Crazy Cute Baby Lamb Playing And Jumping- Have a Lot Of Fun

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  • Marry have a little Lamb . Little Lamb. baby lamb. Make the children laugh and play.

    Yes. They are two months old .

    If i were you : I will play it again and again. Make a friend with baby lamb and then have lots of fun. I wish baby lamb bring you happiness ,. felling blissful.

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    Welcome To The Third Eye- Where Will Take You To Real Animal Wildlife .

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  • Baby Lamb  Crazy Cute Baby Lamb Playing  Crazy Cute Baby Lamb Playing And Jumping  

Comments: 135

  • The Universe
    The Universe 8 days ago

    Save the animals my children :)

  • The Revelation Deception

    Those who will enter the kingdom of God are likened to fatted lambs!

  • Celeste Giggles
    Celeste Giggles 10 days ago

    Sooo cute!!! 🐑😍😍😍

  • zachanikwano
    zachanikwano 27 days ago

    Hostile Vegetarians/Vegans: *Act very rude*
    Hostile Vegetarians/Vegans: *Insult people for eating meat*
    Hostile Vegetarians/Vegans: *Wonder why people hate them and don't take up their ideals*

  • John Hill
    John Hill 29 days ago

    If you can hit a baby lamb on the fly, then your basic burglar, looter, or Islamic terrorist is an easy target.

  • Everycupcakeneedssprinkels !!!!

    I'm getting a new lamb!!!!! It's a ram named Henry and it's black it's so cute!!!!!!

  • ThatGuyFrank
    ThatGuyFrank Month ago

    I'm not vegan and I don't like to know that we eat them but soon you have to realise you need real protein in your body to keep you up with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Josh Stuchbery
    Josh Stuchbery Month ago

    Mmm now that looks tasty

  • I live to comment on everything

    turn off this music

  • G0ldwaves
    G0ldwaves Month ago

    I would never ever eat them! crazy sick people.

  • BlurrZapper 777
    BlurrZapper 777 Month ago

    Yeah Lambs are cute but can one of them Play guitar?

  • SL00M11211
    SL00M11211 2 months ago

    the more yuonger they are the more delicious they get.

  • 1901Ghost
    1901Ghost 2 months ago

    This is where these beauties and many other innocent beings belong. Reason why I stopped eating meat and never will do again. I love you <3

  • Peeled Banana
    Peeled Banana 2 months ago

    Well... Who wants a lamby, lamby, lamby, I do! I do! So go up, greet your mammy, mammy, mammy, Hi there! Hi there! So march, march, march, around the daisies! Don't, don't, don't forget about the baby!

  • BlueSheep
    BlueSheep 3 months ago

    don't kill my children please I beg you

  • BlueSheep
    BlueSheep 3 months ago

    those are my sons

  • Gayathri Krishnan.
    Gayathri Krishnan. 4 months ago +2

    YEAH kiss them... don't eat them.. 😊

  • DJ`s vlog channel
    DJ`s vlog channel 5 months ago


  • The Logical Vegan
    The Logical Vegan 5 months ago

    The only difference is our perception. Reject violence towards animals, live vegan.

  • Jokan Xu
    Jokan Xu 5 months ago

    being cute don't mean they are made of anything else other than protein, fat and bones that are for eating no matter how hard you try to say otherwise ;)

  • Alberta SHTF
    Alberta SHTF 6 months ago

    mint sauce

  • Bailey Waterman
    Bailey Waterman 6 months ago +2


  • Bo Tunno
    Bo Tunno 6 months ago

    @JimNorton brought me here. He likes trannys

  • Makoto Urahama
    Makoto Urahama 6 months ago

    They look so delicious , i would have a bite from them :3

    • Ivan Garcia
      Ivan Garcia Month ago

      Oweii Ellepi I will eat

    • Makoto Urahama
      Makoto Urahama 6 months ago

      They taste amazing by the way , you should try it!
      It's even better than dog meat!

    • Oweii Ellepi
      Oweii Ellepi 6 months ago

      Makoto Urahama your a monster you freak

  • Jaxplayz
    Jaxplayz 7 months ago

    can you sub to my channel its jaxplayz

  • Jaxplayz
    Jaxplayz 7 months ago


  • Jaime Solano
    Jaime Solano 7 months ago

    I enjoy every minute of ur video thank u it reminds of Oaxaca Mexico

  • Young Lamb
    Young Lamb 7 months ago

    My adorable lamb was hungry. The sheep was not there and our dog gave him some milk. This is super cute

  • irishbreakfast
    irishbreakfast 7 months ago

    its new years and were having leg of lamb tonight. its a very small leg, and I was wondering how old this poor thing mustve been to have a portion that small.    and these fit the size.  2 months?   what a horrible thing for anyone to do to such a young animal.  theres just no reason for that. wifey is now disturbed slightly, as she prepares it.  I'm ordered to never buy one that small again. or get beaten with it! lol!!!    why is it that we never see 'leg of sheep'???  why always a cute little lamb?? why only target the babies? that seems a bit sick.     an animal should have the chance to procreate before being slaughtered. at least give it that much out of its life.       yes we all need money, yes we all need to  eat.  but not badly enough to harm such a young animal.  (in my opinion anyway. the farmer may think differently of it.)      so, how come we cant buy 'leg of sheep' instead of 'leg of lamb'?    I wonder.

