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  • Budget friendly bedroom decorating ideas! Check out our complete guest bedroom makeover on a tight budget – we were going for a chic, hotel vibe. Do you like how it turned out!? CLICK FOR LINKS AND INFO ☟ ☟ ☟

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    *I try to link what I can, if you have any other questions ask me in the comments!

    ⇒ Paint: Behr marque interior matte color Number n530-2
    ⇒ Bed go.magik.ly/ml/5gde/
    ⇒ Mattress – ghostbed
    ⇒ Mattress topper – this one is amazing we have it on the master bed amzn.to/2sCN8Wy
    ⇒ Side tables go.magik.ly/ml/5gdi/
    ⇒ Lamps go.magik.ly/ml/5gdj/
    ⇒ Pillows – TJ Maxx
    ⇒ Duvet set – hotel bedding go.magik.ly/ml/5gda/
    ⇒ Down comforter go.magik.ly/ml/5gdd/
    ⇒ Rug go.magik.ly/ml/5gdl/
    ⇒ Art prints (11”x14”) go.magik.ly/ml/5gdb/
    ⇒ Frames (size 11”x14” matted) go.magik.ly/ml/5gdc/
    ⇒ Throw blanket, tray, basket & toiletries are from Target

    ***Question for you ***
    ⇒ Do you prefer the room in GRAY or AQUA?! We’re torn!

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  • My Thrifty Glamorous Lifestyle

    I love both! But I'd go with the gray and add the aqua throw pillow for a touch of aqua

  • Jasmines JUICE
    Jasmines JUICE 2 days ago


  • isabella wilkinson
    isabella wilkinson 4 days ago


  • Emelie Borr
    Emelie Borr 5 days ago

    Grey was so beautyful!!

  • Lu Lima
    Lu Lima 5 days ago

    hahahaha i laugh so hard at the end w your husband. You can use grey for winter and aqua color for summer time.

  • Ashley Trainor
    Ashley Trainor 8 days ago

    Grey all the way!!!

  • linda fox
    linda fox 8 days ago

    Gray for sure. It looks more elegant and sophisticated

  • Tiffany Rippe
    Tiffany Rippe 9 days ago

    I love the room Gray!

  • Sophie Scholz
    Sophie Scholz 11 days ago

    I love your videos!! I'm living on my own soon and your videos are so helpful to me! 😍

  • Ally Wood
    Ally Wood 11 days ago

    I want to become a super mum just like you!!!!!!😆😆😆👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

  • Sophie Czudner
    Sophie Czudner 12 days ago

    I prefer the all grey - it has a relaxing and up-scale hotel feel!

  • underthesea098
    underthesea098 12 days ago

    Gray for winter and aqua for summer but Gray is more beautiful

  • ericathinks
    ericathinks 14 days ago


  • merryann lalla
    merryann lalla 15 days ago

    Question what kind of bra do u wear with a top like that and get good support that top is beautiful

  • Jazzie lithitmusiz
    Jazzie lithitmusiz 16 days ago

    Love this room decor! 😍😍 The bed frame and night stand is so nice. I'm currently looking for a new bed frame thinking of the one you got or check out overstock cause that is really nice. Leave it grey it stands out and can go with everything.. 💕

  • Fiqree Syamim & Partners

    Ure so pretty

  • Sabahat Zafar
    Sabahat Zafar 17 days ago

    Grey for me although both looked beautiful...the stuff u put up for your guests'use is soo thoughtful

  • Cirsten Reign Dimacuha


  • saa_nee_sa gurunglife
    saa_nee_sa gurunglife 18 days ago

    wow room is awsome

  • Aspen Bonilla
    Aspen Bonilla 18 days ago

    You should do interior decorating for sure girl!! 😍😍

  • addison verleye
    addison verleye 20 days ago


  • Kerry Sanderson
    Kerry Sanderson 20 days ago

    I think been looking for inspiration for my third bedroom thank you for the tips and the colour pallet😊😊😊

  • CNReed81
    CNReed81 21 day ago

    I love it 💗 The room looks great and a nice space to relax

  • Rebecca Fontana
    Rebecca Fontana 21 day ago

    That room is beautiful! I love that you think of all the little stuff in the room like having extra stuff there incase your guests forget things I just love that!

