Guardians of the Galaxy: Behind the Scenes of Vin Diesel Recording in Different Langauges

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  • Aubrey Marie
    Aubrey Marie 6 days ago

    Damn voice is Sexy 😍

  • Ali Beyazbayrak
    Ali Beyazbayrak 2 months ago

    yo soy groot , yo soy groot.

  • Bro Dude
    Bro Dude 2 months ago

    Why does he have those things on his legs to make him taller

  • jet fuel
    jet fuel 2 months ago

    hilarious :D el so groot

  • Daniel RobboSon
    Daniel RobboSon 2 months ago +1

    he is groot

  • rainier selmar
    rainier selmar 2 months ago

    lol nice face tho

  • dontwannapickanewname
    dontwannapickanewname 2 months ago

    I want to know what the notes are that he needs to have on that podium...

  • Simple Activities
    Simple Activities 2 months ago

    No jap?or maybe arabic that would be very funny

  • Mari Bel
    Mari Bel 3 months ago

    Except he pronounced "shi" in the chinese "Wo shi groot" wrong.

  • NaengmYun ColdNoodles
    NaengmYun ColdNoodles 3 months ago


  • Juan Andrés Romero
    Juan Andrés Romero 3 months ago

    What is he reading?

  • king pedro barcelona-gano

    he only has to say 3 words but he trully worked hard on having an impact on every theater that watched the movie, like jeez Mandarin

  • ImFullOfDunShine TØP
    ImFullOfDunShine TØP 3 months ago

    2:36 the face u make when our constipated!!!!!!!!!:) I'm dying of laughter!!!

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 3 months ago

    I like the part when he says "Yo Soy Groot".

  • Kelpo
    Kelpo 3 months ago

    ...why is vin even looking at a piece of paper what is that for what

  • Mel
    Mel 3 months ago

    Yo soy Groot

  • Read More
    Read More 3 months ago

    wow he can walk with that thing he can balaanc

  • Rafael Esteban Ruiz Jaraba

    Yo soy Groot

  • AstraVex
    AstraVex 3 months ago

    You're So Groot! ^__^

  • Moge-ko -san
    Moge-ko -san 3 months ago


  • Autoridade Android #10K


  • Mariz Galang
    Mariz Galang 3 months ago

    why vin diesel has a stander on the feet

  • KyuRaz
    KyuRaz 3 months ago

    kok kzl yak :V

  • David Galindo
    David Galindo 3 months ago

    Yò sóy grööt! 😡

  • Zee Pulido
    Zee Pulido 3 months ago

    Vin's role is probably the hardest since he has to really maximize his vocal abilities to convey different messages with just three words. Kudos!

  • Hakuna matata
    Hakuna matata 3 months ago

    Jesus why would someone hire him just to say one line of a sentence. What a waste of money.

  • Gustavo Medina
    Gustavo Medina 3 months ago

    And ... that's how Dom's anger management lessons look like.

  • Haziq Lastchance
    Haziq Lastchance 3 months ago

    hahaha its funny when vin doing the face,,, different from fast and furious hahaha

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 4 months ago

    ioh soy groot :-\

  • Asuramaru Tepes
    Asuramaru Tepes 4 months ago

    He is very good saying it in Spanish! xD

  • bekabee24
    bekabee24 4 months ago

    dude is standing on stilts doing VO in like 6 different languages and creating one of the most beloved characters of the movie i don't want to hear that vin diesel has no talent ever again

  • Chris Keo
    Chris Keo 5 months ago

    agent: hey vin i got a great part for you...its a tree and you repeat the same line
    vin: koo

  • Bible Study
    Bible Study 5 months ago

    Lol you mean saying the *line*

  • jackedup92
    jackedup92 5 months ago

    1:47 finally got off the stilts

  • Fox Charlie 86
    Fox Charlie 86 7 months ago

    not bad portuguese! I couldn't have done it better!

  • Nelson Hall Whitington
    Nelson Hall Whitington 7 months ago


  • Someone stole my sweetroll


  • ali VEVO
    ali VEVO 7 months ago


  • Gustavø
    Gustavø 8 months ago


  • DrZoidberg Channel
    DrZoidberg Channel 8 months ago +1

    What is the name of those exo legs??

