Scared People Play Friday The 13th: The Game

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  • Aliyah Said
    Aliyah Said 18 minutes ago

    The video was up there not here!!

  • Give me music Recommendations

    her:Today is the day I quit being a scardy cat I am Darklordsparkles!
    *sudden dark music *
    her:AAahhh......ok the music got me
    me: dead😂

  • Ela Pelit
    Ela Pelit 7 hours ago +1

    great now i cant sleep thx buzzfeed

  • Mystic115
    Mystic115 14 hours ago

    Oh mvm it's a buzzfeed video

  • Daryl Ames
    Daryl Ames 19 hours ago

    The girl was so cute playing this game is like the best omg 💛 )the Cheetos girl )

  • Jurassicboss 2007
    Jurassicboss 2007 22 hours ago

    Regular people: this is pretty scary

    Me:omg its h20 delirious

  • Plushiehorder
    Plushiehorder Day ago

    I used to be like really scared of horror movies but like I watched 1 movie and was immediately hooked on the horror genre

  • Chlorox Bleach
    Chlorox Bleach 2 days ago

    "And I will slAhH

  • Mega Charizard
    Mega Charizard 3 days ago

    "Oh! I'm an attractive girl!"

  • maleekangjungie.
    maleekangjungie. 3 days ago

    Lmao is this like Dead by Daylight except you can fight back

  • LunixLunar
    LunixLunar 4 days ago

    Yes I love this game

  • Lutfi Hadi
    Lutfi Hadi 4 days ago

    When the game discourages you to run because Jason can hear it. All Of The Gamers:RUN.RUN.THERE'S NOTHING SO I JUST RUN!

  • Wifelirious ;D
    Wifelirious ;D 4 days ago

    Who else thinks that Buzzfeed should make a gaming channel..?

  • bree alvarez
    bree alvarez 5 days ago

    keith should have his own little series of him playing requested horror video games !

  • kylie Love
    kylie Love 6 days ago

    Trying to be like the React Family?

  • gracie cazares
    gracie cazares 6 days ago

    I love it when the game starts and Chad turns around 1:20

  • Cyborg2waffles
    Cyborg2waffles 8 days ago

    Is the gm really that bad for some people. My 12 year old cousin plays this and she doesn't make a peep. It's a gm not real life chill.

  • Lui _thethird
    Lui _thethird 9 days ago

    There horrible at the game

  • Sam Chesters
    Sam Chesters 10 days ago

    Low Key thought that was Grant from collegehumour

  • Jadzia Cole
    Jadzia Cole 10 days ago

    Keith is the best

  • クアン ミリ– ナ

    When you're looking for Ryan but don't see him.

  • Sarah Burns
    Sarah Burns 14 days ago

    Is it bad that I wanted them to die the whole time?

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 14 days ago

    The Game is not scary at all I also dislike horror movie but this game is not scary

  • Blazin Grape
    Blazin Grape 15 days ago

    This was very painful to watch

  • Blazin Grape
    Blazin Grape 15 days ago

    This was very painful to watch

  • thomas payne
    thomas payne 15 days ago

    the cringe

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 15 days ago

    have fun with cry of fear

  • Giselle Sandoval
    Giselle Sandoval 15 days ago

    "See you later piece of wood, I got a superior piece of wood!"

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 15 days ago

    Keith is so funny commenting on his gameplay

  • MyLife
    MyLife 16 days ago +1

    I'm like them and yet I don't get scared by this game

  • DED S3C
    DED S3C 16 days ago

    3:28 she kinda looks like Hannah baker

  • Zeawesomepug
    Zeawesomepug 17 days ago

    Everyone: JASON'S COMING!

    Ned: Oh wow, my character's face is so detailed..

  • Yuh
    Yuh 17 days ago

    Keith is the best person ever in buzzfeed

  • Kristi McCaffrey
    Kristi McCaffrey 18 days ago

    "Not today...not today..."


  • Celeste Friend
    Celeste Friend 18 days ago

    Whe Keith survived I was screaming "KEITH!!! YASSSS!!!! YESSSSSS!! YOU DID IT!! KEITH YOUR AMAZING!!" Why was I more excited for Keith than Keith himself?

  • Sendar33
    Sendar33 18 days ago

    They should make buzz feed games

  • iLoveBritneyBITCH
    iLoveBritneyBITCH 19 days ago

    When the car left keith😂😂

  • leah
    leah 20 days ago

    i feel like keith would have a time playing until dawn

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 20 days ago

    U could of gave them tips like not to sprint and what some tools do and stuff

  • an arto
    an arto 21 day ago

    I feel bad for the ones that got the Jason's that hack and slashed

  • Andrea J. Crespo
    Andrea J. Crespo 21 day ago

    We need more playing Keith

  • Gannon Shea
    Gannon Shea 22 days ago

    Wow whoever the Jason is sucks

  • Jerod Starch
    Jerod Starch 23 days ago

    scary to you and to me

  • Michelle G. Valencia
    Michelle G. Valencia 24 days ago

    They should've given them a 5 minute controls review lol

  • Foxyfox4life Foxyfox4life

    Why I'm a watching it before I go to sleep win I am easily scared..

  • Mega Carizard
    Mega Carizard 24 days ago

    Oh God.. 😱

  • Tyler Eaton
    Tyler Eaton 25 days ago

    He looks like a gamer but he isn't, so it's even more sad.

  • Vloggin' Vlogs
    Vloggin' Vlogs 25 days ago

    I want Shane and Ryan to do an Unsolved: True Crime episode in Crystal Lake (Ikr, Fictional but I want to)

  • that one person
    that one person 26 days ago

    Jason is a left-clicker. Should've joined a new server where Jason doesn't left click to kill.