  • Muhammad Salman Khan
    Muhammad Salman Khan 7 months ago

    love it man. thanks for uploading

  • Kristina Smith
    Kristina Smith 8 months ago +2

    I cried... I don't know why😭😭😭😭😭 Added to liked videos

  • Jenna Sims
    Jenna Sims 8 months ago

    and also 1 lamb tried to mate

  • Jenna Sims
    Jenna Sims 8 months ago +1

    cute but there was only one mum where was its mums

  • EzioIlMentore
    EzioIlMentore 9 months ago +1

    This makes me hungry :)

  • Brandt McCall
    Brandt McCall 9 months ago +6

    Beautiful little beings, another special reason I am vegan. I have seen the videos of the precious little babies taken from the moms at birth, to be raised for food my heart guides me so strongly to be only kind to all beings all people's hearts do if one listens. Blessings to all.

    • Wolf
      Wolf 4 days ago

      ''I'm vegan'', like that makes any difference. Why do you feel the need to announce to the whole world that you're vegan likes it's some big achievement. No, we shouldn't kill babies, nor should we kill for 'trophies'. But living on vegetables and fruit is not the answer either. It's natures law to kill in order to survive.

  • Christina x
    Christina x 10 months ago +23

    This is how all animals should be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Be vegan!!!!!

    • Nerdly Neighbor
      Nerdly Neighbor 24 days ago

      *+Christina x* No, I can't. i'm like 66.6% carnivore. Plus, it taste too great!

    • lucgh2007
      lucgh2007 Month ago

      Shut the fuck up Christina

    • Gamerpro xzz
      Gamerpro xzz 2 months ago

      dat Blindeye THANK YOU

    • dat Blindeye
      dat Blindeye 4 months ago

      Christina x eating animals is not wrong. However, farming animals in masses, imprisoning them in small spaces and having them live only to be eaten is pretty bad and should stop

    • Masteres English
      Masteres English 9 months ago

      Going vegan wont change anything. People would still slaughter animals. Its cruel. Humans are cruel.

  • r46 L train
    r46 L train 10 months ago

    300 likes I gave you the 300th like your welcome

  • Schwartz Channel Entertainment

    What breed are these lambs?

  • Òmnimbus Führero
    Òmnimbus Führero 10 months ago +1


  • Mirek Heikkila
    Mirek Heikkila 11 months ago


  • Lamb2006P203
    Lamb2006P203 11 months ago


  • Young Lee
    Young Lee Year ago +15

    you are one sadistic person to add this song to the video.

  • Jorge Enrique Pérez Cordano

    Omg they are so cute 😻

  • Aidan Lappin
    Aidan Lappin Year ago

    - Jason da lamb

  • YANG Edwin
    YANG Edwin  Year ago

    My New Superb Video Link :

  • amr salah
    amr salah Year ago +13

    It is completely unethical that we slaughter those children for our food . When will the entire world realize that we are committing a crime every time we slaughter an animal .

    • Wolf
      Wolf 4 days ago

      I agree that we shouldn't slaughter any being in the masses that we do. But we cannot disobey natures law. We kill to eat, like all other animals.

    • John Hill
      John Hill 29 days ago

      I have a very tasty mint jelly recipe that perfectly complements whole roasted baby lamb- its sublime.
      BTW keep your "ethics" off my dinner.

    • Six-String Steve
      Six-String Steve 9 months ago

      We live in hope. Sadly we probably won't see the necessary leap in Human Consciousness in our lifetimes. And even more sad, films such as 'Cowspiracy' give us the chilling message that because of the meat industry, our world will suffer in many horrible ways around 2050. If you've not seen it, have a look, and please share on FB. It all helps.

  • alan jones
    alan jones Year ago +4

    well, it would be a good video to watch, wasnt for that horrible song.

  • Stephen Hübel
    Stephen Hübel Year ago

    Hey, I am an elementary music teacher from Texas, and I was wondering if I could get your permission to use about a 10 second clip from this video to accompany the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" in an upcoming school performance?
    Thank you!

  • babygyal 69
    babygyal 69 Year ago +2

    how can people eat lambs? or any other animals? i don't get it

    • Nerdly Neighbor
      Nerdly Neighbor 24 days ago

      *+Milan9Zlatan* Sure, you can start off by eating my cock. Hope you choke :D
      You did say you were cannibalistic.

