I found an underground safe house with MUCH more stuff...

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    Turns around and sees a man standing behind him and that was the last time they seen him before posting this on y.t.

  • Akram DZ
    Akram DZ 3 hours ago

    what if someone lock you in 05:08

  • Lukman Yasin
    Lukman Yasin 4 hours ago

    the best

  • Solly
    Solly 12 hours ago

    I'm surprised you have the restraint to not take anything... I wouldn't

  • Morris Lipshitts
    Morris Lipshitts 14 hours ago

    What was that @ 1:18 of the video.. Rubbers? Great find...

  • Gabriel Meneghetti
    Gabriel Meneghetti 14 hours ago

    These gas mask are so badass, I want one so bad!

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 19 hours ago

    Looked up the definition of badass in the dictionary.......had a link to Shiey's channel. ...........dictionary was from the 1800's that's how much of a badass he is.

  • Lars Paulsen
    Lars Paulsen 20 hours ago

    Old East-Block Russian bunker. Not really a safe place without using gas mask.

  • Noah Koenig
    Noah Koenig Day ago +1

    T a k e s h i t

  • Enso
    Enso Day ago

    Old Vault-Tec

  • Vienna Jordan
    Vienna Jordan Day ago


  • Lester Outlaw
    Lester Outlaw Day ago

    I thought there would be a dead person in that house but that's so sketchy watch when Freddy pops out

  • Was Poppin Pplz :3

    New fallout graphics look great

  • Jelle Verweij
    Jelle Verweij Day ago

    2:30 those are gp-5 gasmasks those are not safe becuz there is asbestos inside.

  • _ JohnW
    _ JohnW Day ago

    if i'm there...i open every fucking box...! you never know you know....

  • gamingboy 123123

    where was this

  • WinToDig UpAGame
    WinToDig UpAGame Day ago +1

    I feel like you have been in my house before and I didn't know it

  • spoton gaming
    spoton gaming Day ago

    I would have taken so much stuff

  • Mioniix
    Mioniix Day ago

    looks like Hitler has been down there too

  • RaGe
    RaGe 2 days ago

    There it is again......fucking gas mask!....again.....

  • Lucas Ramforth
    Lucas Ramforth 2 days ago

    How does he find those places?

  • TheDragorin
    TheDragorin 2 days ago

    dude some of that shit could be worth a fuck ton

  • 8Bit Gaming
    8Bit Gaming 2 days ago

    why didnt you take anything??

  • Leo Zombolo
    Leo Zombolo 2 days ago

    Love how he turns off all the lights before he leaves

  • Neatcat597382
    Neatcat597382 2 days ago

    Needs a little renovations. . . But still lucky. . .

  • Nightingale Orphi
    Nightingale Orphi 2 days ago

    I really would love to know the stories behind these bunkers. Who built them, and what for?

  • Victor Gavloski
    Victor Gavloski 2 days ago

    Jesus love you my brothers ;)

  • Tank Dempsey
    Tank Dempsey 2 days ago

    Sloppy work, you need to leave everything how you saw it

  • Filip Petrovic
    Filip Petrovic 2 days ago

    why are those hatches locked from outside, if there where apocalypse how would they lock themselfs if lock is out???? how does that make any sense

  • CizreK
    CizreK 2 days ago

    If this guy just grabbed all these things he would make a killing off ebay. lol.

  • Scratch This
    Scratch This 2 days ago

    Why is it always 15 mins later?

  • Roden Bautista
    Roden Bautista 2 days ago

    Dude thats a ww2 bunker if you find all of that stuff do not publish the location cause that bunker is fucking worth 16 million fucking dollars !

  • New Earth
    New Earth 3 days ago

    where are the bunkers which country

  • darlene3d
    darlene3d 3 days ago

    could you post the locations of these places for those of us who might need a fallout shelter if Orange Dictator gets his way?

  • merrsf
    merrsf 3 days ago

    And the place still has electricity?

