Migos - Get Right Witcha [Official Video]

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  • MusicMusic
  • Runtime: 4:18
  • migos  migos yrn  yrn mixtape  yung rich niggas  bando  versace  

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  • Herbrion
    Herbrion 24 seconds ago

    Remember when Takeoff was underrated?

  • Auriym
    Auriym 6 minutes ago +1

    Such a bad song

    DOCS REACTION CHANNEL 59 minutes ago

    damn because you sing never heard of that singing damn offset and quavo take-off



  • Richard Barthwaite

    Richard barthwaite

  • Osman Cansız
    Osman Cansız 2 hours ago

    TakeOff flow machine

  • Patryk Eryk
    Patryk Eryk 3 hours ago

    damn the fuck ? .. get right witcha..

  • champagne papi
    champagne papi 6 hours ago

    abi yeaaa yı duyduğum anda giriyorum nigı ruhuna harıha bi şeyyyyy

  • Ashlyn Davies
    Ashlyn Davies 7 hours ago

    Thailand mfker Sick aaaa .

  • Sagging-Pants-Agency SPA


  • King Leo
    King Leo 11 hours ago

    Get Right The Fuck Out My Face!

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones 12 hours ago

    this is by far the best migos song to date..@quietblack ( middle finger up fuck the system )

  • Mostfa Hmida
    Mostfa Hmida 12 hours ago


  • chiko tchupa
    chiko tchupa 13 hours ago

    holup! ehhhhhhh! get right witcha!!

  • Esthere Mabiala
    Esthere Mabiala 14 hours ago

    Ouah je suis française et je peut dire que se son c'est d'la frappe 🔥

  • YMcNasty
    YMcNasty 17 hours ago


    BLUELY A 18 hours ago

    0:34 keep repeating the part

  • Ahmed Bayat
    Ahmed Bayat 20 hours ago

    anyone know her name ? 4:00
    for research purposes :)

  • DaNija LeBlanc
    DaNija LeBlanc 21 hour ago

    Migos fine

  • Nam Bin
    Nam Bin 21 hour ago

    Swear to god my plug was Vietnamese

  • MsTanya West
    MsTanya West 23 hours ago

    Takeoff went crazy

    NYA FIFER 23 hours ago

    why do migos love animals animals and circular glasses so much? (theory: hogwarts dropouts)

  • Lucky Player
    Lucky Player 23 hours ago

    Offset 🔥🔥



  • omar nova
    omar nova Day ago

    Takeoff has most of the lyrics

  • lucas schmidt
    lucas schmidt Day ago

    WU TANG CLAN >migos

  • Taylor Hughes
    Taylor Hughes Day ago

    Take of is the baddest

  • HeadShotzz12
    HeadShotzz12 Day ago +1

    Like if this in the top 3 songs in the culture album

  • Francis
    Francis Day ago

    Takeoff is my favorite dude in the team buh damn i love quavo's verse..#Lit

  • Levi Kuhn
    Levi Kuhn Day ago

    Civic gathering herself awymw suspicion intensity insist soil squeeze conversation adjustment attack finish.

  • Edgar Dib
    Edgar Dib Day ago


  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Day ago

    On my way to the gym right now

  • Jacob Boone
    Jacob Boone Day ago


  • Dóri Joci
    Dóri Joci Day ago +1

    Middle finger up fuck system

    CEZZIE BOI 2 days ago

    soundcloud.com/trillcezzie/get-to-itprodcezzie go check it out 🔥🔥

  • Ali Aljeboory
    Ali Aljeboory 2 days ago

    50% flute
    35% quavo

  • theofficialtori ok
    theofficialtori ok 2 days ago

    Yo my cousin looks like offset they even have the same hair when i first saw offset i thought my cousin

  • Vynter Storm-Helm
    Vynter Storm-Helm 2 days ago

    Check at 3:45. Clucky Mc. Huncho knows the deal.

