Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  • Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    An awesome game with a legendary amount of stuff to do! These are some of the coolest tricks, the hidden secrets, the little easter eggs that you can find while traversing Hyrule in Nintendo’s newest blockbuster sensation. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    00:28 #10. Throw A Rusty Weapon At A Rock Octorok To Fix It.
    01:05 #9. Gather Arrows With A Wooden Shield
    01:45 #8. Make A Catapult
    02:17 #7. Cook During the Blood Moon To Get Better Quality Meals
    03:08 #6. Use Burning Grass To Create Updrafts
    03:55 #5. Throw A Cucco At Enemies To Make Them Swarm The Bad Guys
    04:37 #4. Make A Raft Fly Using Octorok Balloons
    05:18 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • Judith Rios
    Judith Rios 4 hours ago

    Kill Zelda?😶😶😶
    pffffffff 😂😂😂

  • Eden R
    Eden R Day ago

    Please learn how to pronounce Gerudo and Cucco...

  • Vayne Solidor
    Vayne Solidor Day ago

    -swiming. -climbing. -running.
    -cooking. -constructing. -hunting.
    -fighting. -shooting. -nursing.
    -blocking. -evading. -throwing.
    -hiding. -disguising. -speeching.
    -casting. -enchanting. -cursing.
    -burning. -gliding. magnetising.

    *THAT* is the definitive surviver! respect on him! but would he survive the Long Winter/Long Night? hmmm!? *NOPE!* he would die.... like flies! *"THE NORTH REMEMBERS" FEELINGS INTENSIFIES!!!* (he's too innocent, too pure, too naive, and in the in the Game of Thrones, or you win, or you die!)

  • Vayne Solidor
    Vayne Solidor Day ago

    -swiming. -climbing. -running.
    -cooking. -constructing. -hunting.
    -fighting. -shooting. -nursing.
    -blocking. -evading. -throwing.
    -hiding. -disguising. -speeching.
    -casting. -enchanting. -cursing.
    -burning. -gliding. magnetising.

    *THAT* is the definitive surviver! respect on him! but would he survive the Long Winter/Long Night? hmmm!? *NOPE!* he would die.... like flies! *"THE NORTH REMEMBERS" FEELINGS INTENSIFIES!!!* (he's too innocent, too pure, too naive, and in the in the Game of Thrones, or you win, or you die!)

  • Nik R
    Nik R Day ago

    all credit to vidya game dunky

  • bluerosepetal24
    bluerosepetal24 2 days ago

    I love link!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😚😚😙😙

  • liammurphyvideo
    liammurphyvideo 2 days ago

    1:29 the first time i heard something genuinely funny in a watchmojo video

  • Crimson Hybrid
    Crimson Hybrid 2 days ago

    I'm sorry, his laughter at 2:24 is just.

  • Crazy_yandere Chan
    Crazy_yandere Chan 3 days ago

    Lol I just got breath of the wild for my birthday

  • egie p
    egie p 4 days ago

    *Cough* *Cough* Jerudo? (Ge-roo-doh)

  • Allison Knarzer
    Allison Knarzer 4 days ago

    I have this game

  • Gabriel Pontbriand
    Gabriel Pontbriand 4 days ago

    Claiming to keep it as spoiler free as possible followed by a light spoiler completely unrelated to things you can do...

  • Joaquin Badman
    Joaquin Badman 4 days ago


  • merlinious01
    merlinious01 5 days ago

    You can also use magnesis to go max speed on a boat. I use a chest to push the mast in the direction i want to go.

    Best discovery ive found so far.

  • Handelo
    Handelo 6 days ago

    "... when crossing the Jerudo Desert"
    "Jerudo Desert"


  • Handelo
    Handelo 6 days ago

    The "catapult" trick is literally one of the first things I ever tried in the game. Too bad I didn't get the paraglider at that point yet...

  • That1Gamer
    That1Gamer 6 days ago

    That torch is LIT

  • YouMadOrNaw
    YouMadOrNaw 6 days ago

    Ok I've been playing breath of the wild since launch and never seen a bare in the game

  • colwyn callingbull
    colwyn callingbull 6 days ago

    when i first played botw, i didnt know where to get the warm doublet. i thought to myself wondering if using a torch would work. and of course it did actually work which i found very impressive and still is. love the little details in games.

  • Javier Charlier
    Javier Charlier 7 days ago

    "Top 10 awesome things you never knew you could do in [blank game]" I knew all of those
    "Top 10 awesome things you could do in this game" I didn't know any of these

  • Logan Scott
    Logan Scott 8 days ago

    So we went from how to tame a horse in minecraft to how to tame a bear in zelda

  • Shinobi
    Shinobi 9 days ago

    I had a ps4 before this now my pd4 is getting dusty this game is addicting

  • Batsy Catsy
    Batsy Catsy 10 days ago

    Omg I love bears and I get to ride one!!!

