Gotta See It: Maple Leafs lose after questionable offside review

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  • Yellow Star Gaming
    Yellow Star Gaming 24 days ago

    Good goal.

  • Amy van der Westhuizen
    Amy van der Westhuizen 3 months ago

    sexual anybody identify smarter this casf?

  • Sheldon Farley
    Sheldon Farley 5 months ago

    problem is that Panarin draws the puck back past the blue line to make the pass to Hartman, looks like he's offside. believe rule 83 (or something like that) states that player can essentially put himself offside if he's in full control of the puck, and no doubt Panarin was. looks like the right call to me

  • Dennis
    Dennis 5 months ago

    Only you homers at Sportsnet would call that questionable.

  • taytayrmorton
    taytayrmorton 5 months ago

    Pause a 0:44 it's blatantly offside lol. There's either a lot of biased Hawks fans in the comments or a lot of blind/uninformed people

  • theSkyFilms
    theSkyFilms 5 months ago

    It looked like he made the pass before the puck completely crossed the blue line (if you check the blue line camera) he made the pass when it was half in the NZ and half on the blue line

  • Joshua McKenzie
    Joshua McKenzie 5 months ago

    100% Onside No Question

  • vinyl79
    vinyl79 5 months ago

    The offside rule is stupid. If both skates are in before the puck, no matter what, should be offside !

  • soaringbullet
    soaringbullet 5 months ago

    Nothing questionable about it

  • Post2Post
    Post2Post 5 months ago

    Those Jerseys though :)

  • TheCanadianSkillz
    TheCanadianSkillz 5 months ago

    The rule is super weird, they need to re-write if. Obviously in this case it's a good goal but the rule is still very strange.

  • Sod Laflare
    Sod Laflare 5 months ago

    Gotta see it maple leafs lose but won't upload any goals from habs vs sens game

    • Avery Tatavitto
      Avery Tatavitto 5 months ago

      Sod Laflare Eh, the Leafs get more clicks. I mean, you're here

  • Kristy7226
    Kristy7226 5 months ago +1

    It isn't questionable. Panarin had control of the puck. Not offsides. Hawks win. End of story.

  • Richard Harder
    Richard Harder 5 months ago

    WOW that's offside no doubt. 0.25 speed from 0:43 to 0:46. It's as clear as day.

    • ChiBearsFan2354
      ChiBearsFan2354 5 months ago

      Richard Harder Several people have linked to them in the comment section of this video. Take a look at the top comment and you'll find it. Or just look them up yourself...

    • Richard Harder
      Richard Harder 5 months ago

      please show me the rules.

    • ChiBearsFan2354
      ChiBearsFan2354 5 months ago

      That's not what the rules say though. The puck carrier was onside, so therefore the play was onside. He cannot make himself, or the play more importantly, offside by passing it.

    • Richard Harder
      Richard Harder 5 months ago

      he didn't maintain possession before the puck crossed the blue line. Pause on 0:44. That's offside

  • Johnny
    Johnny 5 months ago

    That was offside but it doesn't really matter cause the Leafs would of just lost in the shootout like always. You can't pass the puck from the neutral zone to another player while you are already passed the blue line.

  • MrOrigins115
    MrOrigins115 5 months ago

    No Goal.

    The puck left the Chicago Players stick prior to it entering the zone (fully crossing the blue line) thus putting the player who was passing it in an offside position because he is now across the blue line before the puck.

    If the Chicago player had held the puck for another second, but him and the puck would've been in the zone.

    I understand that you can skate backwards into the zone and not be called offside as long as you have control of the puck. That's why this is offside because the puck left the Chicago Players stick (making him no longer in control of the puck) before it entered the zone.

  • Elmo
    Elmo 5 months ago

    i think this is "questionable" only because its against hockey capital Toronto

  • Trenton Pombert
    Trenton Pombert 5 months ago +1

    What are those jerseys? Your one day late Toronto.

  • George Boccanfuso
    George Boccanfuso 5 months ago

    Ouzer it may be offside if he passed/lost control outside the blueline. I hate to say but he passed it on the blueline which makes it onside.

  • Fabio Ventresca
    Fabio Ventresca 5 months ago

    Forget about this goal, what about that missed too many men on the ice call?

