Kyrie Irving argues with reporter over 'flat earth' comments

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  • Steve Harvey Is The Illuminati

    I think he's just trolling the media

  • Noah Byng
    Noah Byng 22 hours ago

    Kyrie is weird

  • Art World Hateley
    Art World Hateley 23 hours ago

    the world is FLAT____ research it.. wake the fuck up people.. love from England UK. πŸ‘Š

  • Grayson Hillier
    Grayson Hillier 2 days ago

    People like Kyrie Irving are the reason that so many people doubt science.... Sickens me to see this smug asshole try and defend his stupid views.... It's a conversation because you're helping to convince people that science isn't the only fact

  • Alex Uryuski
    Alex Uryuski 4 days ago +1


  • michael dubiak
    michael dubiak 4 days ago

    Really ...he made it news by saying it .....and now after he had said people just wanted to know if he was really that dumb .. n now he acts like a dick when asked again...smdh the fact that the reporter talks to him at all n makes it news is astounding with wats going on in the world so why be so upset. As if his news is more important than wat he thinks smh wow Kyrie smh wat an idiot

  • rick garcia
    rick garcia 4 days ago

    It's a conversation Cus ur an idiot bro

  • Nathan Morton
    Nathan Morton 5 days ago

    Kyrie doesn't really believe the earth is flat, he just wanted to prove a point by showing so many crazy things happen every day but we're more sucked into what celebrities and athletes say.

  • PeterH2006
    PeterH2006 5 days ago

    Frustrating! This is clearly a case that supports the fact that many sports stars don't have an education and worse still they promote pure ignorance as being ok. It's disgusting because they have influence over their fans and have a responsibility to them to not put harmful ideas in their heads!

  • E 02
    E 02 7 days ago

    I mean he was kind of being a dick. His fans just wanted to know...?

  • Dirk
    Dirk 8 days ago

    I see a career in politics for this guy, a master at never answering a simple friggin question.

  • keenodribbles
    keenodribbles 8 days ago

    seemed embarrassed

  • K A
    K A 9 days ago

    Kyrie is a moron

  • Trayvion west
    Trayvion west 9 days ago

    He dumb as fuck

  • Louis Burke
    Louis Burke 10 days ago

    This guy is too stupid to live

  • ReaperqN
    ReaperqN 13 days ago

    what the F**K was that ??????????????????

  • MynjStynj
    MynjStynj 14 days ago

    The earth ain't flat, but my ass is.

  • Aka NetsBaller_47
    Aka NetsBaller_47 14 days ago

    He is really Lorna child just answer the fucking question the reporter was just doing his job

  • asta0004danburyk12ct
    asta0004danburyk12ct 16 days ago

    If he believes the world is flat let him. I think itΒ΄s near spherical but freedom of speech.

  • Abdo Amjad
    Abdo Amjad 17 days ago

    they are so many people thibk the eart is globe or ball . this is so stupide . go and serch and you wanna finh what the flat earth people talking about . dont just listen and watch the tv . becuse they lie about evry think for politice and money

  • Goober Moists
    Goober Moists 20 days ago

    If I ever meet Kyrie I'm gonna ask him if he believes the Earth is flat just to annoy him

  • Lucifer Tiny  Tim osman

    Reasearch flat earth . πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • James Hanlon
    James Hanlon 20 days ago +1

    The globe cult claim is that vast bodies of water on Earth both hold and display convexity upon their surface. The burden of proof lies with those pushing this reality defying claim that presents nowhere in practical reality. Those paying attention to logic are well aware that all claims about reality should be observable, testable and repeatable. For those that struggle to grasp this logic, reality is objective, observable and reproducible.

    Where are the practical examples of bodies of water naturally conforming to the exterior of shapes?

  • Becca Lee
    Becca Lee 20 days ago

    I'VE got a GREAT IDEA!!! Let's shoot all the flat earthers up in space, then spit them out so they can see for themselves! Plus the tickets will be a One Way, so they we kill two birds with one stone, no pun intended. They learn the earth is round, then they die out there alone, where they belong :0) Best.Plan.Ever.

  • Dylan Murray
    Dylan Murray 20 days ago

    Kyrie you crazy on the court but you are just about dumb as fuck if you think that

  • Michael
    Michael 20 days ago

    this must of been the most random shit to bring up in convo
    like just talking about a game or some shit and then this dude comes out "is it true you think the world is flat" like what the fuck

  • beterbutz
    beterbutz 21 day ago

    What a retard.

  • ownedweezybaby
    ownedweezybaby 21 day ago

    He has a point. It's pathetic that story made headlines rather than some of the more important things in the world.

