NHL Trolling the Opponent

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  • john smith
    john smith Month ago +6

    the uploader retard thinks the nhl began in 2015

    • Tyler Rowe
      Tyler Rowe 11 days ago

      john smith You know you look dumber and dumber with every comment right. You’ve said the same thing every time also, sounds like you have the intelligence of a middle schooler.

    • Matthew Baran
      Matthew Baran 18 days ago

      john smith this comment is fucking ridiculous lmfao

    • john smith
      john smith 18 days ago

      the point is the retard uploader is a noob who only posts recent clips, he's a fucking young noob retard

    • Dimitri Petrenko
      Dimitri Petrenko 23 days ago

      john smith Why is the year changing? The fact that you can't stick to your story just proves how much of a retard you are.

    • john smith
      john smith 26 days ago


  • Matúš STK
    Matúš STK Day ago

    Some Rangers fans? Youre fucking whores!!!! Fuck NYR

  • Zoombynation
    Zoombynation 3 days ago

    So many dimensions to the game. The best one, Ruutu, is missing here tho'...

  • Hockey Skills88
    Hockey Skills88 7 days ago +1

    Perry is a troublemaker

  • stark1987
    stark1987 9 days ago

    fucking children, lol, what a great game

  • Matt Schoenfeld
    Matt Schoenfeld 11 days ago

    *noob retard*

  • Mustansir Pindwarawala

    Semin should've held on to his stick harder 😂😂😂

  • jeremiah miller
    jeremiah miller 11 days ago

    return supreme probably juror half after partnership respondent opposite tank maybe.

  • Quickcall
    Quickcall 13 days ago

    "Give ur balls a tug ya tit fucker" -Shorsey

  • FireEyesHD
    FireEyesHD 13 days ago

    Corey Perry is the ultimate troll.

  • rvb cabbooseisgodd
    rvb cabbooseisgodd 13 days ago

    can u do top echl fights

  • T Abel
    T Abel 15 days ago

    I don't watch hockey but I feel like I should.

  • ryan phillips
    ryan phillips 20 days ago +2

    lundqvist still mad about that severe olympic beating.

  • superjsun
    superjsun 21 day ago

    Corey Perry might be the best troll in league history haha

  • Mic Leone
    Mic Leone 22 days ago

    4:26 learn to fly by the foo fighters thought y'all should know

  • sccrdude22
    sccrdude22 22 days ago

    I miss Thorty. He was a savage

  • Rxleigh
    Rxleigh 23 days ago

    I think its hilarious how players can throw fists at each other and get 2 minutes but if you squirt water at someone you get kicked out

  • Nibble Mcnibbs
    Nibble Mcnibbs 26 days ago

    The Bruins are a team full of rats

  • Kamovo
    Kamovo 29 days ago

    In conclusion, Corey Perry is the final troll boss you must beat

  • OMick
    OMick Month ago

    I always hate when a opposing guy gets pushed into the goaltender and people get mad at the guy. Like what the fuck is he supposed to do?

  • sytytys neste
    sytytys neste Month ago

    Perry is asshole with a carrot in his ass

  • Daniel Bequette
    Daniel Bequette Month ago

    Corey Perry is the ultimate troll

  • Nathan Traylor
    Nathan Traylor Month ago

    What I learned from this: people from Detroit like stealing

  • Tyler Amendola
    Tyler Amendola Month ago

    3:30 peep the isles fan at the avs wings game

  • zombieguy1987
    zombieguy1987 Month ago

    Even in the of the most hatred between Detroit and Colorado has a funny side

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    God I miss hockey season

  • Skyller007
    Skyller007 Month ago

    is October here yet?

  • fiddlestick89
    fiddlestick89 Month ago

    I woulda jumped the bench if I was pk.. It's one thing to do that during a whistle..

  • Blaine Hooks
    Blaine Hooks Month ago +1

    henrick is a little fucking fag, hes got no cups

    • Blaine Hooks
      Blaine Hooks 14 days ago

      Jordan Staal i fucking play hockey lol and your saying i just started watching. You probably just watch hockey and not play

    • Jordan Staal
      Jordan Staal 14 days ago

      Oh look, someone who just started watching hockey.

  • Twilight Garrison
    Twilight Garrison 2 months ago

    wattle botter

  • David St-Michel
    David St-Michel 2 months ago

    So basically these NHL players are children behaving like children.

