This Guy Went Into A Town That Was Abandoned In 1982. What He Found Is As Stunning As It Is Eerie

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    • 1stPCFerret
      1stPCFerret 12 days ago

      Yup, just further north than Washington, in Canada.

    • Arinerm
      Arinerm 13 days ago

      Oh, and maybe my geography is weak, but just what would be on the "northeast coast" of British Columbia? Would that be like the "northeast coast of Oregon"?

    • erepsekahs
      erepsekahs 13 days ago

      Yes, I thought that was a scream too.....and the assertion that British Columbia was established and built by the U.S. mining conglomerate Phelps-Dodge.

    • Arinerm
      Arinerm 13 days ago

      So, what was found that was "as stunning as it is eerie"? Was it that "after the last person left ... it was vacant"? That doesn't seem stunning as much as it seems obvious.

  • Liz Ben
    Liz Ben 22 minutes ago

    This place is well kept n clean....

  • Melinda Spencer
    Melinda Spencer 4 hours ago

    Someone is mowing the grass and cleaning up the leaves

  • sleeper234
    sleeper234 14 hours ago

    This would be a good place for homeless people.

  • Jacob Martodam
    Jacob Martodam 22 hours ago

    Why is all the grass mowed in the pictures? Someone else base to be living there!?!?

  • chillin silly
    chillin silly 1 day ago

    Is it me or are the lawns freshly mowed.

  • ARC_099
    ARC_099 1 day ago

    Welp once I leave school and move out, it will wait no more!! That is if I can just walk in with no problem

  • Infertiletick50 The Gamer

    i would love to be in these places

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 2 days ago

    we could do without the mysterious music

  • Susan Mckee
    Susan Mckee 2 days ago

    who pays the electric bill, who cuts the grass, keeps the spiders and their webs knocked down. Why isn't the government utilizing this property. Surely Canada has homeless families. Hell house released criminals no one wants as a neighbor. What a waste.

  • SharkSport
    SharkSport 2 days ago

    wow. A town in Canada with no muslims.

  • A A
    A A 4 days ago

    What a great place for homeless people, and the power is still on ,grow YOUR own food, move in,take it over.

  • Nickolas k
    Nickolas k 4 days ago

    Also why are the lawns fresh cut if no one lives there

  • Nickolas k
    Nickolas k 4 days ago

    Then how come the roofs have brand new shingles

  • Frank Ziola
    Frank Ziola 5 days ago

    If I buy into you're 30 year old town that shows me that the grass is still cut, will you buy some crack off me

  • Isaiah Oquendo
    Isaiah Oquendo 5 days ago

    Hell I'll take over

  • Grimwurks Pottery
    Grimwurks Pottery 5 days ago

    no dust, cut grass, electricity on, there must be maintenance and security working there

  • guffylips
    guffylips 5 days ago

    oh, you forgot to tell about sasquatch who lives in the last house on the street. He is the present grounds keeper but don't question his grow up.

  • Anthony Caldeira
    Anthony Caldeira 6 days ago

    and who just finished cutting the grass at that apartment complex????

  • Batz VonLegendary
    Batz VonLegendary 8 days ago

    Town still has power. Doesn't count.

  • Matth3w Playz
    Matth3w Playz 8 days ago

    if that was me the dude who found the town I would I have whet to the bank and steal all the money and I would go into other people's house a take there stuff

  • mo thesurfer
    mo thesurfer 9 days ago

    Great place for a movie set

  • Kristopher Brandolino

    Why is there a satellite dish on one of the houses in the video from modern times? i know direct tv didn't use those dishes back in the 80's.

  • Amélie Rache
    Amélie Rache 9 days ago

    I call "Ponzi Scheme". Take the money, take the land, take it all. Blame something, pretend no one ever knew. Pigs.

    ZENOIST2 10 days ago

    SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!! He found an abandoned building.

  • Libertys Son
    Libertys Son 10 days ago


  • Kevin Keene
    Kevin Keene 10 days ago

    I googled the real name of the town its called FIMA Town USA.

  • Lynn Thomas
    Lynn Thomas 11 days ago

    Why don't I believe this?

  • Bill Gumbleton
    Bill Gumbleton 11 days ago

    The town is up for sale and that's why the grass is kept up as everything else is. There was a documentary on the CBC a couple of years ago.

  • Eric Loomis
    Eric Loomis 11 days ago

    no way somone is cutting all the grass perfectly at every home and business in that town just to sit abandoned. makes no sense.

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones 11 days ago

    Google Amax of Canada and you will find the real answers. They're just trying to get views and re-direct you to join their travel site. Who ever had the Direct TV dish on their house in 82 was why ahead of the curve. You might want to take better pictures out of a magazine.

  • Karrie Schumacher
    Karrie Schumacher 11 days ago

    someone is taking care of that town , because all of the yards and nicely mowed.

