How To Be A College Student

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  • The Real C5
    The Real C5 7 hours ago

    What does the white sock mean?

  • Christina Moore
    Christina Moore Day ago

    philosophy major working at McDonalds, lol, so true so true:)

  • creations of my own bored mind 121

    I'm the 999th comment, I feel special.

  • Akeolo
    Akeolo 2 days ago

    Why the fuck would you take 12 courses

  • Jackie Carson
    Jackie Carson 3 days ago

    Underwater basket weaving is my CITY!!

  • nazcret22
    nazcret22 5 days ago

    Fuck a teacher.

    MATT CHOI 5 days ago

    Is this video recorded at Langara college? Looks like the background is Langara..

  • Mark-Angelo Famularcano

    Oh the pamphlets, so many

  • Silver Hetch
    Silver Hetch 8 days ago

    I thought this video was new XD its still up to date ...

  • Eiffelwurm
    Eiffelwurm 10 days ago

    Now I'm prepared I guess...

  • Giancarlo Aguirre
    Giancarlo Aguirre 11 days ago

    "The suprise attack" hahahaha

  • Kedil Dil
    Kedil Dil 14 days ago

    This seems more fun than after highschool life in malaysia

  • Munthegun
    Munthegun 15 days ago

    High on Life!

  • Sreehari
    Sreehari 15 days ago

    All covered except, " kill yourself ".

  • Rihitzapizza
    Rihitzapizza 16 days ago

    In part 20 you foregot about the middle finger move

  • Yury Pereira
    Yury Pereira 16 days ago

    This is so accurate

  • Its Apop!
    Its Apop! 19 days ago

    Ok I'm going to grade 7 and I immediately pick jock for college😂

  • Lavnya Bist
    Lavnya Bist 20 days ago


  • Nicky GrandCasa
    Nicky GrandCasa 22 days ago

    After 8 years of doing my bachelor's, this pretty much sums it up !!

  • Eric Harding
    Eric Harding 23 days ago

    U guys should do snowboarding

  • FSFA Films
    FSFA Films 24 days ago

    xDDDD mastrubation scedual sorry my spelling is bad

  • Selena Mai
    Selena Mai 26 days ago

    ... can someone tell me what the sock on the door means?

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano 26 days ago

    Lol Philosophy Major

  • Clorox is Gay
    Clorox is Gay 27 days ago

    how to be a college student
    -go to college, idiot

  • Cassandra Osborne
    Cassandra Osborne 29 days ago

    You forgot "spend so much paying tuition that you're forced to live in your parents basement"

  • MetaNomad
    MetaNomad Month ago

    You missed the advice on how to handle your future life of debt-slavery.

  • Jareth the Goblin King

    Do people actually have sex in college stairwells?

  • Berwyn Hau
    Berwyn Hau Month ago

    This is retarded but the sleep and courses is true, I'm pretty smart, but not like top 10% of my class and I barely get any sleep and take hard classes, I can't wait for college, I'm gonna be that guy with 12 courses who hasn't slept for 4 weeks lol

  • Nour Samih
    Nour Samih Month ago

    this is geniusly accurate hahah

  • Sarathy Kanathasan
    Sarathy Kanathasan Month ago

    fuck uoft

  • Gabriela del Mar
    Gabriela del Mar Month ago

    How to be a college student: Go to college

  • Georgina Montinola
    Georgina Montinola Month ago

    Haha good to know im not alone

  • bentley
    bentley Month ago

    You missed: "Thanksgiving break? Cash me in Barbados. I'll be busy in New Zealand for winter break, sorry. Yeah... already planned spring break. See you in Maldives?"

  • Zahra Aljamrii
    Zahra Aljamrii Month ago

    College sounds fun..?

  • Javier Alejandro Castillo Ponce

    Be broke forever

  • Rational Eye
    Rational Eye Month ago

    Is college the same thing as university? I'm starting my Bachelor of Science soon and I don't want it to look like this shit. I threw up bc of this vid.

  • NatopowerGaming
    NatopowerGaming Month ago +1

    "Yo, you guys gotta try this ice cream!"

  • ThatAwkwardGirl
    ThatAwkwardGirl Month ago

    4:18 this is what we learn in 11th grade where i live.

  • Nezahualcóyotl _
    Nezahualcóyotl _ Month ago

    Wot 26 meens?

  • Kabuzzo Akawara
    Kabuzzo Akawara Month ago

    you guys deserve more subs

  • MrDiesel
    MrDiesel Month ago

    you missed HvZ

  • Instant Entertainment

    Broken Printer is so true dying

  • Ian Chambers
    Ian Chambers Month ago

    Haha, do you know where the library is

  • zzMjRzz
    zzMjRzz Month ago

    dying😂 so true

  • 47TUNE Productions
    47TUNE Productions Month ago

    "The counter pamphlet" lmfao i died there

  • OceanBlue
    OceanBlue Month ago

    Why do the Chinese students always overload themselves with too many courses?

  • Isabelle Meow
    Isabelle Meow Month ago

    am I the only one that doesn't know what that white cloth on the doorknob means

    • MidnaAzusa
      MidnaAzusa Month ago

      I wasn't sure until I actually went to college. It's basically a "Do Not Disturb" sign, if you catch my drift.

  • The Podian
    The Podian Month ago

    *pause video*
    *google "does starbucks sell coffee in a box"*

  • geovanni student
    geovanni student Month ago

    Not cool man..

