MILO At University Of New Mexico: America Deserves Borders (FULL TALK)

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  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson Hour ago

    BTW why are you censored at 56:30? An also on many other occasion which I thought was a problem with my speakers

  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson 2 hours ago

    We need more people like Milo Yiannopoulos not just in America, but all over the world. Not in radical islamic countries though, they deserve what they themselves are doing to their nations.

  • Think4yourself
    Think4yourself 4 days ago

    Lets move to another cooler alternative video player. It will be considered cool cause it will be antitube and that what we need to call it for young people to want to go to it.

  • Sven ten Cate
    Sven ten Cate 5 days ago

    49min. many in the ghetto do crime. that's not new. It begain with the wild west outlaws. the italian, iris and mexiacan mafia black gorilla family, arian brotherhood. and all the gangs they have running around outthere. you foccus on the Amendment. u talk about that alot... but therse also a Second Amendment. What u call great Amerika i call criminals and drug addicts

  • Sven ten Cate
    Sven ten Cate 5 days ago

    44:10 till 44:42 min. no sound (???SENCUUR???)

    • Sven ten Cate
      Sven ten Cate 5 days ago

      Round 45/46 min. also (SENCUUR) and so on and so on.... You just lay the tracks so i can go on ad go on.

  • Sven ten Cate
    Sven ten Cate 5 days ago

    Amsterdam is de best city in the World, you crazyman!

    • Sven ten Cate
      Sven ten Cate 5 days ago

      Londen Sucks there you have to be a Multi-Mijonair

  • Philip Rasmussen
    Philip Rasmussen 10 days ago

    Great speech, faggot.

  • The Twisted Life
    The Twisted Life 10 days ago

    Im going to start claiming trans hyenna so that i can tackle and naw on liberals and they wont be able to be mad at me for fear of being species-ist

  • truthhurts101
    truthhurts101 17 days ago

    Well said, Milo. Love your style. There's a lot more people who support you than don't.

  • MWcrazyhorse
    MWcrazyhorse 18 days ago

    Immigrants/ illegal immigrants make up >10% of the population. OF COURSE THEY COMMIT LESS CRIME. THEY ARE LESS THAN 10% OF THE POPULATION!!!!

  • Tim Qualls
    Tim Qualls 19 days ago

    Best line: I don't think they realize this heats my pool. LMFAO

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone 24 days ago

    Wtf YouTube? Why cut the sound?

  • DG
    DG 27 days ago

    I didnt quite undresatnd the hispanics are white thing. I do know , in Mexico the mestizo indians or natives are discriminated against and have harder time getting jobs there and as a result we are the steam valve for Mexico to deal w/. the negative issues from boiling over in a civil war in Mexico.

  • davis icon
    davis icon 29 days ago

    missing audio? why? loved 95% of this thanks so much! the other %5 its ok to disagree.

  • SupaNoEbolaChola Garcia

    Who da fuck is did guy? I'm only looking cause of Rucka Ali"s parody

  • Rene cobain
    Rene cobain Month ago

    you're savage milo <3

  • Raven Moriarty
    Raven Moriarty Month ago

    I love his hat.

  • Sedzen
    Sedzen Month ago

    I don't agree with the hijab comment, but you're awesome anyway, and they were just there to be disruptive so I don't really blame you. Love you Milo and thank you.
    Also I love Ben, but would love to see a debate.

  • Rihanna Hall
    Rihanna Hall Month ago

    milo's best speech on his dangerous faggot tour. wish he would do these college talks again. thank you milo for speaking the truth!!

  • Maria Palumbo
    Maria Palumbo Month ago

    Milo, U R making a huge mistake in saying that "Hispanics" belong in the same category of Spaniards because they're essentially the same race. Not so. Hispanics are descended from Central & Southamericans , whereas Spaniards ARE caucasians, namely, white. We're dealing with 2 distinct races.

