Gotta See It: Multiple fights break out between Blue Jackets & Wild

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  • Teejay Grier
    Teejay Grier 4 months ago

    Fighting is a part of the game. I timekept hockey for 15 years and in the vast majority of cases, a chippy game settles down after two guys drop the gloves. Why? I have no idea but I've seen it dozens of times

  • SavageSwagHound
    SavageSwagHound 4 months ago +2

    Minnesota may not be the best hockey team in the league but they are the most passionate. The chemistry that the Wild have is unmatched and it is noticeable to the fans. Most players on the team have been there at least 4-5 years, even the younger guys. Every player sticks up for their teammates. Whether it means taking a fight or giving their best effort to make a play to redeem their fellow man. The Wild are the best, win or lose. State of hockey represent! GO WILD!!!!!

  • Hannahanya
    Hannahanya 4 months ago

    Man wild gets on my nerves fr

  • Watch DogTV
    Watch DogTV 7 months ago

    I gotta hand it to CBJ, their not a team full of stars but are playing like they are. good for them. it just goes to prove you don't need a team full of all-stars to be a good team.

  • M Buckholz
    M Buckholz 7 months ago


  • Shiper11 Studios
    Shiper11 Studios 7 months ago

    I was at that game

  • Blake Waters
    Blake Waters 7 months ago

    CBJ won both by a mile

  • Dan Keegan
    Dan Keegan 7 months ago +1

    I love hockey now

  • Merchaholic Musik
    Merchaholic Musik 7 months ago +2

    This is what I like to see. No refs jumping in as well is nice.

  • michael westin
    michael westin 7 months ago +3

    Damn each one of those boys were throwing ko punches

  • TheRyanProdigy
    TheRyanProdigy 7 months ago +1

    Battlefield one is fun

  • Jon Nigaavich
    Jon Nigaavich 7 months ago


  • DesmondRC
    DesmondRC 7 months ago

    2 fights? When it says multiple. I was looking for a load of fights. What a waste of my time

  • Nicolas Rebollar
    Nicolas Rebollar 7 months ago +1

    Wait the refs didn't pull them away from the start why?

  • eastbeast95
    eastbeast95 7 months ago

    Anderson can throw them Stuart is always a tough customer

  • the dyslexic
    the dyslexic 7 months ago

    Stewart had him but got focused on ripping the guys helmet off to save his hands. only reason he got clocked at the end.

  • Sean Glancey
    Sean Glancey 7 months ago +9

    Wild win both fights but lose the game 😔

    • Sean Glancey
      Sean Glancey 4 months ago

      Jerk Of All Trades lol 😂 whatever you say man

    • Sean Glancey
      Sean Glancey 5 months ago

      Bobby Johnson falling first doesn't always equal a loss

    • Bobby Johnson
      Bobby Johnson 5 months ago

      Sean Glancey both wild players got dropped.

  • KaneIGetACup
    KaneIGetACup 7 months ago

    why the game misconducts?

    • brudog1970
      brudog1970 7 months ago

      NHL rule 46.7 Fighting After The Original Altercation. It basically won the game for Columbus. The Wild lost Dumba (a 2nd pairing defenseman) for Calvert (3rd/4th line plug). Columbus scored two quick goals right after these penalties to go up 3-0.

    • Brady Sim
      Brady Sim 7 months ago

      2nd fight in the same stoppage. how it is. so in a brawl, all fights after the 1st one get games

    • Johnny Yatooma
      Johnny Yatooma 7 months ago

      started a fight after the whistle

  • Chris  Fruetel
    Chris Fruetel 7 months ago +3

    I love all the hockey fight experts that think that the loser is the guy that falls to the ice first. not true. if we are looking at the fights alone they were pretty much draws. what happens after the fights determines the winners. the wild got frustrated and it pumped the blue jackets up more. the wild didn't have their mojo going like they should have and the BJ's played phenomenally. I'd say we lost to a very worthy opponent. if our win streak had to end I'm glad it ended this way, by a team that is genuinely good at hockey. now the BJ's just need to beat the old win streak record.

    • Casper 62
      Casper 62 7 months ago

      Chris Fruetel unless you fight a they win no matter what lol..