  • FMM8
    FMM8 5 months ago

    I'm a Hawks fan and I can admit that was an offside, but what can you do. #HAWKSWIN

  • yoan yergeau
    yoan yergeau 5 months ago

    you wont fool me by changing your shirts and team name ...

    Losers Even After FIFTY Seasons!!!

    • Avery Tatavitto
      Avery Tatavitto 5 months ago

      +StephCurryEats3s Don't. We aren't in the winning position here. We stick with we are on the upswing while the Habs have Shea Weber

    • Avery Tatavitto
      Avery Tatavitto 5 months ago

      yoan yergeau I mean, 12 cups is pretty good. Goes to show what poor management leads to. In reality Toronto has only been bad for the decade from poor management. We almost won a cup less than 15 years ago, but poor management

    • yoan yergeau
      yoan yergeau 5 months ago

      go habs go

  • Pound_Cake1
    Pound_Cake1 5 months ago

    I think he passed it and didn't have control. offside.

    BLT4LIFE 5 months ago +1

    So two Canadian teams face off for the division lead and sporstnetCANADA doesn't upload a single clip? You suck, sportsnet.

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 5 months ago

    Wtf kind of jersey Is that Toronto

  • Shad Ali
    Shad Ali 5 months ago

    About as controversial as that ugly ass jersey

  • Matt TH
    Matt TH 5 months ago

    So many bandwagon Blackhawks fans it's getting annoying.

    • Kyle Raymer
      Kyle Raymer 5 months ago

      +StephCurryEats3s Let me guess, you didn't watch hockey before 2010 and just picked that year because that is when they won the first of this 3 recent cups.  This is very typical when fans use 2010 as the date rather than 2007 or 2008 when they started selling out again.

    • TheSkateWasInTheCrease
      TheSkateWasInTheCrease 5 months ago

      Matt TH Ikr. All of them showed up in 2010.

  • joku joku
    joku joku 5 months ago

    how he can control the puck if he doesent have it anymore?

  • SickStick39
    SickStick39 5 months ago

    so many buthurt leafs fans haha

  • FiteMeIRLlilGaiBoi420
    FiteMeIRLlilGaiBoi420 5 months ago +4

    It's not like the Leafs were going to win in the shootout anyway.

    • Kbholla
      Kbholla 5 months ago

      Surprised that you're the only one who noticed.

  • Frank Kolton
    Frank Kolton 5 months ago +1

    You would think that SPORTSNETCANADA would take the trouble to know the rules before labeling a video "questionable".  NHL rule 83.1  "However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line".

    • Avery Tatavitto
      Avery Tatavitto 5 months ago

      Frank Kolton He passes it in split second if viewed FxF. Really quickly it could have gone either way. Thus the rewrite argument and the complexity of the rule

  • John Clink
    John Clink 5 months ago

    good goal

  • bawsified
    bawsified 5 months ago +3

    Questionable? He had control of the puck, I used to love this page but godamn it has gone down hill fast and is such a bias network.

  • Zachman
    Zachman 5 months ago +1

    as someone who loves the leafs and hates the hawks that was a good goal and just be glad that we at least got one point

  • gimmick
    gimmick 5 months ago

    lol what was gardiner doing?

  • Campbell Kane
    Campbell Kane 5 months ago +2

    Why all the dislikes? Not even being biased here that was a good goal. This is no where near as bad as the wild offside goal vs Chicago earlier this season. I have a feeling most see the words "questionable offsides " in the title and Blackhawks jerseys in the thumbnail and automatically hit dislike.

    • Shawn Nagra
      Shawn Nagra 5 months ago

      I think it's also from Leafs fans who don't understand the rules, and other fans disliking because of the title since the call isn't actually questionable and it shows Sportsnet's bias towards the Leafs(obvious)

  • Mustafa Syed
    Mustafa Syed 5 months ago

    I love Toronto's jersey. Is it just for St.Patricks Day?

  • nolla7
    nolla7 5 months ago +1

    clearly offside is everyone drunk there hockey night in canada.

  • TheWillStrike
    TheWillStrike 5 months ago

    All Chicago fans I saw in stands were fat/ hipsters/ foreign.

