Guardians of the Galaxy 2 'BABY GROOT' Best Movie Clips + Trailer (2017)

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  • Entertainment Access
    Entertainment Access 2 months ago

    We all love Baby Groot! Enjoy this #Compilation with the best of #BabyGroot & don't forget to share the video with your friends!

    • Hertha Delossantos
      Hertha Delossantos 10 days ago

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    • Droppem
      Droppem 1 month ago

      Tuấn Hà Anh the chain

    • Tuấn Hà Anh
      Tuấn Hà Anh 1 month ago

      what sing of 4:50 bro?

    • Zoe De Joseph
      Zoe De Joseph 1 month ago

      Entertainment Access I love baby groot especially when he did the dancing scene in the last movie

    • Toby Phillips
      Toby Phillips 1 month ago

      Entertainment Access i hate it

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 49 minutes ago

    Dave Batista is the best.. he plays drax perfectly

  • aapa syapa
    aapa syapa 10 hours ago


  • Jason Hebert
    Jason Hebert 1 day ago

    Wow I love it

  • Miguel Dad
    Miguel Dad 1 day ago


  • Miss S Justice
    Miss S Justice 1 day ago

    They were not looking at you funny!

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  • Im a yummy nacho cheese Dorito


  • JJ Kouper
    JJ Kouper 9 days ago

    I hope in the next movie Groot remains small

  • hoopa the legendary manster yes and barney no

    I am Groot I am groot

  • Yarely Medina
    Yarely Medina 12 days ago

    i wanna watch it again because of the baby groot ❤❤❤

  • Aaliyah Coxy
    Aaliyah Coxy 13 days ago

    Groot is so cute

  • Placebo
    Placebo 14 days ago

    I went into the theater thinking this baby groot thing is going to be lame. After that opening scene I was like, yup I love that little thing.

  • TheMrbignich128
    TheMrbignich128 17 days ago

    Starlord hasn't been to Earth in 30 years I wonder what would happen
    when he discovers all the wonderful musical artists we now have?

    Starlord: "What is a Lil.... Uzi Vert?"

  • Nawshine Ramsamy
    Nawshine Ramsamy 19 days ago

    Does anyone know the title of the music @ 6:05 ??

  • Lukáš Mlýnek
    Lukáš Mlýnek 22 days ago

    Please 6:05 songs name?

  • Re Kt
    Re Kt 23 days ago

    This cute fuck omg 😭😭

  • Mirendah Mabotha
    Mirendah Mabotha 25 days ago

    i need a baby groot in my life.. he is beyond adorable

  • The Latiator
    The Latiator 26 days ago

    "..We told you it was THIS big.."

  • Piggy Oink Oink
    Piggy Oink Oink 27 days ago

    A sapient sapling named Groot
    Spoke a language no one understood
    A short three-word phrase
    Was all that he says
    For his larynx was harder than wood

  • Goran Misic
    Goran Misic 29 days ago

    What is song name,at 0:25?

  • Lisa Peters
    Lisa Peters 1 month ago

    Ok, who isn't obsessed with baby groot? Baby groot is one of the only reasons I wanted to watch this movie😂 anyone else?

  • T -!nfinity
    T -!nfinity 1 month ago

    I am groot

  • giancarlo foxy
    giancarlo foxy 1 month ago


  • Lightunseen
    Lightunseen 1 month ago

    Star-munch and his compansions = Gardens of the galaxy

  • u jimIN theres no JimOUT grab a suga kookie n sit

    groot was always my favorite character lol

  • u jimIN theres no JimOUT grab a suga kookie n sit

    I freaking love groot

  • mark schwalm
    mark schwalm 1 month ago

    war is hell

  • Nana Rodriguez
    Nana Rodriguez 1 month ago

    *I KNOW THAT ALMOST HIT ME* 😂😂😂😂 LMAO I can't with him😂😂😂

  • Roopal Jain
    Roopal Jain 1 month ago

    Baby Groot so cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lomhyu dasiuda
    lomhyu dasiuda 1 month ago

    My left ear really enjoyed the last trailer.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 1 month ago

    I saw this move 4 times. Just bought vol I and watched it again too. The music is great!!!!

