THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)

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  • faithful02u
    faithful02u Minute ago

    I haven't seen this movie yet, I haven't read the book either but I've read some of the comments and I don't know why everyone is getting so excited. I guess I'll find out in a few hours.

  • Visage Makaka
    Visage Makaka 6 hours ago +3

    I do not look with my eyes, he who looks with his eyes has forgotten the face of his father. I look with my legs.🌚

  • DeShawn Wilson
    DeShawn Wilson 7 hours ago

    This wasn't that bad most people gave this movie a bad review cause the gunslinger was black and they combined some books together which I understand countless of sequels would've been made

  • maikel durek
    maikel durek 9 hours ago +1


  • Clickbait
    Clickbait 10 hours ago +6

    10/10 watched it last night amazing

  • Manny Omolo
    Manny Omolo 16 hours ago

    Y'all can say whatever you want, im headed for it here in Phoenix, Arizona

  • choppahpilot
    choppahpilot 17 hours ago +2

    there are other worlds than these..

  • Cray May
    Cray May 18 hours ago +7

    14k dislikes are only white tears. Y'all are cool with worshipping a WHITE Jesus when he's NOT white, but you're not cool with an A-LIST ACTOR playing this role? The trailer is 🔥 and I'm watching it.

    • Budgetts Frog
      Budgetts Frog 8 hours ago

      Cray May but in your post you put "14k dislikes are only white tears" which is why I made my assumption, I apologize as I probably took it differently then you intended to make it, and tbh yes, I do agree it is dumb about the people complaining about the gunslinger being white in the book but black in the movie, I think Ildris Elba did a very good job in the movie and he makes a very fitting gunslinger, but like I said, I'm just kinda confused because your first comment then you're saying it's just the people who are complaining about the gunslinger being white in the book but black in the movie. Not trying to argue or anything, I'm just confused by that.

    • Cray May
      Cray May 9 hours ago

      Budgetts Frog I'm talking bout the ones actually saying it!! How did I assume? I'm talking bout the comments saying "in the book hes not black" that's all.

    • Mike Brown's Mother
      Mike Brown's Mother 12 hours ago


    • Budgetts Frog
      Budgetts Frog 16 hours ago

      I don't think everyone who disked it disliked it because the main character is black :/ that's kinda racist to just assume everyone who dislikes this is a white racist, considering one of my friends who I saw this with is black and she didn't really like the movie.

    • choppahpilot
      choppahpilot 16 hours ago

      why Sean Combs is not a Bond character? injustice? by the way - you shouldn't pull anything out of your a*s. It makes other people uncomfortable while being in your company. Don't read the comments - read the books!

  • KeAndre Jones
    KeAndre Jones 18 hours ago +5

    Haters trying to find anything wrong with this movie it's GREAT

  • Preferred Stock
    Preferred Stock 19 hours ago +4

    If he's from another world why does he have guns made from Earth?

    • kuro shini
      kuro shini 9 hours ago

      Read the books. It is heavily implied his world is in the far future from our world.

  • Th3lite
    Th3lite 20 hours ago

    Oh la la.

  • maikel durek
    maikel durek 20 hours ago


  • Nina Dona
    Nina Dona 20 hours ago

    raisa akang mas

  • Laura Angela
    Laura Angela 21 hour ago +1

    nice good amazing

  • Tiffany Benefield
    Tiffany Benefield 21 hour ago +3

    I'll be watching tonight.

  • bie joli
    bie joli 22 hours ago


  • lina julena
    lina julena 22 hours ago


  • Barokahmovie Keiko
    Barokahmovie Keiko 22 hours ago


  • Caali Jay
    Caali Jay 23 hours ago +2

    From a person who hasn't read the book and watched the film today. It was EXCELLENT! I'm for a sequel !!!! The trailer did no justice to the film

  • Coline Bonnard
    Coline Bonnard Day ago +2

    Watched the movie, then I started to read the books the same day... and I like both ! Sure it's not the same story, but you can't really watch an adaptation now and hope it will stay true to the book... Best thing to do is to see them as separate pieces of work I believe, but that remains my opinion

  • Henrique Al
    Henrique Al Day ago +2

    for a few dollars more music <3

    • Start The Rebellion
      Start The Rebellion 23 hours ago

      Yeah, instantly I saw Lee & Clint standing in that little mission at the end of the final battle scene.

