8 Strangest and Really Creepy Things Found Underwater

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  • Great Red
    Great Red 6 hours ago


  • Atl atl
    Atl atl 8 hours ago

    The last video of the plane you can see the screws on the skeleton head fake

  • Atl atl
    Atl atl 9 hours ago

    What state are you in finding all these guns bruh

  • Atl atl
    Atl atl 10 hours ago

    Second one is fakeeeeeee you know you were just at the bank

  • Juicy Jack
    Juicy Jack 5 days ago

    omg my science classroom has one of those guys from the plane

  • Janis Stepko
    Janis Stepko 5 days ago

    Thats cool if you find a gun

  • Kaley Byerley
    Kaley Byerley 6 days ago

    I think on the last one, that the plane was real, but not the skeletons, they could've possibly put the fake skeletons in the plane, or just entirely be hoax.

  • Ken O'Neill
    Ken O'Neill 7 days ago

    *Leaving after i post this comment, obvious fake money find just destroys credibility of the upload.*

  • Alfredo Lopez
    Alfredo Lopez 7 days ago

    The guy that found money is rlly lucky

  • Alexander Lopez
    Alexander Lopez 8 days ago

    that first one isn't a strange diver that DALLMYD

  • It's Swaz
    It's Swaz 8 days ago

    Second One Is Fake The Guy Said It In The Comments

  • Majestic Bleach
    Majestic Bleach 9 days ago

    In the first one I knew instantly who it was because of the jar DALLMYD

  • Fabio Gallo
    Fabio Gallo 9 days ago


  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 10 days ago

    Last 2 fake,the gun finds might be connected to homicides tho

  • GamingWith GamerGirl
    GamingWith GamerGirl 10 days ago

    Am so jealous about the man found so much money on the beach so jealous >:(

  • Bicky Shaw
    Bicky Shaw 10 days ago +1

    all scene are fake

  • 吖VORRIX吖 发挥
    吖VORRIX吖 发挥 10 days ago

    the last is 100% Fake!

  • the super doge
    the super doge 10 days ago

    i remember when your channel is realllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy small

  • Barry Daniel
    Barry Daniel 11 days ago

    oh yeah, its staged the bodies would have fallen to pieces

  • domino domino
    domino domino 11 days ago

    The guy that found the shotgun is aquachiger

  • John Msx
    John Msx 11 days ago

    The skeleton would've fallen apart long ago.

  • Foxy Fox
    Foxy Fox 11 days ago

    With the plane the skeletons were to clean

  • A. Maag
    A. Maag 13 days ago

    Aquamans workdesk, he sucks under water

  • Victory Specialist
    Victory Specialist 13 days ago

    the money one IS fake. he just added cause some didn't know

  • Tinajah Reeves
    Tinajah Reeves 13 days ago

    I think the one with the plane cuz the skeleton seen a little too clean compared to everything else around it

  • Tinajah Reeves
    Tinajah Reeves 13 days ago

    the one with the money is fake. i know cuz i watched the exact video a couple weeks ago. in the end of his video he says it was all fake

  • Dalia flores
    Dalia flores 13 days ago +1

    number 2 was not that creepy

  • Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata 13 days ago +1

    Wow 😳 I can use that money the guy found

  • Positive Parodys
    Positive Parodys 13 days ago

    The plane with the skeletons is fake, because the skeletons would be covered in moss

  • Crkveni gamer
    Crkveni gamer 13 days ago +2

    6:06 ok, thats ENOUGH creepy

  • swigglezzz boii
    swigglezzz boii 13 days ago

    First one was DALLMYD

  • papaya Orange
    papaya Orange 13 days ago

    your videos ain't scary

  • gaurdian gamming
    gaurdian gamming 13 days ago

    that is not staged 0_0

  • kpop fan
    kpop fan 13 days ago

    once I saw a video about a woman who died years ago she has a sickness but I don't know what it is she watched T.V then she met her end people only noticed her body when she was 3 years dead it was actually creepy how people don't care about things like that

  • Flame Shot Gaming
    Flame Shot Gaming 14 days ago

    the second video is fake I watched it and it had a troll face on the back and he said I was just kidding I didn't actually find real money i was just joking

  • Melissa Moore
    Melissa Moore 14 days ago

    I'm actually not sure if it's staged. But if so, I wanna know how it's staged?