  • Katieepopss
    Katieepopss 21 day ago

    Beautiful bedroom ❤

  • maria igartua
    maria igartua 21 day ago

    Love the aqua, gives a hint of color tfs

  • HelpEachOtherGrow
    HelpEachOtherGrow 21 day ago

    Love your dress!!

  • Jaymes Jaymes
    Jaymes Jaymes 21 day ago

    Very nice makeover! Love it! 💜💜💜💜❤️💙💙💙💕💙💙💙💙

  • Jenna Robidoux
    Jenna Robidoux 21 day ago

    Love it!! Where's your dress from??

  • Becky Pennington
    Becky Pennington 21 day ago

    I wish i was creative enough to design rooms lol!

  • Blossom Henry
    Blossom Henry 21 day ago

    It's not so simple as the first one still is simple but it adds color I like the aqua

  • Blossom Henry
    Blossom Henry 21 day ago

    I like the aqua

  • Anna RoseLove
    Anna RoseLove 22 days ago

    Both look beautiful but I personally prefer the gray:)

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 22 days ago

    I love the gray!! Matches the house and keeps a nice theme :)

  • Lili Kokel
    Lili Kokel 25 days ago

    I love your dress from where can i buy a same onr

  • Simply Chic
    Simply Chic 26 days ago

    Love the room... Great job!!!! My vote is the aqua..

  • M D
    M D 27 days ago

    Loved this type of video! Looks like an HGTV show! ♡

  • Gallia Herrera
    Gallia Herrera 27 days ago

    Love it

  • Kenna 24
    Kenna 24 27 days ago

    I really liked the bed spread u had on in the beginning

  • Samantha Bryant
    Samantha Bryant 29 days ago

    are you going to do a master room makeover video? it's always lovely to see what inspires you and how creative you are.

  • TKLamott
    TKLamott Month ago

    Monochrome love

  • Jacquelyn Groton
    Jacquelyn Groton Month ago

    I like the aqua for summer and grey for the rest of the year. You did a great job!

  • Mz Fabulous
    Mz Fabulous Month ago

    I really like the gray!
    You did a really great job!

  • inspiredforlife
    inspiredforlife Month ago

    Grey !!

  • Nahlia's World
    Nahlia's World Month ago


  • Cheyanne Sellers
    Cheyanne Sellers Month ago

    Grey for winter, aqua for summer

  • Gabriela Lewis
    Gabriela Lewis Month ago

    Def love the gray and white!! Its like something out of a magazine!

  • Ursula Clancy
    Ursula Clancy Month ago


  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer Month ago

    wondering why you needed to downsize? is it because of carter? my bf and i have a queen and id love a bigger bed! also we have a gray/blue theme wall throughout the apartment so its nice to see how you work with that!! <3

  • Amber Robinson
    Amber Robinson Month ago


  • Debbie McColl
    Debbie McColl Month ago

    I really like just the grey one without the aqua but the aqua one is still really pretty.

  • Amy Augusto
    Amy Augusto Month ago

    Love the finished room, looks beautiful!

  • jessas gatorlove.14

    you said you had 2 guests, than do one for the first guest and one for the other.

  • Jovanna Rodriguez
    Jovanna Rodriguez Month ago


  • Kelly Beechen
    Kelly Beechen Month ago

    Beautiful room.

  • Nga Le
    Nga Le Month ago

    Differently pop of color

  • Laura Grace
    Laura Grace Month ago


  • Tia Lambert
    Tia Lambert Month ago

    Grey!! Clean, classic.

  • My 8 yr old life
    My 8 yr old life Month ago


  • Lizbetstyle
    Lizbetstyle Month ago

    Gray is my fave!

