President Trump Is Now Personally Under Investigation: A Closer Look

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  • Paul
    Paul 5 days ago

    Interesting how all his videos are against Trump.... 🙄

  • Sancha Gaspard
    Sancha Gaspard 7 days ago

    Trump sucks Putin's Putin 😐

  • Sancha Gaspard
    Sancha Gaspard 7 days ago

    A face not even his mother could love. As for his personality...winning argument for the morning after pill; every morning after; just in case.

  • P Moore
    P Moore 15 days ago

    Love the boomerang concept! So funny!

  • Mayra Rios
    Mayra Rios 27 days ago

    Omg. Trump is a moron. How the hell is he president?!!

  • kokokyoushi
    kokokyoushi Month ago

    Sucker Mouth warned his willfully ignorant followers not to vote for someone who would be under criminal investigation while in office. They did anyway.

  • abdulwaduud ahmed
    abdulwaduud ahmed Month ago

    Mr. Trump is, and will be assiduous man to American people and he also likes to assuage any issue is quicker than any other president.

  • solo sin
    solo sin Month ago

    Come to CANADA it's perfect

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 Month ago

    7:23... in order for me to speak like that, I would have to eat at least one bucket of mushrooms.

  • Joitin
    Joitin Month ago

    FAKE wrestling video, FAKE times cover, FAKE tan and FAKE promises. And you have the nerve to call ANYTHING else FAKE!!! Plus, what are voters trying to hide?, Excuse me, TAXES...

  • Godzilla Swag
    Godzilla Swag Month ago

    Wait... YOU'RE ACTUALLY USING CNN News clips???

    Proof you're a shill


  • Angie Allen
    Angie Allen Month ago

    As a Utahn, I am pleased to say that I have voted against Mr. Hatch in every re-election bid for the last 40 years! Life as a Democrat in UT.

  • Violeta Kharrl
    Violeta Kharrl Month ago

    This is another fake news.  Set Myers where is your respect.  Everybody was under investigation now a days.  "under investigation is a sickening words"  Seems that is the only words that is been discuss around the country.

  • Rita Lawrence
    Rita Lawrence Month ago +1

    what a idiot pres orange dump is, I can not believe he is still around, what a total fool he is, he only gives FAKE tweets, as he does not know how to speak,

  • Gabber Pete
    Gabber Pete Month ago

    SOUTHIE REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Month ago

    A friend of mine has always criticizing trump for all his wrong doings
    but guess what, Youtube is blocking him from further commenting about
    the real snake-oil salesman trump. It's so damn sad to see Youtube
    censoring ppl from speaking of truth. Youtube is like the communist
    regime now, they only ALLOW ppl to say what they want ppl to say!!!

  • Joel Osteen
    Joel Osteen Month ago

    Bernie Sanders is under fraud investigation.

  • Andrey Skroznikov
    Andrey Skroznikov Month ago

    Is Seth Meyers an internet / media troll ? Oh ...yeah that is right.

  • Bert Brijs
    Bert Brijs Month ago

    HearingTrump talk is like hearing a six year old explaining why he was late for school but he studied hard and will get good grades...

  • Sammy Lee
    Sammy Lee Month ago

    obstruction of justice

  • shawnlyndacouch
    shawnlyndacouch Month ago

    without you hopefuls Meyers wouldn't have a show

  • kat lia
    kat lia Month ago

    why can't they just retire?

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto Month ago

    The Foreign corporate owners of our time, labor, money, media, lives, country, weapons and children they need for their operations in 174 bases overseas have been trying to defeat ObamaCare since 2009.

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams Month ago +1

    August 2nd is My Birthday :)

  • John Skeggins
    John Skeggins Month ago

    look stop giving trump a hard time like when he said he was going to fix healthcare and put up that wall/fence thing he was just being sarcastic look he's the best comedian ever. wow orange clowns are way funnier than real presidents.