    • frankie goguen
      frankie goguen 7 months ago

      Oh well as long as Bob keeps playing like a veizna winner they'll will beat it

    • Chris  Fruetel
      Chris Fruetel 7 months ago

      +frankie goguen I'm saying I'd like to see the BJ's beat the Pen's record. They need to hit 17 to tie and 18 to beat it

    • frankie goguen
      frankie goguen 7 months ago

      Chris Fruetel they beat it last night 15 wins new franchise record

  • MrBreese13
    MrBreese13 7 months ago +5

    Being a hockey fight fan is like being a Trump supporter as far as the media is concerned.  You like Trump, you are a racist.  You like hockey fights, you are a mindless knuckledragger.   All these idiots in the media, who are mostly anti fighting misread by a wide margin the popularity of fighting similar to the way the mainstream media missed on the Trump victory.  Further proof that if you follow main stream media as your primary sense of are a tool.

    • MrBreese13
      MrBreese13 7 months ago

      Roger that ChrisB!!

  • Cecil Meredith
    Cecil Meredith 7 months ago

    stewart is still my favorite player. i was so happy when they signed him

  • Clarrenetten
    Clarrenetten 7 months ago

    New rivalry??

    • Quinn Hunt
      Quinn Hunt 6 months ago

      Snipxng nah, rivalries between teams in different conferences doesn't happen that often

    • Phil Kilkenny
      Phil Kilkenny 7 months ago

      Renewed. Both teams entered the league in 2000. In the same division. Changed with realignment a couple years ago. Wild have had more success than the Jackets; but not this year.

  • What's happening
    What's happening 7 months ago +3

    I can't wait for the playoffs. Both of these teams are going to choke on their own vomit, come the postseason.

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 7 months ago +3

    Stewart always hype before the fight. Chirping to go. I farted by the way and it indeed smelled of mothafuckin rottted beef

  • TheDragonSmasher
    TheDragonSmasher 7 months ago +8


  • Mr. Tv
    Mr. Tv 7 months ago +6

    0:33 that butt slap 😂

  • CurtCheeseburger Beltpants

    i expected like 3 or 4 fights ...

  • Cali . .
    Cali . . 7 months ago +15

    It's official. The blue jackets can't be stopped.

    • Mike Johnson
      Mike Johnson 7 months ago

      Why do you feel the need to say that? It doesn't matter when a win streak happens. When a team wins 16 games in a row, you don't brush it off like 'well it didn't happen later in the season so, doesn't matter'. Sportsmanship. Ever heard of it? I'm a Wild fan, and regardless of the outcome, this game was very fun to watch, and honestly after they beat us I was cheering for them to break the record. Learn to appreciate the sport instead of putting everyone who isn't a fan of your team down.

    • About36GREEKS
      About36GREEKS 7 months ago

      eagegae Vgeagagea not in this weak ass NHL today that's dominated by 20 year old kids , lol imagine this Columbus team playing the bruins or Canucks teams from 5 years ago or the kings and ducks teams from years past would have been destroyed , the game is watered down now , the fact that kids can dominate just proves that , yes kids have been good in the past but not this early not as many of them

    • YAOmighty - Gaming and More
      YAOmighty - Gaming and More 7 months ago

      eagegae Vgeagagea Yes. The Penguins' record of 17 game winning streak is already in jeopardy.

    • DrSlugger
      DrSlugger 7 months ago

      Wasn't directed at you

  • Cali . .
    Cali . . 7 months ago +19

    This fight was better than rousey vs nunes 😂😂😂

    iAJAXBEATZ 7 months ago +9

    Oh sure they let them fight. But not McQuaid...

    • Carl Brutananadilewski
      Carl Brutananadilewski 7 months ago

      AJAX BEATZ and the Bostonians win the championship in bitching again! Title Town!

    • nahpoli
      nahpoli 7 months ago

      Funny how Carrier didnt play the next game, he came down with the Boston Bruins flu....he knew he was a dead man if he payed!

      AUSTON SPLATPOO 7 months ago

      AJAX BEATZ still going on mxquiad got popped I'll say it again hahahahaha

  • MSGBlueshirts
    MSGBlueshirts 7 months ago +29

    That's dumb to give them game misconducts, but that's the new NHL we have to live with

    • superfiretrooper5
      superfiretrooper5 17 days ago


    • MrBreese13
      MrBreese13 7 months ago

      The rule for doling out gamers on secondary fights has been around since the eighties...but I dig what you are saying about the pussified NHL.

