Andy Serling's Kentucky Derby Preview

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  • Andy Serling gives you his analysis of the 2017 Kentucky Derby field.
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  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams 2 months ago

    exploitation of animals for money. white people are the devil. pasty subhuman demons from Hell

    • Mike Adams
      Mike Adams 2 months ago

      just beyond stupid.. bye dummy

    • al zal
      al zal 2 months ago

      Mike Adams you've NEVER ate meat? I'm not white.

    • Mike Adams
      Mike Adams 2 months ago

      +al zal I don't meat you stupid inbred white trash demon

    • al zal
      al zal 2 months ago

      Mike Adams I'm guessing you've never ate meat. That's exploiting animals for food. Also if you've never eaten meat then you're eating the animals' food.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky
    Dimitri Ledkovsky 2 months ago

    Prove you're a bonehead to all your friends: bet and lose big on the KD. Betting a 20 horse field requires quite a thick skull.

  • jubbyjubb
    jubbyjubb 2 months ago

    Well done.

  • XR7 TM
    XR7 TM 2 months ago

    Gormley Beyers

  • Incitatus
    Incitatus 2 months ago

    Crack, Soneteer, Gunny ~ TRI

  • Josef Hurmer
    Josef Hurmer 2 months ago

    He will FLY you down the stretch, will treamandously look like horse of the century Arrogate cause he do, will earn the roses. ... the Zebra! --->Tapwrit!

  • captain Spaulding
    captain Spaulding 2 months ago

    I agree on hence , he merits a ton of respect

  • tina
    tina 2 months ago

    you got a brother??? call him up ask him who he likes !!!

  • The1seminoles
    The1seminoles 2 months ago

    Yeah, the Wood time was 150.4 . That was fast? Santa Anita time was slow. What was slow dude? Give some race times and beyers figures. Oh yeah, they took Gunevera straight to the rail in the Florida Derby. They​ just waited to long to move him. I wanted insight. This was a terrible presentation.

    • Joe Hansell
      Joe Hansell 2 months ago

      Presumably you're familiar with Serling., and if so, that shouldn't come as a surprise.

  • Chris Calo
    Chris Calo 2 months ago

    Bet IRAP

    • fireworm678
      fireworm678 2 months ago

      Not with all I got or all I can, but yes I will.

  • patluvsvettes
    patluvsvettes 2 months ago

    He's picking Practical Joke, a horse who hasn't had a win in his last three prep races, as the winner? McCraken didn't even make his top four and he has had three wins at Churchill Downs!

    • Ved Valmyr
      Ved Valmyr 2 months ago

      thanks to everyone who beat hence

    • XR7 TM
      XR7 TM 2 months ago

      camelpoze Thanks to everyone who beat Patch & New Jersey War Cry

    • camelpoze
      camelpoze 2 months ago

      don't have to win any prep races: Animal Kingdom

    • camelpoze
      camelpoze 2 months ago

      all the factors you stated aren't powerful factors to win the Derby; the best factor: coming off 3 straight wins could be a detriment to 3 yo's where it pays to be fresh; you have to do better than that pat

    • luis loeroavila
      luis loeroavila 2 months ago

      ausfuhrpramienjagar 98th

  • Ved Valmyr
    Ved Valmyr 2 months ago

    this may be the most interesting kentucky derby we've had in a long time

    • Ved Valmyr
      Ved Valmyr 2 months ago

      if fact the santa anita derby was so slow, that the santa anita oaks was 1 second faster than the santa anita derby

    • Carly Dreemurr
      Carly Dreemurr 2 months ago

      I agree with this, I'm excited

    • XR7 TM
      XR7 TM 2 months ago

      Ved Valmyr No it's not pick someone to catch that miler Always Dreaming & Your good Smarty Jones over Lion Heart

  • rcknhrse
    rcknhrse 2 months ago

    wow,beychok was tipping P JOKE ALSO

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