Minimal Beat - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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  • Harry Levan Hart
    Harry Levan Hart 4 days ago

    Luxemburg, I was there:3

  • Alex Andrade
    Alex Andrade 5 days ago

    eres la mejor....

  • Mammonocalypse
    Mammonocalypse 6 days ago

    Fun fact, I asked Lindsey which of her music videos was the hardest to edit (this was a few years ago) and I listed Elements, Stars Align, or Minimal Beat. She replied "Minimal Beat by far haha!"

  • David McGuire
    David McGuire 7 days ago

    WOW!!! Lindsey, you're truly a world renown phenomena and such an inspiration to the world! I see you in this video bring hope to those who have none, and i hope and pray you continue to pass along your legacy! <3 BTW you are very beautiful, dont ever think or let anyone tell you less. : )

  • panda com
    panda com 7 days ago


  • 927 Playing Channel
    927 Playing Channel 8 days ago

    If you come to Thailand I will definitely go to your concert.

  • Betsabe Goldstein
    Betsabe Goldstein 11 days ago

    Gracias por ese estilo tan único que nos hace sentir algo inexplicable. THANKS

  • Jacek Roda
    Jacek Roda 18 days ago

    Where is Poland Flag

  • vane tag
    vane tag 22 days ago

    I love you lindsey are very pretty and you have a great talent, but I have a question, when visit mexico?

  • Woody Woody
    Woody Woody 24 days ago

    I feel I have missed out. It took me until this year to discover and enjoy Lindsey's awesomeness. I could have had a couple of more years of experiencing the joy she brings me witnessing her sharing her talent and soul.

  • FishNugget 501
    FishNugget 501 28 days ago


  • Marcelo Kozuka
    Marcelo Kozuka 1 month ago

    When will you come to Brazil?

  • Mariusz Kowalczyk
    Mariusz Kowalczyk 1 month ago

    Zapraszam do POLSKI ! Kraju największych wojowników ! ;)

  • 불쌍한수
    불쌍한수 1 month ago


  • sowa sowiasta
    sowa sowiasta 1 month ago

    Polish when?

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 1 month ago


  • Mauricio Alban
    Mauricio Alban 1 month ago


  • Tobias Gehret
    Tobias Gehret 1 month ago +1

    ich bin ein großer Fan von dir. ich liebe es

  • Raimond Dominguez
    Raimond Dominguez 1 month ago

    Te esperamos en España!!😘😘🍻

  • Lourdes Davila
    Lourdes Davila 2 months ago

    tienes perro sino se pone furiosos:v

  • Yaya Yhea
    Yaya Yhea 2 months ago


  • Luis Duarte
    Luis Duarte 2 months ago +1

    who are the people who don't like her she is an absolute beautiful artist and a lovely person

  • Art Case
    Art Case 2 months ago

    I noticed Cathedrals among your locations, is one of them Notre Dame?

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 2 months ago

    I can't believe how many dislikes she has on this video.. Positives way out way, but even still someone playing there heart out.... Talented

  • Carola Rosas
    Carola Rosas 2 months ago

    eres muy buena tocando violin

  • Venomwoodstalker
    Venomwoodstalker 2 months ago

    This is probably my favorite song of yours next to Shatter Me.

  • My main is Kid Cobra go away Min Min


  • Icecream Izzy
    Icecream Izzy 2 months ago

    zzthe people that get to meet you are soooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't even know how lucky they are.

  • Dave V
    Dave V 2 months ago

    We need to Identify and Monitor the people who Disliked this!

