10 Rubbing Alcohol Life Hacks You Need To Know

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  • Werty Werty
    Werty Werty 3 days ago

    Never put alcohol in your mouth then swallow it, it doesn't take much but shortly it will kill your liver.

  • The Stewie Channel
    The Stewie Channel 3 days ago

    inhaling alcohol is hazardous.. The air freshener is good but don't spray it with people or pets in the room.. It'll evaporate in just a few minutes leaving the room smelling nice when you come back..

  • mrsteresa1999
    mrsteresa1999 3 days ago

    It is great for bad sunburns.

  • mrsteresa1999
    mrsteresa1999 3 days ago

    It is great for bad sunburns.

  • Nisha Hussain
    Nisha Hussain 3 days ago

    can you put a link in the description to where we can get essential oils?

  • Justin Timm
    Justin Timm 6 days ago

    What's with all of the "all natural" chemophobia on display here? Natural does not automatically mean safer.

  • Magnolia Bokenko
    Magnolia Bokenko 9 days ago

    omg one of those febreeze is mgnolia my name!!

  • Zodicab Gaming
    Zodicab Gaming 13 days ago

    Can i add food color in to the rubbing alcohol hand sanitizer

  • Bence Gunyhó
    Bence Gunyhó 14 days ago +1

    I will use Házi Pálinka instead

  • brandon dubuc
    brandon dubuc 15 days ago

    This is too much work lol

  • Saaad Imam Khan
    Saaad Imam Khan 16 days ago

    Wow he loves batmam

  • ssssavanna
    ssssavanna 16 days ago

    Rubbing alcohol also helps mosquito bites too! You put it on a tissue and put the rubbing alcohol on the tissue then dab it on the mosquito bite or mosquito bites it should help.

  • Ingemar Storm
    Ingemar Storm 17 days ago

    Vodka better blyat...

  • Jackson
    Jackson 17 days ago

    Auracacia isn't the best of the essential oil brands! YoungLiving is much more potent and thus saves you money! Why buy the cheap stuff when you can get the better stuff. YoungLiving is also the only essential oil company that has a farm you can actually visit so you KNOW what you're buying. (And their oils ARENT harmful to animals bc they're actually natural)

  • brain drain
    brain drain 18 days ago +1

    My measuring spoons!

  • Amber Pierce
    Amber Pierce 18 days ago

    He said winter green flavor! Lol! I knew it smelled like it but I'll take his word on the taste:)

  • Jaystripe
    Jaystripe 19 days ago

    Toothpaste works really well for getting rid of bad odors on your body and is good for cleaning what a lot of people think are stains. And it smells better than rubbing alcohol

  • Brittany Naeckel
    Brittany Naeckel 19 days ago

    Please be careful everyone who has cats. Do not spray essential oils around your home. It harms your cats liver since they can't metabolize the oils like humans or dogs can.

  • Ilan Pfammatter
    Ilan Pfammatter 19 days ago

    are you a batman fan?

  • ManiacMiner//MMM
    ManiacMiner//MMM 22 days ago

    Also if you make both the hand sanitizer and air freshener use the same oils because then you won't notice the smell of the sanitizer

  • VlogsOfFunAndSarcasm
    VlogsOfFunAndSarcasm 23 days ago

    I use Kosken brand rubbing alcohol

    If you dont know what it is look it up

  • Queen Of Needle Felt Asmr

    I love the smell of chemicals in hand sanitizer and like it when my eyes burn... Am I weird?! Lol

  • Derek Gibbs
    Derek Gibbs 26 days ago

    For the washer fluid thing, rubbing alcohol is also called isopropyl alcohol. This is just an old, fancy way of saying methanol...

  • Christian Dookieram
    Christian Dookieram 27 days ago

    I am a batman fan to

  • Thediamondbatman //unibat


  • Christian Dookieram
    Christian Dookieram 27 days ago

    He is a huge batman fan

  • RemixMax
    RemixMax 28 days ago

    Rubbing alcohol can help to get rid of blackheads! Just but some on some tissue and hold in on the area in witch the blacks are!.❤

  • XCKVM 123
    XCKVM 123 29 days ago

    What is wrong with householdhacker and batman??

  • Diana Riffle
    Diana Riffle Month ago

    As far as your walls go make sure the paint is a gloss or at least satin finish flat painted walls are not supposed to be washed at all let alone with rubbing alcohol.

  • Diana Riffle
    Diana Riffle Month ago

    Did he really have his popsicles hanging up?

  • Blazer Blast
    Blazer Blast Month ago

    But I'm allergic tetree oil!

