Top 5 Greatest Saves of All Time | NHL

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  • Crazy 5s
    Crazy 5s  5 months ago +13

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    • Soccer Is Life
      Soccer Is Life Month ago

      Crazy 5s Where is Ryan Millers goal when he was on the empty net

    • Keaton McLeod
      Keaton McLeod 5 months ago

      Crazy goliaes got crazy moves

    • Brandon English
      Brandon English 5 months ago

      Marty was great but what about Roy, Hasek, and a bunch of others.

    • TOSS IT
      TOSS IT 5 months ago

      Crazy 5s I like these saves and the video is good but have you ever heard of Martin Brodeur?

  • Matthew Paluch
    Matthew Paluch 13 days ago

    Save #5
    ' The Price is right! '

  • Mario Monkey 19
    Mario Monkey 19 Month ago +1

    Tim Thomas ECF 2011?

  • FIFA244 ForzaBostonBruins

    Hasek´s blocker save vs Philadelphia? And Hasek´s hand save vs Oilers?

  • James Phipps
    James Phipps Month ago

    next one need to add from preds game this year against pens

    CRAZYWILDMAN49 3 months ago

    i cant like this video because you didnt have eddie belfour's stoning of sergie fedorov(the greatest save of all time). also, you gotta check out mikka kiprusoff, grant fuhr, bob essensa, jon casey, and the great standup goalie...kirk mclean.

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 3 months ago

    The fact that this video doesn't have Dominik Hasek in it invalidates the whole thing. Go watch some hockey, bud and try again.

  • Slavomír Haneček
    Slavomír Haneček 4 months ago

    Where is Hasek

    SHIFTIBOI 4 months ago

    The potato cam is strong in this one

  • Sniper Eye
    Sniper Eye 4 months ago

    Why isn't fleurys swinging save with his stick on here

  • Christopher D'Alleva
    Christopher D'Alleva 4 months ago

    If you want to see my hockey video go to Christopher D'Alleva and like it and subscribe!

  • Christopher D'Alleva
    Christopher D'Alleva 4 months ago

    If you want to see my hockey video go to Christopher D'Alleva and like it and subscribe!

  • Dan Cybak
    Dan Cybak 4 months ago

    Kirk McLean 94 vs flames is better than all those. It just is.

  • MrHockeytown90
    MrHockeytown90 4 months ago

    If you made another top 5 saves should include Henrik Lundquists' save on Henrik Zetterberg from this season

  • Stalkingwolf
    Stalkingwolf 4 months ago

    there was another great save from cujo vs. Avalalanche. one of the best moment of the NHL 99 trailer

  • LegoKEanimations 19
    LegoKEanimations 19 4 months ago

    Charas foot save

  • oO CRoOKS Oo
    oO CRoOKS Oo 4 months ago

    Theodore with the blocker? against boston in playoff

  • Mark 1962
    Mark 1962 5 months ago

    Good and true to be sure. Jacques Plante, Terry Sawchuk, and Gerry Cheevers. 100 Years

  • hockey 360
    hockey 360 5 months ago

    légal font débat la Reine

  • Smoke Gaming
    Smoke Gaming 5 months ago

    Good video

  • Poe Javelski
    Poe Javelski 5 months ago

    1- #2 is the indisputable best save of all time
    2- Nabokov should be here

  • Colin Chan
    Colin Chan 5 months ago

    Change the look of the two

  • frank mcclintock
    frank mcclintock 5 months ago

    ummmmm....tim thomas save 2011 playoffs??????NO????? whatever

  • Aaron Hubscher
    Aaron Hubscher 5 months ago

    what about the scorpion?

  • DukeDvl 69
    DukeDvl 69 5 months ago

    5 was going wide but still great effort

  • Leighton Gair
    Leighton Gair 5 months ago

    Kippersoff toe save wasn't in this, prices number 5 should've been top 3

  • Steven Zogaria
    Steven Zogaria 5 months ago

    Disrespect to Hasek

  • Sophia Ceckitti
    Sophia Ceckitti 5 months ago

    What about bob! Cbj

  • Parker_Pickelny 97
    Parker_Pickelny 97 5 months ago

    Was number 3 Curtis Joseph

  • Arsenal Accelerator
    Arsenal Accelerator 5 months ago

    #2 and #1 should switch places in my opinion

  • dpal dpaly
    dpal dpaly 5 months ago

    Dude, when you include 'of All Time' in your lists you should really do some research that extends beyond just the past 20 years.