    JOHN E BOB 11 days ago

    Google Kitsault. Pop 1 (caretaker) notice the satellite dish at 3:42

  • Brian Preston
    Brian Preston 11 days ago

    and yet there is still power for the lights?

  • paul joseph
    paul joseph 11 days ago

    whos mowing the lawns lol

  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker 11 days ago

    Seems to me I read somewhere there are a few folks in and around Vancouver who need a place to live ... :(

  • bellesmom2012
    bellesmom2012 11 days ago

    I want to know where they bought those 30 year light bulbs! Maybe there is some at the store?

  • Bentley Corona
    Bentley Corona 11 days ago

    This is a freaking stupid video I already knew this town existed but I watched it because the Title so I'm giving this stupid freaking video a big fat dislike! 👎

  • PhoenixPluto IV
    PhoenixPluto IV 11 days ago

    That town looks modern to me... But how...

  • randy sorensen
    randy sorensen 11 days ago

    People live there,  the grass is cut and they didn't have directv back then.

  • m pam
    m pam 12 days ago

    Homeless veterans, poor families, elderly, and many others seeking housing. What a crime it is not to put these buildings to good use.

  • DaThinker
    DaThinker 12 days ago +1

    This would be a perfect town to make a TVserie. The actors could stay in the apartments and there would be a complete town to film in. A film series from the 80's perhaps?

  • Benjamin Fernandez
    Benjamin Fernandez 12 days ago

    Why is the grass still getting cut

  • Dave Smale
    Dave Smale 12 days ago

    The north east coast of British Columbia? There is no coast in the North east of British Columbia. That would be the border with another Canadian Province-Alberta. 1:16-British Columbia wasn't built by the mining company, the town was. Anybody fact checking these?

  • David Lopan
    David Lopan 12 days ago


  • silversurfers7
    silversurfers7 12 days ago

    ....Somebody forgot to turn the power off 30 years ago, dam, I'd love to know the brand of light bulbs for that extend of bulb life time! Lol.

  • Vitality
    Vitality 12 days ago

    50,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town.

  • gordy von brody
    gordy von brody 12 days ago

    I remember when everybody left. They said they would come back but they never did. How could you do that to me?

  • Juan Catalan
    Juan Catalan 12 days ago

    Creepy to know that it's just there.

  • bongojim420
    bongojim420 12 days ago

    Just still pics? You did not go inside anything? lame

  • DavidSixSixFive
    DavidSixSixFive 12 days ago

    That dish on the house at 3:40 is definately post 1982. You didn't see those till the late 90s/early 2000s.

  • Marcos Moreno
    Marcos Moreno 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice the DirecTV style satellite dish on the roof of a house @ 3:42. Back in the eighties satellite dishes were 15 -20 feet in diameter....

  • mrt57rn
    mrt57rn 12 days ago

    Damn, if any of us didn't pay our electric bill for 30 years....

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose 12 days ago

    So what is the story? Why did they have to leave the town?

  • Ken Alexander
    Ken Alexander 12 days ago


  • Cyberknight FTNWO
    Cyberknight FTNWO 12 days ago

    Kitsault energy is building an LNG gas plant there

  • Letit Bemee
    Letit Bemee 12 days ago

    @ Published on Jul 10, 2017, this place was sold over 8 years ago, to a man from India. So not sure why they said this is abandoned.

  • Diana Giles
    Diana Giles 12 days ago

    What a waste this town could home so many homeless war vets

  • Jamie N'Louisiana
    Jamie N'Louisiana 12 days ago

    clearly being maintained, mowed lawns, etc... by who?

  • I Rate
    I Rate 12 days ago

    With all the people in this world , why can't you hire someone to read your script?

  • Robert Preston
    Robert Preston 12 days ago

    wtf.. Then why are all lawns still perfectly mowed & hedges trimmed, carpets vacuumed, windows clean etc.... ?

  • Bruce Meyer
    Bruce Meyer 12 days ago

    Silent Hill...

  • Tracy Sault
    Tracy Sault 12 days ago

    No signs of decay in over 20 years? Even if you left the HVAC operating in the library the houses would have some kind of decay.

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike 12 days ago

    Really, who's cutting the grass?

  • msjanegrey
    msjanegrey 12 days ago

    it is an abomination that people are forced out of their homes.

  • J010011113
    J010011113 12 days ago

    I keep forgetting that your vids are complete BS. If no one is living there then who put up the small satellite dish on the house at 3:42? They didn't even start making those until the early nineties...definitely not in 1982.

  • mike settlemyer
    mike settlemyer 13 days ago

    this place is main taned grass cut power on

  • Robert Nielsen
    Robert Nielsen 13 days ago

    Who cuts the grass?

  • Gim Bob Jenkins
    Gim Bob Jenkins 13 days ago

    Is this where the expression "The lights are on but nobody's home" come from?