    TERRY CAPPS Day ago +2

    Read the the movie! My wife has not read the books and she liked the movie!!!

  • Allan Jonal Isidro
    Allan Jonal Isidro Day ago +3

    I like this

  • Rasha Abdul Qader
    Rasha Abdul Qader Day ago +2

    Most boring movie on the whole world do not watch!

    • Emiwolfplayz
      Emiwolfplayz 22 hours ago

      Rasha Abdul Qader umm if u don't like this u don't need to say not to watch...For me this movie is one of my favs.

    • Allan Jonal Isidro
      Allan Jonal Isidro Day ago

      What do you want to watch then? Telenovel

  • caliban in the WH
    caliban in the WH Day ago +3

    Anyone saying idris was good as rolanfd eiher never read he books and doesnt get the character or is a godamn liar, he was almost as bad as mcconehy playing odim.

    • Caali Jay
      Caali Jay 23 hours ago

      Agree with BoomStick. Idris MADE the film!

    • BoomStick Critique
      BoomStick Critique Day ago

      He was like the best part of the film an he was the only part nearly everyone liked.

  • Keloh101
    Keloh101 Day ago +6


  • highflierlol
    highflierlol Day ago +2

    What a bullshit

  • maarten8979
    maarten8979 Day ago +6

    Trailer is soo much different then the movie itself

    • maarten8979
      maarten8979 16 hours ago

      Cray May that's the exact same reason I watched it hahah, but I was a bit dissapointed. But it gets better at the end

    • Cray May
      Cray May 17 hours ago

      Is the movie good? I love idris and Matthew so I'll see it either way... but I just wanna know lol.

  • Bryan Herber
    Bryan Herber Day ago

    Looks like a bullshit, fake, fantasy movie

    • Bryan Herber
      Bryan Herber 22 hours ago

      I'll give it chance. Might see it tonight. Will let you know

    • Emiwolfplayz
      Emiwolfplayz 22 hours ago

      Bryan Herber Thisbos the best film for me...Trailer doesn't match it at all

  • Pavel Re
    Pavel Re Day ago

    Jake died and went to the abandoned station in the middle of endless desert in some dying world. Ronald save him and then let him die again. Ronanld is not hero by King. He is just lost soil in lost world.

    • Stokes
      Stokes Day ago

      thanks for telling me that now i know jake wont die lol

    • Ridwan Salami
      Ridwan Salami Day ago

      Stokes it ain't true

    • Jake
      Jake Day ago


    • Stokes
      Stokes Day ago


  • melon blab
    melon blab Day ago +3

    ohh guns -- imma go see this

    • GoodKop BadKop
      GoodKop BadKop Day ago

      Seen it today and I wish I hadn't bothered. I knew it would be different from the books but I was willing to overlook all that to see another take on it. It was brutal to the point of being cheesy. They took a dark book and turned it into a PG 13 disaster. While watching it I just remember thinking of the 90's SuperMario film because that's what it resembled.

    • melon blab
      melon blab Day ago

      GoodKop BadKop why? I was just messing with the guns thing I've actually booked

    • GoodKop BadKop
      GoodKop BadKop Day ago

      Don't bother.

  • misel gero
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  • Barokahmovie Keiko


  • greeneyed monster
    greeneyed monster Day ago +3

    Why is the gunslinger black? not just a man in black.. and why don't characters look like described in the books anymore?

    • greeneyed monster
      greeneyed monster 20 hours ago

      you probably envy that you bald pig.