  • MonsterMan26
    MonsterMan26 5 months ago

    But this is an awesome video

  • MonsterMan26
    MonsterMan26 5 months ago

    I think number 5 should have been 1

  • MonsterMan26
    MonsterMan26 5 months ago

    I play and love hockey. These are some quite great saves!!!

  • WeShallReign
    WeShallReign 5 months ago

    I wish my goaltending was better

  • KingOfDiamondz
    KingOfDiamondz 5 months ago

    Illí Eletinóvh

  • Race
    Race 5 months ago

    Where is Ryan miller diving save

  • Gehrig Mandrin
    Gehrig Mandrin 5 months ago +1

    What about Henrik Lundqvist and when he threw his stick to make a save in game 6 of the 2014 eastern conference finals against the Canadiens.

  • Brandon English
    Brandon English 5 months ago

    It was proven after the fact that Caron's glove was over the line and it should have been a goal. The angle we see is forward of the net and looking back. That is why you can see the top crossbar behind the goal line. A view not available was looked at later and even the NHL said it should have been a goal. This incident was used by the NHL to make the video replay system better during the off-season. The location of the cameras have changed partially due to this event.

  • Jack Nation
    Jack Nation 5 months ago

    Um, Johnathan Quick?

  • Maxwell Shoemaker
    Maxwell Shoemaker 5 months ago

    dom hasek or marty biron??????

  • alecisaplaya
    alecisaplaya 5 months ago +5

    The announcers reaction in #1 is priceless

  • infamouscoma886
    infamouscoma886 5 months ago

    No tim Thomas saves? He was one of the best ever!

  • Patrick Hockey13
    Patrick Hockey13 5 months ago +7

    Number 5 wasn't even going in

    • Jason Liq
      Jason Liq Month ago

      Cookieman Gaming but their is a lot of other saves that were better cough henrik lundqvist on the bruins should have been 1

    • Lakyn
      Lakyn 3 months ago

      True but player #96 was close to putting it in.

    • Patrick Hockey13
      Patrick Hockey13 5 months ago

      Cookieman Gaming yeah

    • Cookieman Gaming
      Cookieman Gaming 5 months ago

      I agree that number 5 clearly wasn't going in but the effort was still tremendous

    • Patrick Hockey13
      Patrick Hockey13 5 months ago

      Fred Ferguson number one was definitely going in

  • Pikachu 123
    Pikachu 123 5 months ago

    I wanted to play hockey 🏒

  • sportsfan 95
    sportsfan 95 5 months ago

    So where's Frank Pietrangelo's save against New Jersey in 1991? This is not even me being biased as a Pens fan... there's a reason it's known as "The Save" ... not to mention he was a backup!

  • No Ro
    No Ro 5 months ago

    How is hasek not in here, probably one of the best goalies of all time and made better saves then all these

  • 23kT_MagicRuby67
    23kT_MagicRuby67 5 months ago

    outro song?

  • thedominatior39 R
    thedominatior39 R 5 months ago

    really number 1-5 should be Dominik Hasek

    • No Ro
      No Ro 5 months ago

      thedominatior39 R yeah it should

  • Amraj Johal
    Amraj Johal 5 months ago +4

    Why does ur 2 look like a 9 and a Z had a baby 👶🏾

    • Crazy 5s
      Crazy 5s  5 months ago

      im working on it i promise lol

  • Evan P
    Evan P 5 months ago

    Where is Carey price's saves vs the ranger in overtime this season?

  • TheWhiteBanana
    TheWhiteBanana 5 months ago

    Where's fleury's cup winner?

  • thecoolestguy
    thecoolestguy 5 months ago +6

    Dominic Haseks cartwheel save should be in here to

    • PainDealer86
      PainDealer86 3 months ago

      These are the top 5 not by Hasek. He has is own league.

  • thecoolestguy
    thecoolestguy 5 months ago

    What about Cary prices save

  • Sparks the flame 31!
    Sparks the flame 31! 5 months ago

    maybe not make the numbers so long

  • koalceek9
    koalceek9 5 months ago

    Hasek who ? :)

  • Hunter Waldern
    Hunter Waldern 5 months ago +14

    Does the number 2 piss anyone else off

    • Jason Liq
      Jason Liq Month ago

      bradhuygens because the 2 looks like a 9

    • Jason Liq
      Jason Liq Month ago

      dalton m not really im rangers fan

    • bradhuygens
      bradhuygens 5 months ago

      Why would it? I'm very confused here

    • Ian Napolitano
      Ian Napolitano 5 months ago

      dalton m not a lot just some

    • dalton m
      dalton m 5 months ago

      im a pens fan and theres a lot of teams better then us lol

  • Hockey Skipper
    Hockey Skipper 5 months ago

    Top 5 worst draft picks

  • RaysGamingSportsFan -
    RaysGamingSportsFan - 5 months ago

    I have not been this late since last video

  • Beast Bomb
    Beast Bomb 5 months ago

    What is your fav team crazy 5s

  • D. Dalb
    D. Dalb 5 months ago

    How do you have a top 5 saves of all time video and not have one Hasek save?

