This Is What People Will Look Like In The Future

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  • This Is What Humanity Will Look Like by 2050
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    If you’ve ever thought about how humankind will change in the future, then you’ll love watching our video about how humans will look by 2050 and beyond. The National Geographic’s 125th-anniversary issue looked at the “changing face of America” and explained why, in a few decades time, the population would be multiracial.

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  • flame's gaming channel
    flame's gaming channel 3 months ago +799

    Hi talko! if this get pinned that means the talko reads all of our comments! :D

  • sobokuna
    sobokuna Day ago

    I'm multi race but I look white but these people look much more pretty than me.

  • Mel thor
    Mel thor 2 days ago

    I'm curious about other countries such as Australia. As it is considered a multicultural nation

  • Rain Taylor
    Rain Taylor 3 days ago

    Multiracial people bring in a stronger new generation!!

  • Bobcatt22
    Bobcatt22 3 days ago

    I do hope for health reasons, that David Duke does not watch this video.

  • Blossom Orjiako
    Blossom Orjiako 3 days ago

    so what about the one race people all over the world other than America

  • Big Time Terror
    Big Time Terror 4 days ago

    Everyone will not race mix. A certain percentage of each race is okay with race-mixing, but definitely not the majority. Just check out the dating trends of each race released by dating sites and other similar studies. Stop pushing this propaganda. There will always be communities of whites, Asians, blacks, Hispanics, and mixed people. Race has existed ever since humans split apart and migrated to different areas around the planet. How arrogant do you people have to be to think you will destroy such a trend in the span of less than a century? I'm mixed race, but even I can see this is Pure anti-white garbage. The focus on reducing whites to minorities in their own countries is so blatant. Why don't you go make blacks a minority in Africa, or make Asians a minority in China? Why is diversity only pushed in the west? Give me a break.

  • LL LL
    LL LL 4 days ago

    Well sure if you assume nothing good is ever going to happen and the surplus population miraculously  finds a way to support itself.

  • Melanin Afro
    Melanin Afro 7 days ago

    what do you think?

  • Melanin Afro
    Melanin Afro 7 days ago

    I think that aliens are us from the furture.

  • Luanna J
    Luanna J 9 days ago +1

    I honestly don't want the future to change I like the way everything is now in the future people probably won't have to do anything and will look like the fat guys and girls in Wall-E except if we change it by people being less judgemental and stuff just not the technology in my opinion

  • SuperZX
    SuperZX 11 days ago

    Everything was fine and dandy until the Talko got their Aluminum foil hats on at 8:37.

  • Trin May23
    Trin May23 12 days ago

    According to anthropology, if everyone were to trace their lineage way back, they would discover that they are mixed. People in the past have been mixing anyways..people aren't thinking if they think etnicities that have survived for centuries after centuries will suddenly be gone in 30 years.

  • angelit161
    angelit161 13 days ago

    I'm gonna call bull on this, because the world does not just include America or western country. Most people in the world still strongly believe in marrying within their own race and traditions like that do not die out so easily. And not every baby in the future is going to be white/something else. Not too mention race war is still very much alive and who knows climate change might wipe us all out before then.

  • Smith Girl
    Smith Girl 15 days ago

    I'm going to move to Mars ✌

  • Me Just
    Me Just 18 days ago

    My husband is 1/4 Choctaw, 1/4 Cherokee and 1/2 Irish. I am 1/2 German and 1/2 Irish. We call our kids chocmickkrautokees!!!! Lol no disrespect for calling the Irish side Mick's. My mothers maiden name is Mc D...... And no offense for calking the germans Kraut's!! Lol my maiden name is Schl......... We just joke around!

  • Magan Muse
    Magan Muse 19 days ago +1

    hahaha we havs hickspanicks in our family

  • Jme Bebe
    Jme Bebe 20 days ago

    White genocide it's so sad!! I am proud of my heritage at least my blonde hair blues eyed son can pass it on.

  • Mark Hessler
    Mark Hessler 20 days ago

    Imsuprised that the vid just didn't just show a robot then they'll be done like or reply to say the same or go sub to gc neptun3

  • Victoria Saper
    Victoria Saper 23 days ago

    If it's 2050 and beyond, WTF are people still getting married?

    Now could all the haters out there take a lesson and apply all these wonderful blends of skin tones and apply them to sexual orientation and or how we identify. Now that would be something!