  • Carmiya Gathrite
    Carmiya Gathrite 2 days ago


  • Carmiya Gathrite
    Carmiya Gathrite 2 days ago

    Taleoff part was lit asf to me👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  • Yannii C.
    Yannii C. 2 days ago

    does anyone here the Yeerrrr right after they say sum

  • Rickcardo Levy
    Rickcardo Levy 2 days ago

    how do i get a 8 bars from you guys

  • NeNe Thoo
    NeNe Thoo 2 days ago +1


  • Tawanda chiestder
    Tawanda chiestder 2 days ago

    This that shit,

  • Lavalle Cain
    Lavalle Cain 2 days ago


  • Abubakarr Bangura
    Abubakarr Bangura 2 days ago

    Takeoff killing shit

  • Hutsonthebeast
    Hutsonthebeast 2 days ago

    The beat go hard real talk

  • Maddison's Vlogz
    Maddison's Vlogz 2 days ago

    @2:47 ......I love migos. BUT their diamonds are either fake or very low quality. Real diamonds won't show a rainbow reflection. But I still like them either way :)

  • HI 1
    HI 1 2 days ago

    So we just gonna ignore that quavo said "chinks" but a white man can't say nigga

  • Alexandra Ackles
    Alexandra Ackles 2 days ago

    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss 'em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck 'em)

    [Verse 1: Quavo]
    Yeah, coupe is robotic, I ain't touchin' (nah, skrt)
    Lookin' at your hoe because she bustin' (ye, woo)
    Ridin' in the coupe with the wings (brrt)
    Goin' to Chi-land with them chinks (chinks)
    Percocet party, servin' fiends (perky!)
    Swear to God my plug was Vietnamese (brrt brrt brrt)
    Taliban, my drugs, wrap 'em, please (Taliban)
    Servin' all day, my gas on E (let's go)
    Thirty hollow tips in extendo (bow, thirty)
    Shadows keep wavin' by my window (woo, shadows)
    Thankin' God, he saved my life from kick doors (God!)
    Still sippin' oil, Migos Citgo (drank, gone)

    [Hook: Quavo]
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss 'em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

    [Verse 2: Offset]
    In the kitchen with a lot of white (white)
    I done fucked a lot of niggas' wife (smash)
    Make a milli, then I make it twice (M's)
    Bought that Wraith and had the ceilin' light (Wraith)
    I like a bitch with some cellulite (ooh)
    Tape a brick to her, take a flight (ooh)
    Used to ask what the lick was like (where?)
    Now I'm askin' what the Lear look like (huh?)
    Niggas copy, Mike Tyson bite (ahh-urr, ahh-urr, ahh)
    Smokin' cookie, yeah, that's dynamite (cookie, woo)
    Lamborghini, white on white (Lamborghini)
    All these diamonds, yeah, they white on white (white)
    Takin' chances, had to roll the dice (aye)
    Send my shooters, come and take your life (brrt)
    Born with it
    Count a hundred thousand start snowin' with it (hundred)
    Go and get it
    Thirty round clip tear off a arm or ligament (rrah)
    Bitch I'm O-Dog from Menace (urr)
    You trappin' hard for pennies (go)
    Hop in the frog, it's tinted (skrrt)
    Askin' the Lord, forgive me (hey)

    [Hook: Quavo]
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss 'em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

    [Verse 3: Takeoff]
    Pop me a missile (ayy)
    Take me a picture (flash)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Lit like Christmas (like Christmas)
    White like tissue (white)
    Drank too official (drank)
    Cut like scissors (cut)
    Boy got wisdom (wisdom)
    Fuckin' on vixens (smash)
    Whole gang itchin' (itch)
    Fuckin' with the wrong one, trippin'
    Thirty round extension for the tension (brrt)
    Hundred round drum, listen
    Fuck around and end up missin' (brrt)
    Get 'em knocked off for a ticket
    Have my young nigga do the sentence
    Aw man, whip up the white, Wendy
    Pick up the pipe, and she get no penny (nope)
    Rockstar livin' life, Lenny
    You can do better, never settle
    Keep a Beretta, case of the pressure (brrt)
    I tell the plug mail 'em
    Which way? Dat way, tell 'em, ayy

    [Hook: Quavo]
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss 'em (bad, woo)
    I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash)
    Middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck 'em)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha)
    Get right witcha

  • Simar
    Simar 2 days ago

    So no one's care about quavo saying chink at 0:53 but if it was an Asian saying nigga everyone would be talking about it

  • TBP
    TBP 2 days ago

    I need 2 know the names of the girls for research purposes

  • Leunamme Notwen
    Leunamme Notwen 3 days ago

    this shit is too swaggy

  • Francis Zinni
    Francis Zinni 3 days ago

    takeoff tookoff

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but I tried to stay positive but this song fucking sucks . 2m subscriber why ?

