2004 Kentucky Derby

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  • Jeanette Vasko
    Jeanette Vasko 9 months ago

    Has anyone seen Smart Jones's son?! He is one of the cutest little pies I've ever seen. His name is JJ and my horse and him like to talk to each other at the barn and its the cutest little thing.

  • Dead girl
    Dead girl 10 months ago

    кто из 2020?

  • Caroni100
    Caroni100 Year ago

    "The Kentucky Derby? There is no an adjective able to describe ots greatness"      Jose Gregorio Guillot, venezuelan turfman and radio producer

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor Year ago +2

    if you watch stew on all of his races leading up to this he rode him the same way every time what a great ride he knew he was on the best horse awesome

  • Asa Christian
    Asa Christian Year ago

    we have this school project {6th and 7th grade} and we had to pick a state and do research on it and dress up as whatever you chose from that state and I got Kentucky and I chose a Kentucky derby lol!! 💞

  • BNSF1995
    BNSF1995 2 years ago

    Is that Bob Jenkins?

    • WhattaDay
      WhattaDay Year ago

      +BNSF1995 Durkin. Note the combination of Lion Heart and Limehouse at the end ;)

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day 2 years ago +5

    When I go back and recollect Smarty Jones was a horrible ride away from becoming only the second horse to win the triple crown while being undefeated amazing,  what happened at the Belmont to was disgraceful.   But I am not going to get back on that soapbox, but I don't think Smarty jones gets the true credit that he deserves. Great race horse with a lot of heart.

    • Eric Day
      Eric Day 4 days ago

      +DanielSong39 That horse went out way too fast, the trainer may have been trying to be kind.

    • DanielSong39
      DanielSong39 Month ago

      He did not get a horrible ride at the Belmont. The trainer took the blame for that one because the horse was too keyed up to last 12 furlongs. Stewart Elliott had a good hold of Smarty Jones and didn't urge him until the final 1/2.

    • daeuri
      daeuri 4 months ago

      +Elvis South There is a video of Gary Stevens visiting horses he had written, and one of the horses was Point Given. Stevens apologized to Point Given for the ride at the Kentucky Derby and was on the verge of tears. I don't think Point Given understood what Stevens was doing.

    • Elvis South
      Elvis South Year ago

      didn't get nearly as bad a ride as Point Given in the 2001 Derby. That was complete and utter bullsh*t by a HOF jockey who should be ashamed of himself to this day for costing that horse both a triple crown and deserved recognition as one of the best ever on the track.

    • de5letras
      de5letras 2 years ago

      +Eric Day Now Smarty Jones is in Uruguay as stallion. He's giving winners.

  • macaroni459
    macaroni459 2 years ago +2

    It always makes me laugh that Durkin is so overwhelmed/excited at the end that he accidentally calls Lion Heart - Lion House :P

    • UnionRags123
      UnionRags123 2 years ago

      +macaroni459 oh wow...

    • macaroni459
      macaroni459 2 years ago


    • UnionRags123
      UnionRags123 2 years ago

      really? at which time in the video?

    • macaroni459
      macaroni459 2 years ago

       Nope, he says "Lion House was second, Imperialism finished third, and Limehouse was fourth."

    • UnionRags123
      UnionRags123 2 years ago

      Well, there was a horse named Limehouse who came 4th...maybe Durkin said Limehouse...not Lion House...

  • Caroni100
    Caroni100 3 years ago

    "El Derby de Kentucky? Aún no se ha encontrado un calificativo que pueda"
      describir su grandeza"

    José Gregorio Guillot / Comentarista hípico y productor radial venezolano

  • ccjjpp1966
    ccjjpp1966 3 years ago +2

    Smarty Jones should have won the Belmont.  The jockey didn't ride him properly in that 3rd Triple Crown race!!

    • Trent Rez
      Trent Rez 10 months ago

      Stewart Elliott was always sort of a B rider

  • Trent Rez
    Trent Rez 3 years ago

    My winner, exacta and trifecta finished 2-3-4 behind Smarty. Damn i was praying he cut someone off. I hated Smarty ever since 

  • Brooke Davis
    Brooke Davis 3 years ago +6

    I'm from Philly and was at all three of his TC races. The ride of a lifetime. He's still my fave.

  • Matthew Holden
    Matthew Holden 3 years ago

    Imperialism goes from dead last to 3rd on the final stretch ... Smarty Jones was lucky this race wasn't 100m longer!

  • chris brodie
    chris brodie 4 years ago

    Way 2 go Smarty Go! Thankyou Mr C. Hellofa Horse!

  • UnionRags123
    UnionRags123 4 years ago


  • Shawn N
    Shawn N 4 years ago

    I noticed that fans of a particular horse always seem to blame the jockey for any loss.