    • Legalize Rape
      Legalize Rape 20 hours ago

      greeneyed monster thats not me lol but you got some nice armpit hair

    • greeneyed monster
      greeneyed monster 21 hour ago

      by the way Legalize that you posing proudly with the flag in the background or Jabba the hutt? your head is HUGE.

    • greeneyed monster
      greeneyed monster 21 hour ago

      Legalize Rape..your name says it all, have fun in jail with your little buddies.

    • Legalize Rape
      Legalize Rape 21 hour ago

      greeneyed monster stfu racist whore

  • Ridho Yuneldi Pratama

    alright, alright, alright...

  • ora gagas
    ora gagas Day ago

    Edyannn kereennn polll..!!!!

  • Erdingtons Finest
    Erdingtons Finest Day ago +12

    I can't be the only one who thought The Dark Tower was a documentary about Idris Elba's penis

  • Regan Robinson
    Regan Robinson Day ago +2

    Saw the movie and it was good, I hadn't read the books but my boyfriend (I saw it with him) had read the books. It was overall pretty good, but I just feel like there is so much more that they could have went into detail with. It was good, I am pretty sure my boyfriend say that they stayed to the novels pretty good, but I just feel like they should have paced it a little better. but then again, you can't trust my word for it, cause I have yet to read the books (shame on me, I know). Overall, it was pretty good.

    • GoodKop BadKop
      GoodKop BadKop Day ago

      I count five 'goods'...Did Borat type this review?

    • interests10
      interests10 Day ago

      nice film...awesome.. no boring parts, paced out well movie..

  • Jason Kioke
    Jason Kioke 2 days ago +12

    "I do not aim with my hand, ...I aim with my eye, I do not shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart". He puts a whole new meaning to a gunslinger.

    • Emiwolfplayz
      Emiwolfplayz 22 hours ago

      Jason Kioke "Who aims with his hand he forgot the face of his father" boi.

    • interests10
      interests10 Day ago

      forgotten face of your father...awesome film!

    • dancin banena
      dancin banena Day ago

      you forgot the part of he who shoots with hisgun has forgotten the face of his father

  • Mirto D
    Mirto D 2 days ago +5

    Dear Mr. Stephen King, I love you. Thank you for your gifts to us.

  • KNK K'n'k
    KNK K'n'k 2 days ago +3

    Ima watch this

  • bienenpaps t
    bienenpaps t 2 days ago +2

    When da nigga is da Victor ...hell comes to earth...nice Message !

  • Rinaldi Praha
    Rinaldi Praha 2 days ago +4

    Stephen King! 💞

  • JWR
    JWR 2 days ago +2

    I'm so glad this movie bombed at the box office.

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden 2 days ago +3

    Let me start off by saying that I never read the books, I didn't know it was a series until a few hours ago.
    I saw this with my friend today, she's easily entertained so she liked it. But I expected better, I would see ads for this movie and thought it looked like some badass action movie, there was only 3 action scenes, and only one of them was actually cool. And when Rowland (The Gunslinger) fights The Man In Black it reminded me of a low budget fanmade film that was uploaded to YouTube by college kids. The scene was pretty weak, all Man In Black did was use his magic to throw rock and glass at Rowland, and the fight scene was about 4 minutes. I expected a lot better, but I'm now actually thinking about reading the books.

  • August Janke
    August Janke 2 days ago +6

    My son went and saw this....he said it was ok....he thought that they RUSHED IT....there is a lot of story from 3 books and they condensed it into this movie. That is were they went wrong!

    ONE PUNCH 2 days ago +11

    I don't kill with my gun....

    I kill with my heart.

    • Cute Baby
      Cute Baby 2 days ago

      The Dark Tower 2017 full movie available at link below :

  • Matt Kelley
    Matt Kelley 2 days ago +6

    2:00 it best part

    • GeekiMilitia
      GeekiMilitia 2 days ago

      I always skip the trailer to that part and watch the rest of the trailer.