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R 21 day ago

    The sun is flat

  • jeff61177
    jeff61177 21 day ago

    I think his brain is flat.

  • Black Death 1347
    Black Death 1347 21 day ago

    Kyrie should have been a boxer. He ducks very well.

  • ITS H0Vi Baby!
    ITS H0Vi Baby! 22 days ago

    The world is flat think about it if the earth is spinning and we are also spining around the sun at incredible speeds then how clouds do not pick up any of this clouds and only be made in a closed environment thats why the wind moves the clouds so how is this all happening then and dont say gravity cuz clouds do defi gravity

  • Nick Dee
    Nick Dee 22 days ago

    Yeah but do you really think the earth is flat..... Lmao

  • AjaxVink
    AjaxVink 22 days ago

    Kyrie was just trying to prove a point that the media is a joke, he doesn't really believe the earth is flat. Journalism is dead.

  • bimmer audi
    bimmer audi 22 days ago

    That explains why he wants to leave a championship contending team with the best player in the world in Lebron James, to play for the New York Nicks. He lost his mind a long time ago.

  • JD Chavez
    JD Chavez 22 days ago

    What a fuckn sheep!!

  • Maximus Challenger
    Maximus Challenger 23 days ago

    I love that reporter lol

  • Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief 23 days ago +1

    The Copernican or Newtonian theory of astronomy is an "absurd composition of truth and error;" and, as admitted by its founder, "not necessarily true nor even probable;" that instead of its being a general conclusion derived from known and admitted facts, it is a heterogeneous compound of assumed premises, isolated truths, and variable appearances in nature. Its advocates are challenged to show a single instance wherein a phenomenon is explained, a. calculation made, or a conclusion advanced without the aid of an avowed or implied assumption.

  • Dustin Edwards
    Dustin Edwards 23 days ago

    I hope a meteor ends everything.

  • OnceYouPop YouCantStop

    Take your private jet and go to the end, nobody has ever done that Kyrie.
    The moon is flat too, obviously!!!

  • Quince G
    Quince G 24 days ago

    This nigga tryna ditch Lebron to play with the Knicks i'm not suprised he thinks the world is flat.

  • Trevor Greenfield
    Trevor Greenfield 24 days ago

    Yeah. It's a problem, Kyrie. When you have thousands, maybe millions of young fans out there that don't listen to the facts that teachers provide them because of you, it's a problem.

    • Ricky41032
      Ricky41032 23 days ago

      Why should they listen to lies. The world has never been proved round, just like the USA never went to the moon. Schools are teaching theories that are not proven, it's called brainwashing. Kids must learn to think, and not to copy.

  • Norge Arnaiz
    Norge Arnaiz 24 days ago

    Kyrie is a fucking dumbass why in the fuck would they ask questions about what's going on in the world if it's a fucking basketball interview and you're a basketball player and he's asking a question related to you dumb fuck.

  • Mike Stahloman
    Mike Stahloman 25 days ago

    Nice to see someone question things

  • Ersan Turan
    Ersan Turan 26 days ago

    Flat or not, I hate nasa, Disney, Cia...

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson 26 days ago

    It is easier to fool a man than convince him he is being fooled.

  • Drae Diamond
    Drae Diamond 26 days ago

    He's avoiding it because he can't argue. I've done this before and it's super obvious that he can't scientifically explain why he believes it's flat outside of some conspiracy crap. He also knows he would look like an idiot.

  • diego hurtado
    diego hurtado 27 days ago

    he is either a complete idiot or a great troll.......... maybe even a great idiot troll

  • jesse salazar
    jesse salazar 28 days ago

    Fucking idiot. So embarrassed you can tell. Basically. Your lying to millions and getting some of those millions to leave science and fact to a belief like religion. Might as well tell everyone you now believe in Allah and start recruiting. That's what they are asking moron! Why tell millions of people who may follow you like a fucking Christ and push fact and knowledge out the fucking window over some guy who can throw a ball in a hoop. Lol. Fun to watch but that does not mean they have brains. Just good hand eye cordnation. Pea fits enough and the brain will do it its in sleep. Not hard at all. Just hard to be 6ft or more. Lol

  • Silver Metallic
    Silver Metallic 28 days ago

    Get real we are not kids anymore when they faked the moon landing people had black and white televisions it was easy to fool them very easy NASA made $30 or $40 Billion for that shit who wouldn't fake it for that amount of money. Let's make them bitches give use live footage of outer space not those videos of astronauts floating around on a stage why don't they take a tour or look out the window sometimes fake as shit and I said bitches because they taught us these lies to become filthy rich I mean filthy rich all we get is pictures I mean a man went to the moon in 1969 shit we should be going to the moon as we please today back then they didn't have the technology that we have in our phones shit.

