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  • Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle 7 hours ago

    This may sound counter-intuitive, but ALWAYS have knobbies on your sportbike.

    You never know when you're going to go off-road. Be prepared!

  • eldelastres eme 3m
    eldelastres eme 3m 2 days ago

    Todos los accidentes q veo son por falta de pericia, amigos, antes de darse vuelo aprendan bien, las motos no son como una bici, no chinguen

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 5 days ago

    Do the speed limit, stay in your lane, and take a riding class. Bunch of idiot wanna be racers.

  • Spoofle
    Spoofle 5 days ago

    Comme quoi, motard rime avec connard, la preuve en vidéo.

  • billy kobilca
    billy kobilca 6 days ago

    HELL...the first 2 where .... shockers

  • joe bond
    joe bond 7 days ago

    you guys dont how fall or ride motor bike shit

  • Scott Duffy
    Scott Duffy 7 days ago

    I load assholes on motorcycles I love watching assholes crash on motorcycles

  • Joel Morton
    Joel Morton 7 days ago


  • Ikram Ouslimani
    Ikram Ouslimani 7 days ago


  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 8 days ago

    Thumbs down , too less dead bikers.

  • Englehard Dinglefester

    Debris in the road
    cold tires
    side stand down
    excessive speed
    wide cornering failure to counter steer
    expecting the public to respect your right to race
    trying to keep up with someone who is going too fast
    failure to stay on your side of the road
    riding like it's impossible to get hurt
    wearing sandals
    passing because you can, not because you need to
    failing to expect the unexpected
    assuming cars always know where they are going

  • DD Yande
    DD Yande 9 days ago

    most are of overspending

  • DD Yande
    DD Yande 9 days ago

    just bee in your sense...

  • Kale Jones
    Kale Jones 10 days ago

    First guy didn't use any type of counter steering or anything 😂 wtf he just focused on the grass and went straight for it "target fixation"

  • rliogghio
    rliogghio 11 days ago

    If Mightymidget would actually drive like the other vehicles (cars and other motorcycles) on the road and not like some entitled whiny baby he may not get into half the situations he gets into.

  • david olsen
    david olsen 12 days ago

    These are all just pussys that can't handle their rides. Most of them should just get a moped.

  • Luis Carlos Davila
    Luis Carlos Davila 12 days ago

    hay dos clases de motociclistas.... los que no se han caido y los que se van a caer.

  • IngEyn
    IngEyn 12 days ago

    mightymidget compilation

  • Tyrone Peterson
    Tyrone Peterson 12 days ago

    I got this new rule for cyclist if you're going double the speed limit don't get pissed when someone pulls out in front of you.

  • Manda
    Manda 13 days ago

    If you gotta crash, the soft dirt of a freshly plowed field is probably the best place...

  • Young Naddy
    Young Naddy 16 days ago

    Whats the name of the first Eminem song

  • john estock
    john estock 16 days ago

    Bikers all over the world: nothing but fucking assholes.

  • I AM T2
    I AM T2 18 days ago

    @1:50 Dudes a straight RIDA 😂😂😂

    TLMYC 18 days ago

    7:22 - Out of all of them, MightyMidget is the king retard. Getting raged over nothing, deliberately putting himself in danger so he can play the victim, and all the while only having a CBT and a 125, thinking that qualifies him to own the road and be the supreme authority.

  • Harold Owens
    Harold Owens 19 days ago

    Hey honey look more9(). organ donors.!!

  • prãdēēp bhãskãr
    prãdēēp bhãskãr 20 days ago

    ñyç looking

  • Michael Giordano
    Michael Giordano 21 day ago

    Are bikers really this stupid. Learn to make a turn. I learned somethingIts all their faults. MusicIs in bad taste gos hand in hand

  • Pat McDaniel
    Pat McDaniel 24 days ago

    OMG what morons.

  • Mark Solarz
    Mark Solarz 25 days ago

    Even Lawrence of Arabia died riding his motorcycle in the English countryside!