  • unitato_masta
    unitato_masta 2 months ago


  • Irracho 39
    Irracho 39 2 months ago

    You put a lot , a lot effort in this video, thank you Lindsey

  • Cristian Pacheco
    Cristian Pacheco 2 months ago

    la mejor violinista

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 2 months ago

    dem editing skills tho

  • Chris Macolley
    Chris Macolley 2 months ago

    such a beautiful song have always loved it and the video very nicely done

  • Elizabeth Crockett
    Elizabeth Crockett 2 months ago

    That moment when you wish you were her

  • Emerald Ryder
    Emerald Ryder 2 months ago

    best travel vlog ever

  • Natasha Beeman
    Natasha Beeman 2 months ago

    Hey Lindsey, how long does it take you to make your own songs? How often do you practice? How long have you been playing the violin? Could you give us a small tutorial on how to play certain notes?

  • Ahmed Lotfy
    Ahmed Lotfy 3 months ago

    come to egypt please

  • TheGigalex
    TheGigalex 3 months ago

    Great at the cathedral in Milan, Italy

  • Bryan Xavier Mora Delgado

    lindsey i love your music you have to visit Ecuador ♥

  • Марія Мринська

    Вітання з України !!!

  • nicu Trincu
    nicu Trincu 3 months ago

    imi place enorm, sei forti

  • TeemUltimate
    TeemUltimate 3 months ago

    i wish i could thumbs up twice

    AKATSUKI KYO 3 months ago

    good job lindesy is amazing

  • Junio Indiara
    Junio Indiara 3 months ago

    Faltou a Bandeira do Brasil...

  • николай куликов

    браво из россии!

  • -R.
    -R. 3 months ago

    The most rad video I've ever seen.

  • Motion Block
    Motion Block 3 months ago

    1:23 Is that Lindsey's sister????

    • Motion Block
      Motion Block 3 months ago

      Brooke! Thank you, I wasn´t sure of her name

    • mamks64
      mamks64 3 months ago

      Yes, one of her sisters - Brooke

  • Gillian Alexandra
    Gillian Alexandra 4 months ago

    How could anyone dislike this video? It's so awesome! The places, the people, the sites, it's amazing.

  • Tee
    Tee 4 months ago

    přijedeš do ČR

    KINGCOVE 1 4 months ago


  • deni eroglan
    deni eroglan 4 months ago

    I only recently discovered you through Pandora T ^ T why didn't I find your music sooner. So talented and full of energy <3 keep up the awesome work.

  • 이종건
    이종건 4 months ago

    cool video, cool music, haunted immediately

  • Łukasz Mews
    Łukasz Mews 4 months ago

    Lindsey this is frickin awesome... love u too bits

  • Károly Varga
    Károly Varga 4 months ago

    This is my second fauvorite track after Electric Daisy Violin.How did you feel like in Budapest?I missed the concert,but seem great on videos.

  • TaxAccounting
    TaxAccounting 4 months ago


  • Alexandra Vlad
    Alexandra Vlad 4 months ago

    You are amazing and the best.I love you😘😘😘😚😚😚😍😍😍😍

  • Serenity Jamison
    Serenity Jamison 4 months ago

    Can you come to GA

  • Polina - Spring
    Polina - Spring 4 months ago +1

    когда Lindsey Stirling приедет в Россию!? ещё раз!!! пожалуйста!!! В ТОМСК!!!!!ОЧЕНЬ ПРОШУ!!!!ОБОЖАЮ ЕЁ МУЗЫКУ!!!

  • Fiorella Torres Azofeifa

    Are you thinking about coming to Costa Rica?

  • пайкер
    пайкер 4 months ago

    ты мне нравишся я тебя только и слушаю привет с РАССИ

  • Hannah Gibb
    Hannah Gibb 4 months ago

    Lindsey you are so talented, and this video is so cool!

  • Nathan Harmon
    Nathan Harmon 4 months ago

    I saw that Korean drum dancing in there

  • rafael canul
    rafael canul 4 months ago

    es la mejor que e escuchado

  • Art Case
    Art Case 4 months ago

    Is that the Cathedral of Notre Dame?

