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  • Zomb Leader Studios
    Zomb Leader Studios 9 days ago

    My ranking is
    1. Aliens
    2. Alien
    3. Alien Covenant
    4. Prometheus
    5. Avp
    6. Alien 3
    7. AvpR
    8. Alien Resurrection

  • Strength & Honor
    Strength & Honor 24 days ago

    This film was so bad it made Prometheus look like the Godfather!

  • Rocksteddybelmont
    Rocksteddybelmont 2 months ago

    this movie sucked

  • londonsmoker
    londonsmoker 2 months ago

    hopeless film is a shallow and cheap remake of alien, bilge poop nothing more.

  • Wicked 420
    Wicked 420 2 months ago


  • Space Tyrell
    Space Tyrell 2 months ago

    Were you guys on drugs?This movie was garbage! everything felt like cheap ripoffs. the characters were extremely dimwitted. there was so much alien cgi that there was no suspense. the action sequences were like watching transformers. there were two bathroom scenes.... both so cheap and ridiculous. to sum up:

    no mystery, no suspense, we see too much of the aliens on screen. characters were idiotic. ****spoiler***** the aliens were created by an android that fingers himself....making the aliens no longer scary and destroying the mystery of the original alien.... the very thing that made them scary.

  • RaveAndERin
    RaveAndERin 2 months ago

    I hated this movie but I like Prometheus and Alien

  • Buge Halls
    Buge Halls 2 months ago

    Alien Covenant SUCKED! Most of the people in the movie were complete idiots, especially the men. The only competent men were those effeminate androids. Feminist propaganda to the max. The first three original Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver made perfect sense. In the first one she was a "regular women" dealing with an extraordinary situation. She freakin' ran and hid most of the movie until she figured out a way to blow the creature out into space. The second movie, she was still scared but more experienced and confident. The third one, she grew into a complete badass. These new movies make women badasses right out the gate and make men ineffective, wishy-washy idiots. PURE NONSENSE! Two thumbs way down!

  • adam99x2004
    adam99x2004 2 months ago

    One of the few reviews that I had to dislike. Sorry boys, this movie was just awful. Prometheus was hands down a much better movie than this...flaws and all. This was like watching a 'filler' movie with some scenes that make you go, "OH COOL"...than back to filler scenes. You don't get any attachment to the characters, no back story on most...and when you do, it's only for Walter/David. that's it. Nice seeing cameos from Pierce...but other than that, what was the point of this movie? Angry Joe was spot on for this review.

  • joneshugh
    joneshugh 2 months ago

    Maybe it should become a NF/TV series.

  • Parallax Peak
    Parallax Peak 2 months ago

    This movie sucked dick

  • James Morrow
    James Morrow 2 months ago


  • homecmng1
    homecmng1 2 months ago

    Yeah i dont understand all the hate gor Prometheus. I really liked it

  • l c
    l c 2 months ago

    why does Walter take that human embryo out of the freezer at the beginning of the movie?
    why does David kill the beings that lived on that planet?
    who are the beings that lived on that planet? Engineers or other beings created by the Engineers?
    Why does David want to kill them? we never get a clear motivation for it.
    Why does the ship end up crashed on the side of a mountain?
    why doesn't the crew know that Walter has the capacity to heal himself and doesn't notice the fact that David can't?
    where do the spores come from? if the spores existed before David arrived, there wouldn't be any life on the planet in the first place.
    prometheus knew what it was. Alien:covenant poorly blends the tones of Prometheus and Alien. I really liked Prometheus because I knew from the beginning that it was not an Alien movie. Alien:Covenant is bland and it really takes a while to start rolling. third act is really bad. you know what's going to happen through the trailers. CGI was also surprisingly bad.

    Ridley Scott took a dump on Prometheus and Alien fans at the same time with this movie

  • Luci Wolff
    Luci Wolff 3 months ago

    Dude, awesome shirt!! No not the Deadpool one. The other one ;-)

  • Lili Bonita
    Lili Bonita 3 months ago

    Prometheus, I think was way better than this alien movie. I wish Ridley Scott would've stuck with his gut and finished the story he originally intended. Maybe alien fans would be disappointed because they wanna see guts and gore, but, he would've found a new fan base who appreciate a more philosophical story.