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 5 months ago

    The blatant non-call on CHI too many men penalty is what ruined this OT.

  • mike wellington
    mike wellington 5 months ago +1

    When the announcers completely refute the title...

  • Ethan Minard
    Ethan Minard 5 months ago

    But didn't he let go of the puck to pass before the puck fully crossed the line? So he didn't have possession, unless the rule allows the puck to just touch the line while u have possession, otherwise it shouldn't count

  • Zach Feinstein
    Zach Feinstein 5 months ago +6

    If you go frame by frame you can see that although he crosses the blue line while in possession of the puck, he then passes (giving up possession) before the puck crosses the line. Therefore, he had crossed the blue line while the puck was still being passed between the hawks players and had not yet gone over the line. Looks like it should be offside

    • Tj Emro
      Tj Emro 5 months ago

      He wasn't inside the puck didn't cross the line while he was in possession of it, he wasn't offsides until he passed it. Had he taken another stride and gotten the puck past the blue line before passing it it wouldn't be controversial.

    • J10L12K11
      J10L12K11 5 months ago

      That doesn't make him offside. Once he was onside he can't make himself offside by passing the puck forward. That's not how offsides works

  • SantaClaus IsReal
    SantaClaus IsReal 5 months ago +10

    As a leaf fan, that was clearly not offside.

    • Christopher L
      Christopher L 5 months ago

      StephCurryEats3s you want to talk about too many men? Alright, what about during the third or OT, I believe when two leaf players were making the change. They were 20-30 feet from the bench and that's when two other leafs players jumped on to try and defend the 2 on 1

    • TheSkateWasInTheCrease
      TheSkateWasInTheCrease 5 months ago

      SantaClaus IsReal They gotya show when Panik steps on the ice and they don't call to many men..

  • Unstumpable Trumpable
    Unstumpable Trumpable 5 months ago +2

    Guess Steve Dangle isn't getting a St. Pats jersey

  • The_Chipmunk_
    The_Chipmunk_ 5 months ago

    Go Leafs !!! Hawks .... Booooooo !! :-)

  • Reptoid
    Reptoid 5 months ago +1

    freaking love those white and green jerseys

  • Malek Smadi
    Malek Smadi 5 months ago +1

    I watched that live and called it that they would score after Toronto missed like 3 breakaways

    • George W
      George W 5 months ago

      Yup, that's how it goes

  • Joe Danger
    Joe Danger 5 months ago +5

    The only reason they titled this "controversial" is because it was the Leafs.

  • Austin Hancock
    Austin Hancock 5 months ago

    The play is within the rules so it is onside. With that said the rule isn't a very good one at all, Should be puck has to the first thing across the blue line.

  • Joey
    Joey 5 months ago

    not very controversial, there is a written rule about this situation

  • footytang
    footytang 5 months ago +1

    That's one rule they should have left alone. Puck has to cross the line before everyone else and you would avoid this kind of controversy.

  • ryan lapointe
    ryan lapointe 5 months ago +2

    It isn't controversial you just want more views shithead smh

  • Dghvd hfhhb
    Dghvd hfhhb 5 months ago +9

    It's the Hawks of Course they will count the goal even though it's offside

    • Dghvd hfhhb
      Dghvd hfhhb 5 months ago

      Zachman I thought When you have Possession with the Puck and Cross the line like that it's a good Goal but when you pass it it's not Because he passed it when Crossing the BlueLine

    • Dghvd hfhhb
      Dghvd hfhhb 5 months ago

      Kbholla Yeah it wasn't close Because it was the Hawks I know We get it no need to explain

    • Kbholla
      Kbholla 5 months ago

      Too bad it wasn't even close to being offside buddy.

    • Zachman
      Zachman 5 months ago

      I'm a leaf fan and I hate the hawks but that wasn't questionable it was a good goal

    • LandofMcrice
      LandofMcrice 5 months ago

      He has control of the puck. Get your head out of your ass and into the rulebook

  • Vince Meekmahon
    Vince Meekmahon 5 months ago

    Toronto's St.Pats jerseys look like Hartford Whalers jersey eh?

  • Chief Blackhawk
    Chief Blackhawk 5 months ago +4

    Why not show some of the missed calls on the leafs lol. Not "controversial" enough?

