What Would Trump’s Immigrant Ancestors Say? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Crmsnraider
    Crmsnraider 3 months ago +1

    Everyone should watch this

  • William Blevin
    William Blevin 3 months ago

    Good day,

    It brings tears to the eyes. Yet the horror show plays on......

    Thank you for your time

  • Red Room Chicago
    Red Room Chicago 3 months ago +1

    This scumbag needs to be debated. That way we can show his foolish pathetic nonsense. Fake News is Keith olbummerman.

    • Red Room Chicago
      Red Room Chicago Month ago

      joke media. All his content has been frowned upon

    • tkh525
      tkh525 Month ago

      Red Room Media Torres Can you tell me what's "fake" in this video?

  • tactus100
    tactus100 3 months ago

    If only Trump were like his grandfather.
    He must be gyrating in his grave and trying to scrub his name off of his tombstone.

  • lotb120 wainer
    lotb120 wainer 3 months ago

    Ogremann - the Trump's ancestors would say don't break any more laws or out you go. Trump's ancestors had to go through Ellis Island not be flown in in the dead of night. They didn't get social security numbers and be put on permanent disability! They were also screened for diseases. If your so enamored with the little buggerers, why don't you invite some to come live with you in your Mom's basement. Uh Huh thought so all talk no action. Well 'f' you Quiffer, don't try to force your crap on us out here if you're not willing to do it yourself. Loudmouth libtard!

  • David Beale
    David Beale 3 months ago +1

    KO is GO f-ing D!

  • J.R. Horsting
    J.R. Horsting 3 months ago

    So great. Can we give him, an award?

  • Katherine Moore
    Katherine Moore 3 months ago

    Unthinking Humanoids.

  • zedfan4598
    zedfan4598 3 months ago

    They would say that they were proud of him, and round up the criminal scum

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 3 months ago

    The great documentary film, "Idiocracy" comes to mind.

  • Plus Ultra
    Plus Ultra 3 months ago

    Trump's grandfather was an immigrant, and I am a third generation immigrant Asian American as well. But one gets to call immigrants snakes and the root of all that is wrong with America, and I get to hear "go back to your country" by random jackasses on the street. Lovely.

  • Theresa Smith
    Theresa Smith 3 months ago

    President Donald J Trump ancestors would probably be building the wall if they have the God given common sense that they're son has .

    CHUCK D 3 months ago

    Good law abiding Americans ??? Haha yeah that why they have been deported. The key word your missing is ILLEGAL hahaha

  • RubenEsq
    RubenEsq 3 months ago

    Just because it's being done with our government doesn't mean *_WE_* are doing this. It's *_THEM_*.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    A Girl Has No Name 3 months ago

    Resist, Persist, Peace! Man is a legend!
    Thank you Keith for the great videos, they rare to find a man that speaks some sense in the era of fake news.

  • Annabell Mendez
    Annabell Mendez 3 months ago

    I don't understand why we don't go for the undocumented criminals. Maybe there's a lot of lazy jealous people... Many white people complain that these people own stores and so on, but these people worked hard.

  • Sunny K
    Sunny K 3 months ago

    Trump's ancestors arrived in America as legal aliens...what is your point??

  • Rose Wallace
    Rose Wallace 3 months ago

    clearly the Bavarian government knew something we didn't and got rid of trumps while they could XD ... wise very wise!

  • Hysteresis Nadir
    Hysteresis Nadir 3 months ago

    Leftists are the new fascists, they want totalitarian authoritarian control over those who do not subscribe to their views. Maybe that's why they all flock together in densely populated cesspits. City building is one of the leading causes of destruction to our planet, and it is the preferred environment for leftists: time.com/4587866/donald-trump-election-map/

  • Nightstone
    Nightstone 3 months ago

    Another brilliant report, Keith.

  • victor bozzo
    victor bozzo 3 months ago


  • user220370
    user220370 3 months ago

    I don't believe in any god , But I pray to a different God every night, to give him aids. No good so far....

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat 3 months ago

    One of Keith's best. Thanks

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat 3 months ago

    WHO are the ppl of ICE? How are they screened, hired, reviewed (and how often)? How much are they paid? Benefits? How many are minorities?