  • George Bean
    George Bean 3 months ago

    Can't we all just agree that _AvP: Requiem_ was the worst out of the bunch?

  • Michael Compton
    Michael Compton 3 months ago

    That wasn't a xenomorph, it was a protomorph which are similar but different.

  • HysteriX XD
    HysteriX XD 3 months ago

    I'm definitely in the minority hen I say that I LOVED this movie

  • Demonamic777
    Demonamic777 3 months ago

    The film wasn't entirely CGI, there was practical costumes and very well done.

  • sicilianotoronto
    sicilianotoronto 3 months ago

    It was good but not amazing. However, it was already better than Prometheus in the first 5 min! Lol

  • KidBehindACamera a
    KidBehindACamera a 3 months ago +2

    Alien covenant was better than alien ressuraction And alien 3

  • Roger Shew
    Roger Shew 3 months ago

    so bad this movie, hated it all the way.

  • De Selby
    De Selby 3 months ago +1

    Wow, finally a reviewer that says it was a good movie. I was beginning to think the reviewers watched a different movie because I thought it was great.

  • Radu Blanc
    Radu Blanc 3 months ago

    this movie sucks i think alien ressurecttion was better then this

  • MsDboyy
    MsDboyy 3 months ago

    I'm so glad I was not in a movie theater where a bunch of people started clapping during the movie ......

  • Chris Murillo
    Chris Murillo 3 months ago

    Prometheus was way better, covenant sucked

  • David Miller
    David Miller 3 months ago

    I saw a commercial that pretty much boasted alien covenant and all the reviewers users and critics all day different haha it's halarious!

  • Teets
    Teets 3 months ago

    Everytime you said Promitheus, I cringed LoL But yea, Covenant was Damn Solid! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure about some things in regards to tying into the Alien Alien franchise story as a whole in regards to the creation of the face huggers tho... unless the next movie explores that and ties it all in.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 3 months ago

    One big question is when does the alien queen come into play

  • Last Torgo In Paris
    Last Torgo In Paris 3 months ago

    I liked this but man I really wanted the Hicks/ Newt film. No, Blomkamp doesn't concern me i actually really liked both Chappie and Elysium a lot

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 3 months ago

    They should just wipe alien 3 and 4 from history and make the film we all want to see.
    Ripley and newt come back to earth with an Egg and the whole world gets nearly wiped out by the aliens and it sets up the most epic war scifi film ever made!

  • Wenda Moten
    Wenda Moten 3 months ago

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  • Lenya Galvin
    Lenya Galvin 3 months ago +2

    BOX OFFICE!!!! Watch Alien: Covenant Full Movie

  • Christopher Stevenson
    Christopher Stevenson 3 months ago

    go read the classics

  • sourabh karmakar
    sourabh karmakar 3 months ago

    Alien Resurrection with the newborn and underwater was so good and prometheus was a fantastic film . I never understand the problems with these peoples . Why they always have to criticise when there's nothing to criticise. Just hicks ripley and newt for alien 5 is a bad idea. Franchise needs to evolve . Cameron's film was a one time thing. And Alien 3 made it perfect having killed newt and hicks . Actually the real fans of the franchise loved Alien 3 and Resurrection and also Prometheus . The people who doesn't like this stuff are not true fans and they truly doesn't never get the alien franchise . They just know shoot'em up alien and most of them just watched the alien and aliens . Cause Alien 3 was boring for them so they didn't watch it. The sad silent atmosphere in ripley' s life is well created in 3 and also a mother child thing in Alien Resurrection . These people just don't have the patience to watch those. They just watch one horror and one action , alien and aliens respectively.

  • Hervaldeezi Mascarponi
    Hervaldeezi Mascarponi 3 months ago +1

    Three days after seeing the movie and I'm like ,"you know I gave that a 8/10,why?" It does not deserve 8,it was "ok" a standard,average,space sci fi shock horror, slasher where people go off on their own and you say to yourself,RIP mate,your dead in 2 minutes", and absolutely no frights or surprises because the 25 trailers revealed all the good parts,man, I am never watching trailers of a movie I want to see again,it ruined the experience.It's VERY average,I will give it 5/10 and +1 for Daniels perky nipples in that tank top near the end, so 6/10.

