PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (American Sports Edition) | Football & Basketball Trick Shots

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  • Happy Independence Day to all our American friends! To celebrate 4th of July we’ve compiled the very best American sports trick shots from People are Awesome archive! Including basketball dunks, basketball trick shots, football field goals, football trick shots, lacrosse training, bowling and even dodge ball!

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    Title: Melano - On Fire
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  • jisun haider
    jisun haider 17 days ago

    I like this song..

  • Salisu Abdullahi
    Salisu Abdullahi 25 days ago


  • Mm Dimis
    Mm Dimis 1 month ago

    1:09 ???

  • Rashid Malick
    Rashid Malick 2 months ago

    in the laSt of video background song name please :)

  • Leon Bradić
    Leon Bradić 2 months ago

    Basketball is a European sport too

  • Luca
    Luca 3 months ago

    Matt Gibson, true legend.

  • VexJinx
    VexJinx 3 months ago

    basketball is Canadian btw....

  • Rich Piana
    Rich Piana 3 months ago

    I don't see any people here only animals (Primats) ????? Title is shi'!!!!

  • turbovelo
    turbovelo 4 months ago

    what a muffin waste :p

  • Sarah Pittenger
    Sarah Pittenger 4 months ago

    Dude perfect or Brodie smith should be in there

  • Dyonn
    Dyonn 4 months ago


  • Svensk Tjej
    Svensk Tjej 5 months ago

    outro song?

  • Alexbrine
    Alexbrine 5 months ago

    I loved the one wi the toddler

  • DeityFTW
    DeityFTW 5 months ago

    2:52 Best

  • iSaBeL
    iSaBeL 5 months ago

    I find it so funny that some people don't find these very impressive, and the only reason why is because they are Americans preforming the sport. Lmao

  • kitty face
    kitty face 5 months ago


  • The jerky shack
    The jerky shack 6 months ago

    3:33 i love myself some byu bball

  • Ismail Nejma
    Ismail Nejma 8 months ago

    That was amazing and talented people that are out there keep it up 👌👍

  • Neal Harris
    Neal Harris 8 months ago

    Some people are awesome but this music SUCKS.

  • Mindblowing_Trickshotz


  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 8 months ago

    *Opens another cheez-it*

  • Rohit B
    Rohit B 9 months ago

    people are awesome is really aaaaawwwwwweeeeessssssooooommmmmeeeeee thank u guys for making this

  • The Lordon
    The Lordon 9 months ago

    what is film on 2:45

  • Mer'ad The Eagle
    Mer'ad The Eagle 10 months ago

    i started doing freerunning and basketball trick shots =]
    and i uploaded my first video about it :D

  • Knierge
    Knierge 10 months ago

    whats the name of the song at the end?

  • Ray Boi
    Ray Boi 10 months ago

    basketball was made in canada

  • JustANormalGuy
    JustANormalGuy 10 months ago

    Me doing lacrosse trickshots? Haha yeah right.

  • Kerby Vickery
    Kerby Vickery 10 months ago

    that flip was dope af

  • TheHappyHopper
    TheHappyHopper 10 months ago

    I call hax on that bowling one

  • adnan ad
    adnan ad 11 months ago

    gay music hurts my brain

  • Jeremy Tran
    Jeremy Tran 11 months ago

    Um basketball was made in Canada and lacrosse is the Canadian national sport

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl 11 months ago

    Whats the first song?

  • 7o 7
    7o 7 11 months ago

    People are Balls

  • Enrique Jacobo
    Enrique Jacobo 11 months ago


  • Damon Edwyn
    Damon Edwyn 11 months ago

    Dodgeball is not originally American as it originated in Germany (Völkerball) and American Football has its origins in Rugby, which is British; hell, even Canadian Football is older than American Football... . -.-°

  • squid slayer2000
    squid slayer2000 11 months ago

    At least 2 were dp

  • Qizot
    Qizot 11 months ago

    How do you call this game with weird sticks and baseball's ball?

    • Qizot
      Qizot 11 months ago

      +f4lcon yep thank you so much :)

    • f4lcon
      f4lcon 11 months ago

      ya mean lacrosse?

  • Rens Verheij
    Rens Verheij 11 months ago


  • AncientPurpleDragon
    AncientPurpleDragon 11 months ago

    Look at all the white people scoring the baskets. That's because blacks aren't very good at basketball I think.

    • Maud G
      Maud G 11 months ago

      Black people are, there are no differents. Black people are even good al white people

  • Daniel Lam
    Daniel Lam 11 months ago

    This is like a copy cat version of dude perfect

  • jamie b
    jamie b 11 months ago

    But La Cross is an Canadian thing.

  • Sneha M
    Sneha M 11 months ago

    very gud...yar.khupch bhari.lay bhari...

  • alexandru alexandru
    alexandru alexandru 11 months ago


  • Veloc ipede
    Veloc ipede 11 months ago

    2:15, the next Michael jordan

  • People are Awesome
    People are Awesome 11 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone, check out our new video Yoga Ball Tricks & Flips:

  • Max Maas
    Max Maas 11 months ago


  • shannel Lindsay
    shannel Lindsay 11 months ago

    haters will think it's fake

  • It's xLinKsy
    It's xLinKsy 11 months ago


  • Mohammad Mamoud
    Mohammad Mamoud 11 months ago

    damn right people are awesome

  • muchtoohard
    muchtoohard 11 months ago

    the dodgeball one at 2:45 thooooo. other guy was stunned couldnt even try to catch the ball

  • Robin Wood
    Robin Wood 11 months ago

    Holy shit!

  • achraf sscN
    achraf sscN 11 months ago

    3:05 FAIIIIIL

  • Jpandaj Pogi
    Jpandaj Pogi 11 months ago

    What is this dude perfect?