  • Solaris
    Solaris 14 days ago

    The 50,000$ probably wasn't faked. Why? Well you gotta ask yourselves these kinds of questions.

    1. If he straight away "faked" finding 50,000$ out of nowhere, where would he have collected the money from prior to "finding" it? He would've had a shit ton of funding just for that purpose alone. It wouldn't make sense if he went through all that trouble just to surprise viewers.

    2. I might be wrong here so feel free to correct my umm.."theory". I got a general idea that the money was somewhat illegal and most definitely used for the drug traffickers outside of their gangs, i mean if you think about it. There's no way you're crossing the border with more than 10,000$ so the only thing you would do to smuggle that much cash is send it to the ocean, yes it sounds ridiculous i know but it's an unconventional but plausible way things get smuggled from country to country. If this scenario involved the cartel, there would be no need to send the cash using the ocean current, they would be using drones or other methods of transportation since they are known for being slightly more technologically advanced despite living in one of the third-world regions. I'm not stereotyping i'm just looking at the facts apart from my presumptions.

  • Soldier 76
    Soldier 76 14 days ago

    last time i fished i fished up a dildo

  • Eric Hunter
    Eric Hunter 14 days ago

    On the second one I just got done watching

  • sinéad notapig
    sinéad notapig 14 days ago

    this gives me anxiety

  • Laura Davenport
    Laura Davenport 14 days ago


  • Barrett Lewis
    Barrett Lewis 14 days ago +1

    The skeleton is obviously fake a resin school educational model. Look at the shoulder and temples. It has metal rings and springs to hold it's joints together, like the one in my living room. lol.

  • Minecraft Ruler
    Minecraft Ruler 14 days ago

    last 1 was staged

  • Gary Fisher
    Gary Fisher 14 days ago

    Dude, you know the Titanic? How it sank with all those people on it? Yeah, they're skeletons now. Also, EVERY OTHER FUCKING DEAD PERSON IS A SKELETON. Clickbait video.

  • Krista Bonnot
    Krista Bonnot 14 days ago

    Airplane one is fake

  • Comedian Gaming
    Comedian Gaming 14 days ago +3

    I found my mom's belt in the beach while metal detecting

  • Gold Clash
    Gold Clash 14 days ago

    How is the mp40 and the two revolvers scary


  • Bjarke ulf jensen
    Bjarke ulf jensen 14 days ago

    Wooooow.. finding guns, damn thats so creepy..

  • Fatt Tev
    Fatt Tev 14 days ago

    All These Videos Staged. Dude Just Happened To Find All The Parts To A Dead Body, Guy With BMW And Nice Bathroom Just Happened To Find Big Money, And Theres A Fuxking Complete Office Set Underwater...

  • Emma Mariano
    Emma Mariano 14 days ago

    Maleah air hart

  • Johnny Dakoulis
    Johnny Dakoulis 14 days ago

    the money package was an april fools gag

  • TooMuchFreeTime
    TooMuchFreeTime 14 days ago

    Isn't there this one place in the ocean near a beach where there have been many things such as cars and planes and whatnot put on the bottom for diving tourists? Maybe that's where those last two came from.
    Also, what's up with those people keeping the guns they found? If it's in the water, it could very well be a dumped murder weapon! Bring that shit to the police!

    Ur NOTHING 14 days ago +1

    the second video is a april fools prank

  • Maxim Kammerer
    Maxim Kammerer 14 days ago +1

    skeletons definetly fake! the chin-bone is connected to the skull only by tissue, it shoud have disconnected and dropped. Same goes for the fingers. the bones should be all over the cockpit.
    Also the $50,000 seem fake, why should a metalldetector detect paper?