    Just a peculiar trend there.

    Smarty Jones was a great champ and would have been a deserving Triple Crown winner. But he was too excited to finish it out and got ran down. No one's fault.

  • Nate D
    Nate D 4 years ago

    Your facts are wrong. If you watch the Derby and the Preakness, Birdstone was gaining on Smarty Jones at the end of each of those races. The differences was the amount of horses in the races.The Belmont had 8 horses. Also, in the Belmont Smarty Jones started off with an uncharacteristic lead, and due to the race being longer than the Derby and Preakness, and less horses being in the races, Birdstone caught him. Jockey error caused this loss. Anyone who understands horse racing knows this is fact

    • s s
      s s 3 months ago

      I don't think Birdstone gained on anyone in the 2004 Preakness because the owner had him sit out and rest, so he would be completely rested for the Belmont.

    • s s
      s s 3 months ago


  • FrnkEzee
    FrnkEzee 4 years ago

    9 Years ago today! Long Live Smarty!!

    MORGSTER JR 4 years ago

    I was born 28 days after dis! :D

  • kolleonidas
    kolleonidas 4 years ago

    I love Smarty. I was at the Preakness, and he was truly in Awesome form. The Belmont broke my heart, but hey, he just got caught. I would've loved to see Zenyatta take her hand at that monster though.

    Who can beat the call by Durken here..."Lion Heart is ALL HEART! SMARTY JONES IS ALL OUT!!" Timeless line.

  • kiz215
    kiz215 4 years ago

    amazing race when i saw smarty jones race in his maiden i knew he was sepical

  • Maddi Penson
    Maddi Penson 4 years ago

    Smarty Jones is my favorite race horse ^.^

  • Abraham Rico
    Abraham Rico 4 years ago

    What this video it will changeyourlife

  • wizpopr
    wizpopr 4 years ago

    No. He wasn't robbed. Watch closer. The jockey did not ask him to run. He had a tight grip on the reigns. When he did ask Smarty to run, there was nothing in the tank. He was the speed horse that everyone thought Secretariat was. He just couldn't handle the Belmont. I've had horses run there. That last quarter mile is brutal. Smarty ran one heck of a race though.

  • jay lava
    jay lava 4 years ago

    ohhh god dont these people ever give up, theyre treated like a part of the family.

  • zenyattas fan
    zenyattas fan 5 years ago

    corey nokatonie and mike smith... awsome jocks!

  • TheFashionlover4ever
    TheFashionlover4ever 5 years ago

    You guys are gonna think I'm nuts but the defeat of Smarty Jones was not surprising. Turns out both he and Birdstone were both descended from the same stallion so you could kind of call them cousins.

  • taylor cooke
    taylor cooke 5 years ago

    Smarty Jones was robbed of the triple crown

  • romanesq
    romanesq 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday to SmartyJones!

  • rick kerzic
    rick kerzic 5 years ago

    @eagles01211 im a charasmatic guy!! i think he wins the trip.. if not for the belmont.. an running a half mile on 3 legs.... but id say cigar is the 3rd best ever!!!!

  • rick kerzic
    rick kerzic 5 years ago

    @mrknuklez i would say charasmatic. was there 2.. won the 1st 2.. an ran half a mile on 3 legs.. if he didnt break his leg, in belmont.. charasmatic.. would have won!! easy!! half a mile on 3 legs was to much.. for him

  • Summer
    Summer 5 years ago

    My favorite race horse... ever.

  • Ariana Herndon
    Ariana Herndon 5 years ago

    @joshun28 Yes but still those horses are RETIERED. They looked fast so they were tryed out. I do have to admit though, since horses are herd animals they will push themselves to the limit to keep up with the "herd". Some horses even run till their heart bursts. But that just proves how much will power ALL horses have.

  • Ariana Herndon
    Ariana Herndon 5 years ago

    @joshun28 No but race horses are bred to run and they love to do it. I have a race horse and you can tell she just loves it.

  • Ariana Herndon
    Ariana Herndon 5 years ago

    @vanityfudge38 What? You think horse racing is slavery? All race horses have on their mind is to RUN and beat all the other horses. To be the best. the fastest.

  • eagles01211
    eagles01211 5 years ago

    @ItStartedAtUs...you mention man o war has a should have been but truth is man o war was the BEST horse to ever race so he was better than every horse even those who accomplished the triple crown goal.

  • Andie Biancone
    Andie Biancone 5 years ago


  • samuel warwick
    samuel warwick 5 years ago

    end horse slavery

  • Phills69
    Phills69 6 years ago +1

    We need another powerhouse Philadelphia horse! I got mad love for Smarty!

