Top 10 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for 2017 - Gear UP^

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  • Top 10 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for 2017 - Gear UP^ // Subscribe:
    Some of the best smartphone accessories for Android and iPhone can take your phone to the next level. Whether it’s Microsoft’s universal foldable keyboard, water-resistant bluetooth speakers from Sony, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, or something for forgetful types like the Tile tracker, which helps you find lost items, you need some cool accessories to go with your new smartphone. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to list ten of the coolest smartphone gadgets for 2017.

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    00:43 #1: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones
    01:22 #2: The Piston Power Pro 12000
    02:11 #3: Otterbox Defender Series Smartphone Cases
    02:53 #4: Fossil Q Smartwatches, Powered by Android Wear
    03:34 #5: The Tile Tracker
    04:15 #6: Leef iBridge 3
    04:58 #7: Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard
    05:33 #8: Sony’s XBand XBWaterResistant Bluetooth Speaker
    06:16 #9: Google’s 4K Chromecast Ultra
    07:01 #10: AirSelfie

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Comments: 305

  • Slash Ser
    Slash Ser 19 days ago

    So it basically is a portable mini-drone that you can carry alongside your phone, and it's designed for selfies...

    Talk about missed opportunity

  • BoredThatsWhy
    BoredThatsWhy 3 months ago

    7:15 HD in 1995 maybe?

  • darwin ang
    darwin ang 3 months ago

    Casio STL-S100H, It's Solar Powered

  • Christofer Kaltsas
    Christofer Kaltsas 3 months ago

    top 10 devices you need to be a youtube gamer

  • Jeff Dixon
    Jeff Dixon 3 months ago

    How are any of these must-have???

  • Z0GADAGA Gaming
    Z0GADAGA Gaming 3 months ago

    Sponsored video

  • Soundwave
    Soundwave 3 months ago

    Isnt Turbofan a type of jetengine?

  • ItsMoi Moí
    ItsMoi Moí 3 months ago +1

    my dad told me his idea of the selfie camera years ago and my brothers and I laughed.... sorry dad

  • Baha'adeen Al-ees
    Baha'adeen Al-ees 3 months ago

    there are better SmartWatches, why this one, moto 360 can connect to all devices and there is even better ones

  • Logan Vegna
    Logan Vegna 3 months ago

    12000mah could only fully charge a gs7 2 time, not 6

  • Twistie Fresh
    Twistie Fresh 3 months ago

    I'd like a piece of tech that detects when the item shown in the thumbnail is at in the video... :/ (I know it is in the description)

  • wiwbiz2
    wiwbiz2 3 months ago

    Sell me anything that fly and I'll buy it..

  • matthew garlepied
    matthew garlepied 3 months ago

    i don't even have a phone/tablet,why am i watching this??????????

  • Vlad Belov
    Vlad Belov 3 months ago

    - I'm Mark Saltznan...
    - I don't give a FUCK who you are!!

  • Joshua Messing
    Joshua Messing 3 months ago

    don't want to sound mean, but this guys voice is very bland. If your going to put some fun add ins like "I got the power" you have to have someone with even mild energy. just throwing my opinion out there.

  • II Primavera II
    II Primavera II 3 months ago

    "I haven't felt the power like this before" LOL

  • TheHarrie93
    TheHarrie93 3 months ago

    I would've preferred that you guys would've recommended the Jaybird earbuds instead of the Bose ones. This is mainly due to the fact that Bose is actively recording data on what you listen and how long you listen to specific songs.

    This data is actually routed to a data mining company called actually advertises that it can "Collect your customers' data and send it anywhere"

    So before you let people listen their privacy away WatchMojo, it might be a good idea to thoroughly check the products that you list in the top 10.


  • g3-Pesty
    g3-Pesty 3 months ago

    So this is just an 8 minute ad featuring a bunch of shit we don't need, don't include the prices because half of these are absurdly expensive. I get it, unbox therapy has been dominating lately. Might as well join in on the action eh Mojo?