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook 3 months ago

    #TheReelRejects how many Xenomorphs and Neomorphs are their in Alien Covenant ?

  • Chris Gullotto
    Chris Gullotto 3 months ago


  • Mike Wang
    Mike Wang 3 months ago

    Oram: David, are we eating extraterrestrial omelet tonight? So many weird-looking eggs here.
    David: Of course, Oram. Huh ... could you please place your face 20 cm above that egg?
    Oram: Like this?
    David: Yes, thank you ... Are you in any way related to Homer Simpson?

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 3 months ago

    React to Game Of Thrones Vs. Lord Of The Rings by RackaRacka.

  • IDyce88
    IDyce88 3 months ago

    synthetics are not androids, they are artificial humans...sure they are somewhat machines in some ways but they have actual blood and organs (which is white) they are highly superior to androids, robots or cyborgs.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago +2

    Damned if you don't (prometheus) Damned if you Do (ALIEN Covenant) Can't please all the people all the time.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago

    You know why you believe they are on a ship ? Because of the Set designs. Not the actors. They believe they are in a ship because they practically are in a ship.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago

    it was NOT all CGI most of it was practical

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago

    Iliked the practical Neo morph when it walked out into the open and squatted that was a very skinny man in a suit but it looked awesome and the bit later when it had its tail wrapped round thje leg of its victim and looked overits shoulder. Just awesome.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago

    Kriten Stewart was one of the best in it.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago +5

    Seeing too many people whining about this movie but not giving any proper explaination to why. This Movie is like Lord of The Rings. Can you tell the whole story from watching the first Movie ??? No. So shut the fuck up and wait it out. This film is as cool as A L I E N and as flashy as Prometheus. But if you a Fanboy of James Cameron and his Homo Erotic bullshit then save yourself the trip to the cinema. Aliens is now NON CANON BLAHAHAHAHAHA well done Ridley. Keep watching your predator movies lads.

    • Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
      Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon Day ago

      There wasn't a single thing you just said that didn't piss the intelligent half of this community off.

    • Xenologist
      Xenologist 3 months ago

      Yeahnot read them as of yet. I will be looking into them though. Never cared for them in all honesty, but it seems I have to to fully understand all the aspects of this universe.

    • sourabh karmakar
      sourabh karmakar 3 months ago

      Xenologist No Alien out of the shadows is also canon , it is the new alien trilogy 2014 novels written in association with fox and two of the novels are dramatised recently on alien day which was April 26 . Audible did that first time an audio drama of the alien franchise also in association with fox. You should listen to it alien out of the shadows audible audio drama not audio book. It tells after ripley adrift in space and convoluted to a planet name lv-178 and she doesn't know but ash was uploaded his own A.I. onto the Narcissus unknowing to Ripley whole time around the nostromo incident. It is canon and is mentioned in the weyland - yutani report. Just listen to the audio drama of out of the shadows and you will be surprised and entertained. And xenopedia mentioned it, but I didn't understand the dog - alien whose derelict was on lv-178 which they are referring not sound like Engineer at all.

    • Xenologist
      Xenologist 3 months ago

      fire away Sourabh

    • Xenologist
      Xenologist 3 months ago

      Yeah I probabl;y wouldn't consider that canon so I can see why it may not get a mention on Xenopedia. Try Muthur on the Fox site.

  • Xenologist
    Xenologist 3 months ago


  • Cytron1515
    Cytron1515 3 months ago

    Fuck the damn engineers. I just wanna see xenomorphs run around and fuck shit up.

  • deano maw
    deano maw 3 months ago

    So it wasn't Great movie then ?

  • Quico Gil
    Quico Gil 3 months ago

    My rank:
    1. Alien
    2. Alien 3 The Assembly Cut
    3. Alien Covenant
    4. Prometheus
    5. Aliens

    Screw the other movies.