    • Maria Palumbo
      Maria Palumbo Month ago

      +Levis. H I'm an American born in Argentina & every form I've ever had to sign at Hospitals, Dentists, etc. always Hispanics refers to race & not cultural heritage. So do Politicians & Media speak of such terms. Hispanics are descended from the original indians that lived in Latin America, some mixed with Spaniards. We, Argentinians, as you well pointed out, are mostly of European descent so we are Caucasian, which is a different race. Geographical location is another & cultural heritage yet another. But I also should point out that Argentinians have a totally different cultural heritage from the other Latin American countries because, even though the Spaniards did make a mark on them, the majority of indigenous population preserves their culture. Here in America I've seen that first hand and the difference is quite shocking. For the most part, they're uneducated people with lower moral standards, no love for the arts & an extremely limited & basic culinary spectrum. In Argentina, even poor people with no access to an education, educate themselves through books, T.V. Documentaries & cultural programs, etc. My grandparents are an example of that. As a child & teenager, even though we were of poor means, my family always managed to take me to see Ballet, Concerts, etc. We have a lot of FREE such cultural events. The average Hispanic has no interest for such things. Euro-descendientes like Argentinian do not share a common culture with the Hispanics either but, basically, it's just the Language. This is why I felt the need to make that distinction. And I'll let you in on a secret: it's not that there werent indians in Argentina but we killed them all & brought them to near extinction, just like the U.S. Ok, dear, happy to have a free exchange of ideas with you without anybody policing what we said, lol. Milo and free speech for all!

    • Levis. H
      Levis. H Month ago

      Maria Palumbo mehhh, not really.
      the hispanics and latinos just speak Spanish and Portugese and still have Spanish and Portugese heritage.

      when the Spanish and Portugese colonized Latin America, the majority of native Mayans, Aztecs and the natives died because of smallpox.

      and yeah, I know the Spanish and Portugese mixed with the natives and blacks also. they are mixed race but not all of them. Brazil is still 50% white.

      Argentina is 95% white for example because they didn't have slaves brought in from Africa or natives to fight with.
      the majority of Argentinians are descendents of European Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc.

      Shakira is still white even tho she is Colombian. she is a white "hispanic". I would rather call her just a Colombian white woman that talks Spanish and has Spanish heritage. and of course, Colombia isn't just white but what I want to say basically is the fact that "hispanic" or "latino" is nothing more that language and heritage depending on which Latin American country we are looking for.
      hispanics are not a race.

  • Jared Mannarino
    Jared Mannarino Month ago

    I adore this man

  • Steels Gaming
    Steels Gaming Month ago

    man u are a very very smart man

  • Anfooey Fooey
    Anfooey Fooey Month ago

    Is that heckler Linda Sarsour or not?

  • AtticWizard
    AtticWizard Month ago

    Let the man talk! This is America and we have free speech.

  • the troubled one
    the troubled one Month ago +1

    i wish milo would retearn ind do a tour in british unies and collages (hopefully newcastle) we need him to fix briton

  • Wade Davis
    Wade Davis Month ago

    I can't lie "USA" chants are cringy as fuck.

  • Joshua Tolaini
    Joshua Tolaini Month ago

    I wish i knew what that woman was saying.

  • Joe O'Colit
    Joe O'Colit Month ago

    97% of 4% of the scientists polled on the topic of climate change, agree that it's real.

  • Joe O'Colit
    Joe O'Colit Month ago

    The only reason to come to another country and attempt to turn it into the one they left, is as conquerors.

  • John Whitman
    John Whitman Month ago

    It's my lord and savior milo

  • Principal4
    Principal4 Month ago

    watching Milo just for outfit inspirations

  • Eric Wells
    Eric Wells Month ago

  • Trance State
    Trance State Month ago +1

    Excellent, an uncharacteristically serious and well informed lecture. Islam is a planetary infection, climate change is a joke.

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  • iyan bellinger
    iyan bellinger 2 months ago

    I going to college I don't know if u are allowed to come to New York but I would pay to go to ur speech big fan love the videos

    • iyan bellinger
      iyan bellinger 2 months ago

      Sorry for bad English it's pretty late here and I'm tired but would love to see you talk at a college in New York

  • Paul D
    Paul D 2 months ago

    My favorite fagot.

  • Fraulein Madeleine
    Fraulein Madeleine 2 months ago

    fantastic answer about the flag burning question

  • nicholas thrower
    nicholas thrower 2 months ago

    Ive been binge watching this fellow, I love his intellectual approach to things, he kind of lost me on climate change but 9/10 isnt bad.

  • priscillascruffy
    priscillascruffy 2 months ago

    7:29 had me shook, all my life I've been told I'm not white and that Hispanic was its own race

  • Cory Thatcher
    Cory Thatcher 2 months ago

    How did he get such a big can of whoop-ass through customs?