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee 2 days ago +3

    I thought is Lebron James

    • dflavo
      dflavo 2 days ago

      Matt Weatherford he is too big to play James Bond and won't look classy in a suit

    • Matt Weatherford
      Matt Weatherford 2 days ago

      Ron Lee it's Idris Elba show some respeck that's the next James Bond

  • Sloane din
    Sloane din 2 days ago +2

    they're not racist

  • Dina Fitria
    Dina Fitria 2 days ago +3

    ♥♥♥ The Dark Tower ♥♥♥
    Full Movie ▶▶▶

  • Killing DeadThings
    Killing DeadThings 3 days ago +3

    The best thing in this trailer was the tune from A Few Dollars More.

  • OceanVA
    OceanVA 3 days ago +1

    LOL I'd rather watch season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender, sorry m8

  • Kirinin Kiri
    Kirinin Kiri 3 days ago +9

    It's ironic because he says "i don't aim with my hand... i aim with my eye" But in the last scene he's not aiming with his eye

  • Francis Santiago
    Francis Santiago 3 days ago

    if this title is blade, this will be great ^^

  • Francis Santiago
    Francis Santiago 3 days ago +1

    man in black lol

  • dj PeK
    dj PeK 3 days ago

    well the odetta/detta character is going to seem really racist now huh

  • Thabiso Shai
    Thabiso Shai 3 days ago +2

    this trailer is corny

  • Kim Crimson Lips
    Kim Crimson Lips 3 days ago +2

    how do I love Idris Elba so much?! this is like.. if Dean Koontz wrote The Matrix and The Book of Eli ..but through the "pen" of SK 😈

  • Crispyhornets18
    Crispyhornets18 3 days ago +6

    All I can think about in this trailer is the For A Few Dollars More pocket watch music being in it.

  • Nicole Weiss
    Nicole Weiss 3 days ago +2

    I watched the remake of Cat's Eye yesterday.

    • Shining Star
      Shining Star 2 days ago

      Nicole Weiss When did that come out?

  • Barokahmovie Keiko
    Barokahmovie Keiko 3 days ago +1


    • Matt Weatherford
      Matt Weatherford 2 days ago

      Barokahmovie Keiko don't download just watch it smh tryin get people in trouble?

  • bie joli
    bie joli 3 days ago


  • maikel durek
    maikel durek 3 days ago


  • lina julena
    lina julena 3 days ago


  • mikegan73
    mikegan73 3 days ago +2

    This looks utter fucking crap.Yet another dreadful adaption of a very good Stephen King novel.

  • NemoTheEight
    NemoTheEight 3 days ago

    Old White Daddy seems to be too "dark" :) Next time pick Black for cpt. J. Lester at least it will bring comedy valor to movie.

  • Neta Wilson
    Neta Wilson 3 days ago +1

    great movie

  • GaspingAlien
    GaspingAlien 3 days ago +5

    Ha. Look at all these racists in the comments.

    • Muhammed W
      Muhammed W 3 days ago

      GaspingAlien they're not racist

  • Miranda Hall
    Miranda Hall 3 days ago +2

    Isn't this connected to the stand

  • SNA Videos
    SNA Videos 3 days ago +2

    Just an epic movie !!!

  • Foot L Johnson
    Foot L Johnson 3 days ago +7

    All the cucks in the comments -

    "This movie has a black guy so its awesome 10/10!"

    • Legalize Rape
      Legalize Rape 21 hour ago

      caliban in the WH whites are soon going to be a minority keep crying your basements

    • caliban in the WH
      caliban in the WH Day ago

      Foot L Johnson bro the african iq brickwalls at like 82 dont bother.

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 3 days ago

      Was that english?

