so much DIY editors .. and channels

  • Gheorghita Vlad
    Gheorghita Vlad 6 months ago


  • Lewis Thomson
    Lewis Thomson 6 months ago

    HH: "now go to your foam pipe insulator closet"
    Me: "Ok!" "Wait... That was a joke wasn't it"

  • Trick or Hack
    Trick or Hack 6 months ago

    Nice tips! And here is mine, I keep my feet warm at computer using homemade foot warmer. It's pretty simple and requires easy available items. Besides, it saves energy and costs. Posted on my channel

  • Kalei Soares
    Kalei Soares 6 months ago

    I live in Hawaii and I'm watching this

  • JJ Murray
    JJ Murray 6 months ago


  • Tom O
    Tom O 6 months ago

    Why are you shoveling the grass? And why use a garden shovel?

    ONONDAGA SYXX 6 months ago

    fill a 2 liter bottle with hot water and put it under the covers with you

  • Artlover108 Aj
    Artlover108 Aj 6 months ago

    It is winter... and I'm watching you at 1100 cmon

  • legendsaleem
    legendsaleem 6 months ago

    There is 24vac behind that thermostat so don't put ice over it because it might cause a short instead, use a air duster can. the cold air from air duster will trick that thermostat to turn the heat on.

  • C O
    C O 6 months ago

    who the hell uses that kind of shovel 1:07 for snow πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • alisonbug
    alisonbug 6 months ago

    The one thing that we could have had to be that we are both came is not awful but she has to do it for all of us but I have no sense that I

  • dalkhal
    dalkhal 6 months ago

    #7 laying pipe πŸ˜‚

  • Najoua Majoug
    Najoua Majoug 6 months ago

    Another winter hack is to fill a bottlle with hot water and when u want to sleep take it with u in the bed ;)

  • Your Boi Skinny Penis
    Your Boi Skinny Penis 6 months ago

    Don't leave your oven open unless you want to die in the middle of the night while your sleeping because of carbon monoxide poisoning

    • Michael C
      Michael C 6 months ago

      Dondald Trumppp. He was using an electric oven. If you're using gas you would open it AFTER you're finished cooking and the oven is off. No carbon monoxide.

  • Colin BjΓΆrkgΓ₯rd
    Colin BjΓΆrkgΓ₯rd 7 months ago

    i live in finaland these life hacks did help a lot

  • Styrofoam cutting channel

    i didint have water 😒

  • Swaggy Nuke
    Swaggy Nuke 7 months ago

    make sure that you color the shower bombs so that they don't look like cockney. but wouldn't make that worse?

  • Scott Foresman
    Scott Foresman 7 months ago

    You get no less heat from an oven with the door closed than an open. Thus no money savings and definitely not amazing.

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores 7 months ago +1

    that shower thing must be soo relaxing. I love the smell.

  • Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M. 7 months ago

    Haven't I seen this exact video before?

  • Chris West
    Chris West 7 months ago

    I just did the hand warmers and they actually work XD

  • olddogg eleventy2
    olddogg eleventy2 7 months ago

    who taught you about snow shovels? that weren't no snow shovel buferd.... best you pick up a proper type shovel whats fer shovlin' snow....yew ken git one at genrl store on yer way to the likker store.

  • blondwiththewind
    blondwiththewind 7 months ago

    Wow. Look at all that snow.

  • Jb0ss Rocks
    Jb0ss Rocks 7 months ago +1

    I live in Florida, what am I doing watching this!?! XD

  • Lexigaming
    Lexigaming 7 months ago

    I have to do that trick to my boots they soak up water like a sponge

  • jibbleman4
    jibbleman4 7 months ago

    Who the hell isnt comfortable with 67 degrees

  • Billy&Squid
    Billy&Squid 7 months ago

    love you HuH

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W 7 months ago

    I want to make those Vicks bombs as gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CATLOVERSPYDER 7 months ago +1

    1:17 Do NOT do this with a gas oven. The only thing that will be "reaped" is your soul after you die of CO poisoning.

  • LOUI J
    LOUI J 7 months ago

    i wish i could experience cold weather
    it's hot AF here in Dubai, even in winter

    • Jennifer W
      Jennifer W 7 months ago

      Trust me, you don't. I have an important doctor's appointment, and I don't know how I'll make it there.

  • Cmon famalama Nigga #152552532929734664

    I never get snow in Australia so i don't have to do any of these

  • Maide Canyakar
    Maide Canyakar 7 months ago

    I think im gonna try the socks and rice thing

  • Daniel Onslow
    Daniel Onslow 7 months ago

    i have that ice cube tray lol

  • Seether Fan
    Seether Fan 7 months ago

    Who the hell uses a garden spade to shovel snow ?

  • Badplays
    Badplays 7 months ago

    When I saw the Darth Vader shower head I said OH MY FRICKIN GOD!!!!!!

  • Ewan Adeshead
    Ewan Adeshead 7 months ago

    what happens if you don't use the hairdryer

  • alfalfa fonzo
    alfalfa fonzo 7 months ago

    i hate theese videos, they are for people who lack common sense because they obey like soldiers instead of using their brains, fuck you society

  • Reinhard Heydrich
    Reinhard Heydrich 7 months ago

    do them bath bombs really work

  • Steven Barnhart
    Steven Barnhart 7 months ago +1

    Why not just by a door sweep to cover the gap in the bottom of the door and put weather strips in the door frame?

  • Welit Tunhapong
    Welit Tunhapong 8 months ago


  • CHarrison
    CHarrison 8 months ago

    OK really, leave the oven door open to benefit from the heat. What? really where will it go if you close the door. Will it magically find its way outside and not worm the room up or will it just stay in the oven until next time you need it LOL

  • Fuzzyboots McFerret
    Fuzzyboots McFerret 8 months ago +2

    Leaving the oven open after baking is no more efficient than closing it. The heat still comes out with the door closed, just slower. So you might heat your home more by opening the door, but for a shorter period of time.

    Also those home made "hand warmers" Will be ice cold in about five minutes.

    • Carl Zimmerman
      Carl Zimmerman 8 months ago

      The 1st law of thermodynamics strikes again.

  • Paris-Renee LaRose
    Paris-Renee LaRose 8 months ago

    I'm watching this during a snow storm. Get a snow shovel not a garden shovel! Ha! Cooking spray is too expensive. Just knock off the snow! But I like your voice and humor. Thanks!

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