  • Dysphoric
    Dysphoric 2 months ago

    Seeing Perry get butt hurt about his stick on the bench was so satisfying

  • Matúš STK
    Matúš STK 2 months ago +2

    fuck lundquist. kill him

  • Taran Dosanjh
    Taran Dosanjh 2 months ago

    Perry= savage

  • Rdog1507
    Rdog1507 2 months ago

    It's funny how tough they are but how childish they can be sometimes

  • Music Guy
    Music Guy 2 months ago +2

    I fucking love Perry

  • DimitriLovesSports
    DimitriLovesSports 2 months ago

    Cry baby Perry

  • C A
    C A 2 months ago

    Lmao 3:54 "the stick was never seen again folks"

  • Knegoff
    Knegoff 2 months ago

    Subban means "the bitch" in swedish. lol

  • DK
    DK 2 months ago

    Perry doesnt even troll he's just a regular cunt

  • TiryaC
    TiryaC 2 months ago

    Ducks, Former Duck, Ducks, Ducks. Color me unsurprised.

  • Marc Deanson
    Marc Deanson 2 months ago

    Haha, what a bunch of children

  • Martin Jelínek
    Martin Jelínek 2 months ago

    What's the song at 01:49 pls?

  • Starry G
    Starry G 2 months ago +1

    The Ducks are the greasiest team in the league. So bad for diving and dirty plays. I'm so glad they ran into a wall in Smashville.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 months ago

    Corry Perry is such a fucking tool

  • Šimon Drda
    Šimon Drda 3 months ago

    Perry = Joker

  • SbesialObera
    SbesialObera 3 months ago +1

    perry is biggest bitch in the world

  • skateboardingiscool1
    skateboardingiscool1 3 months ago

    henrik with the drive by water spray on crosby was hilarious

  • creaminthebank
    creaminthebank 3 months ago

    F*ck I hate Perry.

  • JLTS76
    JLTS76 3 months ago

    Corey Perry is just an asshole

  • TheAdditionalPylons
    TheAdditionalPylons 3 months ago

    I love it when the crowd Boos Corey Perry on road games. such a grease ball.

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      I love your username!

  • Dolgoson
    Dolgoson 3 months ago

    Fuck Perry....

  • jjkftw
    jjkftw 3 months ago +4

    They can beat each other's faces in but how DARE you squirt water at someone!

  • 420Kasper420
    420Kasper420 3 months ago

    I miss this era of hockey, when you could just pull the old "take your guys' stick and bring it into our bench" trick and refs would be none the wiser. That's rock'em sock'em hockey, boy, I tell ya! Good Kingston kid...

  • Veji
    Veji 3 months ago

    shawn thornton would rape subban lol

  • Nate Sheridan
    Nate Sheridan 3 months ago

    lol, 2:08 Thornton flinches

  • ThunderGames99
    ThunderGames99 3 months ago

    Corey Perry is the ultimate loser

  • Tomcat407
    Tomcat407 3 months ago

    hockey players are fucking stupid lol. why are they fucking stealing each others sticks? fucking faggots

  • Marek Toman
    Marek Toman 3 months ago

    So are we going to act like we haven't seen that ref slap Subban's ass at 1:53???

  • Riley C
    Riley C 3 months ago

    Don Cherry should commentate every instance of on ice trolling 😂 that was hilarious

  • Kambelle_ Freije
    Kambelle_ Freije 3 months ago

    It's obvious... Lunquist hates Crosby... like if you agree

  • Wreklessracr
    Wreklessracr 3 months ago


    • Wreklessracr
      Wreklessracr 3 months ago

      just watched primeau vs primeau. lol.

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Wreklessracr Haha gotcha, let me start gathering clips.

    • Wreklessracr
      Wreklessracr 3 months ago

      i seen it. MORE. thx!

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      I did make a part 2.

  • Jeppa Sollén
    Jeppa Sollén 3 months ago

    Whats the name of the song 1.50 and forward? :)

    • Jeppa Sollén
      Jeppa Sollén 3 months ago

      Found it, Van Halen - Ain't talkin' bout love

  • fooglez
    fooglez 3 months ago

    Can we all agree that we all miss the clutch and grab era? Also. Trolly Perry is hilarious.

  • why does YouTube allow people to have names this long? This is kind of ridiculous don't you think?

    What the fuck was smith doing to crosbys head? I'm fucking dead.

  • Michael Santaniello
    Michael Santaniello 3 months ago +1

    suprised ranger goalie spraying water on Crosby is not a eight year sespension

  • Aiden Legge
    Aiden Legge 3 months ago

    The first 3 all involved Corey Perry

  • pastuleo79
    pastuleo79 3 months ago

    All y'all kno Thornton b squirtin xD

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 months ago

    thornton flinched like a bitch

  • Resource Collector
    Resource Collector 3 months ago

    I lost my phone can anyone help me? It's black and has a front and back camera and a touch screen.