  • Elad
    Elad Month ago

    Seth is a loser. Not funny.

  • April Nguyen
    April Nguyen Month ago

    I have nightmares every time I look at Sessions' face. Soooooooooooooo scary

  • L
    L Month ago

    Did that Senator guy really have to get clarification on what a "hearing" was? How are you a Senator and not know the definition of a hearing?

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull Month ago

    Political hacks! LOL LOL

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull Month ago


  • quizzabella
    quizzabella Month ago

    How does Donald Trump speak so long without actually saying anything apart from the same twenty or something words? It's amazing. (It's awful for America and the world, but it's sort of fascinating). Seriously friends across the pond how the hell are you defending these elderly white guys who are totally screwing you over? The UK isn't great but there are sharks circling and no excuses when it comes to government.

  • Meg Shafer
    Meg Shafer Month ago

    Seth Meyers!!!

  • Dibblydooda
    Dibblydooda Month ago

    Democrats hate America ...they hate our President more than they hate ISIS... the tolerant left isn't ....

  • JR JR
    JR JR Month ago

    liberal pieces of 💩💩💩

  • Jonanice
    Jonanice Month ago

    Wait so going by that poll on AHCA - if it's a true representation of America then 30million are still being ignorant, brainless, heartless or all 3! Damn

  • Greg Hammond
    Greg Hammond Month ago

    Mitch McConnel may be rich, mean, and powerful but I am so glad I do not look like him. I pity his poor wife

  • Greg Hammond
    Greg Hammond Month ago

    Can Newt Gingrich actually believe the words that spill out of his mouth?

  • D Me
    D Me Month ago

    Some call The Idiot Trump a fascist. In reality, he's too narcissistic for that philosophy. A wannabe demigod with diminishing mental health is more like it.

  • Robert Hager
    Robert Hager Month ago

    This is fake news Trump's atty just came out stating he is not under any investigation of anything

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    For over a pukes like seth lied to the american people that Hillary was not 'under investigation' it was a 'email matter' or a 'security review' they lied and the person who would have won with support of the people was corruptly eliminated from the presidency. Because of this corruption that "seth' was involved in and most of the other media pukes...we now have trump and these media aholes now have learned what the word investigation is. How about Seth explain to anyone with a brain what 'colluded with Russia' means...cause these corrupt reporters/propaganda pukes say it, but they don't even know what it means.

  • S Sharp
    S Sharp Month ago


  • Fulvia Waldrop
    Fulvia Waldrop Month ago

    Where are Trump's advisers?

  • Nuel Nu
    Nuel Nu Month ago

    Trump's vocabulary is extremely limited. His brain just stopped developing at the age of 5.

  • Mike Dunning
    Mike Dunning Month ago

    Lmao so true in everything

  • Tomas Soejakto
    Tomas Soejakto Month ago

    I believe there isn't going to be a better time than now for the American people to unite. No country or government is perfect, and sometimes you might feel like it isn't what you need and you're helpless to change it. But good or not, you don't need a government to respect each other or take good care of each other, which is what we all (not just Americans) really need to do. Change starts with us, not them.

    What's really sad is how much Trump being POTUS has affected the world; how divided it has become to the point that everyone feels the need to antagonize each other over a person that they don't even know personally. I hope we all can come to the conclusion that this "argument" is pointless, and in exchange start doing something positive for real.

  • Brutis Bear
    Brutis Bear Month ago

    Yeah you pukes are not able to impeach Trump! If you do it will be a civil war after what all we put up from Obama!

  • Colt FortyFive
    Colt FortyFive Month ago

    29,544 people are brainwashed by Liberal Media.

  • joppa farms
    joppa farms Month ago

    More fake news

  • Wyatt Rohlfer
    Wyatt Rohlfer Month ago


  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan Month ago

    Will the Trump voters please stand up? Ok. Get me a machine gun..

