Draymond Green Reveals Key to Being a Great Trash-Talker

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Draymond reveals the key to being a great trash-talker and why he loves playing the villain.

    Mr. Robot's Rami Malek Visits the Museum of Ice Cream tvclip.org/video/zKIIf6W16Uk/

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    Draymond Green Reveals Key to Being a Great Trash-Talker
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Comments: 130

  • Alexis Arian
    Alexis Arian 18 days ago

    he's not a villain he's just savage. know the difference

  • Eddie Bitar
    Eddie Bitar 25 days ago

    Its blake griffin

  • N742211X
    N742211X Month ago

    Yeah that's Westbrook

  • jim f
    jim f Month ago

    Green would be nothing with out curry and the rest of the team.

  • El Silo
    El Silo Month ago

    This is kinda lit

  • Di Sun
    Di Sun Month ago

    Is it Westbrook?

  • steelnation
    steelnation Month ago

    I can't wait for him to retire 😂

  • mondovb
    mondovb Month ago

    The question of the year and an even sharper reply. Leaves the rest of all guessing...

  • Dheaz Nhutz
    Dheaz Nhutz Month ago

    saginaw doesnt equal trash talking...

  • jim LEHMN
    jim LEHMN Month ago

    Green should join Lebron's super duper team.

  • jim LEHMN
    jim LEHMN Month ago

    I bet it's Lebron. He has thin skin. Crybaby.

  • Matthew Berney
    Matthew Berney Month ago

    Imagine trash talking between KG and Draymond.........now that would be raw

  • VZZ808
    VZZ808 Month ago +1

    This is why he is the most hated player in the NBA, this guy will never be of Hall of Fame smh he's 26 and still talks like his 16 haha

  • kobe42beast
    kobe42beast 2 months ago

    He my MVP pick, but James Harden

  • Breadshots
    Breadshots 2 months ago

    He has to be talking about Kevin Love invisible ass besides game 2

  • Paul Sanner
    Paul Sanner 2 months ago

    I was the 2000th like

  • IsaacH1273
    IsaacH1273 2 months ago

    you know he wanted to say "lebron" so bad.

    • Trey Cooper
      Trey Cooper Month ago

      LeBron is the last person to talk trash to if you watch ball.

  • YungBones
    YungBones 2 months ago +1

    my dad said that if I get a million subs by tonight I get a fidget spinner please sub

  • Francis Morris
    Francis Morris 2 months ago

    He melts when someone trash talks him lol

  • Cpt Price
    Cpt Price 2 months ago

    Cavs in 8

  • Rafitaa 18
    Rafitaa 18 2 months ago +12

    damn...if clevand won, then Lebrun would've been on the show instead, and Guillermo could've confronted him..

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 months ago


  • David Janssen, Jr.
    David Janssen, Jr. 2 months ago


  • With Out Caden
    With Out Caden 2 months ago

    Cleveland or golden state?

  • Amico Duke
    Amico Duke 2 months ago +1

    It's Westbrook

    • Betaboog
      Betaboog 2 months ago

      Amico Duke how do u know

  • Lil Jimmy
    Lil Jimmy 2 months ago

    Gotta love Donkey I mean going from a second round pick to being considered a superstar by Cavs fans is truly something to admire!!

  • gilberzj1
    gilberzj1 2 months ago

    you can tell he was and still is, the dumb jock. congratulations to him tho

  • taylor trash
    taylor trash 2 months ago

    f u and ur two min vids

  • Kambui Bomani
    Kambui Bomani 2 months ago +2

    Hijack the game?! That's Russ lmao

    • Betaboog
      Betaboog 2 months ago

      Kambui Bomani what does hijack the game mean and why russ

  • BeybeyCarter
    BeybeyCarter 2 months ago

    I love him

  • Jay Whiteside
    Jay Whiteside 2 months ago

    Cavs in 9

  • Alonzo Harris
    Alonzo Harris 2 months ago

    Its gotta be blake griffin

  • C DAWG
    C DAWG 2 months ago +3

    Falcons blew a 28-3 lead

  • Dana James
    Dana James 2 months ago

    I love this guy

  • New Message
    New Message 2 months ago +5

    Mix this guy with Rodman and you have a full fledged pro wrestler.

