Japan Exchange: A DAY IN SCHOOL WITH ME Pt 2! | Euodias

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  • detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•

    Wait..did you just say...7...languages? Including Korean and Japanese? oh m'y god

  • Ouran Trash
    Ouran Trash 8 hours ago

    They are all so kawaii !!!

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 18 hours ago

    The guy in the yellow shirt is so cute😂 chubby❤

  • un utilisateur de Google

    I want to Japan 😭😭

  • Chupei Yay
    Chupei Yay 1 day ago

    It amazes me of how Japanese people are soo happy and feel home at school.. I feel really uncomfortable living in America since I'm the only Asian in my school.

  • Chupei Yay
    Chupei Yay 1 day ago

    Hmmm I wanna go to Japan but I don't wanna put too many pressure on my parents

  • Jaclyn Nguyen
    Jaclyn Nguyen 1 day ago

    I live in America and told a guy friend he was cute......

    He didn't talk to me for the rest of the school year......
    He thought I had a crush on him.

  • Nick The dog
    Nick The dog 1 day ago

    In my school it smells like weed at times

  • Wan Ummi Nadirah Wan Saffiee

    harvest moon sound

  • dwi firmansyah
    dwi firmansyah 1 day ago

    itu yang lagi makan lucu banget hahahhahaha

  • Uunukuu Uunuu
    Uunukuu Uunuu 2 days ago

    What anime is this? Where can i find episode 3

  • Kim NamJin
    Kim NamJin 2 days ago

    i would actually fit in that kind of thing, like very friendly and approachable, now I want to be there ;( (i would say hi to every person, i'll bump to)

    POTATOPOWERED 27 2 days ago

    i love your youtube channel!!

  • Sanan xD
    Sanan xD 2 days ago

    Omg it's kind of cringy when the boy said eating lol

  • Gurel Sisters
    Gurel Sisters 2 days ago

    Why are the boys so NICE!!

  • WHK Games
    WHK Games 2 days ago

    woah nice channel

  • Javan Aguirre
    Javan Aguirre 2 days ago

    😢 everyone is so cute I just can't.... How have you survived without exploding from all of that cuteness surrounding you?

  • Tony Kart Racer
    Tony Kart Racer 2 days ago

    Every time you watch a video of Japan..... it seems like you're in a movie or a fantasy land, where reality is distorted and you're only limited to your imagination!! Hahaha.

  • Sandraa Yangg
    Sandraa Yangg 2 days ago

    Everyone looks so friendly and happy! I wish the people at my school was like this. I wanna go to Japan! 😁

  • The utako
    The utako 3 days ago

    I LOVE JAPAN SO MUCH ❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  • CerateN Carrot
    CerateN Carrot 3 days ago

    So they do not speak english in skool ?! Our countery is like on the other side of america but we ought to speak english ..

  • digimon monster
    digimon monster 3 days ago

    i want go to japan

  • Claudia K.
    Claudia K. 3 days ago

    japanese language is so hard..

  • Patrick Galvez
    Patrick Galvez 3 days ago

    This ppl are so cute and innocent 😭😭💜💜💜 I can't 😫😫 can this be USA already 💀 lmao

  • naumi delamor
    naumi delamor 3 days ago

    the popular guy in school thing actually does happen huh

  • _ Khanfikri _
    _ Khanfikri _ 3 days ago

    Hoping for part 3....
    Not happening i guess T_T

  • NCTzen 127
    NCTzen 127 4 days ago

    Do I have to speak Japanese to become and exchange student?

  • ainun abdlh
    ainun abdlh 4 days ago

    they are so friendly!

  • GalaxZ Angel
    GalaxZ Angel 4 days ago

    I hear harvest moon theme in the background though

  • Baby Banana
    Baby Banana 4 days ago

    You are soo confident! I could never do this with my classmates in japan..;(

  • jungkookie wife
    jungkookie wife 4 days ago

    I want to meet that popular guy

  • Space Catz
    Space Catz 4 days ago

    favourite anime xD

  • DIstruidorGAmes Games


  • Mejipoe
    Mejipoe 4 days ago

    wow, you speak 7 languages?