  • SuperAlvin
    SuperAlvin Month ago

    Alcohol doesn't remove smell, it only mask it. Weed smokers knows this

  • Kelly Leyva
    Kelly Leyva Month ago

    I like to drink about half a cup of rubbing alcohol to really clean my insides and do a thorough detox from the drinking I did the day before :)

  • 6998Aj
    6998Aj Month ago

    i think he likes batman

  • Mittens the meme
    Mittens the meme Month ago

    I still don't know where the fuck he's getting these essential oils

    KILLYOULATER Month ago

    I just realized the music in the background. thought I heard cats. lol

  • Quinten Conrad
    Quinten Conrad Month ago

    how i see his house spray bottles and baking soda everywhere

  • Soflosports
    Soflosports Month ago

    So basically "making homemade house cleaners with rubbing alcohol"

  • Steffany Barber
    Steffany Barber Month ago

    6:11 Rob Burgendy?

  • Blank
    Blank Month ago

    Did you actual hurt your self for this video?

  • salahhe
    salahhe Month ago

    What the hell is rubbing alcohol?

  • Guinea Pigz
    Guinea Pigz Month ago

    I *think* that you *may* have a *slight* obsession with batman.

  • Dragonias
    Dragonias Month ago

    0:17 do you seriously have a Will Ferrell cutout? xD

  • David Lemon
    David Lemon Month ago

    2:49, I'd probably think it would be Kool-Aid and take a few swigs.... RIP

  • Isaac Bradberry
    Isaac Bradberry Month ago

    you can use rubbing alcohol to burn away mosquito bites. (be warned. it stings!)

  • Boom
    Boom Month ago

    That voice crack though xD 6:51

  • Dude Brah Mcgee
    Dude Brah Mcgee 2 months ago

    drink it you wont

  • Peachy Clean
    Peachy Clean 2 months ago

    Vodka works in place of rubbing alcohol. It's odorless!

  • Lynette Hannan
    Lynette Hannan 2 months ago

    I soak my toothbrush in white vinegar - I don't use mouthwash as I don't like the strength of the flavour and I wash my mouth when I brush my teeth anyway.
    Another very good use for rubbing alcohol: to repair pressed powder makeup. SHOCK HORROR! Not really! Have a look at the ingredients listed in the pressed powder makeup container, then compare to the ingredients listed on the container of rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is "isopropyl alcohol" or an "ethanol" based liquid (in Australia it is known as "Methylated Spirits"). Compare the two lists and you'll notice a close match of propyls and ethyls. The rubbing alcohol is so closely related that it WON'T alter the formulation of the makeup, the texture, the wearability, the colour, etc. Once the rubbing alcohol has evaporated away, you won't smell it either (and neither did my sister's dog, when it had been dry for a week!) Doesn't matter if it's powder foundation, blusher, or eye shadow. If you drop the product and it crumbles and cracks up, you can repair it simply by cramming it all back into it's pan, then dripping on the rubbing alcohol until it won't hold anymore. Use a tooth pick to mix it up (I've heard of people repowdering/crushing the fragments before adding the alcohol, but you can lose more of the product that way; besides, it goes very clayey/muddy anyway) until it's a smooth consistency with no bubbles in the creases of the pan. Level it flat, and leave near an open window for 2-3 days (or in your laundry if the smell bothers you). After 24 hours, you can press a paper towel over it with a flat object (or a moulded object if you want to emboss it like the manufacturers do) and you'll be able to peel it off cleanly. Return it to it's drying position and check it daily. You'll know it's dry when you can no longer smell the rubbing alcohol (test it by closing the container overnight, and smelling it as you open it the next morning. This may not be such a quick hack, but it is simple and it saves having to buy a new one - as a crumbled one will overload your brush and ruin your work. I've also heard of people mixing shades with this method, and layering colours to get a rainbow effect in the one pan as well!

  • Daniel Wyatt
    Daniel Wyatt 2 months ago

    Got suspended because I brought the hand sanitizer to school and someone told the teacher I have a bottle of cum

  • The lag Israel
    The lag Israel 2 months ago

    I just found some hydrogen peroxide in my bathroom, how connvinient

  • MeMe O.
    MeMe O. 2 months ago

    Can the last one be for muscle pain ,strains also?

  • Armrest
    Armrest 2 months ago

    Next time on Household Hacker: Essential Oil Life Hacks.

  • Ashvini Tiwari
    Ashvini Tiwari 2 months ago

    i could have done everything but i am missing one item its rubbing alcohol

  • Fat Donuts
    Fat Donuts 2 months ago

    Why do i find cleaning satisfiying

  • Andini Wirawan
    Andini Wirawan 2 months ago

    wait... but isnt it could produce methanol too? I dont clearly understand but carboxylic acid with alkanol produce something similar right?

  • ponyboy staygold
    ponyboy staygold 2 months ago

    Ron Burgundy

  • Mr. Magic Blox
    Mr. Magic Blox 2 months ago

    Who else saw Ron Burgundy in the background? XD

  • cbarry69
    cbarry69 2 months ago

    I clean my bong with rubbing alcohol

  • Mr. Kevin
    Mr. Kevin 2 months ago

    Im able to see buffalo bills stuff in every video.