  • Papa Moruski
    Papa Moruski 3 months ago

    so hold on Trump's rich grandfather was deported back to the US. why is that a bad thing his grandfather was already a citizen and rich. instead of focusing on illegal immigrants why not focus on legal immigrants who actually worked hard for their families instead of abusing the welfare system like most citizens and illegals do

  • Carl Fuller
    Carl Fuller 3 months ago

    Great job Keith !!!

  • VotelessOrc497
    VotelessOrc497 3 months ago

    You are trying to justify illegal immigrants entering the country?

    How libtarded and drunk are you to make such a stupid argument?

  • Dennis Killian
    Dennis Killian 3 months ago

    President Trumps ancestors would say they came here legally, just like everyone else should !

  • Mansyur Supriadi
    Mansyur Supriadi 3 months ago

    "you got it, more than 270"

  • Wings & Strings
    Wings & Strings 3 months ago

    A major problem that not enough people are talking about is the use of language and euphemism and how it has created the slippery slope that the extreme right wing movement is capitalizing on. "Illegals" is a term that removes any and all traces of humanity. Dehumanization eases the effectiveness of demonization, and the results we've already seen are terrifying.

    If a human and their human child are evading poverty and famine, people may become sympathetic for a fellow person in need. The right wing simply cannot let that happen, but if an 'illegal" is coming to steal your job and your money and your schools and your food, then they are a pest, a swarm of locust and plague according to the right wing narrative, an instilling of fear and uncertainty and loss, a sense of what is rightfully "yours" being taken. Language is key. Humanity is familiar, comforting even, but a bug can be squished without hesitation.

    Demonization turns to violent action, violent action becomes "protection" and murder becomes "self-defense." Many have already tried to claim that immigrants ought to be shot on site if caught illegally crossing the arbitrary lines drawn in the sands, hundreds of years ago. A cruel death becomes a necessary death, and in necessitating death, a nation lifts an outstretched foot, tempting to dip a toe in the waters of genocide.

  • cycleforwardtime
    cycleforwardtime 3 months ago

    Who will stop him? For now, no one. Who really can?

  • Jimmy Guitar
    Jimmy Guitar 3 months ago

    Maybe Trump just wants revenge for his grandfather being departed the first time....funny, they didn't even want old Friedrich back in Bavaria! They sent him packing back to the US!

  • b1aflatoxin
    b1aflatoxin 3 months ago

    Well written/spoken as always. -Man, what a reveal.
    Reminded me of McConaughey's character performing the closing argument in the 1996 film 'A Time To Kill'.

  • Maggie Ramirez
    Maggie Ramirez 3 months ago

    what a pity that Trump and his father, coming of German decent, did not learn how to humble themselves as the man who gave them existence... he left them financially sustained and they used it to become Hitler's.. .

  • HDwalrus
    HDwalrus 3 months ago

    I think this is actually one of your better rants, Keith. good job.

  • Ron Lambrecht
    Ron Lambrecht 3 months ago

    Keith when are you running for President???

  • The Silent Cobra Lurks
    The Silent Cobra Lurks 3 months ago

    Trump is a sitting duck for impeachment, and  the best way he can make America again is for him  to leave our country himself.

  • Hodor Knows Things
    Hodor Knows Things 3 months ago

    Biden-Sanders 2020.

  • Shane Larkin
    Shane Larkin 3 months ago

    When did our once great country fall?

  • Tam McDonnagh
    Tam McDonnagh 3 months ago

    It appears that Bavaria has a lot to answer for.

  • Ce Sar
    Ce Sar 3 months ago

    Friedrich Olbermann ( =

  • Marlene Waldron
    Marlene Waldron 3 months ago

    What happened to the eloquence of his grandfather to the 'yuge yuge, great, big, awesome' predator in chief? His grandfather's letter is so well written and we end up with his half educated, crap son. #resist !

  • thatDude
    thatDude 3 months ago

    What would Trumps immigrant ancestors say????? Nothing because they legally immigrated

  • Gayla Allen
    Gayla Allen 3 months ago

    Even the strong almost collapse under the pressure of an unhinged, fascist leader.
    Keith has shown in this video that he's human, he cares, he's an American. Peace

  • Floyd Schneider
    Floyd Schneider 3 months ago

    They would say they cam here legally

  • Mary Tammero
    Mary Tammero 3 months ago

    Divide and conquer, that is all this is about.

  • Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
    Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. 3 months ago


  • Robyn Palumbo
    Robyn Palumbo 3 months ago

    We live in a selfish, greedy, and heartless country. What are we fighting wars for? Not democracy. Look at the electoral college. That's not democracy. Not freedom of religion. Not freedom of speech. We have an all volunteer army. When you join, you're complicit.

