Drunk Single People Review Valentine's Day Gifts

  • Added:  6 months ago
  • "I'm just ready to cry."

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  • Runtime: 5:03
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Comments: 1 804

  • Chloe Flores
    Chloe Flores 2 days ago

    So ummm...my step dad proposed to my mom on Christmas and they got married on Valentine's Day

  • Sioned Jewell
    Sioned Jewell 3 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I have a huge crush on Zack!! He's gorgeous and funny af. Best and good looking guy out of the try guys.

  • Daniela Ryan
    Daniela Ryan 3 days ago

    I feel like Zach and Kelsey should be together

  • Blank Lonelyness
    Blank Lonelyness 4 days ago

    Z a c h x K e l s e y

  • sazude2
    sazude2 7 days ago

    single and still living

  • Malvika Sridhar
    Malvika Sridhar 9 days ago

    My favorite most relatable buzz feed video lol

  • Savage Fox
    Savage Fox 9 days ago


  • RoseRed
    RoseRed 10 days ago

    Why are zach and Kelsey not together !!

  • Lilah Grace
    Lilah Grace 15 days ago

    I still use our VCR.

  • Julia V Bonarska
    Julia V Bonarska 16 days ago

    0:18 is my life

  • Jannice W.
    Jannice W. 17 days ago

    I would be your back up valentine Zach. :p

  • ITeach2Help
    ITeach2Help 22 days ago

    My grandmother's birthday was on Valentine's Day. She got married on that day, and it was Valentine's Day. She said never do that, because you only get one gift for all three! :)

  • Lizzy Kyser
    Lizzy Kyser 24 days ago

    Don't worry singles day in February 15.

  • Mia Rubython
    Mia Rubython 27 days ago

    Does anyone else wish Zack and Kelsey were a thing

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson Month ago

    Kelsey if you are still single I would gladly try on the double undies with you.

  • ChocoChip Frappe
    ChocoChip Frappe Month ago

    when I think of the word single I think of Zack (HEHEHEHE)

  • _TunaFishxMSP_
    _TunaFishxMSP_ Month ago +1

    I'm so single, I might as well be a nun..

  • Yuuki Rosa
    Yuuki Rosa Month ago

    zach and kelsey are goals

  • Emma Rush
    Emma Rush Month ago

    I spy STL

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago



  • moon lemon
    moon lemon Month ago

    the content that we deserve

  • Lu Moon Makeup
    Lu Moon Makeup Month ago

    i got my girlfriend, roses, chocolates and then i serrated her surrendered by a heart shape made of 100 candles on valentines day in -20 degrees in the snow

  • BeautyFanatic27
    BeautyFanatic27 Month ago

    Totally Agree! 0:39

  • Ella Ansbacher
    Ella Ansbacher Month ago

    If I was gonna have sex with zach right now I would be having the most fun sex

  • Fitra Ariesta
    Fitra Ariesta Month ago

    The Notebook is not that sad or am I just a human with no feelings?

  • Iris Barrera
    Iris Barrera Month ago

    3:14 honestly same

  • blehh853
    blehh853 Month ago

    i want to be single... they seem to have more fun than being in a relationship! ahhh

  • Vlog Deer
    Vlog Deer Month ago +1

    I came for Zach! Who did?

  • 123dancewithme
    123dancewithme Month ago

    You're welcome.

  • Legnaa Larg
    Legnaa Larg Month ago

    i don't wanna see the notebook ever!

  • Uchiha イタチ
    Uchiha イタチ Month ago

    0:57 i thought she made a joke by saying "Wine not?". Apparently just me, huh

  • maria alfrado
    maria alfrado Month ago

    lonly i am so lonly😖😖😖

  • Jaythan Angelle
    Jaythan Angelle Month ago

    Zach and Kelsey need their own Buzzfeed show. my 2 favorite people omg.