    • Barrett Lewis
      Barrett Lewis 14 days ago

      Jawbone is held up with a plainly visible metal spring because it's a plastic educational model for schools.

    • TooMuchFreeTime
      TooMuchFreeTime 14 days ago

      The dude didn't find the money with his metal detector, though. He spotted it with his own eyes.

  • Aqua Marine
    Aqua Marine 15 days ago

    What is it with people finding guns in water?

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams 15 days ago

    ORKA diving center on the plane ..DUH!!

  • Trapped pokemon !
    Trapped pokemon ! 15 days ago

    The second one was an valantine prank!

  • TobbeHopz
    TobbeHopz 15 days ago

    The second video is fake. He said it himself

  • Wayne Herby
    Wayne Herby 15 days ago

    Skeletons don't stay together like that, the bones would have fallen down into a pile on the floor of the plane. FAKE.

  • Lars Vegas
    Lars Vegas 15 days ago

    That plane under water is real do

  • Coco Jumbo
    Coco Jumbo 15 days ago +3

    None of you are first, shut the fuck up.

  • theleagendaryorange
    theleagendaryorange 15 days ago

    a gun from natzi germany

    OH DANNY BOY 15 days ago

    The guy who found the two pistols and shotgun is aquachigger. He has his own channel on YouTube of the same name.

  • krispyn2dc
    krispyn2dc 15 days ago

    That dude who found the remains in the box is a pussy. The dude that found the two handguns is aquachigger. Good channel, all he does is look for stuff.

  • duck 101
    duck 101 15 days ago

    whats with the cussing

  • Vladi Putin
    Vladi Putin 15 days ago

    oh fuck a circle and a pointer underwater, i wanna fucking die

  • Cattdaddy n Cornflake Michael

    The airplane one, the skeletons were bleach white total dead give away that its fake. That kind of whiteness can only be achieved by acid Or very long exposure too the sun and there isn't enough sunlight in that depth of water too do that...

  • Emily Mitchell
    Emily Mitchell 15 days ago +3

    Who's hiding in the comments


    the skeletons one was real in my opinon

  • Daniel Fortson
    Daniel Fortson 15 days ago +4

    For the plane one if that was in Florida that could have been the fighter jets that have crashed

    KILLATODDZILLA1 15 days ago

    I have a bridge to sell you. If you liked that comment, tough shit. I quit fb today

  • The big boom
    The big boom 15 days ago

    number 1 that's dallmyd

  • Vicky Wicky
    Vicky Wicky 15 days ago

    The one with the skeletons is fake one because I have seen real human bones and that does not look like them,2 you can see a bolt in the arm Shoulder area.

  • bagsik buto
    bagsik buto 15 days ago

    the creepy part is more of a fake one...

  • kathy evans
    kathy evans 15 days ago +24

    The first one is funny
    Diver: oo a package, wonder what's inside
    (Opens package)
    Diver: sand?
    (Reads name, sees picture)

  • Patrick Rocks470
    Patrick Rocks470 15 days ago +10

    The second one was fake he did it as a prank

  • Anabel Ramirez
    Anabel Ramirez 15 days ago +2

    It is staged cause if the plane crashed it would have fallen apart

    • Coco Jumbo
      Coco Jumbo 15 days ago

      Wait you were talking about the bodies...yep, staged.

