Kurtz: When damage control enhances the damage

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  • Gorge Taylor
    Gorge Taylor 1 day ago

    Fox is #1 REAL NEWS for real MENS!!!Trump Trump TRUMP100% Trump Grade A Prime Cut BeefLil mgtow cakes beat their meat over him! Ha! I love it!

  • Captain Q
    Captain Q 2 days ago

    Trump supporters are so dumb. They think everything Russia related was a ploy by the DNC, sad. Don't realize they have been brainwashed by Russian propaganda.

  • Biruk Tola
    Biruk Tola 3 days ago

    Ivanka is a daughter of trump on CNN and trump supporters on comments fake news what a bunch of deplorable people.the most idiot generation in human life.

  • Dead Planet
    Dead Planet 3 days ago

    Kurtz - Why hasn't Trump Jr and Kushner been arrested for CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A CRIME??

  • 8th_chariotrider_of_888,888

    Oh, whatever, sir! What really needs to be the focus is THE DAMAGERS (i.e. Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was obviously contracted by the Obama administration, former AG Loretta Lynch herself having been discovered the one who got the Russian Veselnitskaya's visa situation fixed by "extraordinary circumstances" efforts; the DNC & its members in the Congress & in the Senate; the undeniably corrupted so-called "news" media; et al), not THE VICTIMS OF DAMAGE ATTEMPTS (i.e. Mr. Donald J. Trump, the duly president, of the U.S.A.)! This is "THE FACT"!

  • good men r
    good men r 3 days ago

    trump is in the white house because of russian oresident

  • Drum Trump
    Drum Trump 3 days ago

    Fox need to work with the truth and stop trying to cover up.

  • kpaddack2
    kpaddack2 3 days ago

    The trouble is with DAMAGE CONTROl? How about with just TELLING THE TRUTH?!? Worst. Administration. Ever.

  • Shay Houk
    Shay Houk 3 days ago


  • Ash n
    Ash n 3 days ago

    Particularly when everybody including media, Dems, never-Trumpers are there to get you one has to be very careful and NOT very casual about it. Why can't these Trumps associates talk to media through lawyers in one voice. Did Donald Jr. consult lawyers before publishing his emails? I think he should have consulted and took legal advice on whole matter instead of going to Sean Hannity and not disclosing everything. All people in Trump administration, including Pres. Trump and his family, are suffering from self inflicted wounds.

  • iofwd
    iofwd 3 days ago

    Yeah, the damage control is much worse than the damage. I think the viciousness of the media is affecting the Trump administration's ability to function like... adults. That's the only way I can explain this level of retardedness.

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T 3 days ago

    I'm telling right now? That scum bag judge Napolitano, and the deep state queers are setting up Trump by trying to get Trump impeached. That scam bag Judge Napolitano said Don Jr  can't get information on Hillary. He's damn liar with other experts in the law. Scumbags. Fox News tell your scum bad the deep state queers? We are on to them by deceiving the American people.

  • Marvin Minney
    Marvin Minney 3 days ago

    I just smile at how many people on these threads probably never even watched news channels and most likely had no thought left or right concerning them. now 45 comes in and has been shooting people all up and down 5th avenue, says 'fake news' one time, and now EVERY channel that does the news, except fox of course, is that fake news. If nothing else, as stupid 45 is, he does well with being able to con - of course however, those being conned lack in doing real research.......

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 3 days ago

    As she does not speak English, he was the interpreter. Shocking.
    If Russia goal was to screw up America, their helpers are the MSM.

  • Mike West
    Mike West 3 days ago

    "When damage control enhances the damage" LoL! The title got me to watch this. Great. LoL!

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 3 days ago

    Take off your horse blinders, Trump goons.

  • Camer Pikin
    Camer Pikin 3 days ago

    Burn baby BURN! They are all LIARS. Trump is a pathological LIAR

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 3 days ago

    Trump is a fake president.

