Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World ft. Kanye West, John Legend

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    Director : Andrew Hines
    Production Company : FREENJOY, INC
    Producer : Nathan Scherrer
    Director of Photography : Jeff Powers
    Production Design : Alec Contestabile
    Editor : Dave Hung & Tyler Ross

    Music video by Big Sean performing One Man Can Change The World. (C) 2015 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Runtime: 4:15
  • Big  Sean  One  Man  Can  Change  The  World  Getting  Out  Our  Dreams  Inc.  (G.O.O.D.)  Music  IDJ  Hip  Hop  

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  • Maya Horn
    Maya Horn Hour ago

    Yes truth one Man in Very negative Ewy as well .

  • SaH Celerium
    SaH Celerium 14 hours ago

    Great Grandma Ruth this football season is for Ruth I promise I will do good I know you'll be watching!

  • Pharoah Young
    Pharoah Young 20 hours ago

    Big Sean got me crying

  • Jessica Aleixo
    Jessica Aleixo Day ago

    This song is so amazing! ❤

  • Anthony Walthers

    BL Nicole, are u stating men change things on their own no help from?????

  • NDB49
    NDB49 Day ago

    I first listened to this song back in 2015 and it's what made me start listening to rap. It helped me realize that not all rap has to be bad. Now I listen to all different rap songs but this one will always be top 3.

  • Jay Black
    Jay Black Day ago

    "And if you love yourself just know you'll never be alone"

    This song helped motivate me when my girl ended things with me

  • KHM 1
    KHM 1 Day ago

    Best song ever 💜

  • Slimy Streeter
    Slimy Streeter Day ago

    most underrated song of all time

  • JacksonNathaniel
    JacksonNathaniel 2 days ago

    This song should be in the "billion Club"

  • Montibest
    Montibest 2 days ago

    This has to be the most positive comment section of all time tbh.

  • Lazire King
    Lazire King 2 days ago

    This Made me cry

  • Chelsea Chachere
    Chelsea Chachere 3 days ago

    I think about this when I see someone who is homeless

  • Desha Martin
    Desha Martin 3 days ago

    One man

  • Mono Aye
    Mono Aye 3 days ago

    Is this my autobiography?

  • Luis Corzo
    Luis Corzo 3 days ago

    Love this song

  • Aaron Ortega
    Aaron Ortega 3 days ago

    And this is sad😢

  • Aaron Ortega
    Aaron Ortega 3 days ago +1

    Guys can I get 10,00 likes for me pls it's hard for me because my grandma died on March 10 pls show me suport 😫

  • Marissa Rodriguez
    Marissa Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Bring back so many memories

  • Paul Parrado
    Paul Parrado 3 days ago


  • Paul Parrado
    Paul Parrado 3 days ago

    I cried

  • rich brown
    rich brown 3 days ago

    I get so emotional when I hear this song, makes me think of my grandmother, I love her so much

  • Huiru Zhang
    Huiru Zhang 4 days ago

    i haven't cried this much since my grandpa died of a stroke. he couldn't talk or do anything and i had promised to meet him before he died and the worst thing is i never did

  • tamir gerskovich
    tamir gerskovich 4 days ago

    Big seans best song up to date.

  • Playstation Addict
    Playstation Addict 4 days ago +1


  • GsTuTo19 Vlogs
    GsTuTo19 Vlogs 5 days ago +1

    I almost cried 😪

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 5 days ago

    RIP grandad RIP#2017. You fought in the American civil war against the north and you will always be remembered as my hero.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 5 days ago

    The most beautiful song , get up off you ass and go do something.

  • Grinn
    Grinn 5 days ago

    still spectacular.

  • Malcolm X nigga
    Malcolm X nigga 6 days ago


  • Phelo Arthur
    Phelo Arthur 6 days ago

    This song got me through some problems in high school, and I still play it here in varsity. Big Sean is underrated, and I put him in the same league as J.Cole and above most rappers. From a South African fan.

