Trump's Lawyer Just Rumbled With A Fox News Host and Look Who It Is!!

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    35 min Commercial here-



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    Trump's Lawyer Just Rumbled With A Fox News Host and Look Who It Is!!

    Newt Gingrich Just Exposed Them All!

    Marco Rubio is Completely on The MAGA Train - Look What He Just Said!

    Donald Jr. Just Tweeted This To His Father

    SAD: The NY Times Actually Sides With The Leftist Mob!

    Look Who The Islamic State Has Recruited!!
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Comments: 88

  • Gary Zimmerman
    Gary Zimmerman 2 months ago

    Chris is just a nother liberal moron.

  • Monique Morales
    Monique Morales 2 months ago

    Chris Wallace very arrogant elitist.

  • Joseph Christiani
    Joseph Christiani 2 months ago

    Chris Wallace. A socialist just like his late father Mike Wallace.
    Wake up Republican Party and defend your President,TRUMP. The entire Party leadership are an elite group of cowards.

  • Ryann Navin
    Ryann Navin 2 months ago

    Poor kids deceived by Shiite Muslims hateful ideologies.... how could anyone be so stupid as to think anyone would need or even think about sex (a worldly thing used to pro create) in Heaven?

  • lyn ells
    lyn ells 2 months ago

    Chris Wallace is totally a brain dead LIBTARD JACKASS. Jay Sekulow NEVER said President Trump was under investigation. Just he couldn't read Muller's ( RINO CORRUPT LIBTARD ) mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RINO Muller NEEDS to go period !!!!!!!! DRAIN the FBI SWAMP of the rest of the evil demokkkRAT RATTLESNAKES embedded in the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS and so forth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find these EVIL LYING TRAITOROUS demokkkRAT LEAKERS and charge them with TREASON, CONVICT and PUT in JAIL !!!!!! Better yet HANG for TREASON !!!! Start doing this and things will change. They are NO BETTER than EVIL ISIS or Marxist Hitler was and part of the ENEMIES WITHIN...the RATTLESNAKE TRAITOROUS demokkkRATS just like the one who shot those Republicans on that baseball field last week !!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right the NYT is a EVIL leftist mob. Oh yeah, the left-wing LAWLESS mob at it again !!!!!!!!!!! They are ALL INSANE DELUSIONAL and DYSFUNCTIONAL !!!!!!!!! Wipe the EVIL Muslims out !!!!!!!!!!! The North Vietnamese USED kids to do the SAME EVIL during the Vietnam War !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIPE THEM OUT is the only thing to do. Unless you can reach them through God/Jesus Christ which is most unlikely in these CORRUPT countries where this EVIL Muslimism IDEOLOGY has going on for generations !!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you think God told the Israelites to wipe them out when they went into the land of Israel ? God said if the Israelites did not do so then these ( Muslims/Arabs would be a then in the flesh for them for ever !!!!!!! They have been and are NOW to the whole world !!!!!! PURE EVIL from the pits of HELL itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVIL Hitler used the Muslims to MURDER at least 6 million Jews and others during WWII !!!!!! Sadly the CORRUPT demokkkRATS have the same twisted EVIL mindset as Hitler...EVIL MARXISM !!!!!!!!!!!Thank God for President Trump...bless him. Jay Sekulow too.

  • Falchion
    Falchion 2 months ago

    President Snowflake's disapproval rating is up to 64% now

  • wkdemers
    wkdemers 2 months ago

    ' Happy Father's Day' try saying that in Family Court!

  • msredherring
    msredherring 2 months ago

    Fox turning libtard, I am finished with FOX!

  • Kelliefish
    Kelliefish 2 months ago +1

    Go Newt, Go!! Love it as well.

  • Kelliefish
    Kelliefish 2 months ago +1

    Go Sekulow, Go!! Love it.

  • Manley Nelson
    Manley Nelson 2 months ago

    man i hope Rubio is truly on the MAGA train; he has a lot of power to help us. And I pray Gingrich is staying around for a long time.

  • Manley Nelson
    Manley Nelson 2 months ago

    fox sucks except for 3 good guys who should leave and form a new network

  • Martin Bui
    Martin Bui 2 months ago

    maybe its time our country should wipe their kind off the face of this planet. no cure for them anymore.. these muslim terrorist just wont stop and they don't see their children as their future but expendable walking bomb.. sad

  • Nocturnal Coil
    Nocturnal Coil 2 months ago

    Don't you think that after fox news has turned on trump. That maybe trump is the problem.

  • bobdrake
    bobdrake 2 months ago +2

    Fake News Chris Wallace is very good at putting words in someone's mouth.

  • American Woman
    American Woman 2 months ago +1

    Happy Father's Day President Trump!🙏❤🇺🇸

  • Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams 2 months ago

    Muslims believe that when there son kills himself for jihad that 25 members get to go too heaven.

  • Jalois Cox
    Jalois Cox 2 months ago +1

    I wanted to hear what Rubio had to say. You cut him off. Give the whole story or don't cover it at all. I'm a subscriber, but you get a thumbs down for this video!