    • Milan9Zlatan
      Milan9Zlatan Year ago

      +babygyal 69 That's very true.

    • babygyal 69
      babygyal 69 Year ago

      +Milan9Zlatan lol i hate when people argue back saying "plants have feelings too" like give me a break. where is the logic in that statement? smh at how sad it is that this is the society we live in today- where people only care about their tastebuds and nothing else 

    • Milan9Zlatan
      Milan9Zlatan Year ago

      +babygyal 69 compassion for other beings aswell as the environment and the self being too, now be careful because i smell an argument coming about tortured plants and vegetables.

  • 777_777
    777_777 Year ago

    It`s a small consolation i know, but people should realize that the Lamb that is bought and eaten is not Lambs when they are babies like this.
    They are fully grown when they are slaughtered, they are just young, but not babies. Just for the record.

    • 777_777
      777_777 Year ago


      Hmm, i`m not sure where you heard that and i would imagine that people killing lambs at 2 days old is most definately the exception and not the norm.
      Animal cruelty goes on (although we are nothing compared to the barbarity of China) but like i said, everyone i know loves the lambs, some they have to bottle feed them at their farm house!  They treat them well and only sell them for slaughter when they are older.

    • jasamkrafen
      jasamkrafen Year ago

      i have to apologize because i have lost the link to that paper i got the info from, i do remember that it was by a sheep specialist at a university.
      I have to mention that I cannot find any law showing protection from lambs under a certain age.
      the article was saying basically that if there is no use for the lamb, just kill it at 2 days old, also that it is just easier to kill lambs without pre-stunning, unlike fully grown sheep, I then watched videos of lambs being slaughtered, and it sickened me to see their innocent faces and the confusion they were going through..
      many many lambs die these days because in places like the UK, sheep have been made to give birth to lambs when there is still snow and cold temperatures.
      so many problems i see with the industry, and the lack of respect for life.  the domination of entire sub-species of animals through domestication.

    • 777_777
      777_777 Year ago

       No they aren`t.
      I have farmer friends that have Sheep and are currently in Lambing season.
      I don`t know where you get your info from or what country you`re referring to, but here in the UK, that is not the case.
      And for the record i  never buy Lamb.


    • jasamkrafen
      jasamkrafen Year ago

      +Come2theLight lambs are slaughtered from day 2 on. likely most are slaughtered past one month old.

      if any of you have any qualms, or any guilt or remorse for eating baby sheep, realize this is natural, this is called conscience.

      if you feel bad about eating lamb, DO NOT DO IT

      that will make you feel good. and its an easy choice to make, your bodies don't require meat.


  • Maria Ökner
    Maria Ökner Year ago

    I love lamb now on gotland

  • Ilerioluwakinshi Ladipo-Daniel

    cute animals.

  • santino miceli
    santino miceli Year ago

    Yummy yum yum, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding they r too cute

  • Dont Know
    Dont Know Year ago

    I help out on the farm I love lambing time no matter how early I have to wake up I'm still happy to see them we have bottle feed lambs and we call to them and they follow us from field to field :-)

  • Terrence Head
    Terrence Head Year ago

    God calls his children( humans) his sheep.

    • Terrence Head
      Terrence Head Year ago

      +jasamkrafen amen!!!

    • jasamkrafen
      jasamkrafen Year ago

      +Terrence Head that's because "god" demands obedience and no individual responsibility or independent actions. he demands you join his herd.

  • Olivia VS Aus
    Olivia VS Aus Year ago +4

    We got sheep on last Sunday, we weren't told that three are pregnant, we will not kill our sheep, especially seeing as we hand raised a lamb as her mum died they are just tooooooo cute

  • Daniel Dillon
    Daniel Dillon Year ago


  • AG
    AG Year ago +36

    Wonderful creatures. Let's never forget that animals like these get ruthlessly slaughtered by degenerate scum. Go vegan and fight for animal rights!

  • Jasmine Afshar
    Jasmine Afshar Year ago +53

    if they are cute please don't eat them then

  • Shark Girl
    Shark Girl Year ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE I LOVE LAMBS

  • Pluto Sanshez
    Pluto Sanshez 2 years ago +1

    I love sheep

  • Erin Werner-Salazar
    Erin Werner-Salazar 2 years ago

    This is such a lovely video

  • supremebg
    supremebg 2 years ago

    ох много са сладки :****

  • Sonja Zimmermann
    Sonja Zimmermann 2 years ago +1


  • Rokoko
    Rokoko 3 years ago

    sooo cute! wish  i was there

  • KlassA
    KlassA 4 years ago

    aww soo delightful :))

  • ButterflySpirit
    ButterflySpirit 4 years ago +1

    Its a beautiful sight to see these young lambs leaping about.

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