How to Plastidip a Car With Spray Cans!

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  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue  3 months ago +285

    This stuff is seriously way too much fun. With practice, it can do some pretty awesome things!
    Thanks for watching! Stay awesome.

    • Shane Warren
      Shane Warren 22 days ago



    • Matthi's movies
      Matthi's movies Month ago

      aww shut up thomas!

    • Jack Batten
      Jack Batten Month ago

      ThatDudeinBlue how many cans did it take to do how much u did

    • justinsuydamjs
      justinsuydamjs 2 months ago

      Peel tape when wet man. You'll need more than 1 gallon too. Way more.

    • Moto4knight
      Moto4knight 3 months ago

      ThatDudeinBlue I remember when you posted your first "how to use plasti dip" vid lol

  • i.A
    i.A 2 hours ago +1

    You just gave me an idea to repair a dent ...

  • Alejandro Calle
    Alejandro Calle 15 hours ago

    Why on a dirt road?

  • Anon
    Anon 2 days ago

    Shouldve dipped the whole car, the purple looks way sick

  • AllOutNoobHater
    AllOutNoobHater 2 days ago

    @ThatDudeInBlue, you should totally showcase AutoFlex. Research it and try and get it done! You won't be disappointed!

  • Barloncesto
    Barloncesto 2 days ago

    Just here to comment on the thumbnail. Cool thumbnail!

  • madD housE
    madD housE 3 days ago

    I dont always listen to spray painting tips, but when I do it's by some kid spray painting on a gravel driveway with trucks driving past!

  • S T
    S T 4 days ago

    Awww shut up Thomas !!!

  • Android Professionals

    can we pain the whole car with a single bottle?

  • mtmstang23
    mtmstang23 10 days ago

    Fuck yeah! I'm gonna Plasti Dip my dick black see if it makes my dick look bigger

  • Arthur Pegues
    Arthur Pegues 11 days ago

    The comdom is know off LOL

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 13 days ago

    Lmfao your masking though. Hey its quick i guess

  • Kyle Milford
    Kyle Milford 13 days ago

    Answer; Same way it works with an hvlp gun

  • Ian Vanzant
    Ian Vanzant 13 days ago

    Zach Efron paints cars now?

  • mtv Crabs
    mtv Crabs 13 days ago

    sets tape in gravel

  • PsyhcoMantis
    PsyhcoMantis 13 days ago

    1,000th comment, give me likes now

  • Krizzle Sizzle
    Krizzle Sizzle 13 days ago

    HAHA that ending :P thanks for this video I am going to use this to fix the roof on my car. Gloss black job done...easy !

  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna 15 days ago


    It looked awesome for 15-months than deteriorated into SHIT, now I have to find time to strip off all this DIP SHIT!! AND USE REAL PAINT THIS TIME!!

  • Alfielle Z
    Alfielle Z 17 days ago

    Dumber than a bag of rocks

  • Mike Ryshkov
    Mike Ryshkov 19 days ago

    Lol shut up thomas

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 days ago +1

    We learn today that you're an idiot!!

  • warezguy4ever
    warezguy4ever 21 day ago

    dip your car with green much cooler

  • Jordan Brewer
    Jordan Brewer 21 day ago

    If Zac Efron gave up on acting and went to the garage

  • Cade Westervelt
    Cade Westervelt 22 days ago

    In this video mr spaghetti teaches us how to plasti dip a car on tarmacs and daily it

  • Foxusik
    Foxusik 23 days ago

    How much cans of plasti dip You need for a small car? Like renault clio 2 small car...

  • mesascott13
    mesascott13 23 days ago

    You spraying like you spray spf on your body. It's slow movement's side to side. U have like adhd spray patterns

  • Zike Gladion
    Zike Gladion 24 days ago

    That looks really nice

  • broderp
    broderp 25 days ago

    You applied it wrong. You must remove masking as quick s possible to avoid having it stick like that spot on the door. Although you don't care in this case about the spot on the door, but anyone doing this for real will have that same effect when they peel off the tape, and if you really wanted to keep your car that color for awhile, those edges flapping would be just ugly.

  • jamie Lezard
    jamie Lezard 25 days ago

    what waswwith the sound of the peeling that you liked so much

  • islandsound
    islandsound 25 days ago

    outside, dirt, breeze and no covering the rest for overspray, done

  • FailureToFire
    FailureToFire 26 days ago

    For people using the rattle cans, be sure the nozzle is free of dip before spraying another coat if you want to avoid spatter. You're welcome.