  • Aaro Palander
    Aaro Palander 5 months ago

    outro music pls :)

  • Chocolate Moose
    Chocolate Moose 5 months ago

    Kiprusoff's kick save tho. Good compilation though!

  • bobby cella
    bobby cella 5 months ago

    king henry should have made one and the one from the blues chicago game last year

  • HankB1993
    HankB1993 5 months ago

    Call me biased as a Sabres fan but can't have a greatest saves of all time video without the dominator Hasek. That man had some legendary saves and you're doing him wrong by not including him lol.

  • Matt Schoenfeld
    Matt Schoenfeld 5 months ago

    what about bouchet

  • CircleTheWagons
    CircleTheWagons 5 months ago

    what about Haseks blocker save? that's honestly the best save of all time

    • Shane Gaglione
      Shane Gaglione 5 months ago

      CircleTheWagons idk man ever see Nabokov's save or Miller's save this year

  • D Ries
    D Ries 5 months ago

    #1 sucked. The pucks trajectory was sending it wide of the net. If he had done nothing, it would have been the same outcome, no goal. Also Kirk Mcleans save against Calgary in overtime in the playoffs of the '93/94 cup run was better than any of these. Sliding toe save off a 2 on 1(Fleury to Riechel} onetimer. Don Cherry regarded it as the save of the century. That said, still love your videos. Keep it up.

    • D Ries
      D Ries 5 months ago

      No doubt, great goalie, love him, even if I hate the

    • Jacob Swidorsky
      Jacob Swidorsky 5 months ago

      +D Ries Oh yeah I noticed that too. Still very acrobatic.

    • D Ries
      D Ries 5 months ago

      Shit, my bad. I am stupid. I meant the 1st video, #5, on the list. The Carey Price "save".

    • Jacob Swidorsky
      Jacob Swidorsky 5 months ago

      D Ries Dude are you stupid. That puck was easily going in I don't know what you're talking about when you say it was going wide

  • Dane Buffardi
    Dane Buffardi 5 months ago +2

    What about Martin Jones glove save

  • Christian Humphreys
    Christian Humphreys 5 months ago


  • Maplez
    Maplez 5 months ago +17

    I think Nabokov's save should be in here

    • Blackenedin92
      Blackenedin92 5 months ago

      And we all know exactly which save youre refering to, thats how iconic that save is. "In front for RichardsOOHHH WHAT AN INCREDIBLE STOP BY NABOKOV! Game Saver!"

    • BullShark
      BullShark 5 months ago

      Without a doubt and tim Thomas' in game 7 of the eastern conference finals I truly feel that 2-4 were not deserving especially ward's And dominik hasek should at least have one in here

    • Shane Gaglione
      Shane Gaglione 5 months ago

      Maplez i think his is a lot less luck and more skill than a few of these guys

    • Crazy 5s
      Crazy 5s  5 months ago

      Definitely thought about it lol

  • MCPE Nexus
    MCPE Nexus 5 months ago

    Yay 7

  • Tyson McCardle
    Tyson McCardle 5 months ago

    Is it just me or did 3 suck

    RSTC YT 5 months ago +1

    Can you plz at least reply to me Top 5s that will make my day

    • RSTC YT
      RSTC YT 5 months ago

      No problem can you plz give me a shoutout and sub to me PLZZZZZZZZZ!

    • Crazy 5s
      Crazy 5s  5 months ago

      lol thanks man!

    • RSTC YT
      RSTC YT 5 months ago

      And I meant to say make more top 5s to you

    • RSTC YT
      RSTC YT 5 months ago


    • Crazy 5s
      Crazy 5s  5 months ago

      YO lol you like the vid?

  • Comet
    Comet 5 months ago

    can u help me?

    RSTC YT 5 months ago

    Hi can you sub to me please

  • Sam Arena
    Sam Arena 5 months ago

    4 hi

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