  • Jeffrey Glover
    Jeffrey Glover 3 months ago

    Those Bose headphones at the beginning of video aren't wireless. the earbuds are connected by guess what? a wire!

  • Foyin Ogbara
    Foyin Ogbara 3 months ago

    only the the first and last seem cool

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. 3 months ago

    Cant wait for some guy to try and cut my earphone wires XD

  • Alex67
    Alex67 3 months ago

    These look great

  • Ethan Fleming
    Ethan Fleming 3 months ago +2

    why would you have a watch when you have phone again?

  • Sky Monkey Project
    Sky Monkey Project 3 months ago +1

    This is so fucking cringe. That "all about the safe" bit gave me cancer. How you doing fellow kids?

  • CamycaR700
    CamycaR700 3 months ago

    Love NR6

  • Its Cookieless
    Its Cookieless 3 months ago +2

    I just came because I thought I saw a Yokai in the thumbnail

  • JustWasted3HoursHere
    JustWasted3HoursHere 3 months ago

    The only reason for Apple to repeatedly "forget" to add some sort of memory card slot, such as microSD, to their phones is because they want to charge you a premium for an iPhone with more built-in storage. It is certainly not because they are trying to keep costs down (yeah, right), because even the cheapest of smart phones have some sort of TF/microSD card slot. This is one of the main reasons I abandoned iPhone for Android many years ago - and haven't looked back.

    Yes, you can attach a USB thumbdrive to an iOS device, but it can not be used as extra storage: The iOS device just imports what's on the drive (as long as it's named properly, etc. Strangely, the videos have to be in 8.3 format like the old DOS days!: e.g. 'movie001.mp4'. If you have a movie called 'Spiderman 2.mp4' it will not be recognized, unless they have fixed this ridiculous oversight since then).

    Apple's insistence on using the insanely bloated iTunes program to import video and music is also annoying.

    Rock on, Android!

    That 'air selfie' thing was pretty cool, but the quality of the video looks pretty bad.


  • Diego Lopes
    Diego Lopes 3 months ago

    The air camera is just dumb

  • Fake Hipster
    Fake Hipster 3 months ago

    If fidget spinner isn't on this list I'm gonna be pissed

  • Lucius Johannes
    Lucius Johannes 3 months ago +1

    the next: Top 10 strongest and most powerful female-anime-characters! (who's with me?)

  • 1990kurder
    1990kurder 3 months ago

    They should do "Top ten companys that paid us the most"

  • basingerblack1
    basingerblack1 3 months ago

    Who the heck is this guy

  • H Koizumi
    H Koizumi 3 months ago

    I have the bose earbuds. The rubber casing on it peels after multiple uses. There's no way to attach these thing back into place because it's sticky into it. Just a caution to those who uses earbuds very frequently.

  • Courtney Alexander
    Courtney Alexander 3 months ago

    number 1 skynet the app

  • mexicansuperman
    mexicansuperman 3 months ago

    there was actually some cool shit on here. I might cop some.

  • Gloria Nkusi Mukazana 1999

    i need the leef serouly is going to help me

  • Daniel Skody
    Daniel Skody 3 months ago

    OtterBox sucks otter cock

  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez 3 months ago

    .... finally ran out of ideas huh? Haha

  • dakkuri1
    dakkuri1 3 months ago

    the flying phone is pretty cool.

  • iLupi
    iLupi 3 months ago

    $75 for a battery pack? I could get 15 $5 battery packs for that and charge my phone 45 times in a day for that price. =p They work just fine. Lol.

  • Darcy Ferris
    Darcy Ferris 3 months ago

    This is so cool!! Please more content!

  • Lip1t
    Lip1t 3 months ago

    10/10 ad

  • Thomas_trein
    Thomas_trein 3 months ago

    A case... Earphones? Powerbank?! SMARTWATCH?!!?!? Never heard of these things. Thanx great video😃👏

    • Thomas_trein
      Thomas_trein 3 months ago


  • Petah Griffen
    Petah Griffen 3 months ago

    bruh, this some bullshit right here, fuck right off with ur ads you gay cunt

  • M3RK V1POR
    M3RK V1POR 3 months ago

    like cod videos go check out my channel M3RK V1POR

  • Maël G
    Maël G 3 months ago, more ads between ads...