  • Kelcie Rocks
    Kelcie Rocks 6 days ago

    Still my motivation song

  • lionel goodman
    lionel goodman 6 days ago

    Poor kid

  • Mass Override
    Mass Override 7 days ago

    I like this so very much please dont bag on it

  • Nadia Rosiana
    Nadia Rosiana 8 days ago

    watch this after saw him at sunny side up at Bali, Indonesia. just amazing.

  • Grace Miller
    Grace Miller 8 days ago

    I know its a pretty big unrealistic dream but the thing i want to achive in life is to change the world in some way, in a big way. You know, like how great people got rid of racism or slavery, but i dont know what specifically it should be. Theres poverty, wars, unfair government, the list could go on but i have no idea what is the most important thing to change.

  • Kenneth Stacks
    Kenneth Stacks 8 days ago +1

    Bro This Deserves More Lol

  • Mike Hiler
    Mike Hiler 8 days ago

    After I heard No Favors i started getting interested in Big Sean

  • Christian Blackmom
    Christian Blackmom 8 days ago

    IM READY...

  • minifrozen dessert
    minifrozen dessert 9 days ago

    This song is so gooooooooooood

  • Keith Oppelt
    Keith Oppelt 9 days ago

    Love this song

  • Savage Ass
    Savage Ass 9 days ago

    How deep this message is i think this song will always be played it ont die

  • Adrianna Bordeaux
    Adrianna Bordeaux 9 days ago

    I sing this song to my son each night, my only hope is that he remembers this song and believes in it.

  • Sharon Crain
    Sharon Crain 10 days ago

    One man can change the world

  • Davar Lightner
    Davar Lightner 10 days ago +1

    My cousin was the little boy riding the bike in that music video

  • hey ho
    hey ho 10 days ago

    forgot how much i loved this song

  • Velma Anderson
    Velma Anderson 10 days ago

    This make me cry

  • Danny McQuade
    Danny McQuade 10 days ago +1

    Rip big sean's mom 🙏

  • James Kamal
    James Kamal 11 days ago

    This the shit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Amelia Plasencio
    Amelia Plasencio 11 days ago

    I love this song

  • Jp Ph
    Jp Ph 11 days ago

    Thank you #therealarkatraz

  • Kaliah Yizar
    Kaliah Yizar 12 days ago

    I remember one time in fourth grade I was listening to this song during free time and I broke out crying and everybody thought I was crazy or something but this stuff is deep.

  • Kyran Siddique
    Kyran Siddique 12 days ago

    I don't usually listen to rap, but the message that is being expressed in this song is just man CAN change the world!

  • Jarrin Wilson
    Jarrin Wilson 12 days ago

    yeah donald trump did but he didnt do it good

  • Diana Luca
    Diana Luca 12 days ago

    God! This song hurts and heals at the same time!

  • Nathaniel Maggard
    Nathaniel Maggard 12 days ago

    They use to tell me...

  • MK SnEaKeRz
    MK SnEaKeRz 12 days ago +1

    Goosebumps type shit

  • Austin Rudd
    Austin Rudd 12 days ago


  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 13 days ago

    This song makes me think bout life and to live life to the fullest

  • Malika Shuntrea
    Malika Shuntrea 13 days ago

    This song still put a big impact on me 💜 💯

  • Wolfgirlinfinity
    Wolfgirlinfinity 14 days ago

    the ending with the grandma kills me every time 😢

  • Jeanette Gordon
    Jeanette Gordon 14 days ago


  • Robert Gearhart
    Robert Gearhart 14 days ago

    The erie "ehhhhya, ehhhhya, ehhhhya, ehhhhya, uhhhhya" at 1:13-1:16 is the old Kanye coming through. Ye was like who needs a violin, bring in the vocals and make it echo like an angel singin.