    • Reignerific
      Reignerific 7 months ago

      would you say its... Dumba?

  • Jack Wall
    Jack Wall 7 months ago

    hope they make it to da final it would be fun

  • Masentaja
    Masentaja 7 months ago +1

    everytime when stewart fights ive seen his stomach xD

  • Alessandro Scuderi
    Alessandro Scuderi 7 months ago +2

    Kind of bullshit Stewart has try to take of his opponent's helmet cus of the visor in the middle of the fight and gets caught and dropped because of it.

    • Casper 62
      Casper 62 7 months ago

      Jacob Strous hey ain't it like new's mandatory until year 3 than optional or something like that???

    • Phil Kilkenny
      Phil Kilkenny 7 months ago

      Excuses came after he got his ass kicked. Anderson took him down to the ice. Then Dumba got involved with Calvert; bad move for Dumba even though Calvert took some licks as Dumba was taken down as well. Moral here is CBJ is ready to fight and keep winning.

    • Jacob Strous
      Jacob Strous 7 months ago

      Anderson had no problem removing Stewart's helmet. Also, Anderson is 22, and is required to wear a visor. Stewart picked on someone 7 years younger than him, and then made excuses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Reignerific
      Reignerific 7 months ago

      You can't anymore. Two minute minor if you remove your helmet before a fight. The worst part is they call you for "unsportsmanlike conduct."

    • yankeesfan1324
      yankeesfan1324 7 months ago

      Alessandro Scuderi Stewart started the fight with a cross check before the faceoff and taunting. He shouldn't have started the fight if he didn't want to deal with that.

  • BarcaFC39
    BarcaFC39 7 months ago +5

    Ok not a jackets fan but man they're doing good these season.

    • Lucas Stevens
      Lucas Stevens 7 months ago

      they're doing well*

    • cjs2886
      cjs2886 7 months ago

      BarcaFC39 this fuckin guy is on to something.

  • henry frisell
    henry frisell 7 months ago +10

    Wild won tbh with the fights

    • Bradford Simms
      Bradford Simms 7 months ago

      henry frisell CBJ = #1

    • Kevin Jones
      Kevin Jones 7 months ago

      Alex P all I saw was Anderson punching the ugliest player in the four major sports to the ice

      XILENTKNIVES 7 months ago

      Alex P not at all lol, take a look again. The wild missed most of the punches they threw. Columbus connected a lot more

    • Alex P
      Alex P 7 months ago

      Kevin Jones Haha no. Did you see how many punches the wild landed? Totally one sided.

    • Kevin Jones
      Kevin Jones 7 months ago

      henry frisell no shot. Took the L in both

  • London Doyle
    London Doyle 7 months ago

    That where 12 game-winning chicken now zero

  • Adam Moreira
    Adam Moreira 7 months ago +72

    At least Chris Stewart had more endurance in this fight than Ronda Rousey did in hers 😂

    • sam93931
      sam93931 7 months ago

      +nahpoli you're right... sorry =(

    • nahpoli
      nahpoli 7 months ago

      Dont compare a fucked up whatever its called to the great sport of HOCKEY!!

    • sam93931
      sam93931 7 months ago

      lul hockey is the best mate =)

  • AngusArt Entertainment
    AngusArt Entertainment 7 months ago +3

    Stewart got Falcon PUUUUNCHED!!!

  • Kassidi Dick
    Kassidi Dick 7 months ago +14

    these two teams meet in the finals would be kinda epic

  • wuBs world
    wuBs world 7 months ago

    "It's New Years Eve!" lol fkn dummy

  • Zack
    Zack 7 months ago +41

    Two of the best fights I've seen all season so far. Love how pumped up the Blue Jackets bench was during the first fight

    • Mike Carter
      Mike Carter 7 months ago

      love to see more fights in the game of hockey,its getting to the point when that POS Bettman  bans fighting in the league for good, thats why the cheap shots just keep on coming.