  • Emmy Gonzalez
    Emmy Gonzalez 2 months ago

    goya puertorico puñeta


    dont fucking put rubbing alcohol in window washer resvoir , your wiper blade rubber will harden and crack

  • My 6 Cats Adventures
    My 6 Cats Adventures 2 months ago +1

    Sorry, but essential oils are soooooo retarded

  • Blitz Bot
    Blitz Bot 2 months ago

    if you hate someone give them a drink of 90% isopropyl alcohol and a beverage/soda/juice

  • Savannah Kjelsrud
    Savannah Kjelsrud 2 months ago

    your dog 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Challenge Accepted
    Challenge Accepted 2 months ago

    6:52 did you go through puberty yet?

  • Justin Kenmore
    Justin Kenmore 2 months ago

    soooo you can't drink it 🙁

    RESPECT MY AUTHORITY 2 months ago

    WOW, learned something new, good video.

  • MisterTofu
    MisterTofu 2 months ago

    For the hand sanitizer, what can you replace with the alone gell and the vitamin E thing with?

  • Marin Alexandru
    Marin Alexandru 2 months ago

    Hy, How do I remove the paper scotch tape on the pvc door after spending 2 weeks in the sun?

  • Pablo Mendoza
    Pablo Mendoza 2 months ago +1

    I don't have rubbing alcohol

  • Macy Byrne
    Macy Byrne 2 months ago

    Normally I turn on my electric toothbrush and soak it in mouthwash then I take it out and soak it for a few minutes in warm or luke warm water and let it dry. Dunno if it works but I do it soo.....

  • Destiny Bentley
    Destiny Bentley 2 months ago

    we use rubbing alcohol to clean the water stains in sinks

  • FishMge Private
    FishMge Private 2 months ago

    tbh if I found that hand sanitizer lying around I wouldn't trust it

  • Mr. Survival
    Mr. Survival 2 months ago

    I have those same cleats

  • eightdot no
    eightdot no 2 months ago

    is it safe to drink rubbing alcohol?

  • Etham Cohoon
    Etham Cohoon 2 months ago

    if you have a small area of sharpie on a white board you can color over it with dry erase marker erase it like normal

  • lexican foreigner
    lexican foreigner 2 months ago

    sooo, people really didn't know about the alcohol toothpaste method??

  • ctay2005
    ctay2005 2 months ago

    Am I watching an ad

  • JazibOfficial
    JazibOfficial 2 months ago

    Or use a deodorant.

  • zach khan
    zach khan 2 months ago

    have never ending pain? Just drink 91 percent rubbing alcohol, a gallon of it so. In a few minutes, you won't feel anything!

  • Zano _
    Zano _ 2 months ago

    This is the reason why real life needs mods

  • deml8
    deml8 2 months ago

    This dude would be awesome at making commercials

  • Cameron Brooks
    Cameron Brooks 2 months ago +1

    If sharpie is on white board trace the sharpie with expo and wipe off

  • DaVloginGamerz Chesse
    DaVloginGamerz Chesse 2 months ago

    you sure do like batman

  • Aashay Shah
    Aashay Shah 2 months ago +1

    6:11 cut out of RAJNIKANTH

  • HD Tech Reviews
    HD Tech Reviews 2 months ago

    Are you Batman

  • sufiyaan ali
    sufiyaan ali 2 months ago

    for bathroom we have harpic n it doesnt work we have tejaab 'acid'

  • Samuel Amaya
    Samuel Amaya 2 months ago

    instead of using alcohol to erase permanent marker try using an expo marker and outline the permanent marker then erase

  • Bob Jazzman
    Bob Jazzman 2 months ago

    I think someone likes Batman 😜

  • metallitech
    metallitech 2 months ago

    Good stuff but do keep a fire extinguisher in the house.

  • Seth morin
    Seth morin 2 months ago +1

    Please do weird ways to open a bottle!!!!

  • Jake Gilbert
    Jake Gilbert 2 months ago

    Request: Hi can you make 10 First-Aid life hacks I would you like to see what you can come up with.

  • Sulley
    Sulley 2 months ago

    Is it me or does he really lik batman?

  • tarjei99
    tarjei99 2 months ago

    The easiest way of desinfecting a toothbrush is to rinse it with hot water (>60 degrees centigrades).

  • Musicaly Talk
    Musicaly Talk 2 months ago

    I'm allergic to it

  • the magic Llama 2
    the magic Llama 2 2 months ago

    For the whiteboard hack I just write over the permanent marker with the dry erase marker and wipe it off.

  • Asteri ETERNAL
    Asteri ETERNAL 3 months ago

    Wow! ⭐👍🏼

  • Laura Richards
    Laura Richards 3 months ago

    Good Ideas

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