  • Jordan Dahl
    Jordan Dahl 26 days ago

    So what's the point if you just peel it off...

  • Ron Hill
    Ron Hill 26 days ago

    And.. not a very good result in painting during a windstorm doof.

  • Gads the initail g
    Gads the initail g 28 days ago


  • Nichole .Wilkerson
    Nichole .Wilkerson 28 days ago

    Literally HAD to comment only because of "Oh, SHUT UP Thomas!" What a treat to hear that piece of comedy gold. Wasn't expecting it, so it was quite hilarious.

  • Like a lime
    Like a lime 28 days ago

    The ending hahahaha XDDD

  • BlackDragon
    BlackDragon 29 days ago

    Redneck Auto Painting 101

  • trip6 Squad
    trip6 Squad 29 days ago

    This shit is awesome, gonna do this to my car!!! Awesome channel bro!

  • TheHoweh
    TheHoweh Month ago

    500th k viewer here ;)

  • RazorSharpTek
    RazorSharpTek Month ago

    13:27 you know about dealing with thin rubber huh?

  • fx
    fx Month ago

    no mask? If that is what it does to the car imagine what inhaling some does to your lungs.

  • Matt Rodriguez
    Matt Rodriguez Month ago

    how many cans did it take to do the whole car

  • AkimbosliceNV
    AkimbosliceNV Month ago

    This.... is very satisfying

  • Alice Marie
    Alice Marie Month ago

    What kind of pore strip is this?

  • getredytagetredy
    getredytagetredy Month ago

    non bio degradable crap that will end up in the land fill or be burned to produce toxious fumes for the rest of mankind to breathe because moron collectivist consumers decided they wanted instant gratification because as American morons they deserve it...plasti dip for plastic dips...If you dont get off your asses and vote out the Zionist political psychopaths and their severely retarded associates that buy their kool aid, you wont have cars by 2030 because of Agenda 21 and 30 the Zionist scourage of enslavement...

  • Stevo K Atkinson
    Stevo K Atkinson Month ago

    Hi Kool video many can will I need to spray a Renault megane CC?. Thanks

  • Dustin Moretz
    Dustin Moretz Month ago

    When did Zac Efron make a youtube channel?

  • Yusuf Ayyub
    Yusuf Ayyub Month ago

    what about the dirt that mayblow on the wet plasti dip?

  • cesar lopez
    cesar lopez Month ago

    can this be used to make a gimp suit?? im asking for a friend...

  • Lofty DeLaCruz
    Lofty DeLaCruz Month ago

    doesn't he know it's illegal to not note when he was paid to advertise a product..

  • Rishi Ghai
    Rishi Ghai Month ago

    You wasted the plastidip

  • bobdabildr12345
    bobdabildr12345 Month ago

    How much did they pay you to make this video

  • harley dude
    harley dude Month ago

    I know guys in east LA that work at a paint shop that charges 159 bucks to do your entire car, now I know what they use

  • attilabeats
    attilabeats Month ago

    damn, what a place to paint haha, just imagine one firm blow of wind with all that sand around :P

  • Smith Smith
    Smith Smith Month ago

    What music is it when he's spraying the car..?

  • DeRobert james
    DeRobert james Month ago

    Can you spray it over primer?

  • Whiskers the Displeased

    you should really consider not dressing like a fuckboy.

  • Vortec 67
    Vortec 67 Month ago

    Didn't show close couse he did a terrible job. when the sun popped on it. And peel it before it fully dries. if you don't know don't show

    SAVAGE308SNIPER Month ago

    bkahhhhh blah kstu

  • 420fmlbro91
    420fmlbro91 Month ago

    You're supposed to peel the tape off when the plastidip is still wet so it doesn't peel up. Same with spray on bed liner.

  • Bálint Bé
    Bálint Bé Month ago

    right front door still purple

  • Richard Pope
    Richard Pope Month ago

    Lol the color got onto the side mirror

  • bugjuicer
    bugjuicer Month ago

    If you want sharp lines along the dip, like a good square, be a little heavier on the last two coats and peel the tape off as soon as you put the can down on the last one

  • Kable
    Kable Month ago

    Your inexperienced ricer side really shows in this video.
    Please just stick to crayons and paper.

