Migos - Slippery feat. Gucci Mane [Official Video]

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    Directed by DAPS
  • Video CategoriesMusic
  • Runtime: 5:7
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Comments: 24 015

  • Rene Gonzalez
    Rene Gonzalez 6 minutes ago

    skip Gucci Manes part 💩

  • DJ TV
    DJ TV 1 hour ago +1

    543,797 people had boners.

  • Rohen /
    Rohen / 1 hour ago

    can i double dislike this shit?

  • Austin
    Austin 1 hour ago

    Wearing that shirt in the pool wasn't a big baller move

  • Nyasha Alexander
    Nyasha Alexander 1 hour ago


  • Chinga Bling
    Chinga Bling 2 hours ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the model at the beginning?

  • Bugatti Baby
    Bugatti Baby 3 hours ago

    Bet on King Nas jump nice lil guy ATL

  • Frank Enebeli
    Frank Enebeli 3 hours ago

    quavo writes all the verses. but again what do I know?

  • pretty divas
    pretty divas 3 hours ago

    dont like quavo part. always loved takeoff tho!!

  • Christian Cordova
    Christian Cordova 3 hours ago

    Can we get a version without Gucci?

  • Aaron Knellinger
    Aaron Knellinger 3 hours ago

    Who is the main chick

  • Cryptical
    Cryptical 3 hours ago

    4:16 the kids
    are entertained

  • leonardo costa
    leonardo costa 4 hours ago

    essa é éa verdadeira VODKA.já éra só colar pra toma.

    MLGSNIPES X 4 hours ago

    I wanna bang amber diamond

  • Jade 5114
    Jade 5114 4 hours ago +1

    If you got a good beat you can say anything you want in the lyrics

  • Janae. Starr_Biatchh
    Janae. Starr_Biatchh 4 hours ago

    quavo and offset😍😍😍😍


  • Jorhdan Landers
    Jorhdan Landers 4 hours ago

    I love your music

  • Frost Dagger21
    Frost Dagger21 4 hours ago

    I like how the Migos songs have more than one person singing

  • leonardo costa
    leonardo costa 5 hours ago

    seeeguuuuraaa meu deusss

  • Keyou Medjoubie
    Keyou Medjoubie 5 hours ago

    This song sucks 🤢

  • Skys GAF
    Skys GAF 5 hours ago

    How the fuck are all these black people swimming

  • George White
    George White 5 hours ago

    Quavo takeoff offset lit heart

  • Mael Barriol
    Mael Barriol 5 hours ago


  • Ty Star
    Ty Star 6 hours ago

    Dry snitch music!

  • Jala Hassan
    Jala Hassan 6 hours ago

    These girls are beautiful

  • NyKese Averett
    NyKese Averett 6 hours ago

    Bv n

  • Zacari Velasco
    Zacari Velasco 6 hours ago

    I think there was one

  • Tammy Rabb
    Tammy Rabb 6 hours ago

    this song makes me want to take my cat for a walk

  • Zacari Velasco
    Zacari Velasco 6 hours ago

    What I don't get is that quavo away I'm flexin Ferraris butt i only saw lambos what's going on here

  • the vlogging cavs
    the vlogging cavs 6 hours ago

    Gucci trash

  • Emrald Assassin
    Emrald Assassin 6 hours ago


  • Hollyweed
    Hollyweed 6 hours ago

    1:57 ...some 'rarries (shows a lambo).

  • Peter Wiatr
    Peter Wiatr 6 hours ago

    legit this song is fucking trash. Now-a-days below average songs get famous. And I don't really like that. Before you had to get signed, and be a good artist and now all you have to do is make shit lyrics. Put reverb and auto tune and bitches and boom! You make so much money. Its stupid.

  • Indeera Collins
    Indeera Collins 7 hours ago

    yes I love all of them but take takeoff is the best

  • Ki023ng G
    Ki023ng G 7 hours ago

    1:12 when ur crush is unconscious

  • Indeera Collins
    Indeera Collins 7 hours ago


  • Jazzyuanna Wilson
    Jazzyuanna Wilson 7 hours ago


  • welcome to the 9 Cali bears

    Shit slaps like crazy on my 2 Memphis 12s I got now love memphis will never go back to kicker or Rockford

  • Enos 9
    Enos 9 8 hours ago

    gucci mane killed it

  • MEGA0Z388
    MEGA0Z388 8 hours ago +1

    get beat yall

  • Tashonda Johnson
    Tashonda Johnson 8 hours ago

    Offset kilt PERIOD 💯🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Insanity Cuber
    Insanity Cuber 8 hours ago

    3:50 just a time stamp

  • Terrell Bell
    Terrell Bell 8 hours ago

    This my song

  • Sherry Boone
    Sherry Boone 8 hours ago


  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson 8 hours ago

    I love this song❤

  • lece small
    lece small 9 hours ago

    That's y they won best group of 2k17 they lit asf fr 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen 9 hours ago

    Cilt it

  • Madou Nimaga
    Madou Nimaga 9 hours ago

    Ass ass 😋😋😋😋

  • ItsAlien088
    ItsAlien088 9 hours ago

    i dont listen to the rap i just watch the asses

  • T3rryyy__
    T3rryyy__ 10 hours ago

    Favorite song from the album

  • CSGO montage gone wrong, gone sexual Almost shot?!