  • Vixikie
    Vixikie 4 days ago

    Japanese guys are actually very cute haha!

  • Ananda Vicky
    Ananda Vicky 4 days ago

    What camera have you used?

  • Tanizz her
    Tanizz her 4 days ago

    I really want to go a Japanese school

  • Ki Moung
    Ki Moung 5 days ago

    The last song. Zen Zen Zen. From Kimi no Nawa. "Cries"

  • Perfect Rhythm
    Perfect Rhythm 5 days ago

    Is the background music from harvest moon? 😂

  • Krystal Book
    Krystal Book 5 days ago

    JUST LOOK AT HOW FRIENDLY ALL THE GUYS ARE!! Comparing to where I am...

  • Mahiru Kasumi
    Mahiru Kasumi 5 days ago

    Is that Bokujo Monogatari songs cuz I love them.

  • Mari
    Mari 5 days ago

    ' its a video!'
    boy: *slowly backs away *

  • Geoby George
    Geoby George 6 days ago

    hhow beautiful u explain us neat and clean ur schools scording

  • This white nigga
    This white nigga 6 days ago

    i wanna live in japan, ppl look so friendly over there

  • Burpy Jack
    Burpy Jack 6 days ago

    girls are never like that even though you're popular in our country

  • Icecool Acer
    Icecool Acer 6 days ago

    There's actually a popular kid? At my middle school there's only the normal and douches.

  • Marydali Scar
    Marydali Scar 6 days ago

    Keisuke puede ser un idol 🌚

  • Pia Quinteros
    Pia Quinteros 6 days ago

    i want to go a japanese school

  • Nikki 15
    Nikki 15 6 days ago

    There all hot

  • summerstarluv wzw
    summerstarluv wzw 6 days ago

    they all look so happy cx

  • Linus Jostol
    Linus Jostol 6 days ago

    If she asked "What do hot guys taste like" In my school there would be perverted bitches everywhere. I hate everyone for that

  • Milkygore
    Milkygore 6 days ago

    I honestly want to move to Japan after watching your videos, if I try recording anything during school hours I would get my phone taken away for a week, everyone's so sassy and bossy here in my school.

  • Chamalow 22
    Chamalow 22 6 days ago

    Ouii des sous-titres en Français c'est beaucoup plus facile pour tout comprendre 😁🇫🇷

  • Francisca Mellark
    Francisca Mellark 6 days ago

    -what are you doing?

  • linda idham
    linda idham 6 days ago

    to many waifu

  • Jamaica Maderazo
    Jamaica Maderazo 7 days ago

    i like videos and i hope you can make some more. hehehehehe, its fun and interesting.

  • Harjit Basumatary
    Harjit Basumatary 7 days ago

    what camera r using

  • Carly
    Carly 7 days ago


  • toru20
    toru20 7 days ago

    japanese Girls so cute 😄😄

  • Brianna
    Brianna 7 days ago

    "Popular guy alert" XD yep....

  • Jessie Chan
    Jessie Chan 7 days ago

    the guy at 5:45 looks like heechul/Jun >.> wish I was there

  • Ryu Cheri
    Ryu Cheri 7 days ago

    3.07 girls so cuteeeeeeeee

  • mapple beartae
    mapple beartae 7 days ago

    Your friend keisuke looks like a super good person! ohh and you♡) I made a promise to myself I will be this kind of open person, till now I just have to open my heart a little bit more

  • Salwa Asiri
    Salwa Asiri 7 days ago

    I want to travel to japan , it's so beautiful 😭😭😭💕💕💕 (from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️❤️)

  • Mrs CryBaby
    Mrs CryBaby 7 days ago

    bazen japon olmak istersin amk

  • T. Shiraiya
    T. Shiraiya 7 days ago

    I really love seeing their reaction after you said 'it's video'. It's hilarious 😂😂

  • Gabriel Batista
    Gabriel Batista 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the guy with yellow T shirt in the of the video is not japanese.