  • Silver Metallic
    Silver Metallic 28 days ago

    After all the north star has never for thousands of years lift the north pole but we suppose to be spinning around the sun at 67,000mph nd the sun is spinning around the galaxy at 490,000mph get real.

  • Silver Metallic
    Silver Metallic 28 days ago

    If we were all brought up to believe that the earth was flat I mean everyone our parents and their parents if our country and NASA from the beginning told use the earth was flat who would say that it wasn't who would say that it was round and why would you say it was round and spinning.

    • Silver Metallic
      Silver Metallic 28 days ago

      You wouldn't say it was round if we were all taught that it was flat because the majority of people will believe what they are told and shown those fake as pictures they make em look good though because they make $20 Billion a year.

  • Shamanalah
    Shamanalah 29 days ago

    The Earth is actually a dodecahedron! A great-stellared shaped dodecahedron!

    Google it up and have a good day

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles 29 days ago

    Earth is in fact flat. I've asked for proof that the earth is a ball, no PROOF provided yet. Only thing these idiots got are some photoshop images from NASA. lol

    Hop on a plane, look out the window. Yep, FLAT! Funny how these morons think the earth is round due to fish-eye lens when they watch videos. Go Pro software can FIX THOSE CURVE you see from the fish-eye distortions.

  • Condused
    Condused 29 days ago

    Oy. He should actually just say "Look I'm a jock. I guess it's funny that anyone would take me seriously on any science related question...but I probably believe it is round. I probably do. That's the best I can do."

  • VidzTheWatcher
    VidzTheWatcher Month ago

    "Your comments on the Earth being Flat, why exactly do you believe that the Earth is Flat?"

    "Good Execution"

  • General Public
    General Public Month ago

    Dumbass. OK if the Earth is flat how come the Moon, Mars, the Sun, everything else in space bigger than a tiny asteroid that we can see with a telescope is spherical? And why the hell would Earth be any different in its shape? You know how gravity works right? It makes things spherical, pulls heavier stuff towards the center, lighter stuff rises, that's why we have volcanoes and earthquakes and shit. The stupid from the flat-earthers, it hurts... where the fuck they think volcanoes and earthquakes come from? Haven't they ever flown in an airplane over a long distance? If you fly between North America and Europe you'll see the airplane takes a path that curves to the north on a map instead of looking like a straight line on a map. That wouldn't make any sense if the world was flat. But on a round earth it really is the shortest path, on a globe it would be a straight line, it just looks curved on a flat map of Earth since flat maps are distorted. These idiots never heard about the distortion of a Mercator projection? Or the different types of other projections used to make maps, like the conic projection most commonly used? I mean damn... that is some serious retardation. Y'all need to go to college, learn something.

  • Benitez Alexander
    Benitez Alexander Month ago


  • Muk spelled backwars

    Idiots we all know we live in Mars

  • FratNightGaming
    FratNightGaming Month ago

    I think Patriot footballs are flat

  • Blake Patterson
    Blake Patterson Month ago +1

    His point is that reporters and media people will run with anything because they have nothing better to do.

  • Game On
    Game On Month ago +1

    My boi is wokeπŸ‘€ yall dumb af for thinking he is upset, he's trying to make a point about how the media and peoples priorities are fkn backwards

  • Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief Month ago +1

    The burden of proof regarding the truthfulness of a claim lies with the one who makes the claim; if this burden is not met, the claim is unfounded and its opponents need not argue further in order to dismiss it.

    Reality is what is objective, observable and reproducible. From the micro to the macro scale those representing the globe cult claim should be able to recreate convex bodies of water that naturally conform to the exterior of shapes, yet they clearly cannot. When people are expected to believe in things they cannot understand and can never verify, that sounds like religion to me.

    Where are the practical examples of bodies of water naturally conforming to the exterior surfaces of shapes?

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan Month ago

    the first part of this video is so similar to the Iverson "practice" thing!! I'm screaming at the similarities πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    Damn he's hella cocky

  • jTΞ›CTIC5
    jTΞ›CTIC5 Month ago

    gets paid 20 million + a year to act like a jackass

  • Uilliam Coorinna
    Uilliam Coorinna Month ago

    I just hope the turtle we're on isn't female. Otherwise we're fucked.