  • Rayn Landenhelm
    Rayn Landenhelm 10 days ago

    hehehahahehehahaheha...out Russian...hahahehehahahehahe...vladimire....hahehehehahahehehaha

  • Toaster // Foxy13790
    Toaster // Foxy13790 11 days ago

    We will try to make this spoiler-free as possible.

    *ruins my favourite scene*

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez 12 days ago

    Finally! A Legend of Zelda game where Cuccos can be put to good use!

  • BCity
    BCity 12 days ago

    Man spreading

  • Temere Unum
    Temere Unum 12 days ago

    Nothing about riding a *FUCKING CURSED GOD DEER?*

    KUNOLEO 13 days ago

    3:28 "Light up some grass and get high again" 10/10

  • Drixenol86
    Drixenol86 13 days ago

    I shot a Bokolin with a fire arrow and watched him burn...

  • LilCrabLeg
    LilCrabLeg 14 days ago

    I think every legend of zelda game should be called *link,and the grunting obsession*

  • Radioactive Dinglehopper

    I just finished the game now what do I do? ; - ;

  • William Huynh
    William Huynh 15 days ago

    ....Who else just ran into the snow instead of using a torch at the beginning of the game

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 15 days ago

    You can also use a Korok leaf to blow the raft while it's in the air, this game is so fun with the random stuff you can do

  • SpicedRamenGaming
    SpicedRamenGaming 16 days ago

    I already know half of the things in this video, But awesome video!

  • Louis Duenes
    Louis Duenes 16 days ago

    Thanks for the blood moon cooking tip.

  • ForemostCrab7
    ForemostCrab7 16 days ago

    wait...there are Bears in the game? i've Never seen a bear, and i've played well over 200 hours o.O

  • Ccs904
    Ccs904 17 days ago

    Real qustion: can you kill a lynel with a cucco

  • Julio Agosto
    Julio Agosto 18 days ago

    Zelda BotW GTA edition!

  • Alex Maier
    Alex Maier 19 days ago

    got this game 3 days ago... it is one of the best games ive ever played

  • The Dogo union
    The Dogo union 19 days ago

    nice wtachmojo i also tried my champions tunic grenn witht travelrs hood

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 19 days ago


  • AtomiczOfficial
    AtomiczOfficial 20 days ago

    Pretty much everyone already knows this.

  • twisted magican 15
    twisted magican 15 20 days ago

    Again when watchmojo runs out of ideas

  • em0rox
    em0rox 20 days ago

    "Light up some grass to get yourself high again."

  • TmanTube Gaming
    TmanTube Gaming 21 day ago

    I'm pretty sure you can have the cucco attach calamity ganon

    • TmanTube Gaming
      TmanTube Gaming 21 day ago

      Proverbial Hemorrhage dangit well maybe someone hacked it and brought in the battle

    • Proverbial Hemorrhage
      Proverbial Hemorrhage 21 day ago

      TmanTube Gaming No. Someone experimented with that concept and found that the cutscene before the Calamity Ganon fight despawns the Cucco.

  • David Tyler
    David Tyler 21 day ago

    He called cuccos chickens I'm triggered

  • bla blabla
    bla blabla 21 day ago

    Even though this is really useful but I found this dudes voice annoying asf

  • Pattie Avilla
    Pattie Avilla 23 days ago

    Wait they forgot one thing you can fly by making a flying machine god that sounded so 1950's

  • chris miller
    chris miller 23 days ago +1

    On star fox team Krystal fox should make her on game and story on go on adventure shoot some dinosaur planet 2 you could pick fox mccloud or Krystal fox with the story on dinosaur planet 2 and you got inf health on arwing with fof but you dont go on board the ship you only have to shoot every guns that the ship shoot at you and when you get blasted your arwing will go down and land the same place Temple when she does the first test with the cups now fox mccloud will do the first test and get capture in the shield capture Krystal so if fox got capture same way as Krystal fox so now its time for Krystal to save Fox from her planet

  • chris miller
    chris miller 23 days ago +1

    We should put linkle the female character in t the Legend of zelda breath of the wild she has two crossbow gun on both hands to get it and to find both weapon is same place was the mastersword

  • Triston Thompson
    Triston Thompson 23 days ago

    "You can burn the grass, to get high again!" 420 Link

  • Aura Fox
    Aura Fox 24 days ago

    I use octoroc balloons to cheat in shrines with metal boxes

  • Marissa Cormier
    Marissa Cormier 24 days ago

    Who else has the Nintendo switch and has Zelda on it

  • Olivia Caballero
    Olivia Caballero 25 days ago

    Did he say jehrudo

  • Ronaldo Konig
    Ronaldo Konig 25 days ago

    most bullshit. not a helpful video.