  • Sero
    Sero Month ago

    Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are fake comedians. They can't come up with funny jokes and sketches so they turn political. Jay Leno and David Letterman are the best. Jimmy Kimmel is ok. Jimmy Fallon is not funny. You can tell he fakes his laughter to get the audience to laugh with him.

  • Sero
    Sero Month ago

    I want to hear and see funny jokes and sketches.

  • Joel Applegate
    Joel Applegate Month ago

    the pr*sident may be under investigation, but the headline obscures what will devastate millions: STOP the Senate from passing the odious trumpcare act!

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Month ago

    Seth Meyers has come such a long way. I think he started out too nervous but he's been absolutely slaying these closer looks, especially lately

  • luis bolano
    luis bolano Month ago

    In the mouth of a liar the truth becomes doubtful!!!! that's life and KARMA!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Klever
    Mr. Klever Month ago

    Seth's reaction at 5:09 is so priceless xD someone needs to make a gif about it!!!

  • Quentin Styger
    Quentin Styger Month ago

    Shouldn't leaders on the UN security council be psychologically evaluated to make sure they're fit to lead?

  • Alaffia Rose
    Alaffia Rose Month ago

    wtf....trump talking about health care bill

  • 8rgus
    8rgus Month ago

    Wait.. so CNN now reads a new paper and that's journalism?

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  • Hoops590
    Hoops590 Month ago +1

    This show is stupid, i suppose this lunatic is an obama supporter

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    who cares

  • Audrey H
    Audrey H Month ago +1

    i thought seth was suppose to be an entertainer, not a reporter.  Pretty sure he is neither.

  • governmentcheese411

    ha ha ha ha.... be very very quite.... i'm hunting snowflakes, lmao! you should rename this vid to the liberal left is attempting another bullshit charge, lol....
    he beat your racist claims, your sexist claims, your russia claims etc etc etc...
    he has tax cuts coming, a new BETTER healthcare bill coming, he killed our job killing liberal leftist policies and is now showing a higher rating than your precious obama, LMFAO!

  • XaurreauX
    XaurreauX Month ago

    I make it a point to never impute cleverness to the American voter.

  • Jack Mozie
    Jack Mozie Month ago

    Does anybody else find the audio on his videos too quiet?

  • chris casey
    chris casey Month ago

    Make America Great Again, shoot a republican.

  • Aya Drevis
    Aya Drevis Month ago +1

    Hey America, can you do the rest of the world a favour? When you finally do sink into the Atlantic, can you please try not to take the rest of us with you? That'd be great, thanks.

  • Whyamibzsdmhalt1
    Whyamibzsdmhalt1 Month ago

    I noticed practically every top comment here is some autist complaining about feelings or saying some stupid reteric without any proof.

  • Sandro Gavranovic
    Sandro Gavranovic Month ago

    grumpy old men making policies we all are paying for

  • Luke Hurt
    Luke Hurt Month ago

    That looked like a good cake..

  • Paul Carpool
    Paul Carpool Month ago +1

    ... what is the treasonous, hysteria violence inducing, lying propagandist Seth trying to brainwash to his non thinking for themselves, empty headed audience tonight?

  • Brad Jennings
    Brad Jennings Month ago

    Seth is a reader of written scripts! PERIOD!!

  • Martita Rivera
    Martita Rivera Month ago


  • Kilo Mintoni
    Kilo Mintoni Month ago

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for covfefe ?

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Anyone else remember when this smug cuck said trump was running as a joke?

  • AnimeJT Shadow
    AnimeJT Shadow Month ago

    omg the best news I have heard all day 😂😂😂😂jk

  • Joe Mars
    Joe Mars Month ago

    Jesus, i'm Mexican and starting to feel bad for this guy and his covfefe im just sad to see his supporters win so much over these past months so much winning.