  • TheSpartan
    TheSpartan 3 days ago

    shiey are you not allowed to take the gas masks and clothes or you just don't want to, plz respond
    also what country are you in when you film the videos?
    (P.S.) (you dont have to tell me the country)

  • minidazzadog
    minidazzadog 3 days ago

    Ya still have some gas maks send me dome

  • Milo Flint
    Milo Flint 3 days ago

    WHERE? Russia maybe?

  • creeper_killer5
    creeper_killer5 3 days ago

    Can I please have a gas mask????

  • Rich Guglielmo
    Rich Guglielmo 3 days ago

    What is this place and how did you find it??

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 3 days ago

    The secret ingredient to the krabby Patte is crabs 🦀. Sorry if I misspelled krabby patte

  • Kypros Sofroniou
    Kypros Sofroniou 3 days ago

    Ooooooo come on man............ seriously ?????

  • anonymous foru
    anonymous foru 3 days ago


  • Samuel Alfaro
    Samuel Alfaro 3 days ago

    some code lyoko gayness

  • Mecheal M.
    Mecheal M. 4 days ago

    What If there's a box of fidget spinners?

  • CoOl guy xxunderscoreXxswaggerdude

    idk if this is fake or not but you could sell all that for a good buck considering its like history crap and all...

  • Katydid
    Katydid 4 days ago

    you know were to go if we get bombed

  • Pyschedelic Asora
    Pyschedelic Asora 4 days ago

    No one seriously gonna comment about how it looked like a horror game in first person at 0:10

  • johnnie mcatee
    johnnie mcatee 4 days ago

    Would've been a lot more interesting at a slower pace. I nearly got motion sickness watching you flit around.

  • UnMature Gamer246
    UnMature Gamer246 4 days ago

    big money if i was there$$$$

  • child of the one God

    are you my mummy ?

  • Colwyn
    Colwyn 4 days ago +2

    1:51 ''OHH Shit, what was that ?'' ''LET'S DO IT AGAIN''

    • n
      n 4 days ago


  • Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski

    Looks military. Part of the atom bombe scare? Really fascinating.

  • Jacob cline
    Jacob cline 4 days ago

    Anyone else hiding in the comments?

  • Dr. Crossing
    Dr. Crossing 4 days ago

    Know what this is ? Its an nuclear bunker. Its a place where you are Safe in a war.

  • CartmanNIGHTCORE
    CartmanNIGHTCORE 5 days ago

    Why aren't you wearing gloves? It's pretty risky

  • Makenna Bargas
    Makenna Bargas 5 days ago

    It looks like a bomb shelter

  • Mehmet Kadir Akin
    Mehmet Kadir Akin 5 days ago

    I will go inside there

  • Mate Varszegi
    Mate Varszegi 5 days ago

    Can u grow weed down there?

  • nohabs15
    nohabs15 5 days ago +1

    The previous owner must have been dying for someone to ask him "got a spare gas mask ?"

  • Somewon Yuno
    Somewon Yuno 5 days ago

    For an abandoned underground shelter/bunker, it is impressively dry. No mold, mildew or rot. The fact that even the paint isn't at least peeling speaks volumes as to it's construction. The engineers & builders did a good job.
    Also, was it just me or did anyone else feel like he should be shooting aliens or zombies?

  • Tom Hugheston
    Tom Hugheston 5 days ago

    Listen at 2:01 😬😬

  • flannel's random vidz

    how do u have enough balls to go in there!!!???

  • Robert Gift
    Robert Gift 6 days ago

    Pleasexplain.    How fun!    I would be concerned about air with depleted O2.  One could enter and then die from asphyxiation.

  • Poojan Patel
    Poojan Patel 6 days ago

    Possibly a Cold War bunker.