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn Month ago

    how on earth is kelsey single

  • MJFab
    MJFab Month ago

    Oh God, I HATE romantic movies! If I have to hear "Walking on Sunshine" or "This Will be An Everlasting Love", I will shoot my brains out. One time my friend made me go watch that Jennifer Aniston movie The Break Up and I just wanted to cry. I had a co-worker who's girlfriend forced him to go watch Twilight with her and his face was pure AGONY. I'm the kind of girl who's idea of romance is Star Trek, Star Wars or Marvel/DC. And wings with Coke.

  • Nigel Burke
    Nigel Burke Month ago +3

    Tbh zack and Kelsey have definitely fucked

    But just as friends

  • imagine dragons
    imagine dragons Month ago

    "That's the most action I've gotten all year" *chuckle* "Same" *gulps down half of glass*

  • SamiJoie
    SamiJoie Month ago


  • KaylaTheRaccoon
    KaylaTheRaccoon Month ago

    those two girls were so annoying lsdkfjskldfj

  • I'm one of your viewers

    2:58 whats her instagram username??

  • Caylee Raine
    Caylee Raine Month ago

    I totally ship Kelsey and zach

  • Katie Kim
    Katie Kim Month ago

    can we all just acknowledge that Kelsey used female pronouns at 00:40? My lil bi princess

  • Nancy Fisher
    Nancy Fisher Month ago +1

    I will blame Nicholas Sparks forever now!!!

  • Pil L
    Pil L 2 months ago

    Zach!!! I'm single, hit me up. LOL v:

  • Jordyyy 230813
    Jordyyy 230813 2 months ago

    Zach is such a damn cutie❤️

  • Kim Sørensen
    Kim Sørensen 2 months ago

    2:31 Zach, that was a hint...

  • blackstork91
    blackstork91 2 months ago

    When do I ever see Kelsey not drunk lol. And yes to all petitions on Zach and Kelsey together

  • Slenderschaf
    Slenderschaf 2 months ago

    if I ever met the lady in brown she would NOT be single anymore

  • *insert Edgy/emo band names here* *

    I am just a lonely fandom obsessed, fujoshi, otaku loser who will never get a bf/gf😭😭😭

  • Daisy DANIEL
    Daisy DANIEL 2 months ago +3

    Zac and Kelsey should get together

  • T Smith
    T Smith 2 months ago

    Jewelry is WORTHLESS so are DIAMONDS - stop wasting you money on that and buy property

  • Making Life Less Boring

    engrave...thats it

  • Rene Mendoza
    Rene Mendoza 2 months ago


  • Chelsea Harris
    Chelsea Harris 2 months ago


  • baepsaegg
    baepsaegg 2 months ago

    Gimme chocolate, it doesn't even have to be in a heart shaped box lmaoo

  • Poly Lolly
    Poly Lolly 2 months ago

    I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday
    This is exactly what I needed

  • Pinkish Purple
    Pinkish Purple 2 months ago

    I wonder what kind of videos Kelsey would make/wouldve made if she wasnt single😂

  • Anina ROSE
    Anina ROSE 2 months ago

    I ship Kelsey and Zach so much

  • Eva Lore
    Eva Lore 2 months ago

    "Subscribe something on it." Yup, she works on the internet LOL

  • abby del rey
    abby del rey 2 months ago

    them watching the notebook 💀

  • I am a trash mammal 2.0 Stone

    Kelsey and Zach would be the hilarious couple that gets drunk and ruins the party every single time they were invited to any get-together that included just the tiniest bit of alcohol, if they did get together. 😂😂

  • Illustration With Eveii


  • Jennifer Park
    Jennifer Park 3 months ago +2

    My big sister's boyfriend got her a bracelet for Valentines Day. I know what your thinking, no big deal, right? Well, when he was younger he had a crush on this girl and tried to give her that very bracelet. But, she didn't like him back, so, he swore that he would only give that bracelet to someone he loves with all hs heart, and who loves him back. Best Boyfriend award winner 2016. ❤

  • totesmagoats82
    totesmagoats82 3 months ago

    I'll buy him chocolate milk and gag gifts, he's so adorable. Be my boyfriend ❤️ lol

  • Carolina Castro
    Carolina Castro 3 months ago

    i love kelsey

  • nina
    nina 3 months ago +2

    but like what if kelsey and zach end up happily married

  • Army. Is. Everywhere, including here!!! :D

    Eugene wasn't in this...

