Kids explain what they think aliens will look like

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  • The creativity of children is usually unbound, free, and bizarre. So we decided to put that to good use and find out what they thought aliens would look like, where they would live, and what they would do.

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  • vanz 2nd
    vanz 2nd 6 hours ago

    Lol,1 million miles is tiny in the universe

  • Troll Boat
    Troll Boat 3 days ago

    1:50 10 Things The Government Won't Tell You

  • Evil Avocado
    Evil Avocado 5 days ago

    "The aliens won't be having eyelashes or eyebrows because they don't care about fashion."

    Right... you need to care about fashion in order to have them.

  • KingOf TheCreepers
    KingOf TheCreepers 5 days ago

    Seriously, we are going to be disappointed when our first contact with aliens are bacteria.

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson 6 days ago


  • This cat
    This cat 6 days ago

    what if we are the aliens we are looking for. we've been finding the undiscoverable but all along it is us in different time, space or dimension.

  • Vian Ganteng
    Vian Ganteng 7 days ago

    ayy lmao

  • XepoisPlays
    XepoisPlays 8 days ago

    I smell that entertainment brothers channel

  • Adrian Monroy
    Adrian Monroy 8 days ago

    Dumbasses can't even draw

  • Servant OfJesusChrist

    Satan and those who worship satan ( illuminati ,satanist) are makeing human hibrids and aliens(half human half demons- alien) in lab, bible says last days will be like days of "Noah" , in time were noah was alive human gaints, monsters were alive, satan will decive us with demonic human hibrids(aliens) soon they will be shown on streets. Get ready Jesus Christ is coming soon accept Jesus Christ in your life he is only one who can save you from what is coming. Accept Jesus let him save you say this prayer from heart with faith if you wannna be saved "Jesus Christ i accept you as my lord and savior, i belive in you Jesus Christ you are son of God, now i left world and evreything what dosent please you Jesus Christ and i chose only you Jesus, Jesus Christ lead me to your Father, make me by your Father will in JESUS NAME AMEN

  • Nestor Pelayo
    Nestor Pelayo 9 days ago

    They forgot to draw the fucking sombreros smh

  • Zentrick Emerge
    Zentrick Emerge 9 days ago

    So that alien has HUMONGOUS ears, but it hears form an antenna. Dumb AF

  • sonic the retard
    sonic the retard 9 days ago

    this comment section is funny

  • TIM - MarufTIM
    TIM - MarufTIM 9 days ago

    Is this the only *funny* video on Insider's channels?

  • Artem Kuzmin
    Artem Kuzmin 9 days ago

    too many black kids

    POKEYMAN ! 9 days ago

    This was just bad except the kid with the detailed one but why in the ground.
    Also these aliens and their story's do not have any scientific information in from a biological point of view as well as a evolutionary point of view like duh

  • LE Dime
    LE Dime 9 days ago

    still could be worse

  • Isabel Dalora Urbina

    who likes st

  • Kermit the Frog's Stepson

    I can draw what I think aliens look like, can I be on YouTube?

  • Maxircus
    Maxircus 9 days ago

    1:49 her colonial theory is so scary to me because i hate it when people try to colonize my home and people are like too dumb to realize but they wont listen to me because they dont respond to non-normative and creative ideas and that what makes me socially awkward *sipping caprisun hard*

  • gurkan akyuz
    gurkan akyuz 9 days ago

    0:43 hugh mungus wot?

  • tom oder so
    tom oder so 9 days ago

    the boy with the colored hair will probably be a buzzfeed journalist in a few years

  • KJH 17
    KJH 17 9 days ago

    My picture of alien: single-celled microorganisms swimming in the sea of methane on Titan

  • Teru Shinomiya
    Teru Shinomiya 9 days ago

    The only kid that too it seriously was this one 0:50
    The others sound spoiled af.

  • Kutlwano Sesing
    Kutlwano Sesing 9 days ago

    Who else laughed when the kid said "the space"?🤣😂

  • Bullwhip Bob
    Bullwhip Bob 10 days ago

    0:41 humongous wot

  • sanjeet singh sahni
    sanjeet singh sahni 10 days ago

    I think that aliens will technically look like humans . Well 65% of the ocean is unexplored, maybe we will discover more species from there or from the space . Who knows what will happen to us when the other civilisations from the space want to take the earth from us

  • Eliot Troop
    Eliot Troop 10 days ago

    All of these drawings imply that they come from earth, otherwise they would be completely different to earth life. Unless earth life came from somewhere else, they wouldn’t look or act or be composed of what we’re made of.