  • Jennifer Robertson Bishop

    "heil hitler" THAT'S WHAT .

  • Leslie Parrish
    Leslie Parrish 3 months ago

    I am in tears! It is agony living in a country once the hope of the world suddenly turned so cruel, so savage to those who cannot defend themselves! Great thanks to Keith for his eloquence! I will send it to everyone I know.

  • rhetorical question
    rhetorical question 3 months ago +2

    While Trump breaks up American families by these cruel and pointless deportations, Ivanka says he is a “tremendous champion of supporting families”. No wonder the audience jeered.

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed 3 months ago +2

    What sick heartless fucks put a thumbs dwn on this. (Fredrick Trump asks what are you doing Donald?)

    • rhetorical question
      rhetorical question 3 months ago

      The thumbs-down people came here to put thumbs down, not to listen.

  • James Harris
    James Harris 3 months ago

    Is it possible someone 'jokingly' told Trump that Adolf Hitler was the world's greatest fascist dictator, and so with his flawed personality Trump trying to end up ahead of Adolph?

  • Ethan Dalziel
    Ethan Dalziel 3 months ago


  • Diane Morris
    Diane Morris 3 months ago +2

    Heartbreaking and inhumane

  • Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett 3 months ago

    Melania must go. Melania must go. Send her back.

  • RM W.
    RM W. 3 months ago

    "the light of the world" how delusional are you?

  • Gina Wills
    Gina Wills 3 months ago

    I looked into this and he was actually deported because when he originally left, he did not correctly un-register himself with the authorities, and he also didn't do the required military service, which was a crime at that time.

  • KobeTGOD
    KobeTGOD 3 months ago

    No such thing as ancestors it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

  • Cynthia Weller
    Cynthia Weller 3 months ago

    🇺🇸Keith Olbermann for President!!🇺🇸

  • Loli Ravioli
    Loli Ravioli 3 months ago +1

    (((Keith Olbermann)))

  • ProductiveDiscord
    ProductiveDiscord 3 months ago +1

    It's one thing not to know world and American history, it's another not to listen to family history.

  • T S
    T S 3 months ago

    This is precisely why Trump voters will never turn against Trump. On his real contract with America he's delivering: terrorize minorities and destroy the very fabric of our country. So long as Trump is a vengeful racist, he has their support.

  • wcu9
    wcu9 3 months ago

    how manny of you heard the immigrants last name and thought NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Christian Barrett
    Christian Barrett 3 months ago

    love your videos but I can't find any recent sources saying any Puerto Ricans have been deported any help?

    • rhetorical question
      rhetorical question 3 months ago

      American Citizen Held for 3 Days by ICE, Almost Deported
      February 25, 2017 1:02 pm

  • RIPStuNov22
    RIPStuNov22 3 months ago +1

    This may be your best ever rant.
    Keep it up Olbermann!

  • KatysDream
    KatysDream 3 months ago

    How long will it be before Trump's own wife Melania, be deported for good?  Perhaps this is just what he was aiming for? easy way to be rid of another wife since she may have become too old for his interest of younger women?

    • Chris J
      Chris J 3 months ago

      KatysDream Well she's older than his daughter.

  • ND7652
    ND7652 3 months ago

    History has shown us that ALL NATIONS ................DIE !!!    Perhaps it's America's turn to do so as well .

  • 3D Quill
    3D Quill 3 months ago

    who the f is unliking​ this??

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 3 months ago

    My God Trumps grandfather seems like a very thoughtful gentleman, what happened to his legacy? Yes, RESIST.

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 3 months ago +1

    Keith, Trump didn't lie. He said the "good people" wouldn't be deported. You forgot by "good people" Trump means anyone that's not brown.

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 3 months ago

    I love you Keith...Resist!

  • Deborah Johnson
    Deborah Johnson 3 months ago

    Trump would just say, "Hey, it all worked out good for me."

  • Surfer Rosa
    Surfer Rosa 3 months ago

    What a beautifully moving speech, I was so surprised that letter was written by Trump's grandfather (who clearly didn't have Donald's narcissistic personality disorder)

  • Liandra Medeiros
    Liandra Medeiros 3 months ago


  • nocalsteve
    nocalsteve 3 months ago

    Wow! Keith, that's the best one yet! You're awesome!

