If the Earth stopped spinning

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  • Den Enyts
    Den Enyts 5 hours ago

    that wouldn't happen

  • Fujoshi27
    Fujoshi27 14 hours ago

    What about shelters underground?

  • Jeremy Gelogo
    Jeremy Gelogo 21 hour ago

    Hey mother earth...dont stop spinning...

  • Enrique Gutierrez
    Enrique Gutierrez 3 days ago


  • Enrique Gutierrez
    Enrique Gutierrez 3 days ago

    1000 wind

  • Hidden Astronaut
    Hidden Astronaut 3 days ago

    ᴡᴇ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴅɪᴇ.

  • MoolsAndGoanimate6000

    The sun is riseing from the west : 0

  • The roblox Studio
    The roblox Studio 5 days ago

    if the earth didnt spin then no nights

  • martin li
    martin li 6 days ago

    Fan Fiction for thought o.o

    From Darkseid to a young Doomsday in another Verse where Darkseid is his creator (well use some imagination):

    By the time your civilization will have discovered the Anti-life equation; you will have been able to achieve self-assimilation across all locales of the earth where you've your living mass, with every group of bodies being knowledgeable enough to at the very least sustain themselves in the any given environment on the planet with little effort.

    The command left then, is simple: insert into the minds of all mobile bodies to migrate only along sides the rotation of the planetary body (settling in the homes/areas of the ones established before them to recuperate energy allowed, which should be more than do-able when one's reached that level of information and connectivity). And as you lie in your slumber eternal, like a clock set to tick down, so long as you do not retract the command, the variety of species united under the enchantment will work itself to its own doom.

    Yes...Doom, from this day forwards...your name shall be Doomsday...The one that will bring about the end to life on Earth-683.

    I wish you good luck in your endeavors.


    (So pictorially, if you looked at the earth's rotation in parallel and it's going clockwise, the mobile bodies would also move over time clockwise and like gears grinding into each other with every step, enough net moment imparted over a long time, leads to the earth slowing down)

  • Razzrazz90
    Razzrazz90 6 days ago

    "Leaving almost no chance for life to survive"
    So...you're saying there's a chance 😏

  • Zayn Alam
    Zayn Alam 7 days ago

    Error found. If the earth stops spinning, Then Neither there will be sunrise nor there will be sunset. The definition is about Planet Venus.

  • fartoons film
    fartoons film 7 days ago

    and what happened to the moon?

  • lick
    lick 9 days ago

    those continent placements are wrong

  • Melisa Balci
    Melisa Balci 10 days ago

    Why is it 'almost' no chance of survival? What is that almost?

  • Jhomel Evangelista
    Jhomel Evangelista 12 days ago

    If Earth just stopped spinning would Internet still Exist?

  • Rehan YouTube 10
    Rehan YouTube 10 12 days ago

    Allah is all mighty

  • GamePad - Gaming Channel

    Then Autism stooped

  • Sunset Shimmer
    Sunset Shimmer 14 days ago

    Easy. We would die.

  • Jan Logan Laude
    Jan Logan Laude 14 days ago

    oh! old video?

  • Adam GamingYT
    Adam GamingYT 14 days ago

    Then spin a fidget spinner XDDD

  • Gaming With Red
    Gaming With Red 17 days ago

    Days wouldnt pass and my friends will have endless steam trade holds

  • TØP trash
    TØP trash 17 days ago +2

    I'm surprised there isn't any fidget spinner jokes in the comments.

  • aFidget GT
    aFidget GT 17 days ago


    KELLY MARTIN 18 days ago

    Orrrrr in simpler words, we would all just die.

  • mr.dounut 9017
    mr.dounut 9017 20 days ago +1

    so all this will happen if a ball stops spinning?!

  • Hussain Saherwala
    Hussain Saherwala 21 day ago +4

    That it is Allah (God), who has created the night and the day, and each of them just travels in an orbit with its own motion.
    The Quran 21:33

    When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving like clouds. Such is the artistry of Allah (God), who is the disposer of all things in perfect order. He is indeed aware of what you do.
    The Quran 27:88

    The Quran teaches me more science in a perfect manner than any human scientist can ever dream of. It came 1438 years ago.