  • Wire Less
    Wire Less 2 months ago +1

    I can't stand that Asshole Chris Wallace! The hate for Our President Spews from this A Hole!!! He needs to be Bit** Slapped!! Fox is turning left to the Max!!!

  • J Gillespie
    J Gillespie 2 months ago

    the majority of those children are illiterate that's why they're able to be brain washed with hate

  • Marianne McManus
    Marianne McManus 2 months ago +1

    Wallace is just a hot dog for ratings...and he is a jerk... I had to shut my tv off...Wallace makes me sick😝

  • Judy Gagnon
    Judy Gagnon 2 months ago

    well if Trump's lawyer doesn't know if he's under investigation, Wallace sure as hell doesn't know either

  • jon lennon
    jon lennon 2 months ago

    The few rule the many in facism, do the math with evergreen the worst college in history.

  • Jean Jean
    Jean Jean 2 months ago

    Chris Wallace looks and acts like a pussy. Does he have a monthly cycle?

  • Vicki Logan
    Vicki Logan 2 months ago +1

    Way to go Newt!

  • swm122758
    swm122758 2 months ago

    Jim, you've aired video by Bill Still in the past. Please consider airing his latest upload on Jihad. Short and VERY INFORMATIVE! I would go so far as to say SCARY!

  • celin sebastian
    celin sebastian 2 months ago

    Islam and Hinduism are all satanic. People unknowingly following these satanic religion worshipping Satan. Beware.

  • Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite


    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite
      same ole song

  • celin sebastian
    celin sebastian 2 months ago

    Wallace family are illuminatis

  • JoAnn George
    JoAnn George 2 months ago +1

    Children across the world are being used. Pedophilia, terrorists, etc. When our children begin to become important world wide....not to be used for one's sickness.... much will be changed for the sake of human dignity and love.

  • Karen Vermeer
    Karen Vermeer 2 months ago

    This is not religion it is a cult.

  • Karen Vermeer
    Karen Vermeer 2 months ago +2

    Liberals are domestic terroists.

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 2 months ago +1

    You can tell more about a man's character by examining the actions & lifestyles of his children than you can with any media reporting , president Trumps children's lives have been exemplary & libtards can't stand it ,a normal 2 parent family that teaches their children American values is like swallowing poison for libtards so they hate the Trump children.

    • Michael Ledford
      Michael Ledford 2 months ago

      +leo cannon​ look how the kids turned out as successful college grads with great careers before their father got into politics ,I'd say extremely stable and not 1 " baby momma " ,stop being disrespectful for the sake of hatred ,those children had excellent intelligent loving mother's, not baby mommas ,Donald was always there & extremely involved in EVERY child's life ,and unlike Chelsea Clinton they grew up with their real father .

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      Michael Ledford
      ummm trump has 5kids and three baby mommas. they were all raised in separate households and cities...that not stable sir.

    • Bernard Jackson
      Bernard Jackson 2 months ago

      Michael Ledford yes, very true.

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 2 months ago +2

    I heard Chris Wallace keeps 8 yr old boys superman underwear in his pocket so he can sniff them durring commercials ,I also heard he chops the heads off Barbie dolls & inserts them .

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon Month ago

      Michael Ledford
      lies!!! he's had two marriages,and father of 4,I don't hate trump. I think he's funny as hell😐

    • Michael Ledford
      Michael Ledford Month ago

      +leo cannon how am I a pedo for pointing out a known gay man looks like a creepy pee pee kisser ?

      I'm fairly certain you just like anybody who bashes the president you hate lol

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      Michael Ledford
      I'm not saying your mean,just a pedo.

    • Michael Ledford
      Michael Ledford 2 months ago

      +leo cannon oh just stop with the crying for fucks sake,in every thread your like a whiney woman with some complaint about somebody being mean .

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      Michael Ledford
      oh and refresh my memory of me support the lgbt community,you can' know the rest😂

  • LeVerne Doran
    LeVerne Doran 2 months ago +1

    Brother Jim,
    Germany also had their child warriors during WWII. This atrocity has also been done in Northern Africa.

  • Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite


  • James Tillis
    James Tillis 2 months ago +3

    I hope he pay his lawyer bill this time.

  • Marcel Comtois
    Marcel Comtois 2 months ago +8


  • Terri Gardner
    Terri Gardner 2 months ago +2

    Jim the global elites sold that advertisement to sell to Christians. Lambs Shepherd diet? they are targeting Christian secondary news sources. Satan father of all lies. they want you to believe it and sell it. think about it Jim. God bless

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      Terri Gardner
      so the Shepherd diet is ran by the global elites?

  • Donna Lynch
    Donna Lynch 2 months ago +2

    It's not "use of children" it's "ABUSE OF CHILDREN" and it is abhorrent mentality. Please dear God intervene rapidly if You will. Amen in Jesus name. Bless you❣️Holy is as Holy does. And expediting death and destruction to innocent youths in NOT HOLY📍🙏

  • Michelle Ladnier
    Michelle Ladnier 2 months ago +1

    God please wipe them into extinction,out of existing

  • Michael Rippa
    Michael Rippa 2 months ago +3

    Just my opinion but I believe Rubio is hoping for Trump to fail and​ setting himself up for the next election​. He is a puppet of the government in my opinion. Paula.

