DRUNK 100 Cheeseburger Challenge

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  • jerry king
    jerry king 1 day ago


  • LonaM4E
    LonaM4E 13 days ago


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 14 days ago

    So y'all were drunk and driving

  • Mete Şimşek
    Mete Şimşek 14 days ago

    jp looks like a nerdy han

  • Barnabas Forndia
    Barnabas Forndia 16 days ago +1

    "Can we have 100 Diet Cokes too?" I was dying 😂

  • Rodolfo Gomez
    Rodolfo Gomez 19 days ago

    if they are only gonna eat 12

  • Rodolfo Gomez
    Rodolfo Gomez 19 days ago

    why do they even do these challenges

  • Rodolfo Gomez
    Rodolfo Gomez 19 days ago

    jp is so weak

  • WolfyGames _33005
    WolfyGames _33005 20 days ago

    After 30 minutes and 20 seconds, JP only ate 4 cheesburgers

  • Ishan Lokhai
    Ishan Lokhai 21 day ago +1


  • BENZYT benzmcpe1234
    BENZYT benzmcpe1234 23 days ago


  • Calvin Evans
    Calvin Evans 24 days ago


  • narawit srisuntiroj
    narawit srisuntiroj 27 days ago


  • Eva Lnox
    Eva Lnox 28 days ago


  • Divishi Verma
    Divishi Verma 29 days ago

    today I noticed its hellthy not healthy

  • TJ
    TJ 29 days ago

    I would of eaten all of the, XDXD

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh 1 month ago

    100 sliders? between 3 people? pussies! wtf.

  • Dallana Cartagena
    Dallana Cartagena 1 month ago

    All together you guys eat 78

  • Sher 11
    Sher 11 1 month ago

    Jeez after this you are still alive

  • Laura Li
    Laura Li 1 month ago

    #Asian stomachs

  • Laura Li
    Laura Li 1 month ago

    You guys r crazy b**chs but so hilarious 😂

  • BeastGamer48
    BeastGamer48 1 month ago

    All these haters have no sense of humor. Also ppl needa stop hating on Julia, she's funny as hell so get out lol

  • BeastGamer48
    BeastGamer48 1 month ago

    Died when you said "tie up your grandma"

  • jordan osuna
    jordan osuna 1 month ago

    thats easy

  • Brendon Urie's biggest fan girl

    at least it wasnt Mcdonald's they would have gotten diabetes

  • chacha2047
    chacha2047 1 month ago

    Getting hungry by watching this bitch

  • Rudolph Ramirez
    Rudolph Ramirez 1 month ago

    John is a puss only eating 4

  • michael Todd
    michael Todd 1 month ago

    those are Jr. burgers do 300 woppers

  • Ban Brooks
    Ban Brooks 1 month ago +1


  • Ben Waun
    Ben Waun 1 month ago


  • Ben Waun
    Ben Waun 1 month ago


  • Ben Waun
    Ben Waun 1 month ago


  • Ben Waun
    Ben Waun 1 month ago


  • Divishi Verma
    Divishi Verma 1 month ago +1

    they bought 100 burgers but ate only 22 of them

  • Rachel Laury
    Rachel Laury 1 month ago

    clickbait be like

  • Luke Crampton
    Luke Crampton 1 month ago

    Lol, you can tell there drunck

  • Sophielive Msp
    Sophielive Msp 1 month ago

    i want to eat 100 cheese burgers no 200😂 not but really i want 100 cheese burgers

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 1 month ago


  • Gabrielle Oliveros
    Gabrielle Oliveros 1 month ago

    All these hate comments. They were just trying to have fun. They themselves didnt know how much their capacity to intake cheseburgers was. Just appreciate the video.

  • Dorian Cafarella
    Dorian Cafarella 1 month ago

    how can you get drunk off of hamburger

  • Alexandra Tholen
    Alexandra Tholen 1 month ago


  • Lynette Boast
    Lynette Boast 1 month ago

    one hundred Oreos or one hundred packet s of chips

  • Michelle Michelle
    Michelle Michelle 1 month ago +1


  • Tailed Beast
    Tailed Beast 1 month ago

    when julia running with his balloon she is so cute like a kid

  • vanoss gaming
    vanoss gaming 1 month ago

    immmmm dr unk as a saehioghei

  • egor Nye da science guy

    you should ove done it stoned

  • Tiffany Swimmer
    Tiffany Swimmer 1 month ago


  • Harley Cissna
    Harley Cissna 1 month ago

    #arisen driving

  • Robert1 Lugosi1
    Robert1 Lugosi1 1 month ago

    When you've got one hundred burgers but you keep it for ever

  • Jadyn Gavrilis
    Jadyn Gavrilis 1 month ago

    No not frunknninno

  • Rex Lim Jin Ming
    Rex Lim Jin Ming 1 month ago

    well theyre drunk. I think so XD

  • bossasin 123
    bossasin 123 1 month ago


  • Sanzid Motka
    Sanzid Motka 1 month ago

    i can eat 4 cheeseburger in 2 minutes

    RETARDED RIEFFAT 1 month ago

    I know it's make a challenge challenge

  • Dazzle Captain
    Dazzle Captain 1 month ago


  • Sandro Neves
    Sandro Neves 1 month ago +1

    Julia my dogs name is king

  • Brandon Raccio
    Brandon Raccio 1 month ago

    #mattstonie #furiouspete hahahaa plus #JPComedy w/ #PLE

  • Minty Marshmallow
    Minty Marshmallow 1 month ago

    I think I can eat one of those burgers in 2 min

  • whateverminerva
    whateverminerva 1 month ago

    jp is ugly as fuck! there i said it cant believe julia fucks him! who agrees??