  • Kaz Romero
    Kaz Romero 24 days ago

    when ur Puerto Rican Salvadorian and Japanese and Filipino and have to check to boxes Latino and Asian

  • Chyv Dso
    Chyv Dso 24 days ago

    There will not be a lot Future People because this narcisstic lgbt People (which are Teens now) cant have and want children ^^ because Family uugh

  • jamie eade
    jamie eade 25 days ago

    my daddy taught me there are only two races when you live in a popular rich neighborhood stingy stuck up white hot moms and non whites. We did not live in that neighborhood. we lived in the town over

  • Jasmin Flowerz
    Jasmin Flowerz 26 days ago +1

    Wth...I've never heard of that mixture Korean and Dominican. Wow.Also, video speed is too fast. I heard you can adjust it....but I don't feel like going through the trouble.Lastly, mixtures can be fascinating, but so is purity. I don't want any one race to become rare. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a simple chocolate, or strawberry, or caramel, or vanilla bean. Honestly, I don't like the idea of extreme racial interbreeding. It's not like it's avoidable, as love and desires are unpredictable...steering us in ways.

  • Mauray c
    Mauray c 26 days ago


  • 楊夢幻
    楊夢幻 26 days ago

    it means people will be so cute with two big water eyes

  • 楊夢幻
    楊夢幻 26 days ago

    american will kill the earth

  • Juliette Bianchi
    Juliette Bianchi 27 days ago

    People get so butt hurt over race. Identify as human and stfu

  • Sufiya H.
    Sufiya H. 27 days ago

    If there IS a future, eh? An ICBM with a nuclear warhead landing on the Cali coast would change life as we know it, definitely.

  • Lily Hurlstone Summers

    People aren't taking into consideration the damage of the earth and resource shortages. We rely on oil so much, yet it's predicted that in about 40 years there won't be any wars. This would cause so many wars and millions of deaths.

  • Tasnima 1329
    Tasnima 1329 28 days ago

    8 minutes through the video (Me):
    I really hope this means that racism would no longer be a thing as people would be of several races. I really wish I was born in the future or now.
    At the end (Me):
    Literally said that 4 minutes ago and I'm freaked out by what the future holds that is if the sun doesn't explode and make it the end of the world. So we would look like anime characters and live on other planets that may or may not be inhabited by other creatures in what, 100 000 years.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 28 days ago

    The thumbnail is a beautiful model, so that means in the future we will all be perfect. AWESOME! 😜😍

  • angie Nsanzimana
    angie Nsanzimana Month ago

    lol do we realise that 50 or maybe thousands of years ago people thought these types of things for us😂😂😂

  • Andro Genius
    Andro Genius Month ago

    is this a robot? because otherwise she can't read well. she mispronounced a few words that I thought they would've caught during editing. (ex. genome [jean ohm] was pronounced [jay no may]. you should know this word if you're going to make a video about such a subject.

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy Month ago

    Were some beautiful people lol but we fight over pointless shit..

  • tara sorres
    tara sorres Month ago

    Looks like aliens, think about it. Living in space....adapting to space.....large eyes.....

  • Maya Picot
    Maya Picot Month ago

    every topic in this video is about the same thing over and over again

  • Lee Lee The Boss
    Lee Lee The Boss Month ago

    Being mixed with Caucasian blood is a curse...just like blue eyes...dont believe me.. do some research before you speak....

  • Lee Lee The Boss
    Lee Lee The Boss Month ago

    The wonderful day when white ppl will be diluted forever....

  • Joaquín Weiss Ugarteche


  • conni heni
    conni heni Month ago

    I hate it when video titles are wrong. This isn't what people will look like in the future, this is what people from the US will look in the future. News flash, you only are approximately 4 % of the world's population.
    And also America is in fact a continent with the countries of Mexico, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Columbia,... Not only the US.
    You are not the center of the world. Deal with it.

  • Tinka Steffen
    Tinka Steffen Month ago +2

    I'm not convinced, that our brains will be growing. Anyone took the train in the past years? People seem pretty braindead to me.

  • corsican lulu
    corsican lulu Month ago

    we will all look brazilian.....

  • Safari For Fun of Soul

    I'm half-caste, Celtic-Maori - and LOVE it :D
    but I look lighter than a Greek - with Maori muscles and a Scottish Temper
    Mixed race people like me still look white

  • Lola Powery
    Lola Powery Month ago +1

    im gonna have nightmares after seeing that 100,000 year one

  • noor cool
    noor cool Month ago +5

    The world will end really soon there is a lot of signs for the end of the world

  • MissLiv
    MissLiv Month ago

    Oh so my grandchildren will be Asian, and my children will be hotter than me.