  • gonzapau000
    gonzapau000 Month ago

    what car is this???

  • ZekeMagnum
    ZekeMagnum Month ago

    Zac Efron?

    STEREORACER Month ago

    so I don't need to get black plasti dip as a base coat? just the color and boom?

  • David Pedder
    David Pedder Month ago


  • S0raJr
    S0raJr 2 months ago

    Does it wash after off with water and car soap?

  • BallOuTT
    BallOuTT 2 months ago

    i need metallic navy blue for audi a6 3.2l

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 2 months ago

    that hood is nice but if you will have a head on collision that hood will fly right to your neck

  • TA Lindsay
    TA Lindsay 2 months ago

    I need to paint my RV exterior with this stuff! I would need 50 cans! 🤔

  • mark yisser
    mark yisser 2 months ago

    so how many coats u supposed to use?
    what time to wait between coats before it's too late?

    if i paint a coat a day, will it still be considered several coats?
    or coats have to be close together?

  • Jae Cruz
    Jae Cruz 2 months ago

    well my only question would be can you still wash it like normal?

  • Mathias Modz
    Mathias Modz 2 months ago

    Sweet video man! I recently started a car youtube channel of my own and hope you some day be as well liked as you are!

  • ShuritGaming
    ShuritGaming 2 months ago

    how many cans for a hole car? roughly

  • QUBE9000
    QUBE9000 2 months ago

    I liked the video because Thomas came to say hi.

  • Ahbab Islam
    Ahbab Islam 2 months ago

    fucking ricer

  • alpinechevy
    alpinechevy 2 months ago

    i think he nailed it. sprayed 2 much n bubbles then all that overspray

  • Elden Sword
    Elden Sword 2 months ago

    A vid produce by someone under 30 with ZERO swearing and eff-bombs? Did I stumble into another dimension? Props, thank you - I'm going to Plasti Dip my Wrangler I think.

  • Softa97
    Softa97 2 months ago

    You don't need to clean the car first ?

  • Rexczi Cex
    Rexczi Cex 2 months ago

    Plastidip ASMR??

  • Alessandro Feola
    Alessandro Feola 2 months ago

    rice rice baby...

  • cocorecord1
    cocorecord1 2 months ago

    lol you sound soooooo ricer doing this video.... plastic dip is shit ... if people can't afford a good paint well just save a little ,

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 2 months ago

    Do you have to wear a gas mask when doing this ?

  • winglesschip 209
    winglesschip 209 2 months ago

    Hahahha the end of the video hella funny

  • chvydrptop
    chvydrptop 2 months ago

    Question I was thinking of doing this to my front bumper, it has a bunch of rock chips. Will the plastidip cover those little chips or will I need filler?

  • hector tamayo
    hector tamayo 2 months ago


  • hector tamayo
    hector tamayo 2 months ago


  • ToeMosS _Vlogs
    ToeMosS _Vlogs 2 months ago

    Peel the tape when the last coat is still wet to get a perfectly crisp edge

  • Jesse Peterson
    Jesse Peterson 2 months ago

    what if you do a hundred layers of it on a car?

  • Jermaine Whitehead
    Jermaine Whitehead 2 months ago

    Did you only use 1 can for that fender, or was it more than one can?

  • Moto Utah
    Moto Utah 2 months ago

    did you use a bottom coat or just use the plastic dip right onto the paint? its just I've seen some where you need a bottom coat first

  • DJsparky2008
    DJsparky2008 2 months ago

    looks so much fun lol

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker 2 months ago +2

    Why do people drive piles of shit like that

    • Chris Baker
      Chris Baker Month ago

      Jeremy Hare every one has an opinion.

    • Jeremy Hare
      Jeremy Hare Month ago

      Chris Baker you must not be a car guy.. but an actual pile of shit yourself to not know what a fkn kouki is

  • therealAK ALASKA
    therealAK ALASKA 2 months ago

    so much over spray on the door

  • Spider Stillz
    Spider Stillz 2 months ago

    She's hot

  • Noah Glassman
    Noah Glassman 2 months ago

    bro you look like zac effron

  • Tarvaris Washington
    Tarvaris Washington 2 months ago

    How many cans would you recommend for a chevy Tahoe

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