  • Marco Wyatt
    Marco Wyatt 11 months ago

    and Dude Perfect

  • Jared Springer
    Jared Springer 11 months ago

    I laughed so hard at the baby, that was hilarious

  • Hunter Johno
    Hunter Johno 11 months ago

    Guy in the pool. Calm down its in a pool..

  • Meanie Head
    Meanie Head 11 months ago

    wow, those LaCrosse tricks are amazing said no one ever!!!!

  • tyler cronley
    tyler cronley 11 months ago


  • Freddie Wilkinson
    Freddie Wilkinson 11 months ago

    DNA I like the result vislently will

  • Domas Dubnikovas
    Domas Dubnikovas 11 months ago

    basketball is global sport but nice vid :D

  • Alcoholrick
    Alcoholrick 11 months ago


  • Gabriel Nadeau
    Gabriel Nadeau 11 months ago

    Basketball, baseball and lacross a re canadian sports...

    • Prob CM
      Prob CM 11 months ago

      It says american and Canada is located in North America...

    • Gabriel Nadeau
      Gabriel Nadeau 11 months ago


  • Malte Møldrup
    Malte Møldrup 11 months ago

    Hvad laver du

  • marco paoluzzi
    marco paoluzzi 11 months ago

    2:45 wow Just wow

  • Bro omg
    Bro omg 11 months ago

    Is a baby dunking in a small net awsome ?

  • Jack from Unbox Therapy

    Beep beep beeep

  • Tommy Northwood
    Tommy Northwood 11 months ago

    Florida U.S.A. !!!

  • The Best
    The Best 11 months ago

    Should be titled "White people do things only black people are supposed to do"

    • Dirt Riding
      Dirt Riding 11 months ago

      +Rodrigo El chido-"niegh I do English good!"

    • Pogboom The best
      Pogboom The best 11 months ago

      Wtf are you saying you are so stupid racist of shit

  • Colby Tyler
    Colby Tyler 11 months ago


  • Connor Slade
    Connor Slade 11 months ago

    It said American sports

  • Anthony Guzman
    Anthony Guzman 11 months ago

    Who's the guy at 0:35

  • Mike J
    Mike J 11 months ago

    gives me chills, the human mind is so powerful yet so many of us waste it.

  • PotatoHeadGamer
    PotatoHeadGamer 11 months ago

    My favorite dunk has to be the baby's

  • Dom956
    Dom956 11 months ago

    every time I see a comment from a person that's never been in the USA and says were all fat I just send him a link of this video and call em a dumbass

  • Vision
    Vision 11 months ago

    Song choice sucks

  • Connor Slade
    Connor Slade 11 months ago

    Basketball was invented by a Canadian lacrosse and hockey to also soccer is euro

    • Dom956
      Dom956 11 months ago

      like in america

    • Dom956
      Dom956 11 months ago

      he meant the usa

  • Connor Slade
    Connor Slade 11 months ago

    Soccer basketball lacrosse and hockey should not be in there if it's American

  • Tyler Peterson
    Tyler Peterson 11 months ago

    1:29 -I hate it when I just have to hold the ball, that guy is crazy

  • Evil Carnage
    Evil Carnage 11 months ago

    1:13 White LeBron

  • Kausing Many Crimes 11x13C

    :34 his face tho

  • Joe v
    Joe v 11 months ago

    this video was lame

  • YourLocalCancerShop
    YourLocalCancerShop 11 months ago

    "People are awesome". Yeah say that too all the Trump supporters, Hillary supporters, people in the Pokemon GO fanbase, feminists, and bronies.

  • Patrick McGavin
    Patrick McGavin 11 months ago

    What type of flip is the one at 2:44

  • Tariq Mahmood
    Tariq Mahmood 11 months ago


  • Alpine Racer Kilo
    Alpine Racer Kilo 11 months ago

    basketball is Canadian

  • Nathan Poole
    Nathan Poole 11 months ago

    Brush hardware climb increasing cholesterol

  • LuckyThree Leaf
    LuckyThree Leaf 11 months ago

    Are they aware that basketball is a Canadian originated sport??

    • TheRealMcCoy
      TheRealMcCoy 11 months ago

      Canadian born, American citizen, developed in the USA.

  • Tim diersing
    Tim diersing 11 months ago

    1:29 looks like mike trap from collage humor and 3:07 is black Arnold

  • Reckless Cheazy
    Reckless Cheazy 11 months ago

    wach out dude pefect

  • VoltageFlare
    VoltageFlare 11 months ago

    I thought Roman atwood was the thumbnail

  • Georgie George
    Georgie George 11 months ago


  • Nadine Wirsing
    Nadine Wirsing 11 months ago

    WHAT THE HELL this guy at 0.30 just looks like my dad (well dad has no tatoos... but everything else oO) that's sooooo creepy right now

  • Jessie Gamez
    Jessie Gamez 11 months ago

    Basketball was made in the U.S.A by a Canadian man. So it's an American sport since it was made in U.S.A. You can say it was made by Canada but it's better to just say "A Canadian man made basketball in U.S territory."

  • Lax Bro
    Lax Bro 11 months ago

    matt gibson 👌

  • Gaming Maniac
    Gaming Maniac 11 months ago

    0:24 R.I.P cupcakes 😭

  • Artur Staniec
    Artur Staniec 11 months ago

    hardest part? not making an expression you're happy as fuck for pulling this off

  • Snoopy WaThElSe
    Snoopy WaThElSe 11 months ago

    abbonirt mich bitte

  • jmen8888
    jmen8888 11 months ago

    On Fire, by Melano

  • Piepottys
    Piepottys 11 months ago

    basketball is a Canadian sport

  • Best of House Music TV
    Best of House Music TV 11 months ago

    Why isnt there Frisbee

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