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 2 months ago

    Is that vest he's wearing real so he isn't shot or just a fashion thing?

  • Mad Rose
    Mad Rose 2 months ago

    Why can't the left just look at people as people. Why can't we all just see each other as human, and that we should treat each other fairly. To not give free paces to every body other than white males (GASP, SHE ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF EVIL, STRAIGHT WHITE MALES!!!!) because, ooooh oppression, oh don't worry your special because your not white!! Pfft, please give me break. What happened to not judging someone by there skin color? Why can't we celebrate one another, not because of the genitals between there legs or the color of there skin, but because of the achievements we make as HUMANS, towards making this world a batter place?

  • John Stopman
    John Stopman 2 months ago +1

    I gave myself an overdose of MILO (watched 10+ of his lectures)! What a rush! *^_^*

  • Sarah Reid
    Sarah Reid 2 months ago


  • Albert Mora
    Albert Mora 2 months ago

    I'm Latino and I agree with Milo!!! Deport all the illegal wetbacks!!!

  • paul wright
    paul wright 2 months ago

    Great speech.

  • Tabby Roberts
    Tabby Roberts 2 months ago

    Does anyone else get moments where there is no audio?

  • Tabby Roberts
    Tabby Roberts 2 months ago

    To be honest; just listening to Milo's voice calms me.

  • ElbigboY
    ElbigboY 2 months ago

    I'm Hispanic born and raised in Houston Texas 3rd generation, My grate grandparent's  came here legally, studied American History, and all the requirement's to become citizens!! I'm all for the wall and I voted Trump and I will vote 2020, I love the guy and Milo!! I'm a process operator, I work for Exxon Mobile Beaumont Tx,  Come here legally Mutherfukers!

  • A Sinner
    A Sinner 2 months ago

    Milo is a Anti Free Speech Hypocrite who hust protested against Linda Sasour speaking at Cuny Colleges because he, and his Jewish Supremacist Zionist Communist puppet masters, don't like her opinions.

    • A Sinner
      A Sinner 2 months ago

      Milo = Paid Shill of the Terrorist Zionist Jewish Supremacist oppressive power structure. He is not trying to be genuine, but rather manipulative. He is a glib gatekeeper and propogandist for the Jewish elites.

  • Darren B
    Darren B 2 months ago

    Learn your lesson from Manchester.

  • rashid alhusan
    rashid alhusan 2 months ago

    1:23:20 "believe scientist" are you fucking slow? i agreed with pretty much everything he said up until that point. i still think hes a great guy but that one right there was pretty fucking dumb. i hope he actually improves he's knowledge basis in the future and improves further. the world needs more people like him, but no one is perfect in their understanding i suppose.

  • Allen Shen
    Allen Shen 2 months ago

    Build that Wall, Build That Wall, Build That Wall!

  • The Homeless Simpsons of West Anaheim

    Milo, why is there so much homeless in America? Please cover that in one of your episodes.

  • Captain Steveo
    Captain Steveo 2 months ago

    I noticed there are hot college girls that goes to MILO's speech...

  • Janis Patrick
    Janis Patrick 2 months ago

    FYI-sound cuts out at 44:35
    during the part about taking care of our own house

  • Janis Patrick
    Janis Patrick 2 months ago

    Milo, you ever coming to Arkansas?

  • Gila Atwood
    Gila Atwood 3 months ago

    Milo is not correct about Hispanics being 'white' technically, but this would need a DNA analysis. From my point of view this is not a racist discussion but scientific, based on DNA so this does NOT involve any value judgments etc etc etc. The Iberian peninsula is influenced by Moorish and ancient African immigration and American hispanics have an admixture of native American in many cases. And nothing wrong with that beautiful coffee colour, partly climate, partly genetics. 'Pure Caucasian' no, but this should not matter.. I stress... this is entirely a scientific matter.. I feel I have to belabour this to hopefully prevent triggering any readers :)

    • Gila Atwood
      Gila Atwood 3 months ago

      I do agree, though, that this is used for political purposes to demonize white Europeans

  • Duo Dai
    Duo Dai 3 months ago +1

    I was turned from libertarian to republican because of Ben Shapiro, who beefs with milo, which is why im here. I love milo xD

  • Robert Wired
    Robert Wired 3 months ago

    As a person from Australia and hearing from leftists that Fox news and Republican's are racist, homophobes, islamaphobes, white supremacists, etc. I ate it all up. SMDH. Watching a bunch of Republican, conservative, right leaning speakers on YouTube, I've realised that they're the main side actually bringing up facts, being logical and pointing towards solutions.