  • ReezyBeBreezy
    ReezyBeBreezy 2 months ago

    John wall is a hall of fame trash talker

  • Zakiya Wiltz
    Zakiya Wiltz 2 months ago

    People in the comments please GO and subscribe to my channel!!💕😇

  • Rivers Blasingame
    Rivers Blasingame 2 months ago

    prolly kevin love

  • Temitope Fagbemi
    Temitope Fagbemi 2 months ago

    Its Blake Griffin... He stated it when they played Clippers in an interview.

  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris 2 months ago +15

    nets 74-8 next year

  • Alex Castillo
    Alex Castillo 2 months ago +20

    Draymond the type of guy to discipline his son by kicking him in the balls

  • Dr Elite
    Dr Elite 2 months ago +5

    John Wall is also a great trash talker and his game backs it up

  • Bug
    Bug 2 months ago +3

    Cavs in 7

  • Shaikh GInobli
    Shaikh GInobli 2 months ago

    It has to be Zaza Pachulia lol.

  • Kevin Guimond
    Kevin Guimond 2 months ago +1

    being a Celtics fan, I've gained a lot of respect for draymond. he actually does seem like a good guy.

  • UltimateJustice
    UltimateJustice 2 months ago

    What wristband is that??? anyone knows ? like which brand

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 months ago

    Probably Kevin love and Tristan Thompson since they both were ass most of the games

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 2 months ago +29

    Draymond's one of those dudes who thinks that he's way smarter than he actually is.

  • Sachin The Gamer
    Sachin The Gamer 2 months ago


  • Dominic C
    Dominic C 2 months ago +1

    he doesn't have the basketball skills to back up his trash talking

    • Go On Prewfy
      Go On Prewfy Month ago

      Dominic C No wonder you're this dumb. Should've said that from the start so people knew not to take you seriously. I'm definitely not 40 tho lmao, funny you assumed that. But explain to me how stating facts about a basketball player is "sucking them"

    • Dominic C
      Dominic C Month ago

      I'm 13 what are you guys like 40 why don't you get a hobby instead of sucking Draymond's you know what.

    • Go On Prewfy
      Go On Prewfy 2 months ago

      Dominic C Like JerTheBear said, Draymond is the heart and soul of his teams defense. That being a huge part of his game, along with rebounding and communication, wont show up on highlights anywhere near as much as his team's scoring will. If you keep basing player's skills solely off of their highlights, your lack of basketball knowledge will continue to show

    • JerTheBear
      JerTheBear 2 months ago

      I also find it laughable that you measure a player's skill based on their highlights.

    • JerTheBear
      JerTheBear 2 months ago

      Draymond is the backbone of this team's defense and they wouldn't be anywhere as close as good on defense without him. You act as if counting stats are the only things that make a player good. There is so much more to what he does for this team other than score. He can defend any position at an elite level and had the best opponent FG% out of any player in the playoffs. His switching was superb and his communication was what kept the defense structured. Not only was he by far the best defender in the playoffs, he was also superb on offense. His passing was insanely good and he shot a high % from both 3 point range and 2 point range but only ever took 9 shots per game because he understood that Steph, KD and Klay are more effective than him in that part of the game. Don't discount Draymond because his counting stats aren't extremely high. Watch some basketball and look at the advanced stats, and you'll see how insanely important he is to this team and why he is an elite player.

  • Mohamed Barkhad
    Mohamed Barkhad 2 months ago +5

    I bet its Blake Griffin, he always plays bad against Draymond

  • CP
    CP 2 months ago +46

    He seems pretty nice off court!

  • Error Loading
    Error Loading 2 months ago +6

    Draymond to Pierce - They don't love you like that, you thought you was Kobe.

  • IHeartDana
    IHeartDana 2 months ago +1

    Its Russell Westbrook. "Hijack the game". Who does that remind you of at times ?

  • TownBizz510
    TownBizz510 2 months ago

    Kick them right in the nuts 🥜😭🤣

  • ZombieZifiction
    ZombieZifiction 2 months ago +26

    it's westbrook

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    MSU represent

  • csyd22
    csyd22 2 months ago

    nigga talking about ricky rubio

  • NewWorldOrderFAIL
    NewWorldOrderFAIL 2 months ago +105

    must be Tristan guy was trash all series

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 2 months ago

      Michael Jenkins Yeah it was weird that Tyronn Lue didn't see that and try to find a way to stop that.