  • garcia cecilia
    garcia cecilia 1 month ago


  • DorbZ
    DorbZ 1 month ago

    I can't wait till this comes out xD

  • Mango Diaz
    Mango Diaz 1 month ago

    I am Groot I am Groot *points at the wrong button* I am Groot? 😂😂

  • Sideswipe Robinson
    Sideswipe Robinson 1 month ago

    Groot is quite funny. One if my favourite movies I've seen this year.

  • Princess 2005
    Princess 2005 1 month ago


  • Shadow Wolverine
    Shadow Wolverine 1 month ago

    That part with the toe... I was dying. That whole scene was gold.

  • UpTo Charizard
    UpTo Charizard 1 month ago

    So Cute

  • baby groot
    baby groot 1 month ago

    i am groot

  • - FRDN
    - FRDN 1 month ago

    It says a hole new it is supposed to be a whole new!!?

  • Gisella :D
    Gisella :D 1 month ago

    Awwww....😍 baby groot is very pretty and cute!

  • Louise Fontana
    Louise Fontana 1 month ago

    I already saw this movie at the movies!😝😘😍😗😝😜😋😎🤑🤣it was great 👍

  • Adrian Zapata
    Adrian Zapata 1 month ago

    if you put thumbs up oon my comment that means you like baby groot

  • Leen Ellery
    Leen Ellery 1 month ago

    I love u groot..

  • joe pashen
    joe pashen 1 month ago


  • gerard way's right eyebrow


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 1 month ago

    I cried 3 times during this movie and I never cry during movies. Me and my mom both looked at each other near the end and were crying. I thought I was gonna sob out loud lmao

  • A cup of Thi
    A cup of Thi 1 month ago

    Everytime Groot cried, I cried

  • jaclyn weber
    jaclyn weber 1 month ago

    and that's a wrap, you just saw the whole movie in less than 7 minutes.

  • Jayden Price
    Jayden Price 1 month ago

    I am groot

  • Skye Jocelyn
    Skye Jocelyn 1 month ago

    This series and real steel are my all-time favorite movies

  • Beth VV_DD
    Beth VV_DD 1 month ago

    I love where Rocket is trying to teach groot how to set the bomb. Cracks me up!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

  • Jayden Price
    Jayden Price 1 month ago

    I am groot

  • kezia agnes fun play

    i love baby grooy

  • Terri B
    Terri B 1 month ago

    I love groot. He is just so adorable.

  • michelle wrathell
    michelle wrathell 1 month ago

    Groot is soooooo cute!!!!

  • Dila Angel
    Dila Angel 1 month ago

    *Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 "F u l l M o v i e" :*

  • Rose Dixon
    Rose Dixon 1 month ago

    GOTG Never gets old xD

  • posumy
    posumy 1 month ago

    i wanna one

  • my2cents2u
    my2cents2u 1 month ago

    This is one of the cutest characters ever. So adorable. I want one!

  • VANESSA57886
    VANESSA57886 1 month ago

    Baby Groot sounds like the next internet meme

  • rhonda derr
    rhonda derr 1 month ago

    this is Groot 🌴 he will be squished if he doesn't have any friends one like equeals one friends

  • TwizDaddy Son
    TwizDaddy Son 1 month ago

    Rocket: Now, whatever you do, don't push this button. Because that will set off the bomb immediately and we'll all be dead.. Now repeat back what I just said..
    Baby Groot: I am groot x3
    Rocket: NO! No that's the button that will kill everyone! Try again.
    Baby Groot: I am Groot. x3
    Rocket: NO! That's exactly what you just said how's that even possible??!! WHICH BUTTON IS THE BUTTON YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO PUSH POINT TO IT!!
    Baby Groot: (points to the death button lol)
    Peter Quill: Hey you're making him nervous!

    I laughed so hard by rocket pissed🤣🤣

    Rocket is my favorite character!!

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 1 month ago

    i wanted to help you before you called me twig

  • Piggy Zilla
    Piggy Zilla 1 month ago

    That moment when the description is the same as the title

  • Piggy Zilla
    Piggy Zilla 1 month ago

    So much better than starwars

  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada 1 month ago

    Groot is so cute

  • Amy Cameron
    Amy Cameron 1 month ago


  • Je-ann Bolivar
    Je-ann Bolivar 1 month ago

    I am Groot.l love you Baby Groot you are so adorable.