  • TheMcMater
    TheMcMater Month ago

    this is accurate for me, I'm in grade 9 though

  • Angelyn Thean
    Angelyn Thean Month ago

    so true

  • Stef Berkenbos
    Stef Berkenbos Month ago

    7 hours sleep is normal

  • What A Day To Be Gay
    What A Day To Be Gay 2 months ago

    "I haven't slept in four weeks." I feel personally attacked by this relatable content

  • Dead droid
    Dead droid 2 months ago +1

    i saw that person using the same book which i was said to buy last semester 😨😱

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane 2 months ago

    You forgot freshmen 15

  • Queen Diana
    Queen Diana 2 months ago

    no college in Germany lol

  • Daisy Squires
    Daisy Squires 2 months ago

    This isn't even a joke, I just graduated uni and since reading week (in February) to the end of the year, I literally only wore sweatpants

  • Benny Teo
    Benny Teo 2 months ago

    haha, this perfectly describe my life right now!

  • dark tnt
    dark tnt 2 months ago

    im college student yet i dont understand​ what 4:03 means????????? can anyone plzz tell me

  • Henry Kozak
    Henry Kozak 2 months ago

    You forgot instead to study watch YouTube for 7 hours straight instead of studying or doing homework

  • Binary Records
    Binary Records 2 months ago

    The "on the phone works EVERYTIME"

  • Penguin Leader
    Penguin Leader 2 months ago

    hmm you forgot being broke. like not food wise. I mean dirt poor and calling home

  • Nuke Riders
    Nuke Riders 2 months ago

    Smoke weed

  • SwissRoll Otaku
    SwissRoll Otaku 2 months ago

    What does the sock mean?

  • Richard Xu
    Richard Xu 2 months ago

    Who stopped at 4:50 to check the questions?

  • Dennis De la Mara
    Dennis De la Mara 2 months ago

    Yea collage isn't for me.

  • Allan
    Allan 2 months ago

    that's cool. I'm from Brazil. I liked you guys at the first videos, and their contents as well. Pretty cool, nice. Congrats. So, by the way, that's good, I have loved it. Sometimes I wonder where could I find the good English Channel to practice my English though of being hard doing it

  • Olivia Hahner
    Olivia Hahner 2 months ago

    i thought they said tripping on marshmallows

  • Ghost Hunter
    Ghost Hunter 2 months ago

    Cllege now sounds fun to me...

  • Ori's Stories
    Ori's Stories 2 months ago

    "Underwater basket weaving" hahaha

  • Pradeep Nayak
    Pradeep Nayak 2 months ago

    step 18 👍

  • Gmhanson Games
    Gmhanson Games 3 months ago

    You missed the roman that you live of of

  • Cameron Ealey
    Cameron Ealey 3 months ago

    7 hours of sleep I'm in year 9 and I still don't get that kind of sleep

  • Wilder Taype
    Wilder Taype 3 months ago +1

    1:24 , :D

  • Mariah Thompson
    Mariah Thompson 3 months ago

    Aww, come on I thought this was real...I just graduated highschool and I need some help...

  • omgubler
    omgubler 3 months ago

    I watched this video last summer and didn't believe like half of it. I just finished my first year yesterday and I can relate so much now.

  • MrLegendary0ne
    MrLegendary0ne 3 months ago

    My own tip: your school's arboretum/ botanical garden is a great place to make out because no one goes over there ;)

  • TH_Shizz
    TH_Shizz 3 months ago

    Drink coffee until heart stroke hits you.

  • Burnt
    Burnt 3 months ago


  • spottedstar1123
    spottedstar1123 3 months ago

    1. apply to a college
    2. if accepted, then enroll in attend said college
    congrats! you are now a college student!

  • Boni4 Real
    Boni4 Real 3 months ago

    Don't forget the one who fails in first year so he gives up(me)

  • MrDogFood YourMum
    MrDogFood YourMum 3 months ago

    masturbating in class

  • Bay Bay
    Bay Bay 3 months ago

    Hate that one kid that ALWAYS seems to have something to say about the lecture and never puts their hand down..

  • MegaMaxclan
    MegaMaxclan 3 months ago

    what does it mean to put a sock on the handle???

  • tim hortons
    tim hortons 3 months ago +1

    in america*

  • Ruben Schyßler
    Ruben Schyßler 3 months ago

    To all americans: Please shave your armpits!

  • DJ McCarthy
    DJ McCarthy 3 months ago

    When you go to a Christian College and relate to none of these.....but at the same time the sexual ones still apply

  • TheJakobe00
    TheJakobe00 3 months ago

    If u complain about more than 4 hours of sleep gtfo

  • casher
    casher 3 months ago


  • Sebizzar
    Sebizzar 3 months ago +1

    Watching this as I'm not in college and not getting to experience anything (no matter how awful it may be) really makes me feel alone.

  • Nefertiti Montoya
    Nefertiti Montoya 4 months ago

    Ah UBC. Watching this at the beginning of first year and then again at the end. Haha

  • EllaBella
    EllaBella 4 months ago

    2:10 is basically all my friends

  • Anne  Chua
    Anne Chua 4 months ago

    what is step 26???
    the sock on knob one?

  • Peenguine
    Peenguine 4 months ago

    1:53 HAHA

  • isaac10231
    isaac10231 4 months ago

    1 year in and this is stupidly accurate.

  • Decent
    Decent 4 months ago

    this is awesome, I liked the rugby part.

  • Paisley Johnson
    Paisley Johnson 4 months ago

    they forgot the introvert that hides in their apt and glares at everyone

  • The Gadsden Snake
    The Gadsden Snake 4 months ago

    Philosophy Major lmao

  • ♆ Satan ♆
    ♆ Satan ♆ 4 months ago

    I hate how stupid true these all are. Especially the thing about the first friend you make will either be your best friend or mortal enemy thing. Because my best friends became my mortal enemy by the end of my first year. It was wild.

  • 0 32
    0 32 4 months ago

    How To Be A College Student: become a whiny, safe space, little fucking crybaby bitch.

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