    • Michael Jenkins
      Michael Jenkins 2 months ago

      Nah. Dubs just made sure that they had two dudes under the basket for virtually every rebound on their side of their court, making sure that Tristan couldn't swoop in for rebounds. Tactics neutralized the guy.

  • Miguel Melo
    Miguel Melo 2 months ago +39

    I can honestly say I really dislike Draymond Green.

    • Gaz Lynot
      Gaz Lynot 2 months ago

      Miguel Melo then he's done his job

    • FLO
      FLO 2 months ago

      looking for attention bro? hahaha we all are, that's it now, we've had our5 seconds of fame

    • Sarah Levv
      Sarah Levv 2 months ago

      1. Who cares? 2. You took the time to watch and comment a video about him. You can hold this L.

    • Adam Hidas
      Adam Hidas 2 months ago

      why tho

    • Jeff Sherman
      Jeff Sherman 2 months ago

      That's your problem lol

  • Cloth Talk
    Cloth Talk 2 months ago +7

    It HAS to be Kevin Love, you can't call him a bum without him decreasing 12ppg in a game against the Warriors when Draymond gets to him, he has the ambition of a college player that's it, he ain't made for this league

  • Moises cañeca
    Moises cañeca 2 months ago +14

    I would say Boogie.

    • Betaboog
      Betaboog 2 months ago

      Moses Merete how do u know

    • Moses Merete
      Moses Merete 2 months ago

      lol its shade to Westbrook

  • over short
    over short 2 months ago +378

    still can't believe the seahawks didn't run the ball

    • Daniel Afshar
      Daniel Afshar Month ago

      over short It was the coach's fault.

    • vicrydaz
      vicrydaz 2 months ago

      over short Falcons blew a 28-3 lead. Smh

    • rosie tema
      rosie tema 2 months ago

      over short I can never forget that Super Bowl tho 😂😫😭😭😭

    • over short
      over short 2 months ago

      whats worse is that the cavs blew a 0-3 comeback

    • Jordan Brackin
      Jordan Brackin 2 months ago

      over short ikr!!

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 2 months ago


  • Bedi Works
    Bedi Works 2 months ago +1

    Green is the best !

  • leandro campos
    leandro campos 2 months ago +512

    I bet it is kevin love

  • Barbecue Chicken
    Barbecue Chicken 2 months ago +47

    1:23 "cough Westbrook cough"..... lmao!!

    • Betaboog
      Betaboog 2 months ago

      Chris Payne I'll check it out. thats sad dRaymond isn't talented enough that he has to attack ppl

    • Chris Payne
      Chris Payne 2 months ago

      Betaboog he just starts to take a lot of bad shots and a lot of turnovers if you want an example watch the first game against the warriors this season. He's a great player but sometimes he tries too hard

    • Betaboog
      Betaboog 2 months ago

      Barbecue Chicken why him

    • Chris Payne
      Chris Payne 2 months ago

      Barbecue Chicken bruh you might be right

  • WarriorNation 24/7
    WarriorNation 24/7 2 months ago +132

    Love you Draymond! If people have not watched the barber shop video during the All star break with Lebron and Draymond they need to see it!

    • Cameronman1329
      Cameronman1329 2 months ago

      WarriorNation 24/7 agree. I didn't like Draymond for his on court play (I still think he's dirty), but that video made me like him off the court. Has good humour

    • beaniebreakspianos
      beaniebreakspianos 2 months ago

      Agreed! Loved that video - seeing some of the greatest engage in some good old-fashioned barbershop debate. All smiles all around.

  • Vsq3
    Vsq3 2 months ago +11

    Basically 1st

  • Structure Modding
    Structure Modding 2 months ago


  • Structure Modding
    Structure Modding 2 months ago

    6Th Respond Jimmy

  • Marya Begum
    Marya Begum 2 months ago

    5 th

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 2 months ago +191

    Key to be a great trash-talker: threaten to kick them in the balls when they about to dunk

    • bustacee _
      bustacee _ Month ago

      Jack Hammer nigga that was a year
      Ago. Get over it

    • Trevor Phillips
      Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

      Jack Hammer wow.. never heard that one before

    • Jeff Sherman
      Jeff Sherman 2 months ago

      They keep repeating the same tired jokes... get creative with the banter

    • Tulia
      Tulia 2 months ago

      Jack Hammer jokes old. he didn't do it at all this playoffs get off his nuts. eat some 3-1 cookies.

  • Yu Zuck
    Yu Zuck 2 months ago

    Im not first

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