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 3 months ago

    anyone else know what was said in like the last bit of the first half of Milo's speech? it cut out the audio for me. .. anyone else have that?

  • Aaron J. Howell
    Aaron J. Howell 3 months ago

    Milo, I'll go toe to toe against you in a debate any time. I agree with a hell of a lot of what you have to say, but I still think you buy into the wrong conclusions about our government (right or left or in the middle) as you see powerful leaders moving in the right direction and all I see are traitorous oath-breakers and threats to the citizenry.
    I'd love to debate (or maybe teach) you about the founders and founding of this country (federalist and anti-federalists), the constitution, and how politicians and their monied masters have corrupted our Republic beyond anything the founders would recognize. In fact, if those same spirited men were alive today (in a modern sense), I'm certain they'd be fighting another revolution. And I'm certain they'd be called tax-dodging terrorists (which, technically, they were if you look at public sentiment of the colonies and that pansy King George).

  • gameboycolor47
    gameboycolor47 3 months ago

    I always hate the argument "97% of scientists agree." because 1: Really? 97%? So you have a list of ALL the scientists in the world? show me then. and 2: SCIENCE IS NOT A DEMOCRACY everyone used to think the world is flat but ONE MAN said no, it's round and proved it. so fuck off with 97%

  • Paula Wells
    Paula Wells 3 months ago

    why the fuck would a woman want to convert to islam. Defies belief

  • supercat380
    supercat380 3 months ago

    Milo is a talented speaker and very logical in his approach to many issues. Full support for the talented Milo!!!!

  • Valentine Erindros
    Valentine Erindros 3 months ago

    I think slavery is as old as civilization itself, most likely invented by the winners of the first war in the history of human civilization

  • Linda Masters
    Linda Masters 3 months ago

    In re point made at 50:00 on crime by illegal immigrants. Council Bluffs, Iowa lost a police officer yesterday when overcome by the prisoner he was transporting; assailant was a non-English speaking Hispanic, who aslo shot another officer and a civilian.

  • Devin Buttons
    Devin Buttons 3 months ago

    Holy shit I didn't know he came to New Mexico if he did I would love to have been there

  • Microcraft Cienciologo
    Microcraft Cienciologo 3 months ago

    duspues de esto me pregunto por que no encuentro a ningun latinoamericano en los comentarios y el porque esta muy de moda odiar a donald trump

  • Shr%mH3ad 311
    Shr%mH3ad 311 3 months ago +1

    6:30 ..... i want some xanax milo lol

  • Topo Graphic
    Topo Graphic 3 months ago

    my family is very middle class white colour white americans, but because we are spanish we can claim Hispanic and get bonuses for collages

  • Topo Graphic
    Topo Graphic 3 months ago

    Russia bans gays (I think) im pretty sure there not heavily Islamic

  • Topo Graphic
    Topo Graphic 3 months ago

    whats the difference between left, right, liberal and conservative

  • flyers fan
    flyers fan 3 months ago

    Milo is so deliciously provocative, he definitely crosses the line sometimes but I love him for it. He makes gay guys cool.

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen Roberts 3 months ago

    i saw the transgender 6 year old on Steven Crowder

  • Alexis Wilder
    Alexis Wilder 3 months ago

    well done! ANOTHER great talk!!

  • Huthuswami
    Huthuswami 3 months ago

    i love this motherfucker!!

    SILENTNACHOS 3 months ago

    1:24:15 Oh babay..

    SILENTNACHOS 3 months ago

    23:55 Oh you flatterer you.

  • Cynthia G
    Cynthia G 3 months ago

    Milo, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thank you

  • Jack Blommel
    Jack Blommel 3 months ago

    Only time you should burn the flag is when you retire it

  • JellyJellyNuggets
    JellyJellyNuggets 3 months ago

    Thank you for standing up for a fellow Trump supporter like me.

  • Robert Cain
    Robert Cain 4 months ago

    the really sad thing is everything he is saying is true..
    being from the UK it's just sad..