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      Old -White- *Black* Daddy Welcum in Hollywood, where it's better to not be White as Blacks are better for both Blacks' and Whites' roles :)

  • shibby dibby
    shibby dibby 3 days ago +6

    i don't understand can someone explain this to me? where is the gunslinger in this trailer I don't see him anywhere. can someone point him out to me? White male, middle aged, light to dark brown hair. Explicitly a white man of European ancestry. That's really weird though right? A movie about The Dark Tower and there is no character as The Gunslinger?!! wow they really changed the plot with this one huh

    • caliban in the WH
      caliban in the WH Day ago

      shibby dibby and if you read the books you could literally make the entire cast black except roland and it wouldnt matter, no wonder holylwood is in decline.

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      You know none will care about anti-White intolerancy.

  • Ceapa Verde
    Ceapa Verde 3 days ago +6

    I dislike with my finger #dramaticsound

  • Eduardo Lima
    Eduardo Lima 4 days ago +4

    The Dark Tower collection is awesome, but I'm afraid about the movie. The adaptations never seem to turn out that great

    • James Larson
      James Larson 3 days ago

      Eduardo Lima I booked an early screening...biggest regret of my life.

  • Trine Brøndbo
    Trine Brøndbo 4 days ago +7

    Never read the books, but this looks awesome.

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      Read. It will cost you your amusement for movie but bring light to your life.

  • Kdream's Cosmos
    Kdream's Cosmos 4 days ago +3

    awesome movie... best of 2017 so far

  • Kayleigh Feathers
    Kayleigh Feathers 4 days ago +6

    I've never read the book but I love the movie. I thought the acting was really good, and I loved that the gunslinger was black instead of white. The only problem I had with the movie was it didn't explain things too well in some parts and I felt like they could've if it was made in to two movies or something. But overall I really like it.

    • Aizen Kazama
      Aizen Kazama 2 days ago

      ayo24100 I understand what you're saying but we can't just take every role, for the sake of feeling like Hollywood aren't racist or segregate their films.

    • Julie Reschke
      Julie Reschke 3 days ago

      Yes, he was! :)

    • Kayleigh Feathers
      Kayleigh Feathers 3 days ago

      Julie Reschke he was amazing! :)

    • Julie Reschke
      Julie Reschke 3 days ago

      I thought that Idris Elba did a great job in this movie.

    • Kayleigh Feathers
      Kayleigh Feathers 3 days ago

      Enel97 I am white and I see that almost all main characters are white. That is what I find racist. So seeing someone who is black take on the lead roll really makes me happy.

  • Alex Armstrong
    Alex Armstrong 4 days ago +6

    apparently this movie's story line has absolutely nothing to do with the book. Its just a different story that takes the name

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      +Kasia Muzyczna A jak myślisz? Holiłud po prostu wykorzystuje znane nazwisko i znany cykl mający miliony fanów, żeby trzepać kapuchę przy okazji promując swoje głupizmy. Co zabawne i bliskie sercu kobiety z filmu usunięto jedną 4 głównych postaci w serii. Murzynkę na wózku kluczową dla wielu wydarzeń w całej serii. Tyle w kwestii tolerancji.

      I prefer to speak my mother alanguage with compatriot, but here is translation (BTW if someone is curious why I wrote "Holiłud" not Hollywood" in polish versinon. We normally write it "Hollywood", but I like to garble it to polish-like version when I'm griding about them):
      And what do you think? Hollywood is using famouse surname and famouse title having milions of fans to get tons of money and additionally promoting their bullshiits. What's more funny and close to hearth of every woman they deleted one of four main characters - disabled Black woman crucial for many events in serie. So much about tolerancy.