  • Tamara Deneweth
    Tamara Deneweth Month ago

    I like gray

  • Lily Unicorn
    Lily Unicorn Month ago

    I like the Aqua accents! It gives the room a little color and pop!

  • Ellen Fenton
    Ellen Fenton Month ago

    You did a beautiful job. I like the monochromatic look.

  • Elena22
    Elena22 Month ago

    Love the gray.

  • Dee Denny
    Dee Denny Month ago

    I love your videos and organizing skills...Carter is so adorable, the most happy baby I have ever seen😁. Aqua pop up!!

  • Amelia Murphy
    Amelia Murphy Month ago

    Grey version

  • cynthia green at heart

    The grey:)

  • Gabi Spurrier
    Gabi Spurrier Month ago

    l love both looks i cant decide ❤

  • Gabi Spurrier
    Gabi Spurrier Month ago

    we have the same sidetables just in another choice of wood some type of red oak or something i really like them

  • lanae1020
    lanae1020 Month ago

    Grey for sure!!

  • Loraine Mercier
    Loraine Mercier Month ago

    I really prefer the monochrome version, very hotel like!!! It's soothing for the eye!!

  • TJ B
    TJ B Month ago

    Beautiful! ❤

  • 36chinadoll
    36chinadoll Month ago

    Both are nice and I like the aqua

  • Pam in the City
    Pam in the City Month ago

    They both look good.

  • shutterbug424
    shutterbug424 Month ago


  • Savannah Forever06
    Savannah Forever06 Month ago

    I think you should have the grey for winter/fall and aqua for summer/spring

  • Michelle Stoffle
    Michelle Stoffle Month ago

    Monochromatic! I just love the luxurious spa/hotel feel I get from it!! Beautiful!

  • angelina hernandez
    angelina hernandez Month ago

    i liked the grey decor better

  • Jennifer Acevedo
    Jennifer Acevedo Month ago


  • Aria and Ezra forever

    I like the gray a lot more.

  • Nk Yang
    Nk Yang Month ago


  • April belasco
    April belasco Month ago

    I like the aqua !

  • Natalie Blevins
    Natalie Blevins Month ago

    the aqua is pretty but the grey is more relaxing when you did the grey i was auto sleepy lol

  • Tiffany Godfrey
    Tiffany Godfrey Month ago

    Monochrome for sure, I really don't like the aqua, it's too centered to the bed, it needs a touch of something small elsewhere. Go for lilac!

  • Rebecca Renus
    Rebecca Renus Month ago

    definitely like the gray one better

  • Becky T
    Becky T Month ago

    The aqua is so beautiful leave it for summer and winter use the gray

  • Hind Harris
    Hind Harris Month ago

    I like the monochromatic!
    Though I am now inspired to redo my room in aqua, grey and white!

  • Olivia Kess
    Olivia Kess Month ago

    Monochromatic looks soooo much better!!

  • lakejacqueline
    lakejacqueline Month ago


  • Crazy_Pink Lover
    Crazy_Pink Lover Month ago

    Love your videos... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Millie Cortez Palma

    Looks just great 👍🏼 love ❤️ both looks.!

  • Trinity Adkins
    Trinity Adkins Month ago +1

    do grey for one half of the year and aqua for the rest

  • Deborah Dreany
    Deborah Dreany Month ago

    I love the lamps and the prints! I agree, aqua for summer and gray for winter!

  • Caylynncat 12
    Caylynncat 12 Month ago

    Do the gray

  • Tef F
    Tef F Month ago

    In love you have a great taste . The first option is better the aqua. Is more for a room that belongs to soemone

  • fulfordfamily
    fulfordfamily Month ago

    Where did you get your earrings?

  • TianaPellewInteriors

    love the grey!

  • Nicole  Campbell
    Nicole Campbell Month ago

    I like the grey better :)

  • M A Walker
    M A Walker Month ago

    Absolutely love those faux-mercury lamps!  The textured look is so much prettier than metal in my opinion. Beautiful room in either color, and I agree with using a lesser mattress in a guest room since it's not getting nightly wear.

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