  • Louis Lai
    Louis Lai 22 days ago

    Can someone explain the wind part ??

    WESZTAR DRAKE 22 days ago

    I think it would be fair to say that gravity would be affected too?

  • ItzHaZz
    ItzHaZz 24 days ago

    oh jeez

  • -_Mu LeZ_-
    -_Mu LeZ_- 24 days ago

    if earth stopped spinning some of like russia have forever night and english forever day

  • Abha Kumar
    Abha Kumar 25 days ago +1

    it's too dangerous 😫😫

  • memers are leaders
    memers are leaders 25 days ago

    What if my fidget spinner stopped spinning

  • r46 L train
    r46 L train 26 days ago

    Comments 999, now its 1K!

  • CutePuppiesWithMe
    CutePuppiesWithMe 26 days ago

    0:02 i feel uncomfortable..

  • aullik
    aullik 27 days ago

    Was expecting a resonable video what would happen if the earth would slowly come to a stop. Became a science fiction video about what would happen if the earth would suddenly stop completely what is not only impossible but would also break the earth apart really fast.

  • FooliaJulia
    FooliaJulia 27 days ago

    If its summer for 6 months, does that mean summer break would technically be 6 months so we'd be off school??

  • Kessler Magat
    Kessler Magat 27 days ago

    Basically we would all die

  • Mysterious Gamer
    Mysterious Gamer 28 days ago

    I hope the earth does still spin
    In the name of JESUS! by:-{Alec-} (thats me xD)

  • geidys cardona
    geidys cardona 29 days ago

    This is all true

  • Itz_ _Anime_Boy
    Itz_ _Anime_Boy 29 days ago

    fidget spinner

  • Куртка DR.
    Куртка DR. 29 days ago

    This video in 2 seconds: You'll die.

  • JF
    JF 29 days ago +2

    The Earth is a Fidget Spinner!

  • Monica Andrade
    Monica Andrade Month ago

    I love the music in this! What is it called?

  • J MC
    J MC Month ago

    The Earth has been doing these to let us live nicely, and we have been taking it for granted. Yea, that's us. Human.

  • HydrogenMLG
    HydrogenMLG Month ago

    But its opisite day

  • Daniel Schwaiger
    Daniel Schwaiger Month ago +1

    All in all, we die

  • Myrna Fernandez
    Myrna Fernandez Month ago

    *_what will happen..hm...._*

    Beshes earth is not flat and earth is even rotating...
    Population (Now):7,247,000,000
    Earthquakes happen'd:861
    Tsunamis happen'd:349
    Bombs Throwed:167
    Years (when earth was borned):9,726,876,980
    People that died:9,071,986,871
    IQs evryday used:826,975,875

  • Blue Acidball //BAFanatic2017

    If the Earth stopped spinning, my birthday would be on daytime lol

  • Energetic Cristinax
    Energetic Cristinax Month ago +1


  • ytsur laucsap
    ytsur laucsap Month ago

    Well I don't give a fuck .. still spin or not .. hope we all die better

  • Rasha Loves Murder
    Rasha Loves Murder Month ago +2

    Y'all Muslim need to calm down lmao. This video was probably inspired by the quran.

  • RickyBitsy Minecraft

    so earth is a fidget spinner

  • RickyBitsy Minecraft

    but can alien live eart?
    after not spinning

  • Zephania 8bp
    Zephania 8bp Month ago

    My parents told me when I was young the earth moves very slowly

  • windy attacker
    windy attacker Month ago

    i meant the animated girl from the venus video, is she in here? nor not?

  • windy attacker
    windy attacker Month ago

    wheres the animated girl in this?

  • Jajang Nurjaman
    Jajang Nurjaman Month ago

    Isn't that has written in the bible and torah also quran that one day the sun will rise from the west

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter Month ago

    You can do a video of if the earth spin twice as fast!