    • John O'Neill
      John O'Neill 3 days ago

      Actually, it is VERY loosely based on the books. Like barely recognizably based on the books lol,

    • Kasia Muzyczna
      Kasia Muzyczna 4 days ago


  • lina julena
    lina julena 4 days ago


  • Barokahmovie Keiko
    Barokahmovie Keiko 4 days ago


  • evilbadguystrikes
    evilbadguystrikes 4 days ago +2

    its a cocasion man on the front cover of the stephen king noval the dark tower. he's a white guy.. im not racist but knocking this to a black man roll is just how the jew hollywood media proclaim.. i personlly dont like the new roll but it is what it is.. 2 stars

    • evilbadguystrikes
      evilbadguystrikes 2 days ago

      i grew up on the novels, i read them all. i visuallized the gunslinger as Billy the kid in "The young guns". But now im a nazi racist. I love Blade movies, every one i saw was in the theater, i expected a black dude to play Blade. if i were to go there and watch the blade 4 and it was a white dude who played blade, i would be like HUH... so the tables really turn both ways. More candy for your tight little liberal asses.

    • Crispyhornets18
      Crispyhornets18 3 days ago

      Hollywood is Jewish. As others have said, that's a fact.

    • Pippa Bacca trek for Muslims
      Pippa Bacca trek for Muslims 3 days ago

      evilbadguystrikes lol here's a buck for your parents' brains you racist bastard

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      +Stealth 545 Reverse it. They are racists as they think white is not good enough to play character who is originally White and was even called Old White Daddy in serie. Plus:
      1st Those who have english as mother language are only who aren't at least double-language (I've used to speak 5 or more I would have to count them to be sure) and fact that your language is one of easiest makes you last to laugh about mistakes. It's like guy who barrely manage to make double-hand basic shuffle laugh at men who is at advanced cardistry.
      2nd Holywood was created by Jews after they escaped from Europe at the begining of WW II. That's not racism. that's fact. Or do you see sth bad in fact that Jews were those who founded Hollywood?

  • Timothydaniel Delorino

    so cool..

  • Tranquill
    Tranquill 4 days ago +2

    Stringer Bell is doing pretty good for himself now, I see.

    • Hisham Abdalla
      Hisham Abdalla 4 days ago

      yeah..he was hangin out in Hamsterdam and shiiettt

  • Mario Carlos
    Mario Carlos 4 days ago +1

    🔴 *The Dark Tower FuII Mᴏᴠɪᴇ* ( )

    • UrBu2
      UrBu2 4 days ago

      Just saw it on my DigiStream x4. Mario, is ur copy is as good?

  • Dexter Skyder
    Dexter Skyder 4 days ago +1

    White person are good with gun slinger

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      +GreatestOfTheGreats More because callling Black "Old White Daddy" is even more funny than when rowling said that Hermione (character who had ""lots of bushy brown hair") were always Black, while only 100% natural hair color for Blacks was ravenish black.

    • GreatestOfTheGreats
      GreatestOfTheGreats 4 days ago

      because white people are all great shooter's, haven't you caught on the memo yet?

  • fallyhag
    fallyhag 4 days ago +4

    No thanks :(

  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen 4 days ago +8

    If I watch the pirated version online and I only watch about 20 minutes can I still get my money back for this garbage? You people in Hollywood should pay me for watching this crap for free.

  • Joes
    Joes 4 days ago +4

    Fucking bots can you just kys

    This movie was pretty good. The acting at times was meh, but overall I enjoyed it. I didn't read the books so that probably why lmao

  • Roxanne Mclaughlin
    Roxanne Mclaughlin 4 days ago +5

    Why does this acting look sooooo terrible

    • o_o_o_o_o o_o_o_o_o
      o_o_o_o_o o_o_o_o_o 3 days ago

      This movie probably sucks and the race change thing is silly but I don't think the problem is that Idris Elba is a bad actor.

      If the movie sucks it sucks because audiences are too dumb to pay for good movies, so the studios make what they will pay for, which is bad movies. The race thing is just a minor side story.

    • NemoTheEight
      NemoTheEight 3 days ago

      Because we have hundreds of great actors to play ""Old White Daddy", whith only one dissadvantage... They were no Black.

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