  • MrJoeyBoombotz
    MrJoeyBoombotz 3 days ago

    So is a Russian American still a Russian? That sounds very bigoted and hateful to me. Don Jr. doesn't act or sound like a bigot. If he is Russian American he isn't a Russian.

  • christian almli
    christian almli 3 days ago

    Oh, look. Even FOX News is waking up and surprise surprise, the traitor supporting Pravda brigade that is Trump's supporters cry "fake news" on them as well. This is how the far Right will slowly decay and rot into nothingness, and I am enjoying every second of it.

    • christian almli
      christian almli 3 days ago

      Of course not. I always look at the sources they cite and make a judgement for myself.

    • Hoops590
      Hoops590 3 days ago

      So you believe the mainstream media??

  • Christien Scheepers

    Senior should drag Junior in front of the cameras and slap the crap out of him.....end of story. NEW story.......Trump is a child abuser, big change from RUSSIA!

  • rick grimes
    rick grimes 3 days ago

    Soon as someone breaks a law, let me know. I know Hillary has broke a lot of laws but seems like Trump has given her a pass....not a good move by Trump. No Hillary brought to Justice, No vote.

  • Jorge Ituarte
    Jorge Ituarte 3 days ago

    In what respect Kurtz? President Trump's support is in tact. In fact, IN REALITY, it is stronger because this mafia style theater, by anyone with an IQ over 60, is being perceived BY EVERYONE as a contrived attempt at a soft coup and all it is serving to do is seriously piss off 51% Americans. The President's Tweets vs innocent people being shot at softball game? Kurtz you are, like the rest of you in The Media, living on another planet. In the real world people were watching The President and First Lady in France at The Bastille celebrations and you people were talking to yourselves like a bunch loons working for Pravda.

  • Trixiegirl88
    Trixiegirl88 3 days ago

    OMG, was there a fly on the wall? He didn't tell about the fly!!! How could he not talk about the fly!! YOU are turning it in to a story!! At this point, I don't care if Putin was against the wall with the fly. Just shut the hell up about it!

  • Jeff Harmed
    Jeff Harmed 3 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. Why not turn a 2 day story into a 2 month story if its fake in the first place?

  • afringedweller
    afringedweller 3 days ago

    FOX News turning into CNN, what a shame.

  • Ethan Cousin
    Ethan Cousin 3 days ago

    how does it feel that pewdipe has more subs than an actual news channel you can find om tv

  • John McSween
    John McSween 3 days ago

    Imagine if everyone stfu for a whole day... aaaah, that would be great.

    • John McSween
      John McSween 2 days ago

      afringedweller The internet tends to follow me lol. I'm referring more to the press. All of them are extremely annoying.

      But I could use a break.

    • afringedweller
      afringedweller 3 days ago

      John McSween - When you feel like that, just take a day or two off from the internet - or at least stop reading readers comments, lol.

    COLIN FARRELL 3 days ago

    technically he didn't break the law but Jr thought it was a Russian government lawyer willing to give him dirt on Clinton and he was willing to meet so it shows that he was willing to break the law

      COLIN FARRELL 3 days ago

      Banish All I agree but it shows that they were willing to collude with a foreign government so they are now trusted less

    • Banish All
      Banish All 3 days ago

      COLIN FARRELL still not a crime I would probably do the same thing if I had the chance

  • steven caskey
    steven caskey 3 days ago

    Where is your evidence he was an officer? I understand you idiots never spent a day in the military but he says he was a 2 year conscript at the age of 18 which means he was a low ranking enlisted man probably armed with a typewriter performing mundane tasks.

  • caroyln ankrum
    caroyln ankrum 3 days ago

    The Russians were connected to the DNC and Hilary Clinton's campaign working for Fusion GPS and Hilary was working with the Government of the Ukraine!