  • Schlett Istvan
    Schlett Istvan 3 months ago

    A ”solid movie”? Are you joking?? The first half on hour was dull, nothing notable happens, however the characters are not developing. Like in Prometeus, they act extremely dumb. I literally laughed in some parts. Where was the major twist? David killing Walter was sooo predictable. Where is the answer to the core question: ”Why are we here?”. The only good things about the movie is the CGI and Fassbender. I will rate it with a 6.

  • salil prosad roy
    salil prosad roy 3 months ago

    Most disappointing movie sequel ever made

  • 91lifetime23
    91lifetime23 3 months ago

    Lol stop it with the family adventure fan fiction film of Alien 5 is just stupid just leave the beautifully bleak Alien3 alone its a satisfying end to her story and real Alien fans love it specially the special edition version, id rather stick to Ridley Scotts prequels, all hail Sir Ridley

  • TheCinemafan87
    TheCinemafan87 3 months ago

    i love the movie but no way this movie is better than prometheus
    18/20 covenant
    20/20 prometheus ,alien and aliens

    THE ROAD WARRIOR 3 months ago

    The movie was a pile of shite!

  • AcidLemon84
    AcidLemon84 3 months ago

    Covenant is shit.

  • Ell Jones
    Ell Jones 3 months ago

    fyi they have answered why the engineers created humanity in both prometheus and the graphic novel prometheus fire and stone. The reason being because they could. the reason the engineers tried to destroy humanity was apparently already unveiled by ridley scott and was as follows, the engineers gave humanity jesus, humanity kills jesus, the engineers decide to kill humanity then the black goo gets released and the engineers mission to destroy humanity is halted.
    This makes sense when you take into consideration that when the prometheus crew find the decapitated engineer, they carbon date it to be 2000 years old.

  • Ell Jones
    Ell Jones 3 months ago

    as much as i love aliens i actually prefered covenant.

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 3 months ago

    Definitely a suspenseful movie. The scene with the two androids with the flute had me on the edge of my seat. I knew something fucked up was abut to happen

  • Sam McLatchie
    Sam McLatchie 3 months ago

    This is without a doubt the best Alien film since 1986. Fassbender was magnificent as David and Walter. The action was a little choppy at times which made it hard to follow occasionally. Definitely worth checking out!

  • AlexB4455
    AlexB4455 3 months ago +2

    In fairness I would have preferred to see a PROMETHEUS SEQUEL. I wanted see more engineers that's what I wanted in both films, never really cared too much about Aliens in THESE films. I feel as if Scott keeps missing the mark as a result of a conflicted vision. It is really annoying, I wish he stuck with Prometheus and not Alien. I waited 6 years for this and I left very angry and annoyed. Also because it leaves you with more questions than answers.

  • thefran901
    thefran901 3 months ago

    Hey but I loved Alien 3, specially the Assembly Cut. I don't want Blomkamp's hands on the franchise to retcon Alien 3. I even liked the Assembly Cut more than Aliens.

  • Visual Media one
    Visual Media one 3 months ago

    I really want to watch alien covenant and this review really made me more excited for it thanks

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 3 months ago

    This film was so meh. The best scenes were dumbed down by choppy pace and editing as well as really poor CGI in the mosr effective moments. There were scenes where the CGI was really good but at such bizzare moments. The backburster scene had atrocious CGI that took me out of the movie. Such a generic film that's just simply passable.

  • Joe Lancaster
    Joe Lancaster 3 months ago

    the Aliens origin explained in this movie is utter garbage.

  • Funk Enstein
    Funk Enstein 3 months ago

    Danny McBride's faintly Middle Eastern stunt double.

  • Andreas vB
    Andreas vB 3 months ago

    Definitely think it was an entertaining film and a good Alien movie, which is most of what I wanted. And I was OK with the questions (even if unanswered) put out by Prometheus, but the whole Alien origins thing... Did people really wanna know where the Xenomorph came from? I feel like anytime you try to explain the origins of a monster, or anything that's scary really, you've kind of killed the mystery. And the explanation in this movie was just ridiculous imo. But whatever, it was at least entertaining

  • Adam Freedman
    Adam Freedman 3 months ago

    It seems like the script is the biggest issue. From what I've heard, nothing really interesting happens, the story doesn't go anywhere.