  • Azmi Refal
    Azmi Refal 3 months ago

    love the air self e !!!!

  • Granules Daniels
    Granules Daniels 3 months ago

    The Tile sucks. The location accuracy is really bad.

  • at113
    at113 3 months ago

    It doesn't matter if you liked the video or not, as long as you watched the video WatchMojo made money.

  • MetalUpYourAss
    MetalUpYourAss 3 months ago

    review solar battery chargers. which are the best for their price, how long do they have to stay on the sun to charge fully and are they even worth having

  • 573ant
    573ant 3 months ago

    isis now are interested in that air selfie thing

    • CamycaR700
      CamycaR700 3 months ago

      That's because they've blown themselves up whenever they've done it the regular way lol.

  • Sahil Monty
    Sahil Monty 3 months ago

    I have the second one

  • redpanda416
    redpanda416 3 months ago

    OMG, people need a flying drone to take selfie now.

  • Aravind
    Aravind 3 months ago

    finally the watch mojo got something interesting after few dumb videos

  • Harleylover14
    Harleylover14 3 months ago

    #1 just might give you cancer.

  • BlackAlpha1
    BlackAlpha1 3 months ago

    But why most of advanced gadgets are for 3/4 of my monthly salary?

  • Commander Crash
    Commander Crash 3 months ago

    Boreing!!! Ppl are so stupid they are bought out by cgi effects. Enjoy being tracked and your photos being leaked sheeple.

  • Cpiere
    Cpiere 3 months ago

    I bet most people have at least half of these things already or at least variations.

  • Jakob Hyer
    Jakob Hyer 3 months ago

    okay and i get that fossil watches look better but dude huaweii and moto are king of smartwatches

  • Jakob Hyer
    Jakob Hyer 3 months ago

    actually. jaybird X3 are better and cheaper than the bose

  • xxDESENTxx
    xxDESENTxx 3 months ago

    So everything I DONT use or need..... cool thanks.

  • EpiclyDope 98
    EpiclyDope 98 3 months ago

    Is an IPod Touch still relevant?

  • xxDESENTxx
    xxDESENTxx 3 months ago

    40 seconds in I like the female way better. especially I DONT know what she looks like. just saying.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 months ago

    Who would spend $75 on an external battery

  • Michael Kish
    Michael Kish 3 months ago

    Anybody with an Air Selfie should die a worse death than everybody with a selfie stick.

  • Ivan Cupnoodles
    Ivan Cupnoodles 3 months ago


  • J_ Surge_95
    J_ Surge_95 3 months ago

    is adding the music cues really necessary?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Must be nice to be made of money so you can buy all of this crap. Still wouldn't buy an airselfie if I was. There are better ways to spend your time than learning to get N.P.D airborne. lol

  • atro
    atro 3 months ago

    Top 10 Sponsored Smartphone Accessories for 2017

  • 蔡浩哲
    蔡浩哲 3 months ago

    I'll happily buy a case that's a flying drone.

  • Ape man Commeth
    Ape man Commeth 3 months ago

    Air selfie ha looks fun but come on really

  • Humza Amir
    Humza Amir 3 months ago

    I liked this vid but alot of these products are pretty expensive. Plz another vid with more available products.

  • hara gopal
    hara gopal 3 months ago

    charger, powerbank and hearphones

  • Thomas Brisco
    Thomas Brisco 3 months ago

    so cool

  • Mr.Fancy Sir
    Mr.Fancy Sir 3 months ago

    6 is fucking stupid thats called an sd card my Samsung Galaxy s5 has 16 gb plus 64 gb sd card. btw apple has the icloud

  • TheGreatDocBrown
    TheGreatDocBrown 3 months ago +1

    wowwwww. you hired the boring cineplex tech guy. great job, wrong move.