    Does this mean... *INTERNALLY SCREAMS*

  • Palmer Don
    Palmer Don 3 months ago

    Best Dating app guys. Please go and check it out. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adult.confession

  • Kal Solo
    Kal Solo 3 months ago


  • Nico Parker
    Nico Parker 3 months ago

    "She loves me"

    Rips off entire flower from stem

  • Estefania Flores
    Estefania Flores 3 months ago

    Best valentine's gift was 5 days in Paris, amazing food and out drinking. Best gift ever!

  • pebblegosling
    pebblegosling 3 months ago

    "You know what I would love? Space Jam." Same

  • Karla Ibarra Moda
    Karla Ibarra Moda 3 months ago

    i wish i could work with you guys

  • MyOpinion DontDis
    MyOpinion DontDis 3 months ago

    zach is adorable

  • Haley Hymers
    Haley Hymers 3 months ago

    Anyone notice that Kelsey is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol?

  • PastelJoji
    PastelJoji 3 months ago

    Zach and Kelsey married for a week!

  • Deborah Schooten
    Deborah Schooten 3 months ago


  • Julia Krushnic Collins
    Julia Krushnic Collins 3 months ago

    Since when does one glass of wine equal being drunk?

  • emrice77
    emrice77 3 months ago

    kelsey and zak why arent we dating.... keith I'm depending on you

  • Emma Stallings
    Emma Stallings 3 months ago

    There needs to be a holiday for single people

  • Emma Stallings
    Emma Stallings 3 months ago +2

    Why can't there be a holiday for single people???
    I want to holiday for single people, like if you agree

  • thomas sayles
    thomas sayles 3 months ago

    chocolate milk and space jam then I'm sorted lol

  • Tyson Colette
    Tyson Colette 3 months ago

    Kelsey being single surprises me

  • Maria Tovar
    Maria Tovar 4 months ago

    i loooove zach and Kelsey

  • Batty Loll
    Batty Loll 4 months ago

    I see that Two Buck Chuck

  • Kristen
    Kristen 4 months ago

    Feeling the Cardinals shirt. Go Cards!!

  • Izayoi Bara
    Izayoi Bara 4 months ago +8

    The way that black guy accepted the proposal, my heart stopped. I've found my bias 😍 plus he loves chocolate milk and the Notebook, man this man is straight from heaven 😍

  • Julianna Grace
    Julianna Grace 4 months ago

    Ay cardinals fan hmu

  • Kate 18
    Kate 18 4 months ago


  • Cody Henslee
    Cody Henslee 4 months ago

    I'm not surprised that Cat Food is single...

  • Bt bt bts Trash right here

    💜Zach & Kelsey💜

  • brandon yu
    brandon yu 4 months ago

    Wow she says who have a DVD player I have DVD player it's good

  • Mara Rynes
    Mara Rynes 4 months ago

    I have never seen the notebook...

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim 4 months ago

    when you've been on Youtube for too long :'D "subscribe something on it! Oh...inscribe" :'D AHHAAH

  • Habesha Delina
    Habesha Delina 4 months ago

    Zach and Kelsey looked cute in the underwear

  • Time Lapse
    Time Lapse 4 months ago

    Zach and Kelsey should hook up

  • Paradigm
    Paradigm 4 months ago

    I just enjoy watching them getting drunk in the process lmao

  • John Blumenschein
    John Blumenschein 4 months ago

    You like drink people reviewing stuff? Watch my channel hillbilly wine 101. You'll be in for a great surprise. subscribe, like, and share. Thanks John

  • Bri .Netzel66
    Bri .Netzel66 4 months ago

    I just think its unfair that kelsey has all thise cool lipstick shades shades that i want. make that a video

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