  • Giacomo Agostini
    Giacomo Agostini 26 days ago

    Caméra embarquée ça vaut rien...

  • Philip Storms
    Philip Storms 28 days ago +1

    Mighty midget is due for a collision. He doesn't know how to ride.

  • mamat b
    mamat b 29 days ago

    trop vie tu roulera dans le décor tu finira ^^

  • Joe Patroni
    Joe Patroni 29 days ago

    2:35 Easy on these old folk. He probably fought in the fucking war so that you could have the privilege to ride your motorized bicycle.

  • Tof Tof
    Tof Tof 29 days ago

    Le genre de motard énervant, il donne des leçons de conduite mais repars à 112 km/h au lieu de 70 ( à 2:48 )... Surtout te remets pas en question, t'as raison, c'est les autres qui conduisent mal...

  • TXNole10
    TXNole10 Month ago

    8:35 found Waldo!

  • John Schoenfeld
    John Schoenfeld Month ago

    They go to fast for the street, and they don't know how to ride. They get on these crotch rockets and act as if every road is a race track. Hopefully we can count on their DNA not getting into the gene pool!!!

  • ZaurexModZz
    ZaurexModZz Month ago

    What song is minut 5:58

  • ZaurexModZz
    ZaurexModZz Month ago

    Como se llama la cancion del minuto 5:58

  • ewoc legend22
    ewoc legend22 Month ago

    I'm sorry, you stupid 😁😂

  • netflix netflix
    netflix netflix Month ago

    These bikers are cunts who ride like everyone should bow down to them. Stupid overtake speeds and then get pissed about people changing lanes in front of them.

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller Month ago

    Guys stuck under his weird looking bike and the other rider says "You good??"

  • Azurren
    Azurren Month ago

    8:58 - A *SEATBELT?!!* On a bike?!!
    _Is that even a bike?_

  • 서동상
    서동상 Month ago

    과속이 문제군 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 허세와 스킬부족이야 귀엽게 봐줌 ㅎㅎㅎ

  • Jokubas Povilaitis
    Jokubas Povilaitis Month ago


  • mr niceguy
    mr niceguy Month ago

    01:25 really? my grandma could do that better

  • blthetube1
    blthetube1 Month ago

    8:59 A car with two wheels....Not a good idea.

  • pcbrown212
    pcbrown212 Month ago

    How do you spot a biker who's just caused an accident by being an idiot? By the extra desperation in his eyes as he tries to find someone else to blame.

  • Juancho Muñoz
    Juancho Muñoz Month ago

    se creen profesionales acostando de esa manera la moto y andan como locos pesando que tienen la carretera solo para ellos

    WULFGAR Month ago

    ps what in the European shit is that thing? 9:39

    WULFGAR Month ago

    i only ride zx10r and never go under 150mph on any highway unles a see cops .never dropped my shit in 12 years

    WULFGAR Month ago

    haha .i love how these dumbasses are completely suited up in like $1500 in gear and cant ride for shit 😆

  • Warrior Wombat
    Warrior Wombat Month ago

    @9:ish "How tight these corners are" honestly, their on motorcycle's for fuck sake, well some of them anyway, I love the way that fuckin abortion of a thing had "Think bike" stickers all over it, as if it's going to turn into one, I've got 3 bikes currently, all 3 put together probably don't add up to the price of some of these that these fuckin idiots are throwing down the road. I ride a lot, and I ride far to fast apparently, and I have never fallen off any of my bikes on an empty road doing single figure speeds on an empty road, and in all honesty, thinking about it, i don't know anyone that has. These fuckers give proper riders a bad name. fellas sell the bikes, get an Oyster card, you'll be safe and so will us proper riders.

  • Warrior Wombat
    Warrior Wombat Month ago

    I'm 30 seconds in, and I'm wondering how the fuck did he do that, on an empty road, going at that speed!. Some people should stick to the bus.