  • gugl acownt
    gugl acownt 3 days ago

    Lol this is so dumb. Pop trash but all these little boys think they're cool and hard

  • Rijk
    Rijk 3 days ago

    That grill looking like braces there quavo

  • Elistar star
    Elistar star 3 days ago

    Takeoff:suit offfset:swag Quvao:swag and suit

  • Judas Iscariot666
    Judas Iscariot666 3 days ago

    Bad & boujee : Offset
    T-shirt : Quavo
    Call casting : Takeoff
    Get right witcha : Quavo
    Slippery : Takeoff
    Gucci on my : Offset

  • Daggy Fresh
    Daggy Fresh 3 days ago

    quavo should av been the only one on that song offset and takeoff are just good with the effects...prr krr shit

  • Dargonite Tube
    Dargonite Tube 3 days ago


  • Osman Cansız
    Osman Cansız 3 days ago

    Hold up !

  • Cameran Green
    Cameran Green 3 days ago +1

    I love the migos

  • عمر الامير
    عمر الامير 3 days ago


  • Luiz Fuck you
    Luiz Fuck you 3 days ago


  • Curtis Nelson
    Curtis Nelson 3 days ago

    i like takeoff the most

  • Jesse Ringle
    Jesse Ringle 3 days ago

    Takeoff need his own album

  • Shamal Rbebi
    Shamal Rbebi 3 days ago +1


  • johnieamca
    johnieamca 3 days ago

    did i just hear my plummer was vietnamese??? :PPPP

  • nacho lo-ren
    nacho lo-ren 3 days ago

    One of my favorite songs.....period!!!!

  • Samnang T
    Samnang T 3 days ago

    2:33 Migos throwing their gang sign #gayrap

  • Sweg aholics
    Sweg aholics 3 days ago

    film in 4k pls bbs thanks

  • Shahir Adam
    Shahir Adam 3 days ago

    I like how Quavo rap and he's style! One day, i hope to be like him!

  • Robert Arce
    Robert Arce 3 days ago

    2:58 Bruh, why is Takeoff staring at Offset like that? XD

  • Dawit Hamid
    Dawit Hamid 3 days ago +1

    Migos are the best...... get right witcha I'm get witcha.......I listen this all the time

  • Riehf lyfe
    Riehf lyfe 3 days ago

    Love quavo 💗🌹

  • sicasian
    sicasian 3 days ago

    play this shit at 1.5x speed
    like some middle eastern trap or something

  • High
    High 3 days ago

    Where did Quavo get that amazing outfit with the roses on him?

  • DeathbyQueso99
    DeathbyQueso99 3 days ago


  • Sharmar Garrway
    Sharmar Garrway 3 days ago

    Lit asf

  • James Flenory
    James Flenory 4 days ago

    Somebody please tell me why these niggas go so hard?

  • Mossiah Simon
    Mossiah Simon 4 days ago

    Hi Bill but be aware the

  • jj miniman
    jj miniman 4 days ago

    Nice bruh

  • Matt Burrows
    Matt Burrows 4 days ago

    fucking pathetic, in every aspect, sad life

  • hiptothehop .!.
    hiptothehop .!. 4 days ago


  • irianalgorri
    irianalgorri 4 days ago

    mambo kingz

  • Happy Toby
    Happy Toby 4 days ago

    ▀█▄▀▄▀██████ ▀█▄▀▄▀████▀
    ▀█▄█▄███▀ ▀██▄█▄█▀

  • עידן יוגב
    עידן יוגב 4 days ago

    My hommy

  • Lepszy Swiat
    Lepszy Swiat 4 days ago

    black gypsies...

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 4 days ago


  • Snapple_Bapple 446
    Snapple_Bapple 446 4 days ago


  • Badr Music
    Badr Music 4 days ago

    Is that Rap ?

  • Y.G.N Records
    Y.G.N Records 4 days ago

    такой приятный бит аж ушы шекочит👍🏿👍🏿❤️👌🏽✌🏽

  • ShottaKenya
    ShottaKenya 4 days ago

    this that hypnotize minds 3sixmafia typa shit that make me fuk wit migos

  • queen Khalifa
    queen Khalifa 4 days ago

    get right witcha

  • queen Khalifa
    queen Khalifa 4 days ago

    get right witcha

  • otlaaadisa moremi
    otlaaadisa moremi 4 days ago

    Takeoff !!!

  • sultan hanga
    sultan hanga 4 days ago

    Offset that type of nigga who will kill U for his bitch

  • Alix Acheron
    Alix Acheron 4 days ago

    Trois bien moi c'est Alix bounjour

  • cche16
    cche16 4 days ago

    takeoff killedt that shit tho. quavo's hooks are elite.

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