  • Aisha B
    Aisha B Month ago +1

    People in 1900 said we'll have flying cars

    People are here asking if they'll be aunties or uncl-

    *_what has the world become?!_*

  • Leo lion
    Leo lion Month ago

    this is the basis of white fear,genetic annihilation. I personally think it contributes to dna weakness and disorders

  • Judith Guerrero
    Judith Guerrero Month ago

    Honestly I don't believe this how do they know how what's going to happen in the future.

  • Kat Müller
    Kat Müller Month ago

    this isn't necessarily completely good, because whites are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ, this doesn't necessarily make them superior, but it does mean many white people should marry within their own race. *I'm not racist, I think everyone is equal, I'm just stating facts*

  • A. K.
    A. K. Month ago

    Ok, you mean in America right cause I'm Asian from Asia and the most mix I see is between Asians, which people wouldn't consider significant cause they still look 'Asian'

    DUDE RELAX Month ago

    Koreans should always stay 100 percent Korean

  • Whybie Why
    Whybie Why Month ago

    My dad is a mix of idk what byt says he's white. My mom is Filipino. So basically I'm half filipino half whatever my dad is.

  • Mandi Hogan
    Mandi Hogan Month ago

    I'm consistently baffled by the amount of pronunciation errors in the talkos videos... Genomes pronounced "Jen-oh-mees"? Eek.

  • Mildred Hovna
    Mildred Hovna Month ago


  • Gladys Kanyi
    Gladys Kanyi Month ago

    Please explain the interstellar movie,youd be surprised to find out that not many people understand.

  • Skyler Brooke
    Skyler Brooke Month ago

    Hi talko, I just wanted to say I think it's really cool people in the future seem to be more excepting with race and cultures, and the percentage of multi race beings in america will grow! I'm glad because I am of multiple races and some people just can't except that, I would never want anyone to go through what I had to go through growing up, thank you for this video!

    SCORPIONS STING Month ago +2

    That's interesting" The future looks bright for the human race and the human face. Future human changes...faces from all places and races.

  • Tanno Buchino
    Tanno Buchino Month ago

    You cannot be multiracial at this point. Being multiracial is a degradation of Humanity. I think that the Human will have evolutioned at a point than being multiracial.

  • rsuriyop
    rsuriyop Month ago

    I'm rather fearful of what future generations will look like. I say we stop learning/acquiring knowledge so that we will ultimately kill this evolutionary trend of unsightliness.

  • Karla Arizpe
    Karla Arizpe Month ago

    Oh my god we will look like alieens!...

  • Alexandra Walkings
    Alexandra Walkings Month ago

    And this is the reason why I'm against races mixing

  • eat more sleep more care less

    if we don't stop extreme war we won't have a 20,000...

  • edith dijkie
    edith dijkie 2 months ago

    most of the people wil look like brazilians.

  • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein

    In other words, promoting Jewish orchestrated white genocide through race mixing a.k.a the *Kalergi Plan*.

  • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein

    Race mixing is disgusting and genocide. These people are HIDEOUS. These hideous mutt race "people" are the children of the KALERGI PLAN, a Jewish plan to genocide the white race and replace it with an "Afro-Asian" race ruled by the Jews. LOOK IT UP. The founder of the EU admits it in his biography!

  • Wen Wen YÚ
    Wen Wen YÚ 2 months ago

    1:43 take the L ppl Says Talko

  • Sara Alkhars
    Sara Alkhars 2 months ago

    great video content, tricky title.. not what I was looking for!

  • Ahora ya
    Ahora ya 2 months ago

    Really, it just means Asians and Hispanics assimilated by the White Anglos same way as Italians, Slavs or Irish before. That is why the percentage of Asian and Hispanic women marrying to whites is so high. In the case of White Hispanics, assimilation by White Anglos is being even taking place more rapidly.

    So, the truth is that most Americans by 20150 will not look multiracial as most Latinos (who are usually a mixture of Europeans, Africans and Indigenous peoples) but will have assimilated a great part of the Hispanic and Asian minorities.

  • giulia salfi
    giulia salfi 2 months ago

    posso incrociarmi per 6 secoli ma i miei discendenti avranno sempre il mio naso aquilino, mio figlio non ce l ha ma ce l avranno i nipotini

  • giulia salfi
    giulia salfi 2 months ago

    not the jewish and muse m in the future with a big noose

  • DatPandaSophie Minecraft and Roblox


  • Deja-Rae Latimer
    Deja-Rae Latimer 2 months ago

    You hear that racists the norm will be mixed race!

  • m1791 w
    m1791 w 2 months ago +2


  • Anne Müller
    Anne Müller 2 months ago +2


  • Isaac Gibbs
    Isaac Gibbs 2 months ago

    Where my lightskins at?

