Cars 3 Easter Eggs | Pixar Theory Explained

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  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 10 days ago

    Cars = green lantern = cherry flavor lollipops

  • Super Heroes and Cars
    Super Heroes and Cars 18 days ago

    Awww. Thanks for the upload! I love  Check my channel and subscribe?  😋

  • spencer lee
    spencer lee Month ago

    inside out is another Pixar movie that's kind of about going up as well I love inside out and it did help me with a problem I love everything about Pixar Animation Studios

  • Griffey Peters
    Griffey Peters Month ago +1

    I dunno how those Snow White fans are gonna like that Maleficent reference since she's in Sleeping Beauty, but cool nonetheless

  • Ravi Fuad
    Ravi Fuad Month ago

    No it was a Lightning McQueen BAND-AID on the truck driver. And did you watch Crazy Nate's video about that?

  • Ravi Fuad
    Ravi Fuad Month ago +1

    No, you forgot the inspiration for the name of the bus Miss Fritter: it kinda sounds like Magic School Bus teacher Miss Frizzle.

  • ssraj94
    ssraj94 Month ago

    +Hello Internet

  • batfan76
    batfan76 Month ago +1

    Cars 3 reminded me of the frank miller batman comic, the dark knight returns The main protagonist comes out of retirement to reclaim his glory years
    There's a scene where our protagonist recives flashbacks on a person he knew that has died(in batman's case is his parents who got shot, and for McQueen is Hudson who passed away)
    He later partners up with a young teen who is willing to help him
    they go to this junkyard and our main protagonist gets his ass kicked by one bad guy
    I know the rest of the film is nothing like the batman comic but I couldn't help but make those connections

  • Roxane Falcon
    Roxane Falcon Month ago

    The ball is also shown during the scene in the final race when they switch back to the bar where ms fritter is watching

  • Jose.adrian
    Jose.adrian Month ago

    When you mentioned the Apple Easter egg I wasn't expecting anything about an "Apple car". I noticed a couple of Apple Easter eggs in the movie. 1) When McQueen and Cruz (trainer) went to the beach, Cruz brought out the treadmill trainer out to the beach and it took a while to boot up. When it finally did, the sound that came from the machine was the original sound of a Mac computer booting up. 2) When McQueen and Mater video chatted each other they were using Apple devices. Mater was using an iPad and McQueen was using Mac desktop. I say that because of the ringing of the devices is the same as Apple's FaceTime sound.

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. Just throwing out there.

    • Jose.adrian
      Jose.adrian Month ago

      The AtZ Show Thanks! When all that happened during the movie, I was probably the only person freaking out in the theatre.

    • The AtZ Show
      The AtZ Show  Month ago

      You're right!

  • EPM 101
    EPM 101 Month ago +1

    Yep, I sure did love it when Maleficent fought Snow White. It was great.

  • Tv or movie Clips !!!!
    Tv or movie Clips !!!! 2 months ago

    Is cars 4 going to come out

  • Elver galarga
    Elver galarga 2 months ago

    Dat last nigga gay

  • Edward Germakovski
    Edward Germakovski 2 months ago

    U missed a wall-e Easter egg

  • Flamer Gamer61195
    Flamer Gamer61195 2 months ago

    Alex talked like 3 words per second

  • Diamond Galaxy
    Diamond Galaxy 2 months ago +3

    Another Easter egg could be ms. Fritter is an Easter egg to ms. Frizzle from the magic school bus. Hey! It could be ms. Fritter is a school bus, it makes sense!

  • Exotic Blitzz
    Exotic Blitzz 2 months ago

    100th like

  • all aboard the destiel ship

    did anyone realize maleficent is from sleeping beauty not snow white...also i love your videos

  • Cloud Vision1076
    Cloud Vision1076 2 months ago


  • Harrison Mines
    Harrison Mines 2 months ago

    BIG BOO WAS THE SCHOOL BUS lmao I knew it

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S 2 months ago

    I seen the coco egg thing before I wacht this vid

  • awesomecupcake 92
    awesomecupcake 92 2 months ago +1

    Hey! A bojack horseman fan!

  • Alocos Dude
    Alocos Dude 2 months ago

    pixar theory is dumb

  • Robb Stark
    Robb Stark 2 months ago +2

    this is just a rip off of flicks and the City cars easter eggs

    • The AtZ Show
      The AtZ Show  2 months ago

      1) Haven't viewed other Cars videos other than trailers and interviews
      2) The Easter eggs are Pixar's not YTers who find them lol

  • BobbySwiftFAN Team Rusteze 95

    4:01 thats not Chase Racelott thats Brick Yardley Chase is The Next Generation Vitoline Racer

  • Trevor Derp
    Trevor Derp 2 months ago

    That little nerd kid with a mullet and thick lips doe XD

  • MrGoldxfinger
    MrGoldxfinger 2 months ago +3

    Woah! So you copied Flicks And The City's thumbnail exactly from their Cars easter egg video from 2 days ago!! I'm not even watching this as I reckon you've probably copied all of their content too! Unsubbing...

    • The AtZ Show
      The AtZ Show  2 months ago

      Footage for his video. My edit is separate

    • MrGoldxfinger
      MrGoldxfinger 2 months ago

      Well the Technicality guy you had on your video went on Flicks video 2 days ago asking her where she got her Cars 3 footage.

    • The AtZ Show
      The AtZ Show  2 months ago

      Nah, I don't search up similar videos til after I upload mine.
      If they're the same then that's just a crazy coincidence.

  • MxstxrCxrtx
    MxstxrCxrtx 2 months ago

    Lol 420 views, 42 likes and 0 dislikes

  • Dan the homosapien
    Dan the homosapien 2 months ago +9

    2:30 you mean sleeping beauty

  • E.P. Vlogs
    E.P. Vlogs 2 months ago

    Did anyone see the apple logo in cars 3

  • Polf Production
    Polf Production 2 months ago

    I saw the A113 when I saw it yesterday!!! I also found the Sleep Well Motel from Toy story of Terror
    -Taryn 10yrs

  • Fantastik Sansar
    Fantastik Sansar 2 months ago +1

    wow amazing

  • COA Creators
    COA Creators 2 months ago +1

    Funny enough I forgot there was a Cars 2. xD

  • Ryder Ruppe
    Ryder Ruppe 2 months ago

    I literally slapped my brother when A113 popped up so he would notice it.

  • Virginia Fried Chicken
    Virginia Fried Chicken 2 months ago

    Maleficent is Sleeping Beauty...

  • Technicality
    Technicality 2 months ago +16

    Thank you so much for having me on the show! I had a blast!

    • ImNotSelma
      ImNotSelma 2 months ago

      I love how you talked about the Pixar Theory, it's my favorite fan theory of all time!

    • MrGoldxfinger
      MrGoldxfinger 2 months ago

      Hey Technicality, so after I called you out for copying Flicks And The City's thumbnail on their Cars 3 easter egg video that they made 2 days ago, you deleted your original comment because you didn't want people to see that you'd been asking Flicks where they got their Cars 3 footage from.

    • Asteria Sheria
      Asteria Sheria 2 months ago

      I like what you said at the end there. It reminded me why I love Pixar.

    • COA Creators
      COA Creators 2 months ago

      Hey great explanation at the end there! :D

  • Peanuts Gamer
    Peanuts Gamer 2 months ago +1

    can you do captain underpants Easter eggs.

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