    PERÍNEO NINJA 9 months ago +8

    EM PORTUGUÊS : 03:11

    • La K
      La K 6 months ago

      PERÍNEO NINJA Que show, É ele mesmo que dubla!!! kk muito legal

    • Motta Filmmaking
      Motta Filmmaking 8 months ago

      Ficou legalzin hahah

  • otaku mestre
    otaku mestre 9 months ago +4

    #dublagem br a melhor

  • Antônio Luís Zettermann

    Eu sou Groot....MUITO BOM Vin !

  • Brian Rios
    Brian Rios 11 months ago +1

    I am groot 5M 😂

  • phoenixflameangel13
    phoenixflameangel13 Year ago +15

    That low growling noise he makes.....omg......

  • Shariq Zamani
    Shariq Zamani Year ago

    Wasn't this a hard job for vin diesel

  • zadose
    zadose Year ago

    He's a soy root.

  • Dantuube
    Dantuube Year ago +1

    Eu sou Groot. HAHHHH

  • Eric Ibanez
    Eric Ibanez Year ago +2


  • ehmMKae ehmMKae
    ehmMKae ehmMKae Year ago

    Lucky he only has to say 3 words, and once he says "we"

  • Also Aira
    Also Aira Year ago +1

    He only needs to memorize small sentences!!

  • Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels Year ago +4

    The Iron Giant was probably thre why they got Vin Vin Diesel for Groot.

  • Priscilla Sakata
    Priscilla Sakata Year ago +2

    Cómo está?
    Yo soy groot :v
    Quiero cagar
    Yo soy groot
    Que quiere comer?
    Yo soy groot
    Que soñaras?
    Yo soy groot

    :v Atte: Vince

  • fairybox1111
    fairybox1111 Year ago +4

    There are way cheaper actors with better or same voices; why him?

  • Havoc
    Havoc Year ago

    die rolle passt zu ihm. xD mit mehr text würde der nicht klar kommen.

  • jota7r
    jota7r Year ago +23

    Yo soy Groot

  • DeadPool
    DeadPool Year ago +1

    I have no meaning in my head of Groot, now it sound dumb thinking of it

  • gwyn3th
    gwyn3th Year ago +1

    yo soy groottttt

  • Shawna Graham
    Shawna Graham Year ago +1

    He got paid just for 3 words? God my life sucks!!

  • CreepCake
    CreepCake Year ago +3

  • Rogério Sousa
    Rogério Sousa Year ago +2

    Vin diesel falando português "Eu sou Groot" aos 3:10

    • Rafael Albuquerque
      Rafael Albuquerque Year ago

      +Rennan macena Oliveira Traduza por favor

    • Rennan macena Oliveira
      Rennan macena Oliveira Year ago

      +Rafael Albuquerque clb mlk

    • Rafael Albuquerque
      Rafael Albuquerque Year ago

      +Rogério Sousa É estranho ver alguém que fala inglês como sua língua principal pronunciando algumas palavras em português, parece que não conseguem dizer algumas combinações de letras :|

  • Kitty Mullins
    Kitty Mullins 2 years ago +3

    Groot sounds so cute in the movie

  • supahtyp
    supahtyp 2 years ago +1

    That must've be horrible boring and annoying for the recording guys.

  • jordan dai
    jordan dai 2 years ago +3

    Why he has to wear that sexy high heels ?

  • Rtz Productions
    Rtz Productions 2 years ago

    So funny ! :))

  • Professor Grizwold
    Professor Grizwold 2 years ago +1

    Lol 2:33 - 2:38 XD

  • xXx_SecondSon_xXx
    xXx_SecondSon_xXx 2 years ago

    Yo soy groot :v

  • hamilton caller of the deceased

    What's his name?

  • Secret Society
    Secret Society 2 years ago

    Who he is?

  • Matthiasknorke
    Matthiasknorke 2 years ago

    "I love... Groot. I Groot. hmmmmm I LOVE GROOOOT!"

  • 4ever Aqua
    4ever Aqua 2 years ago +43

    He is one of the best voice over actors ever... Iron Giant was the best!!

  • kalboraph
    kalboraph 2 years ago +25

    He went from badass (Dominic Toretto) to some funny weird guy. Good actor!