    • Chief Blackhawk
      Chief Blackhawk 5 months ago

      Inb4 some tool comments about "the hawks getting every call"

  • Nick Raymond
    Nick Raymond 5 months ago

    The Hawks are going to be an elite team for a long time

    • Nick Raymond
      Nick Raymond 5 months ago

      SantaClaus IsReal Maybe. Depends on what the salary cap will be.

    • SantaClaus IsReal
      SantaClaus IsReal 5 months ago

      Nick Raymond Toronto will replace them in a couple years with their young players.

  • Eman C.
    Eman C. 5 months ago

    Thumbnail had me thinking this was a retro video like wtf is that camera?

  • turarosicky
    turarosicky 5 months ago +3

    you like it or not, it was a good goal, he had control over the puck(non-blackhawks fan)

  • spiral
    spiral 5 months ago +1

    its offside, how does he have "possession" if he was passing it...

  • Austin Brossart
    Austin Brossart 5 months ago +1

    controversial because it's in Toronto

  • hockeycub19
    hockeycub19 5 months ago +1

    What was controversial about this?

  • Osnipes23 FIFA/NHL/COD
    Osnipes23 FIFA/NHL/COD 5 months ago +9

    I'm a massive leafs fan and we really needed the win but if you know the rules then you would know that it's a good goal any day of the week.

    • Hockey Fanatic
      Hockey Fanatic 5 months ago

      Osnipes23 FIFA/NHL/COD well the lightning lost in reg and the islanders lost in OT so it's not the worst day to lose

  • капіталістычны

    the st pats jerseys are beautiful

  • For your health
    For your health 5 months ago +1

    Gardiner, poke check that. Fucks sake

    • For your health
      For your health 5 months ago

      ya he sucks. He's in the show cause he can skate, i guess..

  • baznitchandsons
    baznitchandsons 5 months ago +66

    wtf is that camera on the blue line? Still using technology from the 80's

    • Malcolm
      Malcolm 5 months ago

      the camera is unreasonably low quality. There are plenty of cameras that could record high frame rate for the duration of a game. The net cams are way better and they're wireless, getting pelted with pucks

    • JLPr
      JLPr 5 months ago

      You keep proving my point. I bet your iPhone 7 can keep filming for a few hours saving all the footage at like 60fps with the highest quality. Oh, without overheating also.

    • Kbholla
      Kbholla 5 months ago

      Maybe try not being a spoiled little whiner, you're embarrassing.

    • KenXPanthers23
      KenXPanthers23 5 months ago

      I Am Monster Truck Refs use logic?

  • SpicyWeiner192
    SpicyWeiner192 5 months ago +44

    That wasn't questionable at all lol.

    • Kyle Raymer
      Kyle Raymer 5 months ago

      +SpicyWeiner192 This showed up in my suggested video's list and I kind of chuckled because I didn't even know there was a debate on this until this.  Typically "Sportsnetcanada" is more knowledgeable than this.  Wasn't aware there was ever even a question about this.  I think it only took them like 10 seconds to review this one too.

    • SpicyWeiner192
      SpicyWeiner192 5 months ago

      KNR Well if it was offside they would have overturned it.

    • KNR
      KNR 5 months ago

      Johnny Please refer to my earlier comment with the relevant rule that explains why it's onside.

    • Jaikar Chatha
      Jaikar Chatha 5 months ago

      yes and no because the confusing ass rule says that if they control than it is not off side but if loses control than it is

    • Johnny
      Johnny 5 months ago

      you can't be in the Leafs zone and pass the puck while it is still in the neutral zone to another player. As soon as you pass it you're offside

  • ouzer
    ouzer 5 months ago +85

    It's only controversial if you are clueless about the rules. A player in complete control of the puck can put himself offsides. Now if his linemate without the puck crossed the blueline before the puck, then that wouldn't count.

    • Clare Chenoweth
      Clare Chenoweth 5 months ago

      Watching Ouzer attempt to defend his grammatical ineptness is damn hilarious.

    • Clare Chenoweth
      Clare Chenoweth 5 months ago

      So you also don't understand basic grammar/syntax form? Jesus.

    • Warren Montague
      Warren Montague 5 months ago

      Oh, I know. But I'm an idiot and a simpleton who's never played hockey because I pointed this out earlier in the thread.