    • Coco Jumbo
      Coco Jumbo 15 days ago

      Bitch do you think they'll buy a whole plane just to fucking put it in the ocean

  • Sniping Turtle
    Sniping Turtle 15 days ago +2

    The plane one most likely fake cause the landing wheels were down

  • gaming with Steve 4j
    gaming with Steve 4j 15 days ago

    Can you make a anyother

  • Wiinter
    Wiinter 15 days ago

    i like turtles

  • KZK2333350
    KZK2333350 15 days ago

    cool a new video on youtube

  • Exhipper ‫
    Exhipper ‫ 15 days ago

    I thougt the thumbnail is fake. 😂

  • MateLookAtTheFish
    MateLookAtTheFish 15 days ago


  • Twinzes Zweetz
    Twinzes Zweetz 15 days ago +1


  • Karim Samra
    Karim Samra 15 days ago +1

    Wtf no views 36 like

    • Cinthia Madera
      Cinthia Madera 15 days ago

      Karim Samra some people like before they view the vid

  • lawrence sammy
    lawrence sammy 15 days ago +14

    0 view.....Youtube is really pranking people right now

    • Simona Hankova
      Simona Hankova 2 days ago

      lawrence sammy true all of this is fake but...I found a gun aswelll now....I didn't believe it either if it was a fake or real gun...but....good thing it was a fake one! Phew

  • Step tube 2
    Step tube 2 15 days ago +2

    This is interesting

  • Hunter 86
    Hunter 86 15 days ago

    wow lucky 50 grand

  • anonymous 765
    anonymous 765 15 days ago +63

    The money 1 seems fake as fuck.

    • anonymous 765
      anonymous 765 4 days ago

      Yeah thanx, i stopped caring a week ago,

    • Alex Roland
      Alex Roland 5 days ago

      anonymous 765 It is, in the original video at the end he even says it's a prank. It's about $100,000 but only $10,000 he out in there. The rest was fake.

    • Jack Grainger
      Jack Grainger 9 days ago

      it is fake

    • anonymous 765
      anonymous 765 13 days ago

      I live in 2017, in America...Its kinda hard to calm down when everyone is devided about everything.

    • Kaviar the kidd
      Kaviar the kidd 13 days ago

      anonymous 765 it is fake I saw that video and he said he planted it

  • MyLifeAsBrittney
    MyLifeAsBrittney 15 days ago +33

    I feel like the video of the bodies is staged because they would've fallen apart. But also please tell me how someone's office just floated to the bottom of the sea. It's terrifying how little we know about the ocean and what is down there.

    • Lively sniper
      Lively sniper 3 days ago

      MyLifeAsBrittney ikr

    • Elliot Rodger
      Elliot Rodger 13 days ago

      my only guess is tsunami maybe?

    • Barrett Lewis
      Barrett Lewis 14 days ago

      The skeleton has metal rings in the shoulder and springs in the temples to hold it together because it's a plastic educational model for schools.

    • JG_gaming _xox
      JG_gaming _xox 15 days ago

      Humans have actually learnt more about Space then the actual ocean

    CUTE KITTY 15 days ago

    What do u mean about the person remains inside, I DON'T GET IT

  • Dominik Lewis
    Dominik Lewis 15 days ago +9

    Fucking love this channel

    • Nurul Hanna
      Nurul Hanna 13 days ago

      Dominik Lewis Watt??

    • Dominik Lewis
      Dominik Lewis 13 days ago

      Nurul Hanna woah now it's okay she is my mom

    • Nurul Hanna
      Nurul Hanna 14 days ago

      Sunny 102 btw ur not his fucking mom or wat so u dont need to fucking tell him to listen to u bitch

    • Dominik Lewis
      Dominik Lewis 14 days ago

      Sunny 102 my bad I got a fucking swearing problem I guess

    • Nurul Hanna
      Nurul Hanna 15 days ago

      Sunny 102 its not ur problem right

  • Gilberto Bejinez
    Gilberto Bejinez 15 days ago

    Nice video

  • RH RH
    RH RH 15 days ago

    I love this video already in yet I didn't watch it.

  • Sonic The Devil
    Sonic The Devil 15 days ago


  • RH RH
    RH RH 15 days ago +1

    I love this video already even though I didn't watch it yet

  • ChebyS
    ChebyS 15 days ago +2


  • Gaming for 05
    Gaming for 05 15 days ago

    Good video

  • Nolan Schultz
    Nolan Schultz 15 days ago

    Holy crap I'm like sixth. Shows how much of a life I have. -_-

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