  • Sky Djjinn
    Sky Djjinn 27 days ago

    why i didn't see a bear i my game ( after 150-200 hours of game )

  • The Acid Muskitears
    The Acid Muskitears 27 days ago

    Heko, get hecked. we got the channel buzz my bamboozled friend.

  • Dave 420
    Dave 420 27 days ago

    Burn some grass to get high!!! Got it

  • Dewolff Knight
    Dewolff Knight 27 days ago

    Great things come with Great gamers keep playing xD

  • Simon Hyrule
    Simon Hyrule 28 days ago or just smoke some weeeeeed XD(dont do drugs kids)

  • AceOfSpadesGaming101
    AceOfSpadesGaming101 28 days ago

    Wait a watchmojo list that is actually accurate. Wow, they learned their lesson from best cod zombies weapons.

  • Emma H
    Emma H 28 days ago

    No legendary glove like ocarina of times ?

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 29 days ago

    Just got my switch yesterday and I heard the BOTW map was big, but WOW is it a big map!

  • SharkTale Cosplay
    SharkTale Cosplay 29 days ago +2

    I think Riding Zelda will be in the dlc: Link and his Master sword

  • GmanGamer903
    GmanGamer903 29 days ago

    Watching this video makes me more depressed because I can't buy Nintendo Switch cuz they're sold out everywhere! And The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game franchise! If someone knows a place that sells the Nintendo Switch in its original release price which is $300, please let me know. And while your at it tell me which is your favorite game in The Legend of Zelda series. My favorite is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

  • Im Just A Nintendo Fanboy

    did he just say jermudo it's pronounced

  • The Crazy gamer
    The Crazy gamer Month ago

    attack the cucco? you'll just say cucc-oh shit

    HOODIE Month ago

    why when ever the blood moon happens it ends in 16 seconds for me idk if I should be happy about that

  • Monstrosity
    Monstrosity Month ago +1

    who else is a gurl xp

  • shadow78755
    shadow78755 Month ago

    you can throw cuccos at enemies? lynel here I come!

  • Rod Moseng
    Rod Moseng Month ago

    you can also ride a dead horse

  • christian kinuani
    christian kinuani Month ago

    the chicken against your opponent one is funny XD.

  • guardian of the dank memes

    3:29 'you can light up some grass to get high again'


  • jan solarevic
    jan solarevic Month ago

    these are tips

  • suck these big irish nuts

    im glad im playing this on pc in 4k and way better graphics. this looks so sad compared to what im used to xD

  • twinklgn
    twinklgn Month ago

    there's a bear in botw?! Woah.

  • Disinterested Cthulu

    Blood moon? Dreaded? By who? Idiotic terrible players?

  • Animegaming103
    Animegaming103 Month ago

    did you say out Russian Vladimir Putin the only way you could do that is to wrestle tigers in the game

  • Nova Middaugh
    Nova Middaugh Month ago


  • Nova Middaugh
    Nova Middaugh Month ago


  • Saturday Evening
    Saturday Evening Month ago

    2:33 tarrey town!

  • Tria Vang
    Tria Vang Month ago

    So is Ganon stronger during a bloodmoon?

  • Dragonwhelp master
    Dragonwhelp master Month ago


    ITS LIT Month ago


  • Bruce Russell
    Bruce Russell Month ago

    The attention to detail in this game as it relates to physics is absolutely mindblowing. How the game allows you to experiment with physics in weird ways that work is so cool

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris Month ago

    Now I have to kill a lynel with chickens

  • Young Samuel
    Young Samuel Month ago

    I get a new iPad Air 2 and the first add I get is for the iPad Pro.


  • SquidLauncher
    SquidLauncher Month ago

    didnt the narrator sound like matpat reply if you agree

  • Rhett Brown
    Rhett Brown Month ago

    You can make the raft fly with guardians

  • Rhett Brown
    Rhett Brown Month ago

    Now if you place the seesaw on the wall of the great plateau... You'll go waaay further!

  • Deviled Bread
    Deviled Bread Month ago

    When I first saw the blood moon I was scared

  • Rayvon_Tenshi
    Rayvon_Tenshi Month ago

    Already knew all those :)

  • Gitonga Mwaniki
    Gitonga Mwaniki Month ago

    mojo jojo

  • Guus Arons
    Guus Arons Month ago

    Kys watchmojo

  • bradley lord
    bradley lord Month ago

    3:35 burn grass to get high.....

  • DJOpaixMusic
    DJOpaixMusic Month ago

    wants to know what the 10 awesome things are but
    wants to find them out without the video for the wow factor
    ... damn it. we all watched the video.

  • Sacred Potatoe166
    Sacred Potatoe166 Month ago

    can't buy it if I don't have a switch, can't buy a switch cause nintendo wasn't smart and sent 2 or 3 to each store

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