  • Chris Sanderfer
    Chris Sanderfer 14 days ago

    Such a good song

  • Jerry Ice
    Jerry Ice 14 days ago

    I hope you got an award for this

  • J.R Fresh prince
    J.R Fresh prince 15 days ago

    Go subscribe to my channel I be posting soon

  • J.R Fresh prince
    J.R Fresh prince 15 days ago

    This songs blessed

  • IdIaImIeIoInI
    IdIaImIeIoInI 16 days ago +1

    I miss you great gramma Gibbs, love you!!

  • Brandon Tickle
    Brandon Tickle 16 days ago

    My high school graduation song. Class of 2016!

  • InFuZe Prime
    InFuZe Prime 16 days ago +1

    i remember listening to this song right after my grandmas funeral 😔

    LIL DIABLO 16 days ago

    Subscribe to my page

  • lionel goodman
    lionel goodman 16 days ago

    My dad will change the world

  • matt piet
    matt piet 16 days ago

    only song thst makes me cry..

  • Natalia Aliki
    Natalia Aliki 17 days ago

    Where is this Big Sean ☹️👌🏽?

  • chris the golden young

    Rip granny love you from chris

  • Dendy Devrichi
    Dendy Devrichi 17 days ago

    one purpose too, woo

  • ali hassan
    ali hassan 17 days ago

    2017 who is here

  • Bruno Jorge
    Bruno Jorge 17 days ago

    Big big Sean!

  • The girly Girls
    The girly Girls 17 days ago +1

    Such a amazing song I hope everyone gets it Cause if you just listen to it it's VERY touching😭❤️

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia 17 days ago

    I lost my uncle Gilbert 2 month ago I really miss him even tho me and him didn't hang out as much only at party's but when we have party's it don't feel the same with out him there RIP UNCLE GILBERT AKA CRAZY GILL

  • Inhumanpuddle70
    Inhumanpuddle70 17 days ago

    Arangitang titties

  • Kingslaya9000
    Kingslaya9000 18 days ago +2

    Your the best for making this song it made me feel special and I never felt that in a long time😊🙏

  • ernest rached
    ernest rached 18 days ago

    This song Changed my world

  • Hayden Lewis
    Hayden Lewis 18 days ago +1

    "You not the only one I know, who got rich wearing masks"

  • Lance Morrison
    Lance Morrison 19 days ago

    Just remember one thing

  • Griffey, Pen
    Griffey, Pen 20 days ago +1

    Know I'm late as heck.... but R.I.P

  • visar YMCMB
    visar YMCMB 21 day ago +3

    this , this deserve 1Billion views this is masterpiece :(

  • Marcel Curtis
    Marcel Curtis 21 day ago +1


  • Angela Valentinã
    Angela Valentinã 21 day ago +1

    first time I've listen this and omfg it's a masterpiece

  • Jacob GoFlex
    Jacob GoFlex 21 day ago +1

    This song is too underrated.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 22 days ago


  • QuantumSlayz
    QuantumSlayz 22 days ago +1

    BEST SONG!!!!

  • BenFranklin Andthecrystlemethallstars

    Am i the only one that thiught biut life and realized alot cuz of dis song

  • BenFranklin Andthecrystlemethallstars

    Not gonna lie i almost cried

  • Brent Botes
    Brent Botes 24 days ago

    This is the one and only song getting me through all my exams and stress at the moment

  • Garald Eazy
    Garald Eazy 24 days ago

    this song will be listed to 4 all time

  • Jay Matic
    Jay Matic 25 days ago


  • Yani Nelson
    Yani Nelson 25 days ago

    I did

  • Eliza Valentine
    Eliza Valentine 25 days ago

    big Sean lost his.. mom when he was little and I hope all off u guys who watches this and at least payation to what he is saying cuz only ( one man can change the world ) be thank full ( Big sean took a big step )

  • Eric Hoyer
    Eric Hoyer 25 days ago

    this song wow

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