  • Cooly G
    Cooly G 3 months ago


  • Sean Woody ONeill
    Sean Woody ONeill 3 months ago

    Xenophobia is a weakness. All of us can fall victim to it if we allow our weaker selves to prevail. It is understandable to be afraid but it is inexcusable to allow that fear to guide you. Compassion should guide you, even if it puts you in danger...that is our stronger self.

  • Pamm Meee
    Pamm Meee 3 months ago

    what trump is doing is insane.
    but my question is this...if you have lived here illegally for 30 years, why haven't you saved the money to get your citizenship? regardless of yearly checkins or whatever, you obviously have no intention of going back, right??

  • omeletpants
    omeletpants 3 months ago

    Did Trump's relatives enter the country illegally? Nope, they did it lawfully. Kick the illegals out and behind the wall.

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 3 months ago

    Thanks GQ for KO! :)

  • Ty Jorelle
    Ty Jorelle 3 months ago

    This country is no stranger to ignoring mistakes of that past and forgetting the path that our ancestors paved for future generations.  If that is true about the Trump ancestors, this is a slap in the face to his immigrant bloodline and others all over the US.  I'm just no longer surprised anymore and that is sad.

  • AquaticBoardwalkEngineer

    Are you Trumptards getting it yet?

    Melania will not stay in the White House with Donald Trump. Why is that? Ivanka will.
    Trump: "If Ivanka were not my daughter and I wasn't married perhaps I'd be dating her".
    Why is that?
    The wife is out the daughter is in.
    Why is that?

  • Stefan Daniw
    Stefan Daniw 3 months ago

    Keith Olbermann can you please run for president in 2020.

  • Anthony Ricciardulli
    Anthony Ricciardulli 3 months ago

    A true intellectual. Can anyone validate this letter ? I trust his sourcing , But I just wanted verifiable truth for this.

  • Too Gulick
    Too Gulick 3 months ago

    how is this guy even getting paid?

    EZ2B_HARDCORE 3 months ago +1

    Trump is the best thing Murica' has....
    you people follow to much mainstream media lmfao....
    look into both sides of the story....
    he's doing what's best for USA.... not the rest of the world...

  • yancy kin
    yancy kin 3 months ago

    illegal immigrants broke the immigration laws entered the country illegally or visited and stayed over their visitor visa. Both illegal both crimes. other people have applied for entry legally and immigrated legally. Completely within the law. Why should people break the law and stay while others wait years and fill out forms after forms every aspect of their life evaluated to finally get the legal right to immigrate. If you want to come to the country do it legally if you want to stay in the country dont break the laws.

  • mozbius
    mozbius 3 months ago

    Holly crap I didn't see that one coming.

  • AG C
    AG C 3 months ago

    Keith: Please learn the correct pronunciation of "Friedrich". It's not that hard.

  • Robin Hislop
    Robin Hislop 3 months ago

    Your best yet, Keith, critical and compassionate.

  • terry hughes
    terry hughes 3 months ago


  • Karen Atkinson
    Karen Atkinson 3 months ago

    Prey, the orange ape dies in prision

  • Craxin01
    Craxin01 3 months ago

    LOL!  Trump doesn't know HISTORY!  Not American history nor his own personal history.  He knows money and power, and anything to keep it.  He's a small man with a small mind, and if the ghosts of his own family came to him, he would, like Ebenezer Scrooge, dismiss them as indigestion.

  • john osborn
    john osborn 3 months ago

    The family name was Drumpf, during  World War I because of the hysteria against  Germans hIS GRANDFATHER  started writing it AS TRUMP!

  • remy reveyoso
    remy reveyoso 3 months ago +2

    Keith, your closing statement..... took my breathe away!

    • Maggie Efta
      Maggie Efta 3 months ago

      I know... I have watched almost every one of these videos since GQ started posting them, I always love his ending quip... it's usually pretty fired up / powerful, but today it was heartbreaking.

  • Miggiesgirl
    Miggiesgirl 3 months ago

    God bless Keith Olberman!

  • Dene Young
    Dene Young 3 months ago

    I expect the judges who are "volunteering" are exactly the wrong people to be adjudicating these desperate people. Perhaps the best possible choice are those that find this whole thing reprehensible. Maybe those judges can figure a way for the "good people" to be appropriately and fairly treated.

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