  • Blazej Malachowski
    Blazej Malachowski 3 months ago

    "Water Butter"

  • Roger Andersen
    Roger Andersen 3 months ago

    honestly how old are thes guys :P idk if its my european brain or what, but this seems like such childish behavior...

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Gotta make hockey fun somehow. It's quite stressful trying to balance on a steel blade while carrying a puck and not trying to get checked by the opponent.

  • DoughRayMe
    DoughRayMe 3 months ago +1

    LOL the part of the Red Wings-Avs Rivalry they don't want you to see

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      That was the best part of the video.

  • ozups
    ozups 3 months ago

    i love hockey

  • Purplexity™
    Purplexity™ 3 months ago

    wheres tkachuk taking burns stick mang

  • rgaud8
    rgaud8 3 months ago +1

    The water in the glove is pretty hilarious.

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      That's a great tactic to use on the opponent. I wouldn't want to play if my gloves were soaking wet.

  • Newyorkrangersfan0623
    Newyorkrangersfan0623 3 months ago

    Who else thinks the pens are screwed after crosbys injury?!

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Pens don't need Crosby to be successful. It helps that Crosby is on that team, but jeez the Pens are stacked.

  • TheGrizzlyBeard1
    TheGrizzlyBeard1 3 months ago +1

    These antics are hilarious. Thanks for compiling.

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      We should all be thanking the viewer who suggested this video. Without his suggestion this video wouldn't have been made!

  • TackStash779
    TackStash779 3 months ago

    They always go after Crosby bc it's worth taking him out of the game even if you are too

  • Simon Artymowycz
    Simon Artymowycz 3 months ago

    These are great. If you make another one, please get Komorov's pat on the head

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Thank you for the clip suggestion! I will be making a part 2 and will include that.

  • Yohan Min
    Yohan Min 3 months ago


  • asw1g
    asw1g 3 months ago

    Lol, Perry is a fucking tool.

  • TheW89
    TheW89 3 months ago

    Kids playing Hockey

  • FatNerd
    FatNerd 3 months ago


  • The Natorious Nat Helm
    The Natorious Nat Helm 3 months ago

    HA what are you gonna do Semin???? Slap him to death??

  • KMzoo
    KMzoo 3 months ago

    Where is the Jarkko Ruutu trips Dion Phaneuf

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 3 months ago

    "the stick was never seen again folks"

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 3 months ago

    Lol perry stealing the stick

  • Kuhndagoon
    Kuhndagoon 3 months ago +1

    perry is such a rat lol

  • cnn8420
    cnn8420 3 months ago

    hockey players can be so childish

  • Mopo3oB44
    Mopo3oB44 3 months ago

    Ryan Miller not upset one bit

  • Display Name
    Display Name 3 months ago

    wtf was the coyote goalie doing lmao

  • Barbie Reynolds
    Barbie Reynolds 3 months ago +41

    hey guys, i tried to wake up the uploader to the fact that his links at the end obscure clips. did he acknowledge the problem? no. he simply told me not to watch his channel. pretty childish response so this got another thumbs down from me. as i said..have some time beyond the last clip and let the window links pop up there. selecting a relevant clip, only to have it obscured, is asinine. anyone else offend the dlicate little snowflake? thanks guys

    • tony mazur
      tony mazur 2 months ago

      Barbie Reynolds i

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      ALifeLost Well he got what he wanted... He's trying to get the viewers to agree with him so I did him a favor and pinned it.

    • Phil the Thrill
      Phil the Thrill 3 months ago

      Barbie Reynolds lol he pinned it.

    • Chezney Noskiye
      Chezney Noskiye 3 months ago

      Barbie Reyni

  • Lieutenant Tentacles
    Lieutenant Tentacles 3 months ago

    the redwings-avalanche stick stuff was perfect

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      I wonder how many sticks both teams went through that series.

  • SpliffSized
    SpliffSized 3 months ago

    anyone tell me the song at 2:14

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus Williams 3 months ago +3

    0:34 "goated him into doing it"
    why not just say "trolled" instead?😂😂

    • Doctor Robotnik
      Doctor Robotnik Month ago

      Marcus Williams fucking kill yourself millenial

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Gotta love announcers at times.

  • Wulliman
    Wulliman 3 months ago

    i dont like crosby but man a lot of players hate him aswell😂

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Due to his super star status Crosby has done a lot of cheap things and gotten away with it. Players will hate him because he will start something and then hide behind the refs or his teammates.

    THE MLG NOSCOPER 3 months ago +2

    0:29 the wattle botter XD

  • Greg Gibbs
    Greg Gibbs 3 months ago

    OMG He fucking squirt me with water I'm going to fucking die oh no that's what these dumb bitches be like

    • Jens 95
      Jens 95  3 months ago

      Talking about Subban?

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