  • Jack Dan
    Jack Dan 3 days ago

    if i wanted to watch cnn. id watch kurtz

  • Tam R
    Tam R 3 days ago

    Breaking News: Unnamed sources have just released testimony and transcripts stating how many sheets of a$$ wipe paper Donald jr used that day. Wow, no matter where all this crap is getting reported at They all act like overpaid spastic little crackwhores

  • Joe Scoggins
    Joe Scoggins 3 days ago

    My, my! You have twisted yourself into multiple knots trying to make that "meeting" sound ominous and to defend, or at lend credibility, to NBC's reporting. You are not even smart enough to know when you're being played. Your mindset is such that you can't imagine things could be different from your smug perception. Plus you, seemingly deliberately, leave out important details. That's good reporting and opining...NOT.

  • Francesco
    Francesco 3 days ago

    SImple question for all Trump supporters: if there is no story and everything was legal, why did they need to lie and hide everything for months and keep lying even after it was discovered?

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 13 hours ago

      Still no evidence!...hhmmm?

    • Super Duper
      Super Duper 3 days ago

      Francesco They're blind followers.

    • Black Terry
      Black Terry 3 days ago

      They wren't hiding it, as Killary would say it was a big nothing burger, why bring it up?  lol

    • Francesco
      Francesco 3 days ago

      I see that most answer are still "but Hillary....!"
      that's not an answer guys, i made a simple question, try to give an answer related to it: why keep hiding this "totally legal" meeting for over a year?
      When Hillary (i'll bring her up so you are happy) hide her meeting you weren't so happy.

    • sih1688
      sih1688 3 days ago

      If Trump and Jr has broke the law,  don't tell me all the liberal democrat lawmakers and liberal medias are so dumb and stupid not able to put Trump Jr behind bar, but only can talks shit after shit but  not ablre to legal action.

  • JimsMetalSalvage
    JimsMetalSalvage 3 days ago

    Did Trump Jr. see the other fuckers there? Did anyone else? I can see where a russian spy might have had the same room, but unless I hear that everyone saw them all, you all might want to consider that either they were gone, or hiding under the bed.

    Spies? They don't like to be seen. Try to remember that. And Kurtz, the Cunt News Network been calling for you, I guess you got hired.

  • ladytess57
    ladytess57 3 days ago

    FOX NEWS is slowly changing to be like the rest of msm. Mr. Ailes is dead so no one to guide the "SHIP" any longer.

    • Very Fake News CNN
      Very Fake News CNN 3 days ago

      What truth? How about digging how these people happen to be in US like there is no Russian lawyer who could handle the case after she was refused visa and how did the guy, who is not Russian, dimwits but Azeri--a muslim, got US citizenship if he was ex KGB?

    • Alex Santos
      Alex Santos 3 days ago

      ladytess57 right wing snowflake can not handle the truth

  • ladytess57
    ladytess57 3 days ago

    CAN ANYONE SEE THROUGH THE FOG but me? This is a DNC & NWO setup by a groups that is willing to do ANYTHING to usurp the President. No Trumps not perfect BUT these groups don't want him in office. He's not one of the Illuminati pledge to Baal filth.

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 14 hours ago

      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns and your facts are???

    • Who dat it lil kimmie big uns
      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns 1 day ago

      Super Duper, Trump has NO COMMON DECENCY
      He racist sexist bugger! He's a traitor n in bed with Russia and Putin.

    • Who dat it lil kimmie big uns
      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns 1 day ago

      Trumps are the shittiest potus n criminal family Ever! America hates the orange koolaid drinking bastards!!!

    • Super Duper
      Super Duper 3 days ago

      ladytess57 No ones looking for perfection, we want common decency.

    • CptCanada
      CptCanada 3 days ago

      +ladytess57 You're calling the Trumps stupid and incompetent, is that any better?