    Takeoff, offset and quavo are all lit in this song which like nvr happns lol

  • Chris Kolas
    Chris Kolas 10 hours ago

    0:05 her boobs are smaller than the grades in antarctika

  • MG JR
    MG JR 10 hours ago

    Like if migos is lit 🔥

  • yolanda margin
    yolanda margin 10 hours ago


  • Drossos Kourounis
    Drossos Kourounis 10 hours ago

    These guys really are not good lyricists....aka their raps suck syphilis dick

  • Official G-Lock
    Official G-Lock 10 hours ago +1

    Takeoff has the best verse in all Migos songs { T-Shirt, Deadz, Slippery, what's the price} and etc. straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯⛽️🅰️🆖⛽️🅰️🆖⛽️🅰️🆖Ⓜ️🅱️🅾️😈😈😈💨💨💨🅰️

  • Ma DixieWrecked
    Ma DixieWrecked 10 hours ago

    Now I'm craving hoes and tater tots

  • Party
    Party 10 hours ago

    i like this song a lot

  • Jasmyne Rochon
    Jasmyne Rochon 10 hours ago

    I really love all of them in a different way. 😍😍😍

  • Future Gaming
    Future Gaming 10 hours ago


  • James F
    James F 11 hours ago

    wow...this is one of the worst rap songs I've heard in a long time... big boi kill jill is 100x better

  • Wesley Parrish
    Wesley Parrish 11 hours ago

    Don't get why this nigga said Tater Tot. But the song was good

  • RockGaming
    RockGaming 11 hours ago +1

    Gucci Mane "im a murder nigga"

  • #RhymingOverBeats
    #RhymingOverBeats 11 hours ago

    I remember when the term "commercial rap" was frowned upon...now...the videos are literally commercials. Kandypenz for everyone this Christmas!

  • Abdoulaye Mbaye
    Abdoulaye Mbaye 11 hours ago

    Quavo dou senn morom bayy

  • Anthony LaRosa
    Anthony LaRosa 11 hours ago

    $5 to ANYONE know who knows who the model is in the black bikini at the beginning of the video & throughout?

  • William Bailey
    William Bailey 11 hours ago


  • Rowshawnda Little
    Rowshawnda Little 12 hours ago

    we don't got all that money

  • Zanitha Sanchez
    Zanitha Sanchez 12 hours ago

    Your good at raping my dad listens to your music and he's 42 WOW!!!!👅👙

  • Shuxinatorqqq
    Shuxinatorqqq 12 hours ago

    Listen on 1.5 speed issa fire!

  • Robo_Destroyer / Darth Troller

    the autotune mumble ruins it, the song has a nice flow though

  • Theonlyone Mimi
    Theonlyone Mimi 12 hours ago

    Gucci my favorite rapper and others

  • Bryan Arnold
    Bryan Arnold 12 hours ago

    I love you mingos

  • Young Goblin
    Young Goblin 12 hours ago

    Gucci and Takeoff make song

  • techboy860
    techboy860 12 hours ago

    why can't migos make a song with future??

    like why hasn't that happened yet?

  • Guy Boi
    Guy Boi 13 hours ago +1


  • Sonia Harmoney
    Sonia Harmoney 13 hours ago

    Why is he in the pool with a shirt tho ? bad and stupid --'

  • teagan robinson
    teagan robinson 13 hours ago


  • Lorraine Robles
    Lorraine Robles 13 hours ago


  • Young Dagger Dick
    Young Dagger Dick 13 hours ago


  • Giant Tacos
    Giant Tacos 13 hours ago

    you got to admit none of this makes any fucking sense

  • lordbryce1
    lordbryce1 14 hours ago

    TAKEOFF KILLED THAT SHIT. Like if takeoffs part is the best

  • Majesty Shae'
    Majesty Shae' 14 hours ago

    Quavo,offset then take off

  • Jaeger
    Jaeger 14 hours ago

    they shouldve put ASAP ROCKY in this

  • Rudolfs Alsbergs
    Rudolfs Alsbergs 14 hours ago

    Fuck migos they can smell my dick

  • Princetin Jimenez
    Princetin Jimenez 14 hours ago

    So lit migos best rappers of the summer and 2017

  • Princetin Jimenez
    Princetin Jimenez 14 hours ago

    So lit migos best rappers of the summer and 2017

  • Lola Pink
    Lola Pink 14 hours ago

    I'm just here for takeoff

  • Rickisha Sylvester
    Rickisha Sylvester 14 hours ago +1

    Fresh 😎😎😎😍😝

  • Master S Gaming
    Master S Gaming 15 hours ago +1

    Takeoff>everyone else on this song

  • Ashlyn Davies
    Ashlyn Davies 15 hours ago

    Killed it.

  • Cin Q Tatum
    Cin Q Tatum 15 hours ago

    so these r the best rappers huh..lol..yall generation is in trouble..

  • Anonymous Freak
    Anonymous Freak 15 hours ago

    Migos-First 48

  • John East
    John East 15 hours ago

    This is Offset song 💯💯💯

  • ian alvarez
    ian alvarez 15 hours ago

    control degree pleasant reward bias wheel soft system.

  • Kay McWilliams
    Kay McWilliams 15 hours ago

    Did he just say tator tot.... 😂😂😂

  • Ka!to Pan!c S!x
    Ka!to Pan!c S!x 15 hours ago

    maaaaan! dis shit is fire! fuck yall people thinking that dis shit wack!

  • AJCEntertainment
    AJCEntertainment 15 hours ago

    I'm not even listening to the song I'm just looking at the girl

  • Silviu Gorea
    Silviu Gorea 15 hours ago

    Vote Moldovan Karoly romanian fish

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 16 hours ago

    I'm team takeoff all the way but i swear offset verse was better in this song.

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