  • an08p
    an08p 6 years ago

    @ewd76 i know a horse back in 1996 who had only 1 eyes( birth defect)... he went undefeated over 1365 metres till 2200 metres over 9 races until the biggest race which is called the blue ribbon over 2400 m where he came 2nd because of being too far back and the final straight is only 225 metres + carrying 58 kg.. his name was 'the turbo'. horses just obey orders.. not looking at the crowd or wearing earplugs is an advantage of not getting distracted..

  • latinostallion94
    latinostallion94 6 years ago

    @BigBrown2332 Thats how Pollards Vision got his name

  • ewd76
    ewd76 6 years ago

    In what way is racing a half blind horse a good idea?

  • Henry Goodfriend
    Henry Goodfriend 6 years ago

    Uh, I guess I forgot about Forego, he belongs in there among the best not to get the TC.

  • Henry Goodfriend
    Henry Goodfriend 6 years ago

    Alydar, as any real horse fan knows, battled Affirmed and finished just behind him in all three races, with times that would have won the Triple Crown in almost any year. Best rivalry ever in sports.

  • Henry Goodfriend
    Henry Goodfriend 6 years ago

    But, as for best horse not to win the triple crown, I would put Smarty in a little behind Alydar, Spectacular Bid, and those three ahead of Sham. Sham was a great horse, but its hard to put him up there with those three when he finished so far out of the Belmont. And Sham didn't race after that, where the Bid went on to be what 28 out of 32 lifetime?

  • Henry Goodfriend
    Henry Goodfriend 6 years ago

    But I also have a place in my heart for the great Lionheart, he was a heck of a runner with breathtaking speed. I LOVED his Haskell win over Rock Hard Ten! If Smarty isn't there at Churchill, Lionheart wins that day by open lengths.

  • Henry Goodfriend
    Henry Goodfriend 6 years ago

    A lot of good comments here. I was with Smarty Jones all the way, and as a sports fan, it broke mey heart when he just missed in the Belmont, but he gave it his all, and only got bested by one length by one horse for his career. He always showed up and alwyas ran like a champion, thus he is a champion.

  • bigleaguersstar347
    bigleaguersstar347 6 years ago

    I remember watchin Smarty Jones as a 5 year old.....he was my fave! <3ed him!

  • DartsRme312
    DartsRme312 6 years ago

    castledale was a JOKE....ran the SLOWEST EVER SANTA ANITA DERBY...

  • nvrlose37
    nvrlose37 6 years ago

    @Ilovelimo9 You're Patrick Biancone's son or daughter? That's a little hard to believe but he definitely was a great horse, saw him at the Haskell that year, he owned Rock Hard Ten.

  • DartsRme312
    DartsRme312 6 years ago

    @maxcath after the belmont stakes...i was interviewed by a local news station i still had the tears in my eyes....from him losing...it was such a shame.

  • Jayne Mansfield
    Jayne Mansfield 7 years ago

    @MuttsLuver EVERYBODY loved Smarty , me included!!! Geez I wanted him to win so bad.

  • Joe Federico
    Joe Federico 7 years ago

    He took this race from the auxiliary gate and proved his race worthiness in both the Preakness and Belmont as well. Admittedly, I don't think it was a great crop of 3 year olds but Smarty stood out and really created a surge of attention to horse racing. Small town horse, trainer and jockey and they win the most prestigious race in the country. Who wouldn't be rooting for him to sweep the TC even if you bet against him?

  • Matt Embury
    Matt Embury 7 years ago

    Really wanted Imperialism to win for Kristin Mulhall...wish she'd get back to training horses.

  • Jayne Mansfield
    Jayne Mansfield 7 years ago

    Smarty was like Barbaro, War Emblem, Street Cents, etc. I sure wish they'd have won. Oh well, may this spring/summer we'll have a new TC winner. I wish Smarty all the best that life holds for him.

  • toolbox71
    toolbox71 7 years ago

    smarty was all heart

  • freddyblu22
    freddyblu22 7 years ago

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  • stephen k
    stephen k 8 years ago

    He showed a lot of heart in the stretch. But, Smarty Jones was just too much. I love smallish horses like Jones and Afleet Alex. They always have big heart, good stamina and supreme turn of foot.

  • BigBrown2332
    BigBrown2332 8 years ago

    its funny red pollard was blind in the right eye

  • Sportsguy574
    Sportsguy574 8 years ago

    Lionheart ran one hell of a race...wow.

  • Jayne Mansfield
    Jayne Mansfield 8 years ago

    The only horses I didn't like this decade were Giacamo and Mine that Bird. The other horses were great.