  • the one 666
    the one 666 1 month ago

    heheehhe nice look hero nakamora xD no no jk jk love you guys

  • Marshmallow Lemon
    Marshmallow Lemon 2 months ago

    eating 300 ice cream scoops between 3 or 4 people ( jp, her and other people)

  • Albert Schliesleder
    Albert Schliesleder 2 months ago

    did you guys tip the BK staff?

  • Wes M
    Wes M 2 months ago

    69 cents are u for real!? 😃

  • Plopdog -
    Plopdog - 2 months ago

    Pasta men panties made me die of laughter

  • Zyhir Harris
    Zyhir Harris 2 months ago

    not only order 1 not only order 2 but order 10 really her fingers said that.

  • Ricardo Vazquez
    Ricardo Vazquez 2 months ago


  • Kredes
    Kredes 2 months ago

    cant unsee those underdeveloped teeth the girl has

  • Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson 2 months ago

    100 gheiken wings

  • Lily Dagdag
    Lily Dagdag 2 months ago

    I can watch this 100000000000000000000 times and still laugh😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Allie 1224
    Allie 1224 2 months ago

    5:39 I bet Matt Stonie could do it..

  • mirror man
    mirror man 2 months ago

    You guys are weird I like it :)

  • Zachary brown
    Zachary brown 2 months ago

    Why is she talking?

  • Jayy Kayy
    Jayy Kayy 2 months ago

    Did he really just dip his burger in his glass of water?????._.

  • John Harlan
    John Harlan 2 months ago

    JP is such a lightweight! He ate 4 little 69 cent burgers and can't eat spicy food.

  • Wut up Boiiis
    Wut up Boiiis 2 months ago

    Hot cheeto and takis challenge (50 cheeto bags ) (50 takis bags)

  • super crack
    super crack 2 months ago

    atleast it is not a mcdonlads burgers that is just really unhealthy like too

  • Patrice Johnson
    Patrice Johnson 2 months ago

    I know for a fact i could eat 100 burgers in 30 minutes at least 50, such a fat ass I AM!!!!

  • Trap boi
    Trap boi 2 months ago

    Almost 1 mil in 2017

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez
    Bullzeye101 Martinez 2 months ago

    dovall i can eat crab legs .. count em out

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez
    Bullzeye101 Martinez 2 months ago

    I'm guessing 30 total for all three uv them.

  • Bullzeye101 Martinez
    Bullzeye101 Martinez 2 months ago

    sry .. luv duh faces. .. that's the personality, i think, makes nikki m. appealing too.

    sooo effen cute .. i need a chik w/ what ever that personality iz.

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot 2 months ago

    the most drunkest video I've seen them do! 😁🤓

  • MuttFatmenson
    MuttFatmenson 3 months ago

    how drunk

  • halo
    halo 3 months ago

    DAg, what's up with the leftover burgers. I would have went 2 days without eating to kill ALL DAT !!

  • Davida Braxton
    Davida Braxton 3 months ago

    is that real meat? ,? I wonder. ..get a bucket. .yu never know. lol

  • Davida Braxton
    Davida Braxton 3 months ago

    this is so fun. its all good JP...enjoy yur food..the flava. ..lol

  • Uton Francis
    Uton Francis 3 months ago

    those subtitles murdered me😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Rendon
    Maria Rendon 3 months ago +1


  • lil almanach vlogs
    lil almanach vlogs 3 months ago


  • Atif Akhtar
    Atif Akhtar 3 months ago

    stop chatting shit

  • Ethan Wyles
    Ethan Wyles 3 months ago

    so was JP drunk driving

  • fiene hankins
    fiene hankins 3 months ago

    I would have to eat wendys or micky ds becuase i HATE bk

  • WingedWolfAJ Animation's & AnimaljamTM

    now I know were you are

  • just merva
    just merva 3 months ago

    i feel hungry watching them

  • Emilio Atilano
    Emilio Atilano 3 months ago

    Not one burger, not two burgers, but 100 (holds up 10 fingers)

  • Naomi Jaurello
    Naomi Jaurello 3 months ago

    Our special on a basic Cheeseburger is like $2

  • chloe gloeckner
    chloe gloeckner 3 months ago


  • chloe gloeckner
    chloe gloeckner 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that they did not found right

  • catia miles
    catia miles 3 months ago

    twerk challenge

  • Kazuto KIrigaya
    Kazuto KIrigaya 3 months ago

    i eat fast and it dosent hit me until 30 min later I could do it drive to the hospitable and let my last words be told you so

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