  • shineyourlight
    shineyourlight Month ago

    OOOOOO hes so scared

  • jde1757
    jde1757 Month ago

    I'm always taken by the fact that these videos by comedians and talk show hosts that are critical of Trump generally get tens of thousands of "Likes" and a few hundred "Dislikes" - the latter presumably from Trump supporters who can't abide any criticism of their orange god.

    The term "butthurt" comes to mind. It's a word I don't care for and never use, but it seems appropriate here.

  • findingout
    findingout Month ago

    this guy is a asshole and should be locked up for atempting to overthrow a goverment by being a asshole!!!!!! all these ass holes like this will be crying their eyes when a civil war breaks out and they are draged out in the streets and hung for treason. not that i want that but they keep running their mouths and its going to be their faults when it happens! so you people who keep these lies going and attacking our president you better start thinking about what can happen if you get a civil war going?????

  • findingout
    findingout Month ago


  • findingout
    findingout Month ago

    how does somebody get personally! under investigation? this ant nothing but lies! lies! lies! fox you can kiss my right wing red ass!! fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul trotter
    Paul trotter Month ago

    Show of lies. Trump is NOT under investigation it is media conspiracy thoery. These show hosts are obviously crazy and should be in an asylum. Including media reporters who are also living out thier fantasys Crazy. Come back to the real world.

  • SaithMasu12
    SaithMasu12 Month ago

    How has this 2 million views? Thats 2 million sheeps added to this propaganda program.

  • Blessy Kurian
    Blessy Kurian Month ago

    Am I the only one who felt bad for the cake?

  • Lady Stardust
    Lady Stardust Month ago

    Nice wig.

  • AutomationDnD
    AutomationDnD Month ago

    why aren't THEY examining / investigating the CLINTON FOUNDATION?
    ... and...
    Trumps ratings are FINE. The people who voted him in (us / the MAJORITY) STILL DO support him. now.... get busy with investigating the REAL criminals.... the CLINTONS

  • Jubran Kalill
    Jubran Kalill Month ago

    Trump is the democratic Trojan horse. He was invited into the Republican party. He waited. He then unleashed his anticonservative. pro not sure what agenda. History repeats!

  • Vossen Yo
    Vossen Yo Month ago

    This is fucken embaressing... how could our country let this moron be president...... and how could we have so many stupid morons who actually support him as a president.... god help us all.... 3 years to go ._. 3 years of the world laughing at us....

  • sros6
    sros6 Month ago

    You also said '' Hillary will win in a land slide!! ''

  • anonneemouse mighty

    If Americans don't learn their Enemy, we will beat ourselves up with a legal Jihad. That is all I see, 100% Legal Jihad, meant to drag us into brokeness, paying for Lawyers. This would be incredibly stupid, Legal Jihad is 25% of Jihad, on par with stacking bodies. So stop self-flagellating. Our Defense Spending is 3.6% of G.D.P, we spend 5% of G.D.P. on LAWYERS. If the liberal cuck's wish Bin Laden to achieve his goal of making us go broke, then keep it up, retards.

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia Month ago

    *Someone in the audience*. I know y'all ain't gonna throw dat cake away.

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali Month ago

    This pumpkin is damn dictator

  • Doctor Pepsi
    Doctor Pepsi Month ago

    How does everyone feel about the announcement of Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon?

  • Rodney Cardona
    Rodney Cardona Month ago

    Robert Muller reminds me of Jim Gordon.

  • Stephanie Donato
    Stephanie Donato Month ago

    Was the woman behind him a lobbyist?

  • Stephanie Donato
    Stephanie Donato Month ago

    He is such an idiot

  • Curious Mitch
    Curious Mitch Month ago

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday t-- wait, he did what!?

  • Joel2010Dmax
    Joel2010Dmax Month ago

    He is not under investigation after he said he is because his lawyer now says he is not under investigation after Trump said he was under investigation lol. Which news is fake news? Trump's news or Trump's news?

  • Bill Manrique
    Bill Manrique Month ago

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Are you under the Clinton's payroll? What a loser

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