  • Lars Magnus Samuelsson Svenssonsenn Magnussvensamuelsson Thor

    *Hang the Trump Crime Family.*

    • wiseass 5000
      wiseass 5000 3 days ago

      Josh: idiot

    • Josh
      Josh 3 days ago

      Lars Magnus Samuelsson Svenssonsenn Magnussvensamuelsson Thor no the only person need hanging is a fake faggot like you

  • America's Worst Dictator

    The dislikes are delicious. Glad no one is buying the bullshit fox spreads for their orange master. Bigger fakenews than CNN. True trust worthy media would stop supporting Trump by now after he invaded Syria. Not just continuing asskissing like Fox and Alex potato head Jones does

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 14 hours ago

      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns YOU ARE A RETARD! this is an adult forum, for inteligent folks, please excuse yourself, dimwit!

    • Who dat it lil kimmie big uns
      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns 1 day ago

      Trump might as well kill himself
      He's really failed now

    • Who dat it lil kimmie big uns
      Who dat it lil kimmie big uns 1 day ago

      Trump sucks Putin's dick

    • Very Fake News CNN
      Very Fake News CNN 3 days ago

      Fucking idiot, it was Obozo and Shitlery who deposed Qadaffi and tried to remove Assad. If not for fucking Obozo, there would not be a humanitarian and world level disaster in Syria.

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 3 days ago

      Super Duper eewww you sure burned us!...what are you 6 yrs old?

  • John O'Connell
    John O'Connell 3 days ago

    Fuck off deep state puppet

  • Testigos testigo de Jehová.

    That is how the media makes money

    • wiseass 5000
      wiseass 5000 3 days ago

      Testigos testigo de Jehová. Yeah, well at least it's not coming from ru$$ia

  • Larry Guess
    Larry Guess 3 days ago

    Get rid of this ignorant airhead!

  • Michele La Monica
    Michele La Monica 3 days ago

    Notice he easily Kurtz lies by omission ... Where is the info on the DNC/Obama/Hillary/Lynch connections to this Russian Lawyer ... Send crooked Kurtz back to CNN where he came from ... Enough with the shell games ...

    • John McSween
      John McSween 2 days ago

      CptCanada Not defending Trump, but we really need to see establishment and Soros and Co. take a big fall. If you let them go and move on, where's the justice? Did you know Trudeau just gave the Clinto foundation a shitload of money?

    • Dongsheng Gu
      Dongsheng Gu 3 days ago

      HUGE damage to democRATs party, the party that set all these up, that acts like gangster parties in third world countries. Shame!

    • Super Duper
      Super Duper 3 days ago

      Michele La Monica Take of your horse blinders Trump goons.

  • Adlin Ruiz
    Adlin Ruiz 3 days ago

    There are nothing more moronic of the media TO BEING trying to convince people to change their mind when there, there is not there. We give a shit about your so call collusion, coming from 8 shit years of Obama corruption and from the DOJ, the fucking senators, and the FBI doing nothing to prosecute these criminals, we think that PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A SAINT. GET OVER OF YOUR OBSESSION TO MAKING HIM AND HIS FAMILY TO LOOK OTHERWISE. TAN, TAN

  • America's Worst Dictator

    Trump's control enhances the damage towards our nation since 62 million retards living in our country believe a racist xenophobic orange manchild dipshit with his dick up Russia and Israel's ass can handle our country regardless of the amount times he goes bankrupt what a fucking joke. Trump will ruin america. God help us

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 13 hours ago

      America's Worst Dictator no vote, no opinion, and try doing a better job editing your nonsense, so you don't look like a complete idiot!

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 13 hours ago

      America's Worst Dictator he never said Mexicans were rapists...dumbass, he said "there are rapists and criminals amongst them"...get your facts right, moron!

    • charles Williams
      charles Williams 13 hours ago

      America's Worst Dictator Canada's leader is a discrace to the world! awarding 10.5 million to s terrorist who killed and injured 5 Americans.....Traitor!

    • afringedweller
      afringedweller 3 days ago

      America's Worst Dictator - you're the joke, if you think calling people "peasants" is some kind of an insult.

    • John McSween
      John McSween 3 days ago

      America's Worst Dictator He's not really that orange anymore.

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