  • Ron Eagle
    Ron Eagle Month ago

    Love it when those silly "wheelie" idiots bite the dust.

  • Mario K
    Mario K Month ago

    trzeba bylo tak zapierdalac.. ? jak sie motoea nie umie kontrolowac

  • Howdidithappen1991
    Howdidithappen1991 Month ago

    I can watch motorcyclists paralyse themselves all day

  • Reggie R2
    Reggie R2 Month ago

    lessons...people need lessons!!

  • Crap Ratchet
    Crap Ratchet Month ago

    First dude needs to learn not to brake when he needs to lean harder.

  • Chap 101
    Chap 101 Month ago

    those fuckin jingle bells XD

  • Edwar Jones
    Edwar Jones Month ago

    Abong mke moge sangenah n wae mke mtr th

  • Semi CZ
    Semi CZ Month ago

    I hear russ in da video!! :O

  • Sahaj Kuldeep
    Sahaj Kuldeep Month ago

    3:20 what the hell was he thinkin?? You don't fkin deserve that bike man!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Wallace
    Wayne Wallace Month ago

    People awaiting organ donations & their families thank Motorcyclists everywhere for their sacrifices and stupidities.

  • bengiman big
    bengiman big Month ago

    Thy need to learn how to handle a bike properly

  • Nolan demory
    Nolan demory Month ago

    7:00 that's what you get for taking off your mirrors

  • Jájájájenom Já!!
    Jájájájenom Já!! Month ago +2

    1:26 World best and safest place for crash

  • Choice or No Choice
    Choice or No Choice Month ago +2

    Let's NOT slow down
    heading into a curve!

  • Jefferson Marchezan
    Jefferson Marchezan Month ago +1

    What is the name of the song that plays in 06:20? Anybody know?

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen Month ago +1

    That was honestly a good move to make on the first clip.

  • jojoyogi
    jojoyogi Month ago +1

    you can turn down the f--king music

  • Blam
    Blam Month ago +1

    9:05 is that a D-wheel?

  • Rasmus Nicolaisen
    Rasmus Nicolaisen Month ago +1

    LOL. If people knew how to counter steer, half of these crashes wouldn't be happening. Don't drive faster than your ability.

    • Rasmus Nicolaisen
      Rasmus Nicolaisen Month ago

      At 2:14 he's speeding, and there's even a sign showing, that the intersection is dangerous (due to many prior accidents in that particular intersection). C'mon bro...

  • rick hctep
    rick hctep Month ago +1

    And these people reckon they are safe drivers, what a load of bullshit they talk.

  • Juan Felipe Montoya
    Juan Felipe Montoya 2 months ago +1

    muchos nobatos

  • LipeGamer TGzin
    LipeGamer TGzin 2 months ago +1

    é Brasil porra

  • Antônio Vitor
    Antônio Vitor 2 months ago

    Cadê os portugueses nessa porra

  • livetorideridetodie
    livetorideridetodie 2 months ago

    Great compilations video.Thanks for sharing it.

  • livetorideridetodie
    livetorideridetodie 2 months ago

    Great compilations video.Thanks for sharing it.

  • Scott Rock
    Scott Rock 2 months ago

    the soundtrack is shit...

  • Eric M.
    Eric M. 2 months ago

    You are all idiots...I bet you're all British!

  • OG X
    OG X 2 months ago


  • Gamer99
    Gamer99 2 months ago

    5:52 Song please

  • alvaro perez
    alvaro perez 2 months ago

    between nerds, border line and crazy

  • Pist 'n Broke
    Pist 'n Broke 2 months ago

    I laughed at every one of these silly fuckers.

  • Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров


  • Ryan Flood
    Ryan Flood 2 months ago

    That guy with the duke goes off-road then wheelies into the tree. What the flying fuck is he doing ? Lol all the gear and no idea. That other duke rider is just a prick My god some people re stupid

  • Roucoul E
    Roucoul E 2 months ago

    Pute à click

  • centropyges
    centropyges 2 months ago +2

    2:20 90km/h ? Lol

  • Al Pra
    Al Pra 2 months ago

    that dude on orange KTM sums up my riding experience

  • o3tomas
    o3tomas 2 months ago

    The legend goes - if you get your bike up fast enough, it will be undamaged

  • Skreamer Whunted
    Skreamer Whunted 2 months ago +2

    à 2:40 le motard est en tord, il roulait BEAUCOUP trop vite (quand le 90km/h apparait, il y est déjà et continue de monter dans les tours, il est au moins à 110) en plus c'était limité à 70 juste avait qu'il arrive donc bon.... un connard qui fait encore passer les motards pour des cinglés bravo

  • WoodFrd Rsv80
    WoodFrd Rsv80 2 months ago

    I've got to say, most of the riders in most of these crash videos seems to have little experience with a mc but yet test boundaries as if they have nothing to lose, all because they have a camera on their head. Admittedly, I have very few miles on a mc compared to the rest that post on these vids but ffs, learn some common sense. I've got a cruiser and have mostly ridden those in my life. That said, with absolutely no instruction, I've managed to keep my bike upright. I don't know if it's just me but it appears that most of these boys likely can't handle a 'cage', if given a Go-Pro. I may have my come-upance (don't give a shit if it's wrong) coming, and if so, I'll eat this crow. Just can't help to see the level of "don't know shit" exhibited in these vids. Recently starter riding again after almost 18 years and still don't have a problem. Get with the program, boys!

  • MrTo YouBoy
    MrTo YouBoy 2 months ago

    no enough injuries these slimball road maggots deserve

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy Month ago

      There it is , the americunt macho , fuck off dickhead , I knew it would come out sooner or later.

    • Thirteen Banger
      Thirteen Banger Month ago

      MrTo YouBoy Lmao dude what is wrong with you? Are you a little lonely? Are you sad? Hoping death on others. I hope you're not an American. I like the pajama joke too. Please little kid you couldn't last a single day in my boots. I can show you a life of hurt and pain and death. I wish I could take you down range to the battlefield with me. We could use you at bait and watch an iraqi rape your decapitated corpse. Then you'll get all the pain and death you want. Fucking insect

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy Month ago

      The video would have been so much better , these scum ride around thinking they own the road and can do no wrong , look at the poofters behavior when someone gets a little close , they act like fuckwits and deserve to go down hard , yet when they whizz by at 100 plus lane splitting its not a problem to them , in and out of traffic , rules don't apply , do what they want , fuckem , I hope to see more of these video's but also I'm hoping for more injuries , the odd death would be good too , maybe use the death one for the thumb nail. is that ok with you now ? PS: I like the matching pijamas you and your boyfriend have in your profile picture Thirteen Banger

    • Thirteen Banger
      Thirteen Banger Month ago

      MrTo YouBoy But why do they deserve more severe injuries?

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy Month ago

      They have done it to themselves

  • Tim Be
    Tim Be 2 months ago

    6:00 3 second rule, if you pick it up fast enough you can still drive it

  • Paintball Hellas
    Paintball Hellas 2 months ago

    how do thes guys crash with no speed and in the straights and then post this shit

  • Azree Ler
    Azree Ler 2 months ago

    Hi everyone. Dont miss it to vote me. Wish me luck and feel free to watch my video. Thanks are lot. 😃

  • jurassiclizzard
    jurassiclizzard 2 months ago

    Those close calls around 7:00 needed way more memes. And what was the old dude riding near the end? Looked like the IT bike from Southpark.

  • Tibcsi0806 hun
    Tibcsi0806 hun 2 months ago

    Why do people think that the duke is a enduro???

  • Top Rope Wrestling
    Top Rope Wrestling 2 months ago

    Bunch of fucking retards

  • Fresh Swagniz
    Fresh Swagniz 2 months ago

    The first one smh

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