  • Bin Kok
    Bin Kok 26 days ago

    This isn't even scary u fucking morons

  • Caustic
    Caustic 26 days ago

    Kieth is like the only person who joked about Jason's breathing

  • Janglycore44
    Janglycore44 27 days ago

    I love this game and I really want to play it! But it's fun to see them play this horror game!

  • Bluetheskywolf09
    Bluetheskywolf09 27 days ago

    Voice chat is the best. XD it's not so fun watching newbie's who don't use voice chat..

  • Cole Roden
    Cole Roden 28 days ago +1

    Who else thought they were going to play the old nes version

  • Joshua Tree95
    Joshua Tree95 29 days ago

    Girl: " I did it! Oh sh*t, somebody else got killed, but it wasn't meeeee..." XD

  • BlondeBoyWonder
    BlondeBoyWonder 29 days ago

    I hate it when they just hit u to death

  • YungMoney TheGamer
    YungMoney TheGamer 29 days ago

    I hate it when people that play as Jason just hit you they don't grab you

  • Garbon Bobbotop
    Garbon Bobbotop Month ago

    I though buzzfeed hated video games

  • Daisy Lor
    Daisy Lor Month ago

    I wanna see them all play together! :D it would be funny af

  • Yousef Al Majed
    Yousef Al Majed Month ago

    but  what about five nights at freddy  ?

  • Devin Vallejo
    Devin Vallejo Month ago

    "Hopefuly they have cheetoes for me to eat"

  • Christian Rogers
    Christian Rogers Month ago

    Lol someone is looking at their face and the otheir is scared

  • Isaiah Peterson
    Isaiah Peterson Month ago

    I want this game so badly😭

  • The L Guy
    The L Guy Month ago

    This game isn't even scary

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat Month ago

    "Ooh a baseball bat!"

  • King of Gho5t5
    King of Gho5t5 Month ago

    They're playing against a horrible Jason, the type that doesn't try to kill u with his grab kills in case if u hav a pocket knife

  • A Unicorn Meow
    A Unicorn Meow Month ago

    WHerE's NED hE pRoBs WoULd of pisSeD HiMsElf

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 Month ago

    "Uhhh....I'm gonna die"

  • Ashley H.
    Ashley H. Month ago

    Keith should be in every scary video game video ever

  • THEgamingNOOB 23
    THEgamingNOOB 23 Month ago

    keith should die his hair that red color

  • THEgamingNOOB 23
    THEgamingNOOB 23 Month ago

    thats not scary

  • SoUl EaTeR gIrL
    SoUl EaTeR gIrL Month ago

    They should play Slenderman

    BIG WOOFER Month ago

    are they all playing against each other?

  • Kalel Guadalupe
    Kalel Guadalupe Month ago +1

    Da the game isn't even scary

  • Carolina fishing and outdoors

    this is not a scary game

  • Ashlyn Pfeiffer
    Ashlyn Pfeiffer Month ago +1

    You should've taught them the controls and that they have a flashlight etc

  • J Games
    J Games Month ago

    I love this game so much

  • Owen Campbell
    Owen Campbell Month ago

    She's such a scaredy cat! She got scared by a part of the intro music. and the countdown.......
    and a stumble....

  • Natalie Wilcox
    Natalie Wilcox Month ago

    Of course Keith is the smart one about all this. He grabbed weapons, set up a bear trap. Genius.

  • Jamie Quinn
    Jamie Quinn Month ago

    That girl with black hair was overreacting and pretending to be scared to try and be funny

  • Fatima DIY's
    Fatima DIY's Month ago +1

    random girl: ahhh he is coming
    keith: i got some nice eyebrows
    random girl: ahh the noise the music is getting louder, ahh
    keith: oohh, i got some nice eyes. i look beautiful

    like boiii !!

  • Anonymous Hacker Dalayneevera

    ''Oooh I'm a hot girl''

  • KingRogue
    KingRogue Month ago

    “Ooooohhhh I’m so pretty”

  • Dirtii GT
    Dirtii GT Month ago

    This game isnt really scary but its thrilling when your not jason

  • Albus Potter
    Albus Potter Month ago

    Oh god I love Keith 😂

  • Alight
    Alight Month ago

    Oh hey its the male fantasy

  • MrCrazyBro 12
    MrCrazyBro 12 Month ago +1

    #1 thing not to do when u spot a killer


  • Tom Brogan
    Tom Brogan Month ago

    Know what im scared of most in this game? Loading times!!!! DUN DUN DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bailey Spicer
    Bailey Spicer Month ago

    Maya: AH! AH!
    Keith: I got nice eyes....nice details...

  • Bailey Spicer
    Bailey Spicer Month ago

    I LOVE this game. I never have played it but I have seen a lot of videos in Youtube.

  • Loralei Flint-Newby

    You scared me


  • Lauren Sweet
    Lauren Sweet Month ago

    I think red girl head likes it

  • Sarah Nunnin
    Sarah Nunnin Month ago


  • Kristen Williams
    Kristen Williams Month ago

    keith is hilarious

  • SlothieGaming
    SlothieGaming Month ago

    How do you shoot the gun pull the tragger

  • Hipster Pokémon Trainer

    My brother has this game

  • Geo Skan
    Geo Skan Month ago

    Love these reactions but the game sucks and I want my money back!

  • Nicholas Cannon
    Nicholas Cannon Month ago

    OMG!!! whoever was playing Jason sucked!! Really he was just swinging at people never grabbed anyone, such a noob player playing jason

  • Smash Baby BOOOM
    Smash Baby BOOOM Month ago

    stop swaring

  • Clauford *_*
    Clauford *_* Month ago +1

    "I'm gonna stay in the light, I'm gonna stay in the light, but maybe he could see me so I'm gonna go down this dark path"

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