  • BoldValiant
    BoldValiant 8 years ago

    Ridiculous statement

  • DarkTiger1991
    DarkTiger1991 8 years ago

    I'm sorry to say, but I was glad Smarty lost the Belmont that year. Not that I had anything against the horse, but I just didn't see him as being as worthy of the Crown as the other 11 winners.

  • KLS
    KLS 8 years ago

    they named the horse 'imperialism'? or am i not hearing it right? rofl. (:

  • CmAn1296
    CmAn1296 8 years ago


  • cdi456
    cdi456 8 years ago

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  • EvasiveLeAnn
    EvasiveLeAnn 8 years ago

    True that, fuck Birdstone...

  • NicktheUnfriendlyGhost

    Smarty Jones was a damn good horse. He should have won the triple crown.

  • Dreadnautxx
    Dreadnautxx 8 years ago

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  • eliezerberry
    eliezerberry 8 years ago

    Smarty Jones is one of my all-time favorite horses. In my mind Smarty Jones is one of the greats and as good as a Triple Crown winner in my eyes.

  • bbf12345
    bbf12345 8 years ago

    i was heartbroken when he lost the belmont and in disbelief when he lost horse of the year.

  • ghostxxxrebirth
    ghostxxxrebirth 8 years ago

    SMARTY JONES! i cried when he lost belmont.

  • jellybabywill
    jellybabywill 8 years ago

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    RigsbyUK 8 years ago

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  • Morgan Kennedy
    Morgan Kennedy 8 years ago

    Smarty Jones is amazing :)

  • Stephen Alicknovic
    Stephen Alicknovic 8 years ago

    Smarty Jones Is The Man, Err Thoroughbred!

  • BE109
    BE109 9 years ago

    Smarty Jones has had his 1st winner the U.S. His name is Keefer ,he won a maiden special at Monmouth,going 5F in 58 flat. I hope this the 1st of many.

  • lengua92
    lengua92 9 years ago

    he's by far the best horse i´ve ever seen
    i wish he would have run the breeders

  • czvo
    czvo 9 years ago

    Smarty is still the best horse I have ever seen. Its a shame he couldnt finish the job in the Belmont

  • Shep Mallya
    Shep Mallya 9 years ago

    I will admit that this gave me chills. LION HEART IS ALL HEART, SMARTY JONES IS ALL OUT!

  • Shep Mallya
    Shep Mallya 9 years ago

    I vehemently disagree. I don't think we saw the best of Barbaro. Of the recent winners of the Derby I thought he was the best. I was probably the only one who was glad Smarty came short in the Belmont.

  • txguy4u2001
    txguy4u2001 9 years ago

    the jockey should have held him up some and he would have won the triple crown, instead he let him go to soon and he tired right at the end

  • kolleonidas
    kolleonidas 9 years ago

    He sure is! I love this call..."And these two hook up at the top of the stretch! Lion Heart is ALL HEART! Smarty Jones is ALL OUT!"

  • Rhonda Pettyjohn
    Rhonda Pettyjohn 9 years ago

    Seattle Slew grew up at the farm my uncle works at:D

  • Rhonda Pettyjohn
    Rhonda Pettyjohn 9 years ago

    hum i remember smarty jones.

  • BE109
    BE109 9 years ago

    6furlongs into 1:12 and a mile in 1;37(or 1:36) birdstone would have missed the train. He cooked Eddington and Rock Hard Ten,and would have won by 8 or 9 lengths,think about that for a minute. The time would have been 2:27 and change! Oh well it didn't happen,but that doesn't diminish what this horse accomplished. He could run on any track,any condition,and he was genuine,and he had amazing tactical speed. Watch him near the 1/2 mile pole as he spurted after Lion Heart. It is pure poetry!!!!

  • BE109
    BE109 9 years ago

    I honestly think in my opinion of course that Smarty Jones was the most brilliant(meaning talented) horse I've seen with my own eyes. This dude should have won the Triple Crown,as much as I like J Bailey,I think they purposly sabotaged Smarty in the Belmont. Sure he should have relaxed more for Elliot,but he was really sharp for this race and they took advantage of it. He went 8 furlongs in 1:35 2/5,and still almost got it done. The race fell right into Birdstone's lap. If they would have run,

  • pellebravesskylar
    pellebravesskylar 9 years ago

    Damn you, Nick Zito! Birdstone finished poorly in the Derby and Zito wisely chose to have him skip the Preakness where Smarty Jones demolished the field. Birdstone ended up nipping Smarty in the Belmont, denying him the triple crown. Had Birdstone run in all 3 races, I am quite sure we wouldn't have the 30 year drought of TC winners we have today. Maybe they should require all horses to run all three races!

  • vidEvWill
    vidEvWill 9 years ago

    It sure was a wet Kentucky derby on this day.

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