  • Project.4349
    Project.4349 6 days ago

    You know where I'll be in a nuclear war

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 6 days ago

    why are there always those gas masks

  • Vietnam_war_kid 1965

    These aren't new... they look soviet era to me judging by the mop-5 gas masks and the filter you picked up 2:58 those have asbestos in them and are Soviet Union era possibly from the mid or late 1970s-80s

  • H20 Nomaly
    H20 Nomaly 6 days ago

    so cool

  • Rlmason 10
    Rlmason 10 6 days ago

    <3 need subs

  • Sanghi Dembomes
    Sanghi Dembomes 6 days ago

    Where was this? Over in Europe or somewhere else's?

  • James Laron
    James Laron 6 days ago

    I would take all the stuff thats hidden there hahahhaha

  • Keira Strathdee
    Keira Strathdee 6 days ago +1

    Imagine when he goes back and the safe door he came in from was shut!!!

  • Ryad Arlan
    Ryad Arlan 6 days ago +1

    You think that was medicine? Wow.

  • Tripadip -Games
    Tripadip -Games 7 days ago

    Just get one stuff and open it I want to see what's inside

  • officerjimleahy
    officerjimleahy 7 days ago

    all those cans, plastic bottles, chip bags etc. on the floor at the very beginning of the video/entrance would make to nervous to go in there. the fact that someone put those there so they could hear you coming tells me there probably some heroine head or squatter group living there or something.

  • windycitycrew21
    windycitycrew21 7 days ago

    Watch there be a hidden antidote to cure cancer

  • Colby Johanson
    Colby Johanson 7 days ago

    What in the discovery channel did I stumble into. Is this a new "reality" TV show? Shits so fake.

  • Fraser Hendry
    Fraser Hendry 7 days ago

    Why do you not take any thing

    REDIE 7 days ago

    This is a voult.

  • CantThinkOfACoolName ForYoutube

    This is creepy. Super cool but really creepy lol. And what is that noise? Almost sounds like you're in the bowels of a ship.

  • Xboxgamer302548
    Xboxgamer302548 8 days ago

    Dude if that state or country is gonna get nuked you know where he has to go

  • pinsxneedles
    pinsxneedles 8 days ago

    i did shit like this with my brother and his friends when i was younger, almost got shot and trampled by a horse in the same day. good times.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 8 days ago

    Do you ever take any of the shit you find down there, there's nothing like this in the states...

  • cryptic
    cryptic 8 days ago

    did u find any guuuns

  • Fliq
    Fliq 8 days ago

    :o how do u have the balls to do these kinds of videos, dude i would shit myself if i went down there

  • Abraham Sayre
    Abraham Sayre 8 days ago

    Dude i would take all of it

  • cryptic
    cryptic 8 days ago

    vault 039

  • Pat Bags
    Pat Bags 8 days ago

    If i had to guess, i'd say this is probably a nuclear bunker from the cold war

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 8 days ago

    Watch out for raiders dude 😂😂😂

  • Royal Underpants
    Royal Underpants 8 days ago

    Can you put the location of this house ?

  • Epic_Sans96
    Epic_Sans96 8 days ago

    How are you finding this???

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
    Rodrigo Gutierrez 8 days ago

    Bruh i would have been checking ever crate for weapons and vest and all kinds of cool shit 😂

  • Benjamin Kronborg
    Benjamin Kronborg 8 days ago

    What was this for real ?

  • Chrissie Nedved
    Chrissie Nedved 9 days ago

    I wish you would have zoomed in on the smaller items. I couldn't see what anything was.

  • HAWK coolkids423
    HAWK coolkids423 9 days ago

    Wow you can totally make that bunker cleaner so that you can survive for like a nuke attack, I'll do fast because Kim Jon in is threatening the US for nuke and it say it will it half of the states to the left

  • Martin Vasilеvski
    Martin Vasilеvski 9 days ago

    where is this bunker and cant you take those beauties and give them away

  • gala giom
    gala giom 9 days ago

    its agreat vedio by the way

  • gala giom
    gala giom 9 days ago

    you need to be carefull touching things you dont know without at least glooves please be carefull

  • Lukas Vasiliauskas
    Lukas Vasiliauskas 9 days ago

    Omg i would be so claustrophobic there

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