    • 4ever Aqua
      4ever Aqua 2 years ago

      Don't forget he was the iron giant <3

  • Able to Think
    Able to Think 2 years ago

    A really amazing job

  • lovedesignxoxo
    lovedesignxoxo 2 years ago +1

    el oso groot .=)

  • Marcos Pellanda
    Marcos Pellanda 2 years ago

    Respect for Vin Diesel..

  • l'Elfe Aimable
    l'Elfe Aimable 2 years ago

    I love his voice !

  • Evelina999
    Evelina999 2 years ago

    Does he ever say it in Lithuanian? I've seen a few videos with different languages, but can't find Lithuanian :/

  • Piecesz
    Piecesz 2 years ago +354

    Okey, he only says one line, but he actually does a really great job.

  • zzerвerυѕ Δπ
    zzerвerυѕ Δπ 2 years ago

    oh goood.... that is painful xD

  • Narla
    Narla 2 years ago +1

    "Eu sou GROOT" amazing portuguese spelling.

  • MrEmilio456
    MrEmilio456 2 years ago +1

    He's kinda weird but sexy

  • TimelineUpdates
    TimelineUpdates 2 years ago

    Groot is cool but we want HANNIBAL !!!

  • ryQ CSGO
    ryQ CSGO 2 years ago

    I thinck he is groot ...

  • Nahuel Arbiza
    Nahuel Arbiza 2 years ago +38

    How he remembered so many different lines? :P

  • Jon'Vie
    Jon'Vie 2 years ago

    This dude is only saying 3 words and why am I so damn turned on I love men with deep voices.. And I love Vin.... Easiest check everrrr. And I bet he made a ton of money for those three words... crazy...... but I'm not hating!!!!! Lol

  • sorcierenblk3000
    sorcierenblk3000 2 years ago

    For those of you who doubt the difficulty of this, watch "I know that voice" it's very interesting!

  • sorcierenblk3000
    sorcierenblk3000 2 years ago

    That seems difficult

  • MMAvoice
    MMAvoice 2 years ago

    What a douche!!!

  • arshad hossain razu
    arshad hossain razu 2 years ago

    you are sooooooooo ecuroot

  • GoldBones
    GoldBones 2 years ago

    Money for old rope.

  • Somnivers
    Somnivers 2 years ago

    Romanian :
    Sa-i sugi pula lui Groot !
    Rupe-si-ar Groot pula-n curu tau de animal !
    Be-te-ar spirtu Groot!
    Fute-l-ai pe ma-ta-n orbita Groot !
    Baga-si-ar Dumnezo talanga-n Grootu ma-tii !
    or the most common one
    Du-te la pula Groot !
    I used Google translate just like they did when making this movie, hope it's ok.

  • MultiWeb23
    MultiWeb23 2 years ago

    Brazilian Portuguese...

  • Raúl Mayaute
    Raúl Mayaute 2 years ago +1

    wow en serio nadie que habla español a comentado aqui? genial que vin diesel haya echo la voz en español (>.<) lml.

    • Juanen 90
      Juanen 90 2 years ago

      Es gracioso porque hicieron un casting para que algún español lo hiciese, ganó un pobre chaval que al final no le sirvió de nada, ya que lo terminó haciendo Vin Diesel xD

    • keshlie homs
      keshlie homs 2 years ago

      Losé verdad! xP

    • Boker JKM
      Boker JKM 2 years ago

      Tengo entendido de que sabe algo de español, y que tenía casa en Canarias.

  • Guilherme Cabral
    Guilherme Cabral 2 years ago +21


  • Josh H.
    Josh H. 2 years ago +1

    I want those shoes

  • Aquad J. McKinney
    Aquad J. McKinney 2 years ago +3

    Jesus I would've drove myself insane

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 2 years ago +1

    "We... soy Groot" :P

  • Doug McRobbie
    Doug McRobbie 2 years ago

    Love seeing the big ma lose himself.

  • AQWBojonix
    AQWBojonix 2 years ago

    how much did he got paid for saying three words in different languages?

  • socrates_mr
    socrates_mr 2 years ago

    aaaaand just for that he got more money that we'll never have

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