  • Adam Boatwright
    Adam Boatwright Month ago

    what a retard

  • charlie camprioli
    charlie camprioli Month ago

    be a man and admit it its a flat earth, i wish i had an oppotunity to tell people on media, god will bless ypu for telling the truth,

  • 3101010
    3101010 Month ago

    Guys an idiot

  • Joseph Kennedy
    Joseph Kennedy Month ago

    that duke education......

  • johnnysimsyo
    johnnysimsyo Month ago

    It's easier to fool millions than to convince them they've been fooled . So research and have an open mind. The clues are all there in media (movies shows etc) even the the damn bible.

  • Oski Turan
    Oski Turan Month ago

    LOL I love how he doesn't answer the question straight up. What a fucking fool. Great basketball player, but man I'd feel sorry for the man if he didn't have basketball.

    1. How does the horizon exist if the earth is flat?
    2. How do global wind patterns exists if the Earth is flat?
    3. How do global ocean patterns exists if the Earth is flat?
    4. How does gravity exist if the earth is flat? Large enough mass = spherical shape
    5. Please explain to me how the hemispheres exists if the earth is flat
    6. Please explain to me how the circumference of the poles is smaller than the circumference of the equator if the earth is flat
    7. Please explain to me how the Earth as a stable iron core if it's flat

    I literally could come up with hundreds of reasons. Some people shouldn't be allowed to vote. Ever.

  • Dane Ball
    Dane Ball Month ago

    Ding Dong Kyrie's opinion is wrong! Can't believe that people think the world is flat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!

  • Denton Woods
    Denton Woods Month ago

    Earth is flat. Globe is dead. Let the games begin!

  • SosaBoyD Kush
    SosaBoyD Kush Month ago

    smart ass fuck kyrie

  • Kaden Anderson
    Kaden Anderson Month ago

    So I guess the Suns flat too. Probably the moon as well.

  • Justin Wilhite
    Justin Wilhite Month ago +1

    honestly, he's just trolling the media here

  • Fernanda Gonzalez
    Fernanda Gonzalez Month ago

    i think lebron edge is flat

  • Green Buddy
    Green Buddy Month ago

    its true i trust earth is flat

  • Ronan Whittaker
    Ronan Whittaker Month ago

    Kyrie can't even pronounce earth lol..."the urf is flat" but on the real why did he get pissy just answer the fuckin question

  • GameSinic
    GameSinic Month ago

    just fucking answer the question!!

  • shawnrectanus
    shawnrectanus Month ago

    What a spoiled rich bitch

  • brokeboi 15
    brokeboi 15 Month ago +1

    kyrie burning these niggasπŸ˜‚

  • Markellis Jones
    Markellis Jones Month ago

    dumbass look at nasa space images and tell me if the the earth is flat haha

  • jeffrey ramos
    jeffrey ramos Month ago

    kyrie at least is brave to say his point of view

  • Tim Cuffman
    Tim Cuffman Month ago

    This reporter is an idiot.

  • miamibitch305fl
    miamibitch305fl Month ago +2

    you guys are fucking morons. hes being sarcastic and making a point you 12 year old dumbshits. he knows the earth is like a basketball. whats flat are your brains and he proved it!

  • Quaderty
    Quaderty Month ago +1

    Reporter: The flat earth thing... is that something you truly believe?
    Kyrie: BAA BAA 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    He's a goat...

  • akshiv gulati
    akshiv gulati Month ago

    motherfucker, your shots wouldn't fucking make the hoop if the earth wasn't how it is. "it doesn't have an relevance over my life," well you wouldn't be alive if the Earth wasn't flat

  • MrY3110w
    MrY3110w Month ago +1

    is this why he keeps airballing in the final, the ball is flat so he needs to chuck it like a Frisbee rather than shooting it

  • Mitch W
    Mitch W Month ago

    he does have a point tho

  • Andrew Koehn
    Andrew Koehn Month ago

    Wtf do they teach at Duke?

  • C R
    C R Month ago

    I'm glad he answered like this. Just because he has millions of fans doesn't mean he HAS to explain himself.

  • Frank Casley
    Frank Casley 2 months ago +1

    fuck this reporter

  • Jonny
    Jonny 2 months ago +2

    reporters are so dumb

  • Sex Pheen
    Sex Pheen 2 months ago

    eat a dick

  • shazad ahmed
    shazad ahmed 2 months ago

    Our educational system told us the earth is round. Think about it. The only group of people to ever be in outer space worked for governments. Do governments give us all truth ?

  • Pineapple smasher
    Pineapple smasher 2 months ago +1

    lmao he said it as a joke he's just pissed that they only got that out of it

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers 2 months ago

    It's hilarious that someone may be that stupid

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