  • Stephen Hollinrake
    Stephen Hollinrake 13 days ago

    OK then who keeps mowing the grass

  • Erik Jensen
    Erik Jensen 13 days ago

    Is the voiceover computerized?

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs 13 days ago

    1:10, "British Columbia was founded and built by the U.S. mining conglomerate Phelps-Dodge in 1979."  Need I quote more?  British Columbia, commonly known as B.C., is the Westernmost province of Canada, it is not a town founded and built be the U.S. mining conglomerate Phelps-Dodge. What an absolutely inane thing to write.  Look at that! someone is actually mowing all the lawns and providing electricity to feed the fluorescent lighting in the library.  Indeed it is quite extraordinary. Ahem.

  • bird1 mclovin'
    bird1 mclovin' 13 days ago

    this place has been bought by devolopers and designers and has been for numerous years now been in restoration of the homes and streets

    KENNY KYLE 13 days ago

    Some one has been mowing the yards

  • Flthunder
    Flthunder 13 days ago

    Okay gang, did a little research on the web from a local newspaper---the mining industry crashed in 82, so the town folk abandoned the town-no work. There are 2 caretakers left on the property that mow the lawns and take care of stuff. The electric has been left on for the tourists/visitors who come see the town, supplied by a local hydro-plant.
    Some local businessmen are trying to get a Liquid Natural Gas station put there to put the town back to use.

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith 13 days ago

    who's mowing the grass

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin 13 days ago

    Who is paying the Hydro bill?

  • NICK M. Gotch
    NICK M. Gotch 13 days ago

    Abandoned for 30+ years yet the lawns are mowed ???

  • NiceMuslimLady
    NiceMuslimLady 13 days ago

    When were the photos taken?

  • jason ellis
    jason ellis 13 days ago

    lol self maintaining grass wtf?

  • Amir Danial
    Amir Danial 13 days ago

    the grass are cut, and everything looks squeaky clean like all the town are in a air tight jar for all these years.

  • Looking For The Exit
    Looking For The Exit 13 days ago

    Amazing , the fairies mow the lawns , trim the bushes , clean the windows ....... and people say there's no such things as fairies Ha !1's proof !

  • David Hall
    David Hall 13 days ago

    The lawns are all cut? By who?

  • CannedCow
    CannedCow 13 days ago

    What the fuck? Where is the part when "This Guy Went Into A Town That Was Abandoned In 1982. What He Found Is As Stunning As It Is Eerie" Seriously, stop fucking clickbaiting

  • Kevin
    Kevin 13 days ago

    There are plenty of retired people and business people who could live there. Internet business people don't need an onsite business location. They can move anywhere and conduct their businesses.

  • trickydicky1959
    trickydicky1959 13 days ago

    @4.09 who been cutting the grass then?

  • Rachel Meinke
    Rachel Meinke 13 days ago

    Who mows that grass then? Why is it not chest-height in weeds and wilderness? Far too tidy - Methinks I smell a rat!

  • robert t
    robert t 13 days ago

    A UFO was discovered while mining.

  • farmer Rog
    farmer Rog 13 days ago

    the lawns were all mowed lol

  • shaun redmond
    shaun redmond 13 days ago

    who cuts the grass after 30 years it wont look like that

  • Earthgal
    Earthgal 13 days ago

    LOL Someone is mowing the grass!!! There should be weeds as tall as me there by now!

  • Dayna Silvey
    Dayna Silvey 13 days ago

    what a waste.

  • Richard Valentine
    Richard Valentine 13 days ago

    learn how to use a mic

  • qqqqq qqqqq
    qqqqq qqqqq 13 days ago

    i read about a town like this once, when there were newspapers.

  • TEAM work
    TEAM work 13 days ago

    In 2004, the ghost town was bought by Indian-American businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran for $5.7 million; he has spent $2 million maintaining the town.[2] In the end, he would have spent over $20 million more to fully update the town. He has also since closed the town to the public.[3]

    In an effort to revitalize the ghost town, Kitsault has been proposed as a location for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal site for the export of natural gas from northwestern British Columbia. LNG pipeline routing to Kitsault has been proposed.[4]

  • Sharonmxg
    Sharonmxg 13 days ago

    this is very suspect. Who is maintaining those perfectly mowed lawns?

  • amalia graciela serantes

    why was it abandoned?

  • Blair Olson
    Blair Olson 13 days ago

    This not the only type of town like this in Canada .Its remote and not anything but a mine town or ex town.These areas can be strange ,ask why would they not stay and log or what ever.How far is the local native people.Was what they mined Safe.

  • Stephen Griffin
    Stephen Griffin 13 days ago

    Who kept the grass and lawns in such good condition?

  • Gaspare 528
    Gaspare 528 13 days ago

    What a waste of a town.

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