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 4 months ago

    lol old people on the internet: "I was the guy that left the comment on the top of your website"

  • Troy Lee Newgent
    Troy Lee Newgent 4 months ago

    the dude speaks the cold hard blunt truth i really don't see how any1 thats not in denial can argue his facts, stats, and points.

  • glen gibbs
    glen gibbs 4 months ago

    Milo keep fighting man!

  • daniel mejia
    daniel mejia 4 months ago

    Milo, you were entertaining none the less. However I feel like you contradicted yourself too many times to keep watching your speach. You claimed that the left created racism, like to play the race card and label and identify people. Yet you categorized and made multiple conclusions and opinions on red headed irish, muslims, blacks, hispanics, college students, professors, and much more. You claimed that the left was brainwashed to be bipartisan and associating trump with many current social problems, yet the foundation of your arguments relied on extreme partisanism, generalizing and associating all great things with trump. You seemed self justified to represent all republicans, all conseratists, all gays, all europeans, all UK citizens. You mad bro?

  • Adam Dill
    Adam Dill 4 months ago

    Milo is ironically the definition of a butt hurt snow flake. If you take this guy seriously, you are stupid.

  • Daniel Lebedinsky
    Daniel Lebedinsky 4 months ago

    "No issue is agreed upon by 97% of anyone, including scientists" 1:20:50
    what about Evolution and Gravity?

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson 4 months ago

    Milo: So grateful that I found your lectures. Just went through a liberal school where I was bullied for being a straight white independent thinking female. I am a proud American who just wants to be educated and successful. If you were a straight man I would be wanting to date you. I agree with almost everything you say and your so well spoken and attractive. God bless America and go Trump!!!

  • hell kid13
    hell kid13 4 months ago +1

    I agree most of the majorities of his arguments.but sorry to say the climate​ change is and will be a big issue, you cant deny that with proper bullshit talk

  • Oscar Vázquez
    Oscar Vázquez 4 months ago

    So if the US are really such good guys... What's with the interventions going on in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, etc... So many civilians are getting killed by these wars, and even though it is arguable that the wars are well intentioned, I'm not so sure that democracy and freedom etc... are the only motivations for these interventions. Oil and the weapons industry are also arguable reasons for the wars, and they're not particularly angelic motivations for destabilising countries and killing innocent civilians.

  • Shifty Tomato
    Shifty Tomato 4 months ago

    Is there a terrible hissing or is that just my headphones?

  • Me Tee
    Me Tee 4 months ago

    What you think and you you are are more important than skin color, why can't America be like that!!

  • MyaBacardiJaguar
    MyaBacardiJaguar 4 months ago

    I LOVE YOU MILO!!!!!!!!!!!!  TRUMP-MILO 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmiktutt
    jmiktutt 4 months ago

    1:01:19 - 1:04:50 One of Milo's finest moments yet. Clearing stating that he doesn't agree with Trump on everything and going on to explain his position fairly clearly. Milo is always good for entertainment, but that was a solid moment for serious talk. Additionally, admitting that he hadn't fleshed out his position on protecting preachers inciting violence. I really appreciate it when a person can admit that they haven't reconciled something.

  • herve30able1
    herve30able1 4 months ago

    I don’t know if it is the right words… But, is Milo wearing an anti-bullet vest ?

  • martin
    martin 4 months ago

    Milo exactly say`s what is wrong in Europe and why England want to go BREXIT: illigal`s and refuge`s don`t belong on the continent and there is nothing rascist in saying so. The EU let in for to long of a time the most idiots who can`t do anything but consume social benefits. Chanceless from the day they arrived by the millions and not botherd to better themselfs than walk around with a scarf around their head`s or stikkng their asses up turned to Mekka idolising their country`s flag of origion. Europe realy is in a bit of a pickle!

  • ThexFaggotxfreak
    ThexFaggotxfreak 4 months ago

    my family is islamic and i was lucky enough to be born in america. where we can listen to *FACTS* from a jew faggot and change our opinions when we know we're in the wrong. oh wait that doesnt happen here
    in california :( too bad Milo couldnt red pill those shitheads in berkeley.

  • Haley Buice
    Haley Buice 4 months ago

    Today I was in an argument about feminism and BLM and I even used some of Milo's facts. I was told I was using alternative facts and was chastised for it. I even said retard at one point and was told by a triggered woman to shut up and sit down and we'd be cool. You can't even say what you believe in or what you want without being slammed and it's fucking ridiculous!!

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