    FIERRO 10 days ago

    Cool. 🚶🏻

  • Gary Zhao
    Gary Zhao 10 days ago

    My picture of an alien: Bacteria.

  • imik 86
    imik 86 10 days ago

    sorry kiddo, they be four legged and twelve arms beasts. also about infinitely smarter than humans.

  • nielson328
    nielson328 10 days ago

    The one who eats all the planets moons would make a great movie!

  • Wicket
    Wicket 10 days ago

    0:42 is that sexual harassment?

  • Alpha X
    Alpha X 10 days ago

    “The um”

  • MrPoloShade
    MrPoloShade 10 days ago

    Oh lord maybe this is why the generation is fucked up

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer 10 days ago

    The drawings don't make any sense.

    PRATEEK MOTAGI 10 days ago

    Looks like me, when I wake up.

  • Savannah Meadows
    Savannah Meadows 10 days ago

    Aliens could very much be possible , space never ends so what are the chances that theres a planet that has all the needs to support life

  • Savannah Meadows
    Savannah Meadows 10 days ago

    Smh what if were aliens like who tf knows at this point

  • Potato Carrot
    Potato Carrot 10 days ago

    What am I doing with my life?

  • TheDarkMeme YT
    TheDarkMeme YT 10 days ago

    A million miles from Earth isn't anything. Won't get you to Mars.

  • Julien Paris
    Julien Paris 10 days ago

    One more of these and I unsub

  • Leonardo Hernandez
    Leonardo Hernandez 10 days ago

    this looks like a video Buzzfeed would make since they've run out of ideas for vids :p

  • No Name
    No Name 10 days ago

    0:43 Hughmungus what?

  • limescale onetwo
    limescale onetwo 10 days ago

    what the fuck is that first kid... moronic parents

  • Samuel souza
    Samuel souza 10 days ago

    Br here

    PRUNĂ VERDE 10 days ago

    um um the um the um the um um um...... :))))))

  • Emilie Jolin
    Emilie Jolin 10 days ago

    blatant rip off of watchcut video?

  • Ruben Blass
    Ruben Blass 10 days ago

    “He lives in outer space” no *shit*

  • I I Decode_Cypher I I

    I think it would be 8 metered monsters who are serious.

  • Josh
    Josh 10 days ago

    *first kid looks gay af*

    • XxMegaProxX
      XxMegaProxX 8 days ago

      oh nouuu

    • Superjoint Johnson
      Superjoint Johnson 9 days ago

      Josh It, he, she whatever you would want to call that is a SJW in training. it's parents are probably already calling for alien rights, LOL.

    • FIERRO
      FIERRO 10 days ago


    • Wicket
      Wicket 10 days ago

      Josh an sjw in the making

    • Josh
      Josh 10 days ago


  • Beauty blogger03
    Beauty blogger03 10 days ago

    The hoes are laughing yawp😩

  • SyberAmin
    SyberAmin 10 days ago

    The umm...

  • Modaa Fockkkaa
    Modaa Fockkkaa 10 days ago

    if he convinces his friends to come to earth we will build a wall around the planet!!! AND JUPITER WILL PAY FOR IT !!!!!!

  • Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove

    aliens are more realistic than god.

  • Justus Wilcox
    Justus Wilcox 10 days ago

    NASA'S unofficial, official replacements...

  • Dont ask what is my name

    the last time Im this early I saw a alien

  • Annabelle Roys
    Annabelle Roys 10 days ago

    Wow 11th I think or first

    Of all I'd like to say how are you? :)

  • Prophet Dankus Memeus

    So im watching little kids draw what aliens look like for 2 minutes? seriously who watchs this shit?

  • Zentrick Emerge
    Zentrick Emerge 10 days ago

    LOL that girl made me laugh so hard

  • vanz 2nd
    vanz 2nd 10 days ago

    2nd video and same channel to be early on

  • Nerdy Ninja671
    Nerdy Ninja671 10 days ago

    Mine would be tiptoeing in his Jordan's, because space jam is real right?

  • MichaelMS
    MichaelMS 10 days ago


  • Rahil Panda
    Rahil Panda 10 days ago

    Ha ha LOL !

  • Martin Shewfelt
    Martin Shewfelt 10 days ago


  • Adi
    Adi 10 days ago


  • Zentrick Emerge
    Zentrick Emerge 10 days ago

    Nice video !

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