    Ugly stupid bad idea but.... Idk

  • Valmer Power
    Valmer Power Month ago

    relax kids, your precious fidget spinners will still spin

  • Elexiel
    Elexiel Month ago

    You spin me right round baby right round

  • Pranita Ramtel
    Pranita Ramtel Month ago

    the animation is awesome n very useful

  • vghnmj
    vghnmj Month ago

    And i thought that i would always have sunlight/drakness

  • Elton Libin
    Elton Libin Month ago

    earth is flat..jk its square

    RAMANDEEP KAUR Month ago

    bro u forget one thing that earth stop spinning the sun pulls the whole earth inside him

  • Trevon Edmondson
    Trevon Edmondson Month ago

    Good thing the earth is flat

    JM FIRELORD Month ago


  • Đạt Nguyễn
    Đạt Nguyễn Month ago

    One piece ?

  • GamingWith Master53

    Earth.exe has stopped

  • Meowmers Animations

    Hmm the music sounds like Undertale at first

  • ZHBG 9224
    ZHBG 9224 Month ago +1

    So if the Earth stops spinning, everyone, especially my enemies, are gonna die?

    Someone tell me how to stop the Earth

  • SKRT X
    SKRT X Month ago

    0:22 is that a young hitler?

  • VelocirapGirl
    VelocirapGirl Month ago +1

    Short answer: you die

  • Nayana Diva
    Nayana Diva Month ago

    change its bearings of course

  • Scarlet Swift
    Scarlet Swift Month ago

    if this happen , the end of the world has arrive

  • NovaCola Moon
    NovaCola Moon Month ago

    I'm living near equator I would be dead at this rate

  • Caterpie
    Caterpie Month ago +3

    1:28 hey! Looks like Pangea is back!

  • Cj LetsPlay
    Cj LetsPlay Month ago

    Well that is Called The end of the World or Apocalypse

  • Costed Guy
    Costed Guy Month ago

    If this is true i want it to happen, NOW!

  • Roy David Bulanit
    Roy David Bulanit Month ago

    every god's created is there's a reason 😊

  • Army- Maknae
    Army- Maknae Month ago

    Am I the only one here, or does anybody else feel bad for the animated guy?

  • Seneca Gunz
    Seneca Gunz Month ago

    I hate earth

  • Gardner924
    Gardner924 Month ago

    They have 666k subs😱 Devil

  • Jhianne Mae Albag
    Jhianne Mae Albag Month ago


  • 7 Win
    7 Win Month ago

    You cannot breath the air near the equator because the air is too thin to breath.
    Also, gravity will 57% more than usual earth when stopped spinning.

  • Scribbled Riddles
    Scribbled Riddles Month ago

    winter is coming

  • The Repenter
    The Repenter Month ago

    Who else thought of Grand Line at 1:28?

  • KT W
    KT W Month ago

    "Leaving almost no chance of survival."

    We'd already be dead at the 1000 mph winds AND the tsunamis.

  • Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian

    0:53 how does that work

  • smsmurni
    smsmurni Month ago

    how the world ends

  • Marcus W. Bryant
    Marcus W. Bryant Month ago +1

    if Earth stopped spinning...Time is stopped as well...like being in an endless cycle..today, tonight wont end...tomorrow wont come..or some shit in my opinion....or could be a theory

  • Autumn Knox
    Autumn Knox Month ago

    It's ok I live in Alaska. We already deal with long days in summer and long nights during winter.

  • Rodney Jones
    Rodney Jones Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that whatever event causes the Earth to stop spinning would be what humans should be worried about. That is what is likely to kill everyone and everything.

  • Little Biscuit
    Little Biscuit Month ago

    What is this song called

  • Tic tac Master
    Tic tac Master Month ago

    The sun would kill us because it would be way to hot

  • DIN
    DIN Month ago

    So when will this happen?

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson Month ago

    To sum it all up we'll all die💯

  • Manusia Biasa
    Manusia Biasa Month ago

    let's play universe sandbox!

  • Xombie
    Xombie Month ago

    Well that was truly horrifying and interesting at the same time.

  • CabalesGaming MC and Tutorials

    if the earth stopped spinning it is true that the wind is 1000mph but when your inside earth it is not thats because the earth spins 200kp18secs so the strong wind is under control and normal speed.

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