  • Chase Dorman
    Chase Dorman 3 months ago

    Shitty list! Very disappointed! Disgusting woman! Nasty. Sad!

  • Rich
    Rich 3 months ago

    There are much better, much older, much cheaper, much much much more reliable and useful added accessories. Don't buy any of this useless cheapass bullshit that is designed first and foremost to break, second to be sub-par, third to pay the makers of this video who obviously only do video to make money from the corporations they advertise for. All this stuff is cheap crap that is so overpriced it's insane. Not watching watchmojo NoMo!!!

  • pokemania
    pokemania 3 months ago

    otterboxes suck just saying. i paid 60$ for mine and it broke with one drop. i use 1$ cases and they last 50 drops how does that make any sence.... and there lifetime warrenty is bull shit i had mine 3 months and they refused to replace it

  • luopingnan15
    luopingnan15 3 months ago

    okay the Tile is cool and that Air Selfie is a freaking miniature DRONE. I'm SOLD.

  • Christhoper Amadeus
    Christhoper Amadeus 3 months ago +1

    ads just getting smarter

  • sirEthereal
    sirEthereal 3 months ago


  • treking jedi
    treking jedi 3 months ago

    So where's the stuff those of us who don't have a ton of $$ to spend?

  • Indigo
    Indigo 3 months ago

    dude is is just me or are there a lot more dislikes on video's today. Like i mean every YouTube video i watched today had more dislikes then normal..weird

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    6 hours? I listen to music for 10 hours straight if not more, so no.

  • Dissidia
    Dissidia 3 months ago +2

    Boze ear buds SUCK.

  • Dani2wheels
    Dani2wheels 3 months ago

    "These are in no particular order" - puts drone phone in the thumbnail and at the end of the vid -

  • Dani2wheels
    Dani2wheels 3 months ago

    In response to the intro: I know what a fucking smart phone is

  • AaronShenghao
    AaronShenghao 3 months ago

    1. These are not must have.
    2. Some of those are not the best brand you can get.

  • abbylove2002
    abbylove2002 3 months ago

    why are those wireless headphones called that if they are connected by a wire?

    • abbylove2002
      abbylove2002 3 months ago

      I know, i was just being a smartass ;)

    • bakonator48
      bakonator48 3 months ago

      abbylove2002, cause they connect to ur phone wireless *Que Illuminate Music

  • Michael Leifried
    Michael Leifried 3 months ago

    There was an advertisement on Facebook about a phone case for an iPhone but also could display android apps and it comes with a battery wasn't sure if it was real or not

  • dadondutta
    dadondutta 3 months ago

    any good external hardrives for ipad?

  • Mario Tan
    Mario Tan 3 months ago

    Your voice is annoying

  • Vini Zucko
    Vini Zucko 3 months ago +2

    Watch mojo has no more good idea anymore and there videos are terrible

  • Tony
    Tony 3 months ago

    Lol if you need that memory adapter for the iPhone then get Android

  • Andrien Wiandyano
    Andrien Wiandyano 3 months ago

    do a best gaming console platform
    oh wait nvm all console is the worst
    *laugh in PC Master Race*

    • bakonator48
      bakonator48 3 months ago

      Andrien Wiandyano, Us peasants are triggered

  • N Hiles
    N Hiles 3 months ago +1

    5:53 Oh god here it comes... please don't... F@CK!!!!!!!!

  • Axefang
    Axefang 3 months ago


  • N Hiles
    N Hiles 3 months ago +3

    4:30 Or I mean use google cloud or a computer back up or literally anything else.

    Also 2:08 $74.95 Really? just shop around and you will find one that is less expensive and higher capacity. ( just saying )

    • Mr.Fancy Sir
      Mr.Fancy Sir 3 months ago

      N Hiles same bullshit my Samsung Galaxy s5 got an extra 64gb for like $40.but i bet people are gonna be stupid enough to buy it

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