  • Nicolas Cannon
    Nicolas Cannon 3 months ago +1

    Alien 3 directors cut is pretty good actually.

  • live2collect 247
    live2collect 247 3 months ago +2

    Why does Neil Blompkamp get so much cred from fanboys? He's a one hit wonder..(and honestly that one hit is WAY overrated)
    Elysium is mediocre, Chappie is retarded af. Yet fanboys talk about him as if he's some Nolan or Fincher.

    • Mad Jotun
      Mad Jotun 3 months ago

      Chappie is totally fine if you see it as a modern fairy tale. If you watch it as a Sci-fi movie, yeah it sucks.

  • Brandon McLachlan-Fearn
    Brandon McLachlan-Fearn 3 months ago +1

    Just got home from seeing it.. Its out here in New Zealand. Gotta say i was dissapointed, Fassbenders performance was my highlight for sure as well as the white xenomorph. CGI was a little disappointing. If you go in expecting answers for the origins of Humanity in this film universe you wont find them in this film. Kind of frustrating, it feels like Ridley Scott doesn't know where he's going with this franchise. Personally I'd love to see the studio let someone else have a go..

  • ThreeStars AndASun
    ThreeStars AndASun 3 months ago

    James Franco was great in this movie😊

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz 3 months ago

    Who created Aliens?
    he has all the reason to create more aliens

  • ToLegitt2Quit
    ToLegitt2Quit 3 months ago

    I'll just stay on Earth

  • Metal Sucks
    Metal Sucks 3 months ago +1

    yup i enjoy the movie..

  • tubinho79
    tubinho79 3 months ago +1

    That Neill guy would have turned Giger's Alien into a pathetic creature like those that appear in District 9.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 3 months ago

    WARNING TO EVERYONE: if you don't want to know the plot, don't look up the new Alien film on Wiki!!!! they tell you what happens to Shaw! and David!! and how it ends

  • kevin texter
    kevin texter 3 months ago +2

    from my understanding, every other film is a action fun film while 1,3, and 5 r engineers origins.
    also Ridley always thought of big mythos for Alien but kept it simple

  • Billy The-Kid
    Billy The-Kid 3 months ago

    Overall I like the story, very poetic and it expands the Alien universe as well. On the con side, I wish the film time was longer to give it more time for suspense. A two and a half hours Long sci-fi horror movie of this sort would be ideal for me.

  • mang kanor
    mang kanor 3 months ago

    franchise is headed back to bog standard slasher in space.

  • darth makala
    darth makala 3 months ago +1

    send a GAY couple in a space mission to colonize a planet ,that"s a fucking bullshittt and the must stupid thing and illogic i ever seen in my life. Alien covenant it"s a cliche to the first alien movie not more

    • AutisticWhale 2
      AutisticWhale 2 3 months ago

      darth makala the gay couple are security dumbass, not colonists....

  • locomojoboy2
    locomojoboy2 3 months ago

    How did they get to see it when it doesn't come out till may 18?

  • Isaac Sheu
    Isaac Sheu 3 months ago +2

    Actually, there are some pratical effects with the alien in this movie.

  • Tracy Cox
    Tracy Cox 3 months ago

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but the other problem with the trailers are scenes that get cut.  You sit there in the movie waiting for that cool trailer scene and it never appears.  That's annoying, too.

  • Mega MovieZ
    Mega MovieZ 3 months ago

    So from what I hear basically a 7/10

    • Mega MovieZ
      Mega MovieZ 3 months ago

      The Reel Rejects Oh trust me I know it's a really good number not saying it's bad at all. I was just trying to guess what you guys might have rated it is all.

    • The Reel Rejects
      The Reel Rejects  3 months ago

      That's a solid number actually

  • Steven Nodlehs
    Steven Nodlehs 3 months ago +2

    I guess that it's just the old case of fans getting what they wished for -they didn't like Prometheus because it required a scientific mind to care about the subject matter, while at the same requiring a none scientific mind to accept the terrible "science" it contained. This time they want more splat and gore and the fans complain that there's not enough folklore.

    Personally, I'm more interested in the Engineers and the history than the Xenomorph and it's origins - it's been an easy guess which direction Scott and his 79 year old mind was going to take with that. I just wish he listened to his scientific advisers on set a bit more and had chosen to lay out the story fully to the studio rather than a bit by bit strategy based on ticket sales.