  • kris Rey
    kris Rey 1 month ago

    I'm gonna be honest Groot was the whole reason I love this movie

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 1 month ago

    that is exactly what you just said! How is that even possible!

  • Dana J.
    Dana J. 1 month ago

    I wanna babysit Baby Groot.

  • Rachel S Kim
    Rachel S Kim 1 month ago


  • Gleidson Junior
    Gleidson Junior 1 month ago

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  • Timmy Yuki
    Timmy Yuki 1 month ago

    Baby Groot soooooo adorable, I couldn't handle it. I was so sad when they were picking on him and when he was crying when he was gonna get smashed buy the meanie planet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • fffancy 03
    fffancy 03 1 month ago


  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 1 month ago

    seatbelt shmeatbelt

  • Daleap Nhep
    Daleap Nhep 1 month ago

    Sanava Beach!

  • liljared711
    liljared711 1 month ago

    baby Groot stole the show

  • ToughLoach Fella
    ToughLoach Fella 1 month ago

    Baby Groot is so cute. Just adorable

    DELANEY BROWN 1 month ago

    the crying part was even more hilarious

    DELANEY BROWN 1 month ago

    fuck baby groot i laughed for 2 days after they kicked his lil ass and stomped him out.

    TV CINEMA 2 months ago

    Finallyyyу I've found full Guardiaans of the Galaxy moоvie here =>

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin 2 months ago

    why did he make a death button

  • Jackie Santangelo
    Jackie Santangelo 2 months ago

    Ok, I'm already waiting desperately for the next one. Yes, I have a life and in it, I work pretty hard. 40 hours a week in a prison then volunteer in the community 5 hours per week; after that, I volunteer five hours per week for newly released prisoners, you know, trying to help them not go back to prison. Once a month I deal with politicians in an attempt to bring restorative justice to a broken judicial/correctional system. I also read. A lot, which makes me kind of a geek. But I'm a woman with a mind, a mouth and a lot of ink shich makes me a scary geek. So for all you know nothing about me but have rather long opinions of which I am tired of reading, I ask you. What do you give in your week? How do you contribute to your community? In what way exactly are you involved with mankind?
    This is how I wind down. So, Guardians of the Galaxy; Bring It On... Because this tattooed, inmate inspiring, politician chasing, book reading, criminal justice advocate is ready for Guardians 3

  • yeah
    yeah 2 months ago

    "these odds are terrible, we need new odds"
    That's a quote to live by.

  • Supersnorlax Bros
    Supersnorlax Bros 2 months ago

    I can't wait to see this movie I am seeing it next week so excited 😆

  • Aurelia Frieska
    Aurelia Frieska 2 months ago

    *Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | f i l m | 2017 - available*

    *Click to Watch*

  • mariomanningfan
    mariomanningfan 2 months ago

    don't judge but as a first time expecting dad, I got dust in my eye when baby goot climbed up Drax's shoulder

  • Griffin Thomas
    Griffin Thomas 2 months ago


  • Baby Groot
    Baby Groot 2 months ago

    1:45 I AM Groot.

  • ShyR0n3y
    ShyR0n3y 2 months ago

    "Oh wow"

    " I know, that almost hit me" haha

    • ice master
      ice master 2 months ago

      ShyR0n3y LoL! Drax the comedian...

  • Wolfie Girl
    Wolfie Girl 2 months ago

    ???: after all these years i found you
    Peter: and who the hell are you?
    Me: your mom

  • Trey
    Trey 2 months ago

    Yondu dies just sayin'

  • Miyuki _ shiba
    Miyuki _ shiba 2 months ago

    cute vãi ý

  • Rimple Kooner
    Rimple Kooner 2 months ago

    Adorable Baby Groot..........

  • Girl of spirits
    Girl of spirits 2 months ago

    Baby groot adorable!!

  • Xina Jax
    Xina Jax 2 months ago

    I am Groooooooooot

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