      AUSTON SPLATPOO 5 months ago

      +Koot this rule just stared getting g called so anyone who acts like they knew the rule are lies any hockey fans knows for the last 24 years I been watching hockey puck always had vross line before player I love how people all of sudden think they know everything if they did they would know this rule hasn't matter for as long as I remember

  • Bennett Desmarais
    Bennett Desmarais 5 months ago +4

    The puck carrier made the pass when the puck was behind the blue line and both of his feet were in the offensive zone. He did not have control of the puck. No Goal.

    I am a Leafs fan so I do have a bias opinion. If someone could explain something I missed, that would be great.

    • Christopher L
      Christopher L 5 months ago

      Lmao, op's original comment made no sense at all

    • FiteMeIRLlilGaiBoi420
      FiteMeIRLlilGaiBoi420 5 months ago

      Bennett Desmarais So what? Panarin was onside when he made the pass. You're basically saying the puck was offside, like it was player or something. It makes no sense.

    • Bennett Desmarais
      Bennett Desmarais 5 months ago

      Dog's hockey highlights the puck was off his stick 0:44

    • Dog's hockey highlights
      Dog's hockey highlights 5 months ago

      He had full control it's a good goal

  • Batflip 09
    Batflip 09 5 months ago +4

    The LeafsNet was trying to make it questionable. 😂😂😂

  • Scarce Is Not Fat
    Scarce Is Not Fat 5 months ago +4

    goal or no goal, it seems that even when the leafs are decent, the bandwagons are still around.

  • BottleBoy
    BottleBoy 5 months ago +1

    Great game, and the acc seemed louder than usual.

  • DerpySquid 04
    DerpySquid 04 5 months ago +19


    (like if you agree)

    • momento45
      momento45 5 months ago

      There was nobody in your arena before 2010 lmao, thats how we know you guys are the biggest bandwagons of all time.

    • owen daboss
      owen daboss 5 months ago


    • Be Laine Gibs, Son.
      Be Laine Gibs, Son. 5 months ago

      japjeet suden Lol, Japjeet

    • Eric Wertz
      Eric Wertz 5 months ago

      Chief Blackhawk Hawks fans did start appearing but not app because of bandwagon it's because Rocky took over and actually cared about the team and the fans actually showed up

  • Big Red
    Big Red 5 months ago +50

    Love all of the bandwagon hawks fans there

    • Person Perfect
      Person Perfect 5 months ago

      i live in chicago so i can say im a hawks fan

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith 5 months ago

      Pamandeep Sidhu Actually, I came to that game after a flight from Chicago. I was also there to check out the Hockey HOF and I met a lot of other Hawks fans that were doing the same thing.

  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields 5 months ago +1

    Good goal, had full control of the puck

  • Cat Snake
    Cat Snake 5 months ago +1

    Wow another another video on the leafs

  • C x
    C x 5 months ago

    Well, there's always next decade

  • TOR Hockeycards
    TOR Hockeycards 5 months ago +51

    no it wasn't really that questionable it was a good goal.

    • PaddaKillZ
      PaddaKillZ 5 months ago

      i know panarin had full control your allowed to do that, the only reason they reviewed it was because its OT they review anything

  • TopThrillAnthony
    TopThrillAnthony 5 months ago

    but thats offsides

    • kLutz
      kLutz 5 months ago

      TopThrillAnthony bro Sportsnet is hosted in Toronto..

  • thefoolonthehill
    thefoolonthehill 5 months ago

    no goal

    • NotJarrett
      NotJarrett 5 months ago

      He passed the puck while his feet were in the zone and the puck was outside thus he was offside. Moron

    • EDM Oilers
      EDM Oilers 5 months ago

      TOR Hockeycards u can hear the commentator say the god damn rule ffs. He just doesn't like to admit it

    • TOR Hockeycards
      TOR Hockeycards 5 months ago

      Oliver Miciak Or he has a different point of view then yours. Then again your probably a leafs hater

    • EDM Oilers
      EDM Oilers 5 months ago

      thefoolonthehill do u not know the rules. Oh wait ur a leafs fan. The only rule that u want is something that makes the leafs win every game

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