  • Elenohr
    Elenohr 2 months ago

    there is no such thing has race, we are all humans with different cultures and colors depending of where we came from.

  • Ivy Tran
    Ivy Tran 2 months ago

    Oh mah gosh it talk too fast I barely understand half of it

  • Dani XD
    Dani XD 2 months ago

    I feel like people need to stop population because that's why they are thinking of colonization in space wich I think will just take space from the other creatures out there :(

  • nyreekrikorian
    nyreekrikorian 2 months ago

    do you think we would have time travel and go back in time and visit earlier earth? Perhaps this is why aliens (as claimed by witnesses before such knowledge was available to them) looked the way they did... large heads and eyes?? They're not alien but are our great great great... grandchildren! Is there a sci-fi movie like this?

  • LEOR Moorey
    LEOR Moorey 2 months ago

    no more white people cool

  • gwenn stills
    gwenn stills 2 months ago

    weed out the genetic pool, eliminate diseases by genes, propagate high iq humans and stop over breeding imbeciles who cant sustain themselves

  • Rylin Marie
    Rylin Marie 2 months ago

    I'm that mixed kid 🙂

  • Imeh Smith
    Imeh Smith 2 months ago +1

    Why is OVER HALF of this long ANNOYING vid talking about STUPID Ass American standards & biases & race where EVERYONE on earth since mixed‼️

    Least u r some hermit living under a rock, men...& their dick, has entered female pussy of EVERY RACE, creed, kind, & color & begot kids as long as he was able to bust a nut.- which was since man walked their earth‼️‼️

    If this REALITY was Not the case, humans would be extinct‼️

  • Gaba Ruizh
    Gaba Ruizh 2 months ago

    hispanics are a mixed culture

  • Sandra
    Sandra 2 months ago

    so we are going to look like aliens?

  • Lyss_ playa
    Lyss_ playa 2 months ago

    Nice vid

    I-DON'T-KNOW MY-NAME 2 months ago

    in 2050 I will be 50 years old now I am 16 1 and a half. by Oct, I will be 17 in this 2017 year

  • Thea Moe
    Thea Moe 2 months ago

    Assign written record letter tube necessarily boom.

  • Bošnjakinja
    Bošnjakinja 2 months ago +6

    New fucking world order .....
    Are you people that DUMB , don't you even see what's behind this campaign?
    THİS İS A GENOCİDE against every race and culture , race mixing isn't naturall for human beings a thousand of years, we have to STAND AGAİNST the destroying of human race ....
    Every single race is beautiful on it's own way, that's how the mother nature created us , every race and culture should be preserved like it is.
    They want to make hybrids without identity , without feeling of belonging somewhere in this world , those type of hybrids are easiest to be controlled and manipulated ....

  • Atticus Dewberry
    Atticus Dewberry 2 months ago

    Humans with fully functional brains (pineal glands) are fully evolved and do not want/need biologically integrated technology (robot bodies). This is an agenda that's being pushed for some reason and every time I hear it I perceive it as a threat to the Human race. i.e. some kind of Elitist future Terminator/Skynet scenario.

  • Joseph Nduwimana
    Joseph Nduwimana 2 months ago

    hi future people

  • Kellyyy H.
    Kellyyy H. 2 months ago

    i always forget that i'm not biracial XD

  • vijitha vasu
    vijitha vasu 2 months ago

    hey don't wait for 2050 I am a girl with half American half Indian and half Armenian girl in 2017

  • Miss Telly
    Miss Telly 2 months ago +3

    the genocide of today's native Americans: marrying out...

    So when we all look the same, how will we celebrate diversity?

    • Yaz Zetera
      Yaz Zetera Month ago

      Heck, even people of the same race look different.

    • Yaz Zetera
      Yaz Zetera Month ago

      We won't all look the same since people will always settle in different places.

  • asomnsb
    asomnsb 2 months ago

    yes but then again back in the day they thought we were going to have flying cars n well that didnt happen

  • Boku Watashi
    Boku Watashi 2 months ago

    why do america thinks that they are the world? I am not in america, please be specific in your titles. How will people look like in the future, in America. Thank you

  • Runawaywaffle [RANDOM NUMBERS]

    This is a good video, but now, already, I doubt there is a human being in urban areas that is one straight race. I recently did a DNA test on ancestry, and I'm from SO MANY different cultures.

    LENA PATEL 2 months ago

    Hello Children of the future! Yes, most comments on YouTube are hateful. Yes, the racist is trying to build a wall and a travel ban at this time. Yes, they are foolish! Continue to mix until color is no longer an issue. Love children love!! 😉😘

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