  • Michelle Ladnier
    Michelle Ladnier 2 months ago +2

    I think with them sending their children to fight for them, they dying,it's God's way of wiping them out.

  • Wanda Roderick
    Wanda Roderick 2 months ago +7

    I wish they would fire this old finished wiped out stupid Chris Wallace throw him off of the air he's sickening disgusting despicable boycott everything he has to do with TV radio cable anything boycott them come on America get rid of these damn liberals makeamericagreatagain stand-up Fight for Your Country get rid of Chris Wallace fire his ass

  • Reagan Cat
    Reagan Cat 2 months ago +12

    You damn right they are in the pockets of the Demon party.... bs they are on a witch hunt and we know it!

    • Reagan Cat
      Reagan Cat 2 months ago

      Janet Bosley no is interested in your book rant... if Trump was out to destroy the GOP they are doing that al by themselves! Wake up honey😉

    • Janet Bosley
      Janet Bosley 2 months ago

      draft dodging ,Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative , Anti-Constitutionalist , dictator praising ,muslim loving   socialist(Commie)   democrat  Trump   ran on the Republican ticket  to destroy the GOP . Trump while  campaigning  had rules changed  and  Trump ran independent of the Republican Platform. Communist  Daffy Drumpf is not a Republican let alone a Conservative.  Trump said " I'm greedy greedy greedy  I'm been  greedy  all my  life can't be to  greedy "   "I like using others peoples money"  and Trump is  mentally  unstable   trump make it clear that he can be as lawless as  he so desire   to even    taking  the life of  another human being in cold blood  and not be  held  accountable.  Trump is also anti-America    Trump said   " Those who say Freedom of Speech  these are foolish people " Trump is anti-Israel    Trump said " If Israel wants peace they need to be willing to make some  sacrifices"   Low informed  or beguiled  Republicans  act as if  Trump walks on water  and can and will  lasso the moon for them and make them rich.  God commands  to choose  God fearing leaders  not choose between the  two evils  (Democrats   Trump and   his long time friend  Hillary )the worldly pushed . Do the Trump-bots  believe that trump supported ,funded and praised   Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and Holder and a host of other socialist democrats all these  years  because he was clueless as to who and what they were?

  • Tim Drumm
    Tim Drumm 2 months ago +27

    Circling pack of rabid lions all around Trump.- yet he has committed no impeachable offense.

    • Tim Drumm
      Tim Drumm 2 months ago

      Kenny H RABID (rabies) sick lions...

    • Kenny H
      Kenny H 2 months ago

      Hey, don't be comparing lions, a noble animal to the rabid traitorous sewer rats that are trying so hard to destroy America.

    KELLY CHRIZTOPHER 2 months ago +19

    I have had enough nightmares, Pease, defend President Donald Trump !!!

  • Diane kriwox
    Diane kriwox 2 months ago +11

    Rubio supports Muller as the special investigator so what are his real intentions when Muller is a good friend of Comey?

  • Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett 2 months ago +1

    IT'S THEIR RHETORIC, they have to stand behind them.

  • crazy elf
    crazy elf 2 months ago +6

    There's another video where the commenters are mostly liberal snowflake Democrats. Taking aim at President Trump's attorney.
    I left a comment no one has responded to, yet! Liberals are a bunch of pussies!

    • Manley Nelson
      Manley Nelson 2 months ago

      you obviously havent researched songbird Mccain at all.

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      crazy elf
      trump a dodger and you're calling out mens who actually fought for this country,ain't nothing worse than a dodger just ask my relatives. who really put in work.

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      crazy elf
      what worst a draft dodger or someone who actually step up,and served his country. McCain my not be a hero,but he's not coward.

    • leo cannon
      leo cannon 2 months ago

      crazy elf
      you gets your news from mlordgod...😂😂😂I need real proof.

  • Omega Juicer
    Omega Juicer 2 months ago +25

    Chris Wallace is the prissiest pundit / anchor out there.
    He's more prissy than Anderson 'the pooper' Cooper.
    I just want to slap that prissy off his face. ...he looks like a snotty little girl.

    • Roy N.
      Roy N. 2 months ago

      Omega Juicer agreed! He has that face that screams: 'Slap the Living Dog-Sh!te out of me! Please! I'm B!*#%-Made, Slap Me Please!'

    • Carol Harris
      Carol Harris 2 months ago

      Omega Juicer he looks like Milhouse on The Simpsons.

  • Barbara Vogel
    Barbara Vogel 2 months ago +19

    happy Father's day Brother Jim.

  • Bill Fowler
    Bill Fowler 2 months ago +45

    Go president trump America first 🇺🇸

    • Kim White
      Kim White 2 months ago

      Bill Fowler Our PRESIDENT TRUMP is a fighter and a winner🥊🥊🥊I am praying like all get out that he will beat all these Dems and lib💩💩💩💩's. They are a sorry bunch. Think I'll watch me some great election night winner videos.🚂🚂🚂 CHOO CHOO

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