    • Zack
      Zack 7 months ago

      +Dave Smith Why so angry? Lol. I said it was two of the best so far this season, and not because of the fight itself, but how much it fired up the crowd and all players. Fights in hockey do not always have to be brutal to get your teammates fired up. If you don't like hockey, don't watch the videos...pretty simple.

    • Zack
      Zack 7 months ago

      Mike Carter I'm not a bluejackets fan, so I'm not concerned with how they do in playoffs…

    • Mike Carter
      Mike Carter 7 months ago

      fuk the Jackoff! they will choke on a big one once playoffs comes!

  • josh mcbride
    josh mcbride 7 months ago +11

    Gotta love hockey

    • Krotiz
      Krotiz 7 months ago

      Don Cherry thumbs up of approval, good ol rock em sock em hockey

  • Colton Linn
    Colton Linn 7 months ago +104

    And people want to ban fighting?
    If you're one of those people... screw you!

    • pyromaster86 54321
      pyromaster86 54321 4 months ago

      Skunkdog Gro it doesn't really delay the game much and they fight like grown men fighting is part of hockey and should stay apart of it fighting also gets the crowd more hyped up when two players go at it also I don't see what's so unprofessional about it

    • Skunkdog Gro
      Skunkdog Gro 4 months ago

      pyromaster86 54321 it delays the game and is completely unprofessional, they're grown men fighting like teenagers

    • pyromaster86 54321
      pyromaster86 54321 4 months ago

      Skunkdog Gro oh hell no fighting is what can really spice up the games there shouldn't be Anny bans fines or longer penalties it's fine how it is

    • Krusty Shackleford
      Krusty Shackleford 5 months ago

      Colton is dumb to go watch boxing. Just another clown.

    • Skunkdog Gro
      Skunkdog Gro 5 months ago

      Colton Linn maybe not ban, but maybe add fines or longer penalties.

  • Seamus Belisle
    Seamus Belisle 7 months ago +1

    stewarts are like 12 sizes too big

  • hockeycub19
    hockeycub19 7 months ago +2

    Stewart loss that fight and. Calvert lost his

  • 00mufffinzz00
    00mufffinzz00 7 months ago +2

    what was the reason for the two game misconducts on Calvert and Dumba?

    • Justin Nordeman
      Justin Nordeman 7 months ago

      yeah. if you start a second fight while a fight is already going on it's an automatic game misconduct

    • Adam Moreira
      Adam Moreira 7 months ago

      Secondary fight.

    • Henry Xing
      Henry Xing 7 months ago

      yeah the video doesnt show, but it was after the fight between stewart and anderson, and after the play was stopped

    • 00mufffinzz00
      00mufffinzz00 7 months ago

      Thank you, the video doesn't really show when the second fight happened, I thought it was during the first fight, I just heard the announcers say they got a game misconduct at the end of the video

    • Henry Xing
      Henry Xing 7 months ago

      started a fight after a whistle

  • TOR Hockeycards
    TOR Hockeycards 7 months ago +8

    That was such a cool game. But which game was more exciting. Columbus vs Minnesota or Toronto vs Vancouver?

    • Tim Johnson
      Tim Johnson 7 months ago

      WickedlyMe328 dumbass

    • Gavin Black
      Gavin Black 7 months ago

      already ended. 15 straight for the union and blue. #GoJackets

    • WickedlyMe328
      WickedlyMe328 7 months ago

      TOR Hockeycards hello some one's streak is going to end tonight! One is 14 and the other 12 straight wins

    • Gray
      Gray 7 months ago

      TOR Hockeycards As a Toronto fan, Minnesota-Columbus all the way

  • The Rowe Report- NHL News Channel

    nice fights!

    • AngusArt Entertainment
      AngusArt Entertainment 7 months ago

      +Phil Kilkenny Good point. 

    • Phil Kilkenny
      Phil Kilkenny 7 months ago

      It was close enough to a line brawl as Calvert and Anderson play on the Jackets 3rd line (not a typo; that's the depth of talent on the team).

    • AngusArt Entertainment
      AngusArt Entertainment 7 months ago

      Yeah, but when they said "multiple," I expected more like a line brawl.  They have a way of misleading that way.

  • Sawyer The GREAT
    Sawyer The GREAT 7 months ago


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