    • Lassi Kinnunen
      Lassi Kinnunen 3 months ago

      Are you joking? SCIENTIFIC MIND TO ENJOY PROMETHEUS?? a movie in which none of the character motivations make any sense and every scientist in the movie acts like a total retard and NOBODY of them cares about the fact of finding a spacefaring alien civilization like a scientist would! the movie is ALL splat and visuals.

      seriously prometheus is so bad as scifi.. oh you mean scientific mind like "ancient aliens are real despite missing proof and the theory making zero sense?" ? I mean, with that kind of logical mind set I guess prometheus plot might make some sense.

    • Jonathan Gunn
      Jonathan Gunn 3 months ago

      Care to elaborate on what subject matter from Prometheus required a "scientific mind" to care about? And no, I'm not being sarcastic or trying to be a jerk, I'm legitimately curious. Prometheus wasn't a bad film. As a stand-alone piece set in the ALIEN universe it wasn't bad. But in that move we had scientists that... Well... Didn't really act like scientists. The biologist was dismissive of a potential discover that could explain human origin, a geologist that was surprisingly out of place and looked/acted more like some random punk picked up off the streets rather than an actual geologist, and don't even get me started on Shaw and her boyfriend...

      The story/direction of the film carried a lot of pseudo-religious elements that just seemed out of place for the sort of film it was supposed to be, a sci-fi thriller exploring the origins of mankind while giving us insight to the Space Jockey from the original ALIEN film. And yet it gave us close to nothing in the way of information regarding both topics. We know little of the Engineers other than that they're evidently brilliant bio-engineers with highly advanced technology who likely created us but then wanted to destroy us for... Reasons. And no, I absolutely refuse to accept the scrapped "Alien Jesus" explanation... That was beyond stupid and Ridley Scott was right to scrap that. Anyways, to me the fact that Alien Covenant fails to pick up that thread regarding the Engineers and their seeming hatred of humanity is immensely disappointing. That was pretty much the only thing I wanted to know more about after seeing Prometheus.

  • murat karakuş
    murat karakuş 3 months ago +2

    You guys realize that there will be another movie thats gonna take place before this movie right? All complaints are pointless for me

  • BushShamanOculus
    BushShamanOculus 3 months ago

    Shit Covenant might actually come through with some dope factors. I just feel like I'm going to be wondering about the Engineers but either way I am looking foreward to finally watching this answer my questions hopefully

  • thesheepenthusiast
    thesheepenthusiast 3 months ago

    I just hope the sex/nudity scenes aren't too graphic or else I won't be able to go lol

  • Ryan's Reviews
    Ryan's Reviews 3 months ago

    Please react to Han Solo VS Jar jar binks

  • Kiera Grey
    Kiera Grey 3 months ago

    Please react to Fifty shades darker honest trailer!!! 😂😂😂

  • AleXio 99
    AleXio 99 3 months ago +1

    Hey The Reel Rejects, maybe you should make a react to some beatbox battle :)? For example, start with Tom Thum from Australia-Showcase-Beatbox Battle(2015!) or Alexinho vs Two.H GBBB 2017. What do you think about this? It may be funny :D!

  • Secretly Brave
    Secretly Brave 3 months ago


  • Trinidad Botello
    Trinidad Botello 3 months ago

    I'm looking forward to Alien Covenant. I know it's not gonna be better, than Alien and Aliens, but I just want it to be good.

  • DKF 220
    DKF 220 3 months ago

    honest game trailers outlast 2

    • DKF 220
      DKF 220 3 months ago

      am I first again sorry

  • Vivian Valdez
    Vivian Valdez 3 months ago +2

    I just wished Ripley was back she's the only reason why I started to watch alien longtime ago when I was 8 her role in alien was amazing but they did good with the all the other alien movies

  • GoFool
    GoFool 3 months ago

    Fifty Shades Darker Honest Trailers is out & it's actually alot better than the movie...:|

  • SparkStorm
    SparkStorm 3 months ago

    20th century fox shut down Alien 5, not Ridley.

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