  • Hong Sujeong 홍수정


  • Duongむた なむKristine

    I wonder how a feisty Viet girl would fit in... lord help me I'm too Americanized and not cutesy at all

  • Layan X
    Layan X 8 days ago

    Wow the people in your school are so nice and outgoing



  • ratna The One
    ratna The One 8 days ago

    why japanese are so cute?

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Giang Nguyễn 8 days ago


  • Laah VH
    Laah VH 9 days ago

    Are u korean? Why are u in Japan? :3

  • Kazu DV
    Kazu DV 9 days ago

    harvest moooon

  • So Ho
    So Ho 9 days ago

    japanese people at school: having a happy time with friends, studying and enjoying life
    me at school: thinking how to escape from that hell

  • Benito Varghese
    Benito Varghese 9 days ago

    daym that popular guy is swimming in it...

  • Mei Misaki
    Mei Misaki 9 days ago

    Japanese schools are so different than American schools

  • Kent Napoleon
    Kent Napoleon 10 days ago

    it's so interesting that japanese girls go cheering on the boys

  • Ruoying Wu
    Ruoying Wu 10 days ago

    I wish I look more...well from one place. People often mistake me for being Japanese or Korean. I wish my school was more like japans, it looks so much more...enjoyable. They look a lot more...civilised....happy and kinder than most people in my high school, and the clothing seemed like there are more than 3 options. This Japan school looks a lot more amusing and filled with a happy atmosphere where mine feels a bit more...dark , btw your japanese sounds really fluent.

  • Taiga Gasai
    Taiga Gasai 10 days ago

    I'm a third year and after I saw what 3rd year look like in Japanese I was like "Omo, I look like a potato in elementary"

  • Nkia Nkia
    Nkia Nkia 10 days ago

    wow live action ...what anime is this? lol

  • OmqitsHaileyx
    OmqitsHaileyx 10 days ago

    Why are they so photogenic and then I'm here with a double chin and three dogs...

  • Luka07 _12
    Luka07 _12 10 days ago

    8:13 Melanie Martinez Fan Alert 😂

  • DancingDragons
    DancingDragons 10 days ago

    I always thought Japanese schools were kinda the opposite.. I feel like I'm watching an anime..

  • •Shin-Senpai VOEZ
    •Shin-Senpai VOEZ 10 days ago

    The school I went to was basically the same atmosphere, people and environment you would find in the Detroit. 😐

  • Ana Robles
    Ana Robles 10 days ago


  • Nathan Lafferty
    Nathan Lafferty 10 days ago

    Keisuke is the star of the video

  • yui la murcianica
    yui la murcianica 10 days ago

    Hablas español?

  • diya mellycka
    diya mellycka 10 days ago

    can i like move to japan like this instant. THEYRE SO CUTE OHMYGOSH JSKAKAKA

  • Fachrizaldi Wahyudi
    Fachrizaldi Wahyudi 10 days ago


  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho 10 days ago

    OMG ~ the are so Cuteeee♡♡♡

  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho 10 days ago

    OMG ~ the are so Cuteeee♡♡♡

  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho 10 days ago

    OMG ~ the are so Cuteeee💖💖💖

  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho 10 days ago

    OMG ~ the are so Cuteeee💖💖💖

  • Mcpe Bawono12
    Mcpe Bawono12 10 days ago

    i want to go school in Japan.... i think it looks nice

  • Eléa Panda007
    Eléa Panda007 11 days ago

    Wow, Japan is so amazing, and their schools too... i'm jealous 😂, because I live in France, and their schools are awful 😷, assholes everywhere !

  • yutata hakuna
    yutata hakuna 11 days ago

    All of the girls are pretty and cute while I'm Japanese too but I look nothing like them

  • Dayana Mendez
    Dayana Mendez 11 days ago

    me alegro de haber tomado clases de inglés jejeje a fun video !

  • lolz01010101
    lolz01010101 11 days ago

    hi are you a filipina?

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