  • the kingod77
    the kingod77 4 months ago

    no words can express her internal nor external beauty ..she made me rethink the concept of perfection not existing.. she's simply fabulous

  • Erize Wrize
    Erize Wrize 4 months ago

    As a violinist my self she is my idol

  • Maren Thomsen
    Maren Thomsen 4 months ago


  • Josef Frühauf
    Josef Frühauf 4 months ago

    Gotta lova greenscreen. Exquisitely well done music though, keep it up!

  • Panda _ Minium
    Panda _ Minium 4 months ago

    She got to snuggle a koala no fair!

  • kurai shourai
    kurai shourai 5 months ago

    Amsterdam ^_^

  • Mühafaka
    Mühafaka 5 months ago

    best commercial ever! :) ... non-invasive ending learning/teaching gizmos.. :)

  • Miranda Bean
    Miranda Bean 5 months ago

    This must've taken so long to make! It's amazing and I love everything about it! The music, the video and you! You inspire the world with your music. You're so pretty, smart, talented and sweet. I'm glad you decided to use your gift in such an amazing way and I hope you continue to play your music.

  • Grayson McC
    Grayson McC 5 months ago

    I'm definitely subscribing, loved this song.

  • Алекс Бикул
    Алекс Бикул 5 months ago +1

    Only because you're in it,
    I am ready to pardon
    this terrible world.

  • Jediael7
    Jediael7 5 months ago

    It's videos like this where the musician smiles while their music is played, that happy attitude comes to mind again now when i hear this, i smile, and when i smile listening to her music in the streets, it resonates smiles on others. Keep smiling Lindsey. :)

  • Edje v
    Edje v 5 months ago

    your totaly amazing. i like to marry you, pls don't say no :-)

  • Sylv GI
    Sylv GI 5 months ago

    I just discovered your music by chance on youtube. This is really good. I love, lively and rhythmic melodies. I think that if you go back to France for a concert I will buy tickets to come see you play

  • EL canal de ricky
    EL canal de ricky 5 months ago

    Me encanto su vídeo así como la canción

  • Patrik
    Patrik 5 months ago

    Please you visit Slowakia please I'm Nina I too play the violin you please teach me please

  • Gökhan Can
    Gökhan Can 5 months ago

    why is there any Turkey's fllag in video?

  • John Man
    John Man 5 months ago

    come in Romanian pleaseeee

  • yack hudson
    yack hudson 6 months ago

    cant help to listen to it

    LEo HAJNY 6 months ago

    Kommst du auch auf Austria

  • drylooped
    drylooped 6 months ago

    I guess this proves that Lindsay rocks no matter where she goes in the world.

  • Axel arechiga
    Axel arechiga 6 months ago

    this video is freaking cool!

  • Sascha Weigler
    Sascha Weigler 6 months ago

    Ich glaub ich hab mich verliebt 😍😍😍😍 klasse Frau.

  • Bad Bullet
    Bad Bullet 6 months ago


  • jffrats
    jffrats 6 months ago

    Simply adorable. I love her smile.

  • Zahral Zear
    Zahral Zear 6 months ago

    so so so so so so so so so so beutiful you are kuit lindsey

  • ayla cereja
    ayla cereja 6 months ago

    falto a bandeira do Brasil :C

  • Ambar Rivera
    Ambar Rivera 6 months ago

    1:46 Violin maintenance, super important... I just might try this method of rosining the bow, instead of rubbing the rosin on the bow, run the bow on the rosin!

  • Slodki Ksieciunio
    Slodki Ksieciunio 6 months ago

    love :)

  • Evie Green
    Evie Green 6 months ago +2

    The only city I recognized was London.

  • Cristtina LA
    Cristtina LA 6 months ago

    When Spain? T_T

  • Kailee Walden
    Kailee Walden 6 months ago +1

    I'm not the biggest fan of the song, but I really love this video. It's one of Lindsey's coolest, most ambitious videos to date!

  • isaac akino
    isaac akino 7 months ago

    Hola reina eres la mejor un abrazo desde Barcelona

  • Jane Arkensaw
    Jane Arkensaw 7 months ago

    I do not know but I would like to meet: 3

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